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Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 7

Walt made a deal to cook for some new dealers.  I predict that these dealers will have connections to the fascist international.  In previous Breaking Bad Reports I speculated that the fascist or Nazi international (or 3rd Power) may have been behind Walt’s old boss Gus. I expect the half season finale to return to the German connection that we saw in the first episode?

Hank Schrader (Walt’s brother-in-law) got rebuked by his boss for spending too much time on the blue meth case.  I belive Hank’s boss is trying to keep Hank off the case on purpose.  In fact, I belive he was given the promotion just to keep him off the case. The fascist international is rumored to have connections that run deep into government and industry (even deeper than the Jews do).  So there may be forces within the DEA that know about “Heisenberg” and are trying to keep him from getting caught?

Walt has now become murderous in his egotism.  He denied Jesse his money (as promised) and then shot Mike for no reason. In trying to talk Jesse into working with him, he sounded like a villan from an after school special.

The last episode for the half season is Sunday September 2nd.  There are 8 episodes this half season and 8 next half season (summer 2013).  I do not belive it was a coincidence that the creator used 8 and 8.  88 is a number used in the world of White Racialism.  88 = Heil Hitler.  I have wrote in the past that Breaking Bad’s secret meaning relates to the pro-White struggle.  But writing-in the Nazi International is really going for the gusto.  The creator of Breaking Bad used to write for the X-Files.  So in studying UFOs, he probably came across the stories regarding Nazi UFOs?  This would have led him to the stories of the Nazi International?

So far my interpretation of Nazis on Breaking Bad has been pure speculation.  But if there does prove to be even the slightest hint of the Nazi International, this will be very important.  It will be the first time that fiction was created that included this entity since the 70’s film “The Boy’s From Brazil.”  I expected more portrayals of White nationalism, but including the 3rd Power in a basic cable TV series shows us that times are a changing.

The Killing of the King:The dIfference between the Old and New TestAMent Gods.

The Old Testament God requires his followers to die for him.  The New Testament God is willing to die for his followers.  The Killing of the King ritual creates a change in the physical medium (wave of consciousness turning matter and spirit).  The King who will sacrifice himself for the survival of his Kingdom is preferable to the King who will sacrifice his Kingdom for his own survival.  Which King would you rather serve? The King who tells you to belive in his Law and then sends you to die for the Law, or the King who shows you that he believes in his Law by dying for the Law?  The two-faced God of the Old Testament (1) requires you to kill to become one of his subjects (Chosen People), while the New Testament God allows himself to be killed for his subjects (the Elect).  The God-King who won’t sacrifice himself shows us that he lacks faith in his own immortality.  Satan’s kingdom is the earth.  It’s a closed system.  Service to the two faced God can/will result in having two faces.

The King is dead. The King is dead.  Long live the King.


Breaking Bad Report: Season Five Episode 6

The episode starts out with the three skinheads (Walt, Jesse Mike)and their assistant “Todd” disposing of the body of the kid they shot last episode.  The guys had a vote on what to do with Todd. They voted and decide that they’d keep him on the team.  While discussing this Jesse calls him “Rickey Nazi.”  In the context of the German connection discussed in previous reviews, I wonder if this is a hint that “Todd” may be more “connected” than just to a criminal uncle in jail?  Could Todd be connected to the “3rd Power (aka Nazi International)?  This sounds like an unlikely speculation but I speculated a German or “fascist international” connection before the season even started and it looks like I may be right?    I am expecting the German connection to jump out in the last episode of the season?  Perhaps Walt will go to work for the “fascist international?”

Walt has a chance to get out of the meth business for 5 million dollars by selling the chemical they stole in the last episode. Another local buyer offered to buy the chemical but the guys were going to have to get out to open the market up for the other local supplier’s product.  Both Jesse and Mike want to get out but it depends on Walt getting out as well.   Walt tells Jesse that he’s “in the empire business.”  Walt explains to Jesse that all he has is the business, since him and his wife are having problems and he never sees his kids anymore.  Walt’s ego is in almost total control of him.  He could get out with 5 million dollars and live a comfortable life with his family.  But now that Walt has tasted power he like it more than his own family.

Mike forced Walt to accept the deal.  He handcuffed Walt to a radiator but Walt figured out a way to burn through the flex cuffs that Mike restrained him with.  This was a stupid mistake by Mike.  He did have to meet with attorney but couldn’t the meeting with his attorney and the DEA wait?  This slight in the writing for the show is excusable considering the job they have done up until that part. Mike comes back to the warehouse to secure the chemical for the deal to find it gone.  Walt and Jesse are there and Mike takes his gun out to shoot Walt but Jesse stops him so Mike can hear Walt’s plan.  The episode ends.

I can’t see how Walt is going to get out of this season alive?  He’s out of control and only has his ego left in the world.  This is a dangerous place for a person to be.  The lesson here is critical for pro-Whites in the future when they start attaining more power.  They will need to be extremely wise in their selection of leaders.  They will need to look for the signs of megalomania in their leadership.  On the individual level  they will need to be wise enough to know themselves and be humble enough to step aside when they sense their egos are getting the best of them.  The problem of course, is that if someone is truly under the control of their ego, they won’t realize it, and any threat to the ego can turn the leader murderous.  The more power the ego driven person attains, the more threatening people will seem to question the leader.  The current anti-White establishment may even promote such people for the purpose of letting them sabotage the movement?


Walt may have to choose between his family and his “empire.”  In the future, some successful pro-White leader may have to decide between the White folk and their own global empire?  We know what the ego will chose.


Johnny White Rabbit “Rock Anthem.”

All the pro-White movement needs to turn the anti-White system to dust is a consistent message (found at Bob’s Underground Seminar) and inspiring art that conveys this message.  Johnny White Rabbit is doing his part with his music. His music is pure art, as its purpose is not profit or fame. This music is for inspiring people to fight White genocide.  Today he writes pop, techno, and rock songs, in the future I hope to see two hour long concept albums like Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” or Frank Zappa’s “Joe’s Garage?”  Johnny White Rabbit will only get better.  Make sure to follow Johnny White Rabbit at his website.

Intelligence organization SLAVE incites violence for his White masters?

During a recent radio interview National Field Marshal for the New Black Panthers “King” Samir Shabazz says blacks need to kill White babies. He actually talks about blowing up White babies in hospitals.  He talks about cutting off the heads of “crackers.”

While I have no evidence to prove it, it seems pretty obvious to me that “King” Shabazz is an agent provocateur a SLAVE for some intelligence or federal law enforcement organization?  His purpose is to create discourse that leads to losses in free speech.  This type of behavior is intended to be an “example” of why America needs to adopt European style “hate speech” laws (1).  In the near future, I expect we’ll see Fox News conservatives like Hannity or O’Reily support “hate speech” legislation. The anti-White globalists need some excuse to pass “hate speech” legislation in order to try to halt the consistent message (see “The Mantra” at page above) that is quickly turning the anti-White, globalist system to dust.  This message was created by Bob Whitaker at Bob’s Underground Seminar (See “BUGS” in my blogroll).

The anti-White globalists can’t handle this message of truth regarding White genocide, so they have end free speech.  “King” SLAVE Shabazz’s words are meant to scare and outrage White Conservatives to get them to accept “hate speech” laws.  The non-thinking political Left is already a lock to support losses in free speech, so these kinds of operations are being conducted to get the non-thinking political Right in line as well.  Mr. “King” SLAVE Shabazz is same guy that made national news when he intimated White voters at a voting place during the 2008 Presidential election (which was also a likely intelligence operation to introduce him?).

This is a great lesson in alchemical operations. The first step in the alchemical process is putting stress on the material.  Comments like this are intended to put stress on the public in order to make them more vulnerable to change.

“King” SLAVE Shabazz still workin’ for da white cracka man.


Breaking Bad Report:Season Five episode 5

The 3 skinheads (Walt, Jesse, and Mike) plan a heist to steal a major chemical needed to make meth.  The heist itself required robbing a train. They were reluctant to do so because they didn’t want to kill innocent people (the train conductors) . So they thought of a way of stealing the chemicals without killing the train conductors.  The heist was a great scene because it showed White guys working together to overcome difficult odds.  They had the three skinheads (Walt, Mike and Jesse) and two helpers from the extermination front business (both White guys) on the heist.

Of course, like all “great plans” it almost didn’t work due to unforeseen circumstances.  The train stopped because they staged a truck break down on the track.  The train conductors tried to help the stranded motorist but couldn’t move the truck.  An Indian or Mexican guy just happened to drive by with a huge pickup truck and helped push the truck off the track.  Just as the train started moving, they were able to accomplish the mission and steal the desired amount.

The guys were jumping around, cheering, and celebrating when the next unforeseen circumstance came upon them.  A kid driving a dirt bike rode up. At that point Jesse and Walt were frozen with indecision when one of the helpers from the extermination front business pulled out a gun and shot the kid dead. That’s how the episode ended.

Despite their best intentions, the guys ended up having to kill an innocent kid to accomplish their mission. The helper that shot him (I forgot his name)  acted in a cool, calculated manner.  A similar scenario occurred in the first Gulf War when a kid walked up on a Special Forces team on an observation mission in Iraq.  The Special Forces team chose not to kill the child that spotted them and this resulted in a firefight with Iraqis which they almost didn’t make it out of.  In the prior season Walt and Jesse were outraged that Gus had killed a child but now the guys have done the same.  I believe that this helper (blond guy, can’t remember his name) who shot the kid will be important later on?

Walt agreed with Skyler (Walt’s wife) to keep the kids at Skyler’s sister’s house (and Walt’s DEA bother-in-law’s).  They did this under the pretext that they were having marital troubles.  Walt agreed in order placate his wife who worries obsessively for the children’s safety (probably for good reason).   Skyler told him that if he agreed, that she would launder his money and be a good partner. This scene was more evidence that Walt’s ego has become more important than his family.  The whole point of selling meth was for his family but now he can’t be around his kids so he can sell his meth.

Walt then made a huge mistake and told Skyler that they were robbing a train.  This scene was before the heist scene.  Before this scene, while planning the heist, Walt told one of the helpers (the guy who shot the kid) that he could never tell anyone about the train heist.  But then Walt told Skyler out of vanity.  I’m wondering if this might not come back to haunt Walt later on?

The major lessons in episode 5.  First, all great plans fall apart. It’s not how great the plan is but how skilled the operators are at quick thinking and keeping their nerve.  Second, don’t celebrate anything until the mission is 100% complete. Third, don’t run your mouth out of vanity. Never work with people who have to run their mouths to feel like tough guys.

This season is really turning out to be awesome. I tip my hat to Vince Gilligan (the show’s creator). The show is GOLD.

Esoteric Thoughts: The Power of German Engineering?

Breaking Bad Report: Season Five Episode 4

The episode starts with the chemical supplier being visited by the DEA.  The supplier is connected to the German company I discussed in an earlier Breaking Bad report. The manager of the supplier spoke German.  I will predict again that that this German connection will involve the existence of the so called “3rd Power” or “Nazi International”(1) .  Later in the episode Mike wanted to whack the supplier manager but Jesse and Walt voted this idea down.  The manager is a woman and it was funny when Mike accused Jesse of “sexism” for not supporting whacking the woman manager.

This episode highlighted the problems between Walt and his wife Skyler.   There was an interesting line said by Skyler (while they were arguing) where she admitted that she didn’t have Walt’s “Magic.”  It stuck out at me that she used the word “magic” to describe Walt’s abilities.   Walter White is a wizard of sorts and also an alchemist.  Just as he changes chemicals into meth, his own being has transmuted from Walter White into Heisenberg within the fire of the drug world.  His alter ego (Heisenberg) is becoming more dominant as he now wears the infamous Heisenberg hat around his family (He used to only wear it in the drug world).  He bought two sports-cars on a whim and is becoming extremely reckless.

Skyler is now very frightened that her kids will be hurt due to Walt’s involvement in the drug trade. She’s trying to get their kids away from the house.  This of course is a major affront to Walt’s ego and need for control.  I can’t help but to sympathize with Skyler.  Walt should have gotten out when he was ahead.  Walt’s activities in the drug trade are no longer about caring for his family.  Instead they’re about Walt’s ego.

There’s an important message here for pro-White activists.  After the program of White genocide (see page at top of blog labeled “Program for White genocide”)  is overcame and a system is put in place that secures a future for White people,  Whites need to be careful that they don’t try to push it too far.  There will be voices within the pro-White movement that will keep trying to push Whites into taking more than what we need.

White people need nations, communities, and institutions that facilitate our survival and amelioration.  But we must not try to infringe on other people’s nations, communities, and institutions.  Just like Walter White, Whites need to be careful that they don’t lose the “family” that they set out to protect.  Pro-Whites need to remain vigilant against forces within the greater pro-White movement that will keep pushing for more because it makes them feel powerful.  There may even be agents hidden within the body of the pro-White movement for this very purpose?

I believe a major lesson from Breaking Bad is knowing what the line is between victory and setting yourself up for future failure.


The “Primum Non Nocere” way out for anti-Whites.

People at BUGS (or pro-Whites and White Nationalists in general) are people who believe there is something important about securing and ameliorating  a certain human demographic group associated with the historical populations of Europe and it’s derivatives.  We call these people “White.”  We feel there is something important about the White race’s beauty, consciousness,  and civilizational qualities.  We feel the world is a better place for having White people living in it.

While I am quite certain that the world will be worse off if Whites cease to exist,  I’m personally willing to entertain the idea that we could be wrong? Maybe the world will be just fine as a “blended humanity,” just as anti-Whites claim?  Maybe it’s all luck that the Whitest spaces on earth tend to be the best places to live?

My question to those who make this argument is WHY TAKE THE CHANCE?

You see, if anti-Whites are wrong there is no going back. If pro-Whites are wrong then nothing is harmed.  If anti-Whites are wrong then all of humanity (who anti-Whites claim to care about) will suffer.  If pro-Whites are wrong and “we all be the same” then it won’t matter if some white skinned people happen to be around in the diverse utopia of the future.

This argument fits perfectly with the concept of “primum non nocere” or “first, do no harm.”    

You can care nothing for the survival of the White race but if you claim to be a logical and/or moral person, then you must accept this.  Failure to comply with this logic is advocating genocide.

This “primum non nocere” argument is a “way out” for anti-Whites who don’t want to express an explicitly pro-White position.  It’s a way to turn their lives around from the dead-end life of anti-Whiteness without having to deal with the current stresses of taking a pro-White position. If any of their fellow anti-Whites give them any problems for taking this position, then they can say something like “you know what, let these stupid “white people” have their own nations, communities, and institutions, after they see our multicultural/multiracial nations, communities, and institutions, they’ll be begging us to let them in.”

I offer this “way out” for anti-Whites because in general, I tend to be a forgiving person who will give people the benefit of the doubt. I understand that people can make mistakes, especially young people who have been heavily indoctrinated by the anti-White system.   But anti-Whites should understand  that the people who anti-Whites will  have answer to in the future for their complicity in White genocide will not be as forgiving and understanding as myself.  They should also understand that for some anti-Whites, THERE IS NO WAY OUT!(1)

I suggest that anti-Whites take the primum non nocere “way out” I just provided before it’s too late. Because at some point in the future, it will be too late.  No one knows when this day will come?   It may be 21 December 2012?  It may be tomorrow?  But it is coming and it’s coming soon.


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