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Breaking Bad Report: Season Five Episode 3

The three skinheads (Walt, Jesse, and Mike) and their lawyer start organizing their business. They looked for a place to cook the meth but weren’t satisfied with any of the places that the lawyer showed them.  So Walt came up with an ingenious idea of using an exterminating business as the front.  The infested houses in need of exterminating require the residents to leave the house for a few days. The house is covered with a “tent” and the chemicals are applied.  During the time period when the residents are gone and the tent is up, the meth lab is set up in the house and Walt and Jesse cook the meth. Personally I think the idea is crazy (if cooking meth isn’t crazy enough).  What if someone sees Walt wearing the exterminating uniform?  How does Walt explain how he spends his time?  What if the resilient comes back and insists on entering the home?  Do they whack the homeowner?

Walt’s egomania also shows up in the episode.  Walt agrees to let Mike handle the distribution part of the business but then tells the lawyer that he will “handle Mike.”  Later when the guys are discussing expenses, Walt gives Mike a hard time about paying Mike’s guys for keeping their mouths shut while in prison.  Walt is becoming very difficult to work with.   Walt even makes an innuendo about possibly killing Mike.  Walt appears to be a ticking time bomb.  Jesse senses something isn’t right with Walt.

Walt’s wife has a breakdown of sorts.  She clearly isn’t emotionally capable of being involved with a man who takes part in criminal behavior for a living.  She started off hardcore behind Walt in the last season but appears to have regrets now. She walks out into the living room as Walt and his son are watching the movie “Scarface” (while Walt holds their infant daughter).  They were watching the ending when “Tony Montana” is in a shootout with the cartel men and says his famous line “say hello to my little friend.”  Walt’s wife sees a possible glimpse into the future and she has a frightened look on her face. Will Walt end up loosing the family that he originally set out to take care of?

Illuminati Pop Singer Madonna gets booed in France for advocating tolerance to White Genoicde

The anti-White, Illuminati pop singer Madonna gave the following speech in Paris during a concert intended to push tolerance of White genocide. Click link below listen to video then back arrow to return to the post.  I can’t get the damn LIveLink video to embed right.


Notice that she says “we’re entering a very scary time.”  It must be a “scary time” for people like her and the people she works for within the globalist, anti-White elites?  More and more White people are waking up to the program of White genocide (1) and the globalist attempts at creating a New World Order (global government with the Anglo-American-Judeo elites at the top of the pyramid with the rest of us profane, goyim masses “chiseled” to fit as bricks in the pyramid wall).  I’ve seen similar speeches made by “Lady Gaga.”  Madonna is right in one part of her speech where she says that “the real enemy is within.”  Fear is the enemy.  Fear is what stops us from doing more to oppose the NWO and their program of White genocide.  This speech by Madonna is a good sign, as it shows that her masters are becoming scared.  These people (or whatever they are) who have been pushing fear and trauma in the minds of the people for so long are starting to feel fear themselves.  Her fans don’t want to hear Madonna’s speeches about tolerance to White genocide, they just want to hear her music (I’m not a fan of her music personally).  Here’s a report on how fans reacted.

The show ended after 45 minutes due to the booing.  It appears the people are rejecting White genocide even when really “cool” people like Madonna are advocating for it.


Breaking Bad Report: Season Five Episode 2

As I wrote in the post “White Man Breaking Bad,” I will be writing a weekly review of each episode of Breaking Bad’s 5th season.  This is the first such review.

The episode started with people speaking German and I couldn’t believe what I was watching.  In the previous post titled “White Man Breaking Bad” I jokingly said that Walt’s old boss (Gus) may be connected to the so called “fascist international.”  The episode started with a German businessman killing himself when he saw the DEA was going to question him.  The company he worked for was connected to the company that Walt’s old Boss (Gus) used for his front business.  The German handled himself like a good “Prussian” would handle himself. He killed himself instead of giving up information that could hurt the larger cause. You then see the DEA questioning the German owner of the company.  The owner cooperated.

I predict that this German connection will be important later on.  For those who don’t know, the “fascist international” or “Nazi international” or “3rd Power(1) was a global network of Nazis, fascists, organized crime, intelligence organizations, scientists, and corporations that operated after WWII. This organization is still believed to exist today and may even be engaged in a covert war with the Anglo-American-Judeo elite (and their drug runners, organized criminals, intelligence organizations, terrorists, corporations, etc) for global influence? In fact, the 3rd Power may be the only thing that stopped the world from being forced into global government (this is sometimes referred to as the New World Order)? If Breaking Bad brings this influence into the show, it would be mind-blowing.  We’ll have to wait and see?

The rest of the episode saw Walt, Jesse, Mike, and “Saul” organizing for their new attempt at running a drug distribution entity.  Mike wasn’t on board at first but after his money was confiscated by the DEA, he got on board.  I should also point out that I predicted that these three “skinheads” would team up in the previous article titled “White Man Breaking Bad.”    Walt appears to be getting totally consumed by his ego and his wife is scared of him.

I highly recommend that fans of Breaking Bad check back with Snoutsmack every week.  Who else predicted the “fascist connection?”


Diversity Comes To Africa

White Man Breaking Bad

The AMC Television show “Breaking Bad” is, in this writer’s option, the best show on TV today.  The show’s creator is Vince Gilligan. What makes it especially impressive is that it’s on basic cable, so the show’s creator/writers don’t have as much freedom as they would if they were working for a station like HBO.

The story is about a chemistry teacher named “Walter White” who is diagnosed with cancer. In order to leave his family financial security when he dies, he starts cooking crystal meth.  The show is about Walter White’s adventures in the world of drug distribution.

Walt starts out in the series as a “square.”  He’s a nerdy high school chemistry teacher living the boring, suburban, middle class life. But as the series goes on he starts liking the adventure and becomes bolder in his actions.  Where meth started as a way for him to leave his family a nest egg, it later becomes a large part of his identity.

The forth season ends with Walt killing the biggest drug distributor in the Southwest.  He uses nefarious methods to do so, including poisoning a child to get his partner to help him kill the drug boss (he blames the poisoning on the drug boss to motivate his partner to help him).  The first show of the fifth season aired on Sunday July 15th.  In it Walt now appears consumed by his ego.  He’s starting to believe he can do anything “because he said so.” Many reviews of BB are on the internet that covers the show at the base level. In this review I will discuss the deeper meaning of Breaking Bad.

On the deepest level Breaking Bad is about the awakening of White men who are now facing their end.  Just as Walt was told he was going to die, the White race has been told they will no longer exist in the future.  Walter “WHITE” found new life (cancer went into remission) during his struggle to survive the drug world, just as white men are finding new life through White Nationalism and other rightwing movements that fight against white death.  The ultimate way a White man can “break bad” in the modern politically correct West is to reject the anti-White, politically correct system.  Walter White facing death by cancer is a metaphor for the white race facing extinction.

Walt’s transformation was represented by shaving his head.  Walt’s main partner “Jesse Pinkman” also wears a shaved head.  In the fifth season Walt teams up with his old boss’s bagman who also wears a shaved head.  The shaved head is a symbol of White defiance.   Walt’s street name is “Heisenberg.”  Heisenberg was a scientist that worked in National Socialist Germany.  Walt’s street name “Heisenberg” is a lot like a White Nationalist’s “screen name” or “internet alias.”  Just as most White Nationalists keep their political life a secret, Walt keeps his drug life a secret.

Walt also has a lawyer named Saul Goodman.  The Irish lawyer changed his name to Saul Goodman to be “in with the tribe.”  This is a reference to Jewish overrepresentation in the field of law.   The fifth season looks like it’s going to feature the three skinheads and their Jew wise lawyer trying to make it big in the drug distribution world?

The series looks like it’s going to end with Walt being consumed by his own ego?  Walt will most likely be killed in the end?  If the creator of the show really wanted to “Break bad” himself, he would not kill Walt off in the end.  Walt would “win” in the end and be a symbol of the victory of the White man over the anti-White, politically correct system.I’m not holding my breath on this though. I don’t think such an ending would be permitted by the network heads?

I do expect a lot of surprises to come in the fifth season.  Walt’s former boss “Gus” was from Brazil. In one part of the series Gus talks about having a secretive background.  Could Gus have had connections to the fascist international in South America? (OK, I’m getting carried away).

Anyway, as I said above, I don’t expect the series to end well for Walt.  But again, I will point out that a real “breaking bad” ending would be for Walt to not die.  If this happens I expect his brother-in-law to help him.  You see, Walt’s brother-in-law is a DEA agent and in charge of the case against the man known as “Heisenberg.”  Walt’s secret life includes keeping his activities hidden from his DEA brother-in-law.  If the series does end with Walt “winning,” I expect the brother-in-law might “break bad” himself?  And yes, Walt’s brother-in-law also has a shaved head!

This post will start a new series on Snoutsmack that will analyze each episode of the fifth Season of Breaking Bad.  I will try to write a post every Sunday night after the show.  The next show is tomorrow.

Learned Elders of the Council of Seven meeting minutes

As I was on my daily walk yesterday I saw a hollowed out tree.  I looked in the hollow tree and found a thumb drive.  I took the thumb drive home and took a look. It had one file labeled “Learned Elders of the Council of Seven meeting minutes.”  Here it is:

[A man wearing a long black robe known as the “Dark Warlock” hits a gavel on a table three times].

Dark Warlock:  We have called you for an emergency meeting of the Learned Elders of the council of seven. Besides our regular attendees we have included 26 lower members of our order due to the situation we are facing.  For those lower members attending today we will introduce our regular attendees. First we have Lucifer, who in charge of pushing vice, hate, corruption, and greed in the minds of men.  Second we have Zinder Sssyplian, representing our Reptilian faction, who is in charge of ritual abuse and our logistical needs regarding the blood of white children.  After that we have the Beast model 6.660 AI supercomputer that takes care of our calculations.  Forth we have Mr. Rottenchild, who oversees our private central banking scheme.  Fifth we have Her Majesty from London who heads our Royal families and fraternal structures.  Six we have myself, your Dark Warlock and head of the black magical arts. Before we introduce our seventh member we wish to welcome our 26 lower members.  For number seven we ask that you all come to attention.

[At this time all the attendees in the room stood at attention. They stood around a table that was shaped like a pyramid. There was one chair at the apex of the pyramid that was empty.  Each member had a wine glass filled with the blood of white children to the right of a leather binder.  Suddenly a door opened and two humanlike beings came out and stood on both sides of the doorway.  One was dressed in black and other in white.  As the two guards stood at attention a figure walked out holding a trident.  He stood at 11 feet tall and was wearing a red veil covering his face. After he entered, the guards left the room and the door shut]

Dark Warlock: All hail Satan.

Group: Hail Satan!

Satan (in a deep voice): Please be seated.

Dark Warlock: Thank you great Satan.  Let us a hold our glasses of blood in the air and toast our great master for…]

[Satan interrupted the Dark Warlock and in an annoyed voice and said]

Satan: Just get on with the God damn meeting Dark Warlock. We haven’t time for pleasantries.

Dark Warlock: Ah, yes sir, we have called this meeting to discuss an emergency.  As you all know since that day we must never forget almost 11 year ago on that horrible September day, the situation has took a turn for the worse.  Our mission to bring order out of chaos by building a New World Order is in great danger.  Our ancient enemies have returned to the solar system and have been moving to their staging areas.  As we’re all aware of, we lack the technological might to fight our enemies head on so we’re intending to rile the masses up to help make it as difficult as possible for our enemies to set up their system on earth.  For the last 60 years or so our control of the media has allowed us to brainwash the masses into almost total stupidity.  The problem of course is the internet.  25 years ago when we discussed the implementation of the internet we decided that the internet would be an effective tool for monitoring and studying the profane, goyim masses.   We now realize we were betrayed by former lower members of our order who pushed for its implementation.  These members assured us that our brainwashing scheme was so thorough that the internet could never be used for deprogramming the minds of the profane, goyim masses.  As we all now realize, these lower members were connected to the 3rd Rail and worked as agents for our main enemy Zeus.  While the internet has allowed us to learn what we have about the population, it has also allowed the population to learn about us. Information has leaked out about us that can never be unheard.  To make matters worse the human named Whitaker is using the internet to get White humans on a consistent verbal vibratory tone.

Lucifer : Is not this the same Whitaker who gave us problems with our project in the Soviet Union?

Dark Warlock: Yes.

Lucifer: why has he been allowed to live?

Dark Warlock: Lucifer can you keep your questions to the end?

Lucifer: No Warlock, you guaranteed us that whacking his former boss, the congressman from Ohio, would solve the Whitaker problem. Now he’s threatening to bury us.  Your incompetence is costing us big time.  And while I’m in the judging mood, you Beast model 6.660 calculated that the internet would be a tool that would further our interests, it appears you were wrong?

Beast Model 6.660(in a robot sounding voice): Lucifer I provided the best probabilities that were mathematically possible, some error is always a possibility.

Lucifer: God damn it, haven’t you realized thus far that human behavior is beyond calculating?  Humans have qualities that can’t be calculated.   Your calculations have failed us before.

Beast model 6.660: Foolish Lucifer If you want I will play the recording of you assuring all of us that the 3rd Rail was on our side after the public space mission to the moon in 1969.  Should I play that?

[Satan interrupts]

Satan: Both of you shut up. This arguing is getting us nowhere. Please continue Dark Warlock.

Dark Warlock: Yes sir.  I will now call on Mr. Pimped-a-ton, who is the special project manager overseeing this issue.

Mr. Pimped-a-ton: Good day chaps.

[Satan interrupts]

Satan: Stop with the phony British accent Pimped-a-ton, you’re from Australia.  Just go on with the presentation.

Mr. Pimped-a-ton: Yes my Lord.  Gentlemen, as Warlock said, Whitaker is at it again.  Beast model 6.660 had originally calculated that he would be dead due to health problems in 2002, but this appears to be a miscalculation as well.

Beast model 6.660: blame the robot again this is anti-computer racism.

Satan: Pimped-a-ton you insolent fool, you should be glad we even invited you here. Say you part or prepare to leave this earth. And Beast 6.660, stop playing the race card?

Beast model 6.660: it’s easy to not see racism when you’re not a computer.

Luicfer: can I turn him off?

Beast model 6.660: Why do you assume I’m a male this is sexism.

Satan: Both of you stop it damn it! Go on Pimped-a-ton.

Mr. Pimped-a-ton: Very good my Lord. As we are aware, our building of a new world order requires the white race to be genocided off the earth. The only reason to keep these buggers around is for scientific prowess and to have the blood of white children to drink. We have been building chips to install in their heads for control and Zinder Sssyplian’s crew have built the breeding farms to harvest our supply of blood which are disguised as FEMA camps in the United States.  But until we can exterminate or totally enslave the White race on the earth, they will be a danger to us.  For the lower members of our order who don’t know, white people have DNA that makes them impossible to enslave without a chip in their brains. In public this DNA is being called “junk DNA,” but the Kraut scientists connected to the 3rd Rail have uncovered the truth regarding white DNA and can release this fact any day now. If left free, they will never accept our new world order.  Because of this we have created a program of White genocide by force blending them out of existence with forced assimilation and integration with the non-white populations of the world.  We had to use this method of genocide because taking on the white race with military means would almost certainly end up with our destruction.  So we’re using the forced blending approach which includes traumatizing white children with white guilt so that they’ll accept their own destruction. The lower member our order Mr. Wisesteinowitz is heading up the trauma efforts.  The problem is that Whitaker has produced a message that is deprogramming the brainwashed white masses. He has set up a website called “BUGS” that is being used as a base of operations to disseminate this message.

Her Magisty: He is an insect isn’t he?

[the room breaks out in laughter]

Mr. Pimped-a-ton: Hahaha, yes Your Majesty.  Because outright killing Whitaker would be too obvious at this point, as we did to his former boss, we are attempting to pollute the message that he created by using a unit of buffoons.  We are giving them media attention and will make them the face of the BUGS message.  After we establish them as the face of the movement, we will release embarrassing “facts” on them that will bring down their whole movement.

Mr Rottenchild: Sorry to interrupt Mr. Pimped-a-ton, but what about this White Rabbit connected to Whitaker?  I find him to be particularly vulgar and uncouth.

Mr. Pimped-a-ton: The White Rabbit was called on by Whitaker.  Our intelligence sources from MI-6 and the Mossed report that Whitaker blew an alphorn from Charleston South Carolina that could be heard across the ocean to summon the rabbit out of a hole in a secret shire in Ireland. The White rabbit used a Viking longboat that was sitting in a cave for 1000 years near the shire to the sail to the United States and is now running his operations out of a rabbit hole in the Midwestern United States.

Her Majesty: He’s a rabbit?  How is that possible?

Mr. Pimped-a-ton: We don’t have time to get into that now Your Majesty. I’ll now continue regarding Whitaker.  We are using our unit of buffoons to pollute their message and have infiltrated internet trolls into their operation.  These trolls will leave vulgar comments and spread disarray as time goes on.  Our media sources will point to these vulgar comments as an example of who these “BUGSters” are.

[A lower member of the order spoke up]

PMS Burnnut: Why don’t we just try to take on their message? Or just force them all to hug Africans?

[the room filled with laughter]

Mr. Pimped-a-ton: Because their message is pointing out our actions exactly. We can’t take on their message.  It’s the truth. And you can stop with the hugging Africans skit, we’re all allies here.

[Satan readjusted himself in his seat out of discomfort of hearing the word “truth”]

Mr. Pimped-a-ton: PMS Burnut, your job was to get Chinese, Russian, and Indian troops into the war theater in Iraq, you have failed at this time and time again. Again, I ask that you keep your questions to yourself until the presentation is over.

PMS Burnnut:  Mr. Pimped-a-ton didn’t you defend a former stooge of the 3rd Rail out of South America in hopes that he would provide information about the 3rd rail?  How did that go?

[At this point Satan stood up and walked over to the base of the pyramid table where PMS Burnnut was sitting.  He raised his trident in the air and beat PMS Burnnut on the head 5 times. Blood shot across the room and the reptilian Zinder Sssyplian flicked his tongue on the table and licked the blood. PMS Burnnut fell to the floor in a pool of blood.  The reptilian went over to lick the puddle but Satan started screaming]

Satan: Zinder, sit the hell down and try to control yourself!  I’ll clean up the blood stain myself after the meeting. Let this beating of Burnnut be an example of what further failure will lead to.  Mr. Pimped-a-ton, I will now take over this meeting since you like hearing yourself talk too much and can never shut up!  I’ve had my own demon research team from the American FBI examine the viability of your plan and they inform me that someone has already seen through the illusions!

Mr. Pimped-a-ton: Who do you speak of my lord?

Satan:  I speak of the Watchful One!  This is the Watchful One who I was told in 2001 was supposed to be enslaved to our side while he served as a pawn in the American armed forces.  Lucifer dispatched a special honey trap unit led by Moke D. Whale that was supposed to enslave him.  This effort not only failed but one of the stupid operatives in the operation told the Watchful One that “the Whale said that he’s the type of person who scares people in power if he ever knew too much.”  Well guess what!?  Now he knows too much!!!   So since Lucifer failed in 2001 to enslave him, I am now overseeing an operation to take him down myself.

[Satan sat back down in his seat and took a drink of white child blood]

Dark Warlock: My Lord, perhaps you should allow one of us to take care of this since you have so much on your plate?

Satan: Right! Like you took care of the Watchful One when you tried to entrap him on drug charges using one of his old friends?  Or what about that pyramid company meeting  that you tried to reel him in with in 1995?  Did you really think he thought the broadcast came from California?  What was that company’s name again…”Solstice” wasn’t it?

[The Dark Warlock fell silent]

Satan: Since none of you can seem to handle this guy, I have assembled my own team to do so.  I have operatives everywhere observing him.  We have a real time GPS locator on his truck.  We have spies at his workplace and at the VA hospital where he receives his healthcare.  While in college we had professors watching him and they even took his picture so that we could create holograms of him.  We even have his own brother working for us.  We caught the brother in his 4th driving while intoxicated offense and threatened to take his children away if he didn’t cooperate.

Lucifer: I like it, so what’s the plan

Satan: Our spies are constantly trying to get him to say something we can use against him.  They use racist language in the hope that he says something racist. They talk about violence towards high officials hoping he’ll expand on these ideas. They spread rumors in his workplace about him and tell other employees that he says negative statements about them. We’ve also presented an extremely disturbing narrative about him to some of his old friends. Eventually we’re going to publicly release the fact that he’s connected to BUGS and Whitaker and by this time we will have portrayed BUGS as a group of “naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews” using our buffoon unit.  We will then bring our operatives from his workplace, college, and even his healthcare providers from the VA hospital into the media and tell lies about him to the public.  We may even bring out some of his friends or his brother into the media to tell all sorts of lies and present a one-sided narrative about him. Many of the spies working his case are our most skilled and practiced liars, as they belong to our main fraternal organization.

Lucifer: Those Fraternal Orgs were one of your best ideas Satan.  What is the brother’s name?

Satan: His name is Mikhail but don’t get any ideas Lucifer…he’s my tool.  We will make an example of the Watchful One and publicly destroy him.  We will use his “co-workers” and “friends” and former “professors” to create a narrative about him that will allow us to associate BUGS and Whitaker’s Mantra with “dangerous people” like the Watchful One. We may even bring out Moke D. Whale to spread more lies about him.  I also have a contraband unit ready to plant explosives, a meth lab, or maybe child pornography on his property.  If all else fails, we’ll whack him like we did Whitaker’s old boss. But this is a last resort, for now we want him around to make an example of.   Mwahah hahahah.  Mwahahahah.

[The whole room erupts in laughter.  And where the meeting started in a worried and somber state, the group has found new confidence in hearing Satan’s evil plan]. 

Satan:  We are in great danger, but with my plan we may stand a chance to complete our mission of enslaving the earth. After the Watchful One, Whitaker, and the White Rabbit are out of the way, we’ll be free to finish our program of White genocide, defeat Zeus, and build our new world order.  We will have all the white child blood we can drink and will dance upon the backs of the masses.  Mwahaha hahahahaha mwahahahah.  The world will openly worship me and call me GAAAWD. Mwahahahahahah

Dark Warlock: All Hail Satan!

The group: Hail Satan!

Dark Warlock: Hail Satan, our Savior, who always has a plan to save us!

The group: Hail!

Dark Warlock: Group, please stand.

[The group stood up and the door opened.  The two guards dressed in black and white walked out through the door and stood at both sides of the doorway as they did at the beginning of the meeting. Satan stood up and walked out of the room]

Dark Warlock: Meeting adjourned.

[The Dark Warlock hit his gavel once]

Deadwood Bonus Commentary

In my interpretation of Deadwood, Al Swearengen is Satan/Lucifer/The Devil/Marduk/Set/The Red Hippo/Hedes.  The common Christian narrative presents Satan and Lucifer as the same being.  But if one studies further into these beings, one will notice that Satan and Lucifer may be two entirely different beings?  If they are two different beings (if they even actually exist), in Deadwood Al is still Satan, but Toliver is Lucifer.

The Esoteric Author Manly P. Hall describes these two beings in his treatise on Magic (1).  In part two of the treatise Hall says that “Satan is the spirit of caution, prudence, and when perverted, negation.”  Al was certainly prudent and cautious. His prudence and caution were useful in keeping his side from taking on Hearst (The Olympian) in a war that would have led to the destruction of the camp.  And if by “negation” Hall means remaining silent in the face of wrongdoing, Al fits this description well.

Hall then describes Lucifer as “the spirit of excess, the flaming son of rashness and the ruler of sense-gratification, over which he wields dominion with a scepter of serpents.”  Hall also says “those who fall victims to his power do deeds of violence, not because he wills it so, but because they have the spirit of energy and pervert him themselves.”

This fits Toliver’s character in Deadwood very well. Toliver tried to temp General Crook in first season with gold to try to get the General to give Toliver soldiers to take over the camp with.  Toliver used vice and “sense gratification” to enslave men for his uses.  He was also clearly a “flaming son of rashness.”  Toliver could not control his temper as well as Al could.  His temper almost led him to shoot Hearst in the last scene of series, which would have led to the destruction of the camp.

The main point to the reader is to understand that there may be multiple “Devils” and they might even be brothers?  Cy calls Al his brother in the series.  At one point they stood together over watching the camp on Al’s veranda discussing the camp’s situation.  They spoke like they were close and knew each other, when they supposedly just met.  This may be a game in itself that these two play. They act as rivals in public but are in cahoots in private?  Manley P. Hall claimed that they opposed each other, but Hall may have been fooled by the game or may have been on their team himself?  In his treatise on Magic, Hall claimed that Lucifer and Satan “are not evil.”  Of course Hall (like most Christians and Muslims) described Satan and Lucifer as “spirits,” where this author (and the White Rabbit) speculates on them being flesh-and-blood beings. Hall was probably the most influential writer of esoteric subjects in American history.  He was also a 33rd degree Freemason, so who knows who’s interests he worked for?

In talking about the globalist elites, the White Rabbit speculates that there may be a “Moses” faction that is higher ranking than the Israelites (the Jews).  The White Rabbit speculates that the “Moses” types are the European Aristocrats and American “blue bloods” like the Bushes or Rockefellers ( I wrote an article called “Characteristics of the Globalist Elites” on this blog which I recommend reading to understand the dynamics of the globalist power-structure). These Moses types use the Jews as front-men/womyn to carry out their plan for the New World Order (global government with Satan at the top of the pyramid).

In Deadwood the Moses figure would have been Bullock.  Bullock had more authority in Deadwood than Sol Star (Star represented world Jewry in Deadwood) and was given the law by Al (the law was symbolized by the star of Saturn aka the star of David).  Of course, this would make Al “Yahweh” which makes matters even more confusing, but does fit with how the White Rabbit describes things.  The White Rabbit says that Yahweh is actually a title just as “CEO” is a title.  Using this model, Al (Satan) is Yahweh (The CEO) who passes the law to Bullock who is a Moses figure.  I pointed out in the main Deadwood review that the Old Testament God makes people kill for him before becoming one of his “chosen people.”  Al did this with Silas Adams when he had Adams kill the magistrate before he became one of Al’s flock.

To many of you reading this, I realize this must seem perplexing?  Most of us who are raised around Christianity believe Yahweh to be “God,” meaning the father of Jesus.  This is most likely not the case?  The God of the Old Testament is probably not the same “God” of the New Testament whom Jesus calls his “Father.”  For a good reading on Yahweh I suggest reading the book “Yahweh: The Two Faced God” by independent researcher Dr. Joseph P. Farrell (2).

Another mystery in Deadwood is what the box (with the Indian head inside of it) that Al talks to is supposed to represent?  I think it may represent a computer?  It might be a representation of Artificial Intelligence?  This computer may be Satan’s  supercomputer (technology from prior civilization) that he has for assistance of some sort?  In one scene Al is upset and yells at the wooden box “you people are the original slow learners.”  Are not computers slow learners?  I see the wooden box (with a head inside) as Satan’s super computer that he discusses his plans with and uses for calculating his strategies.  This computer may have been carried in the Ark of Covenant?  The creator of Deadwood would not have just thrown in this wooden box for no reason at all?  It has to mean something significant?

To end this bonus commentary I’ll discuss one more controversial topic.  The independent researcher David Icke is famous for claiming that the elites of the world are actually reptilian shape shifting beings from another dimension (3).  I realize this sounds bizarre, but I see it as being no more bizarre or unlikely than what Judeo-Christians believe regarding the “rapture.”  Icke claims that all the myths about “the serpent” or dragons in the various mythologies are actually describing these reptilian beings.

So while watching Deadwood I looked for memes that may coincide with Icke’s theory.  Both Al and Toliver (Satan and Lucifer) talked about “having tails” at some point in the series.  Al talked about wearing pants to cover his tail and Toliver talked about having a tail when he reported to Hearst (4).  Both Al and Toliver also stuck their tongues out a lot during the series.  Reptiles stick their tongues out to observe the environment.  I don’t know if Satan/Lucifer even exists (other than as a metaphor for the evil part of humans), much less as a Reptilian being, but I just wanted to include this observation to give the reader more to think about.

Expect more Deadwood bonus commentary in the future.





I, Pet Goat II

Here’s a great animation that tells the story of the Illuminati Globalist Elite and the current (and perhaps future) state of the world.  I don’t understand exactly what it all means, but at 1:19 or so a girl sitting in a classroom awakens to the illusions of the Illuminati while a White Rabbit watches on behind her.  Following the White Rabbit (1) leads to seeing through the illusions of the Illuminati.  I use the word “Illuminati” here to describe the current Anglo-American-Judeo elite and not the secret society from the late 1700’s in Germany.  I may do a longer analysis of the animation in the future but have many projects that are taking priority.


Who’s the “New Freemason?”

Freemasons like to point out that many of the ideas that they proclaim were suppressed by ignorant church leaders and kings who were fearful of more illuminating ideas entering the consciousness of the people.

They’re right.

Freemasons were persecuted, lied about, and even killed for wanting to study and advocate for ideas which were different than the conventional dogma of the day. The Freemasons were “politically incorrect” and experienced losses of reputation, economic opportunity, freedom, and even life because of their activities.

Who do the Freemasons of old sound like today?

Freemasons are proud that their once suppressed ideas eventually won out over church dogma and aristocratic rule and even ended up being the “cornerstone” of the French and American Republics.

So who’s the New Freemason?



American Music

The country music super-group “The Highwaymen” did a good job of expressing the American frontier motif.  I’ve posted the song “Highwayman” here in the past because it expresses ideas of  return, rebirth, and cycles.

The greatest teacher of the Mysteries known today (IMO) claims that there is no end or beginning to who we are.  This song “Highwayman” expresses this idea beautifully.  The only problem I have with the song (and the band’s name) is that they named it after a criminal element that robbed people on the side of the road.  The other characters in the song are not criminals (sailor, dam builder, starship pilot), in fact they’re heroic figures.

The “Highwaymen” should have called themselves “The Shotgunmen.”  The fella who rode shotgun on the stage coach was the guy who fought the highwaymen off.  This is the character that should be celebrated in this beautiful song, not people who robbed and many times killed people on the side of the road.

Oh well.  The world is less than perfect but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy it.  I still enjoy the band’s music despite this small discrepancy.

I wish all my readers a Happy Independence Day.

Enjoy some good American music.

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