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A message for Ukrainian Nationalists

ukrainiansymbolPryvit Ukrainian Nationalists,

You fought in the streets to oust a President that you felt was wrong for Ukrainian interests. No doubt you know that covert forces from the Anglo-American-Judeo power structure (1) assisted you in doing this, but nobody forced you to do anything, so the responsibility is on you.  In general I support the right of local people to decide what is best for them. It’s understandable that you don’t want to be under the influence of Russia. The question is why would you rather be under the thumb of Anglo-American-Judeo elites? Understand that if you allow the Ukraine to be integrated into the EU, that your very worthy Right Sector platform has less chance of becoming a reality than if you were under the influence of Russia.  Here is the Right Sector platform:

We are fighting
For the right of every Ukrainian to human dignity…
For a fair criminal trial of Berkut and other dogs of the occupational system…
Against the humiliation and impoverishment of the Ukrainian people…
Against the war of the government with its own people…
For responsible voters and politicians…
For the election of judges…
Against corrupt and marginal democracy…
Against degeneracy and totalitarian liberalism…
For traditional folk morality and family values…
For Ukrainian families having many children…
For a spiritually and physically healthy youth…
Against a culture of consumerism and eroticism…
Against any form of “integration” on terms dictated from outside of Ukraine…
For unity and worldwide greatness of the Ukrainian nation…
For a great Ukrainian and European Reconquista… Everything is only beginning! From our Maidan, the rebirth of Kyivan-Rus/Ukraine commences, the rebirth of Europe commences.
Glory to Ukraine!  

To your very worthy platform I say “hurrah.”  These ideas are the very epitome of what I’d want to live under. But will this platform become a reality, or will it only end up just being a rallying call that was pushed to energize your people to be tools for forces “outside of Ukraine.”  You see this is my concern, today people like John McCain are coming to your country in solidarity, but tomorrow these same people will oppose your vision for Ukraine.  I hope you realize this?  Just recently in Switzerland the Swiss people voted to limit immigration into Switzerland.  After doing this the EU started taking measures to damage the Swiss economy (2). These people who would damage the Swiss nation are the same people acting like they care about you. THEY DON’T!!!

The forces in the EU (who work for the Anglo-American-Judeo elites) don’t give a fig about you. They definitely don’t care about the White race. They just see in you an opposition to damage Russia. They hate Russia because Russia has been a thorn in the side of the globalist New World Order for the last 14 years.  The Anglo-American-Judeo elites are currently trying to wipe the White race off the earth using forced diversity (3), so isn’t strange that they support a movement like yours that would defend the White race?  You need to think about it. These people, who I am sure are promising you the world, are the descendants of the “generation of vipers” that Jesus Christ called out 2000 years ago.  For the leaders in your movement, I ask this of you: The next time you meet with some US, UK, Israeli, or EU diplomats, politicians, or other so called “leaders,” ask them if they support a future for White children?  Ask them if they intend on sending non-White immigrants into Ukraine?  Ask them why they allow a program of genocide to be carried out against White people in their own countries (4)?  And to others in your movement I strongly urge you to deal harshly with any of your leaders who attempt to betray the principles of your platform.

I wish you luck with your Nationalist Project in Ukraine. But if you end up getting betrayed by Western leaders and by people in your own movement don’t say nobody warned you. Your movement does have potential to be very positive. You might be the beginning of a movement to retake all of Europe from the anti-Whites forces of the New World Order. On the other hand you might also play a part in destabilizing Russia which would result in almost certain success by the New World Order. If you do decide to push for a real Nationalist Ukraine and for the freedom of all Europeans from the New World Order, then you need to ready yourself for an even bigger fight than you just had. But if you are successful in being the spark of a movement to liberate all Europeans from the yoke of the Anglo-American-Judeo-Illuminati-Globalist NWO, you will be remembered for all time as the people who sparked the liberation of the White race in Europe.

This is your choice. If you go with the EU and Anglo-American elites your country will look and be like the EU, Britain, and America (with all its diversity, degeneracy, and materialism). If you follow your own Nationalist path, Europe and the West will look and be like how you (and you fellow European Nationalists) decide to make it. It’s your choice?

Bozhe miy

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Esoteric Thoughts: 9 November

A day for breaking through cages.

Nationalist International

diversikaThis essay will describe the entity that exists in the world today that opposes the Anglo-American Judeo-Illuminati-Elite (AAJIE) (1). The best term I heard for it is “Nationalist International” (as said by the White Rabbit). To begin to understand the Nationalist International, you have to understand the German component.

I’ve written about the entity known as “Nazi International”(2) in the past.  This is basically a continuation of the Nazis after the war.  In many ways using the term “Nazi International” doesn’t do it justice. This Germanic power entity existed prior to Nazism and still exists today in a non-Nazi form. The Nazi era was just one expression this Germanic entity utilized during a time when a mass political movement and large military force was needed. Instead of Nazi International, a better term would be the “Secret Germany,” so that will be the term I use for this essay.

Secret Germany suffered a loss in WWII. The materialist forces of Western Liberalism and Communism won on the field of battle and implemented their way of life on the Teutonic Fatherland and across the West. At this point the Secret Germany had to accept a strategic retreat. Secret Germany split up their Nazi personnel between the Western liberal side and the Communist side.  But they also kept personnel on their side to work on secret technology in South America and Africa. The idea was to create high-technology while keeping the globalist elites at bay long enough to face off again in the future.

Secret Germany has partners. These partners span across the world into most countries. Altogether this group makes up what can best be called “Nationalist International.” This group is made up of Secret Germany, with its strong right arm being Putin’s Russia (and the Orthodox church outside of the US), nationalist forces in China and Japan, certain parties in the Catholic Church, Hindu Nationalists in India, Shia Islam, the Palestinians, leftist forces in South America, along with other Europeans who oppose Anglo-American-Judeo power. There’s also an American faction that would be highly concentrated in parts of the Military-Industrial complex, technology sectors, and the intelligence agencies. The glue that keeps this group together is its opposition to what is commonly known as the “New World Order.”

The so called  “New World Order” is the goal of the Anglo-American-Judeo-Illuminati elite (AAJIE) (3). The idea is to force blend the world under one global government with them (the AAJIE) at the top of pyramid. The administrative hub of the AAJIE is London. The core leadership of the AAJIE is the Anglo Monarchy and Aristocracy, along with their elite relatives in the United States. There’s also a strong Jewish presence that tends to be the most visible element of the AAJIE.  The United States is used as the muscle for the AAJIE. The world is currently experiencing a covert war between the AAJIE and the Nationalist International. This war is being conducted mostly in the political and economic spheres, but can include the use of weather weapons, earthquake weapons, bio-weapons, assassinations, proxy wars, and cyber-attacks.

The Nationalist International is less unified by a common ideology than by a common distaste for the AAJIE. The AAJIE appear to be decreasing in power, so this is resulting in new global political dynamics.  The rise of the BRICs nations indicates that the world is becoming less unipolar. The Nationalist International rejects much of the “Cultural Marxism” pushed by the AAJIE today. The Nationalist International is more “traditionalist” in orientation compared to the AAJIE. They’re not interested in imposing the popular commercial culture that we see come out of Hollywood or New York. The Nationalist international tends to oppose GMO food. Of course, there will be many attached to this group that just see it more in their personal financial or political interests to support this side. Many will see what way the wind is blowing and just jump on board. But at the core this group is more likely to see humans as more than just economic cogs in an economic machine (as the AAJIE do). In relation to the pro-White movement, the Nationalist International would have no desire to push White genocide (which is a current cornerstone of the AAJIE’s world order).

It’s no coincidence that the Germans are the head of this entity opposing the power of the AAJIE. It was a German (Luther) who lead the opposition against the power of the Catholic Church and of course the Germans who opposed the materialist forces of Communism and Western liberalism in WWII. Ultimately it was the Germanic tribes (east of the Rhine) who stood against and finished off the Roman Empire (although the empire was already in decline). The Germans historically have been willing to fight against the most powerful (and tyrannical) political/religious structures on earth. As a result, the Germans are the most slandered people in the history of the world. Because of the threat that they posed and still do pose the AAJIE, they are victims of the greatest lie (4) ever told. This lie is so obviously false that it’s actually illegal to question it in Europe. Despite the years of slander against the Germans, today they are the most liked nation on earth (5).

As the AAJIE start to really fall, I expect them to come out with a really nasty “racist” movement in the United States and across the Anglo-sphere.  This is when you can expect the Anglo elites to throw their Jewish partners under the bus and to tempt the White masses with a White Nationalist revolution. These same forces (the Anglo elites) that push White genocide (see page above titled “program for White genocide”) today, will push an extremely violent “racist” movement when they need it in the future.  As their program of White genocide gets exposed, they’ll try to re-channel the energy of pissed off Whites onto the Jews and non-Whites.  Then they’ll probably try to start a large scale war against the states most connected to the Nationalist International (Germany, Russia, Japan, China). The AAJIE call the Germans “Nazis” today but will be more stereotypically “Nazi” in the future when they need a solid block of Whites to reattain power. Many of today’s most fanatical “progressives” on college campuses will be some of the most hardcore “racists” in the future (it will become “hip”).

The question that gets me is who or what actually sits at the top of the AAJIE hierarchy? If Satan and/or Lucifer really exist in the world, then this is who “the boss” most likely is for the Anglo-America-Judeo-Illuminati-Elites. If so, this means that the Nationalist International (lead by the Germans) is actually taking on the forces of Satan. Could there also be a “god” who also sits at the top of the Nationalist International (6)?







Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 14

The episode basically starts with the shootout at the location of Walt’s buried money.  The writers displayed honesty in depicting the shootout so one-sided. Gomez was dead and Hank was crawling towards the shotgun. It was comical that Walt thought that Hank would just “promise” to not go after Todd’s uncle and all would be OK. I give Hank respect for not begging for his life. He died well. Walt fell into tears but he would have never gotten to that point had he quit after he made his first million.  Hank would not be dead had he not pursued Walt after Walt made the the video.

Todd’s uncle was honorable in giving Walt the barrel with 11 million dollars. Todd’s uncle asked Walt is they were “square” and he shaked Walt’s hand. The hand shake appeared masonic, which really didn’t make sense in the context. At that point the neo-Nazis made a huge mistake in allowing Jesse to live. Another major mistake was not picking up the spent casings from the shootout and sweeping the footprints and tire tracks away with a piece brush. Perhaps the Neo-Nazis wore gloves when they loaded their weapons, but regardless they should have cleaned up the area.  Now I’ll get to the major point of this episode, and the show itself.

Breaking Bad is very much about the dangers of the ego. After the neo-Nazis found 80 millions dollars, they should have gotten out of the meth business all-together. I understand Todd wanting to find out what Jesse knew, but keeping him around to cook was stupid.  They didn’t need to cook anymore, they had 69 million dollars. Cooking meth would have been a stupid risk. So here we see a group of people who are way better off than they were before, but who couldn’t stop their criminal activities due to greed and the power of the ego. This theme was found throughout the series.

I’ve covered Walt and Hank’s ego-related mistakes in the past, but this episode showed Walt totally loose his person-hood to his ego.  For the first time in this series, I stopped rooting for Walt. After he took his daughter, and threatened to kill his wife, I found my whole attitude towards Walt change. His wife did overreact with the knife and his son did lie to the police saying that Walt pulled the knife, but what did Walt expect?  Were they just going to go with him to God-knows-where after Walt killed his brother-in-law?

Walt’s whole personality changed during the phone call, not to mention how stupid he was for talking on the phone to begin with. When Skyler rejected Walt’s attempt to get her and his son to go, this made Walt go into an egoistical mental breakdown.  The ego cannot take rejection, and when the ego is rejected it acts out like Walt acted out. Vanity and the need to control can make people murderous. For the whole show I rooted for Walt, but now want to see Walt die.

So what will happen next?  We still haven’t seen the German connection in this half season. I think that Walt will be given the choice between his family and his ego’s need for greatness.  Jesse may end up killing Todd in the meth lab, which will leave no one to cook. The Germans may learn of this (through Lydia) and make Walt an offer that he can cook for them in the greatest super lab ever while they treat him for his cancer.  But in return they may have to wipe out his family to tie up any loose ends?  This is far fetched, but I do believe the German aspect will come and be mind blowing. The bottom-line I believe will be Walt having to make the choice between his family’s lives, and his ego’s need for greatness.  Although I want to see Walt go down, I believe he will choose his ego over his family and end the series alive; therefore truly “Breaking Bad” while he indirectly kills his family.

I’ve wrote this in past reviews but it’s worth repeating. The major lesson from Breaking Bad is that the power of the ego must never be underestimated.  Before Walt even worked for Gus Fring, he had made enough money to leave his family a very nice inheritance. But he didn’t stop, because he wanted more. Now he’s going to lose his family because he wanted to be in the “empire business.”

The world is about to change drastically. Due to the consistent message that came out of BUGS (see my blogroll), one of these changes is going to be a great increase in the power and influence of the pro-White/White Nationalist movement.  When this happens there will be forces that attempt to push pro-White leaders into fucking everything up by appealing to their vanity. So I appeal to these leaders to not fall for temptations to get into the “empire business” or to be “Caesar of the solar system.”  Just accomplish the mission of smashing the anti-White system (see page titled “The anti-White system above) and start working on the amelioration of White humans.  Just like Walter White, you’ll end up losing the family (i.e. White humans) you set out to save,and you’ll cause untold suffering on everyone.

IntuitiveHeartHealer is anti-White

There’s a woman on YouTube who goes by the name “IntuitiveHeartHealer” (1) that claims her purpose in life is to “spread love” (red flag alert) throughout the world.  She says that she supports White survival, but thinks that fighting White genocide is really just a pretext for us to take over the world.  In her comments at YouTube she says she’s “really grown in distaste” for pro-Whites.

The reason for her distaste is obvious; we’re the first entity out of the pro-White/White Nationalist struggle who are actually threatening the anti-White system. Anti-Whites like “IntuitiveHeartHealer” liked it better when there was an ex-con standing in a white robe in front of city hall yelling “look out nigger the Klan is getting bigger”(2).  But now that a message has appeared that explains the dynamics of White genocide clearly and succinctly (along with a group of adepts who are skilled at disseminating it), she’s “grown in distaste.” It was much easier when the anti-Whites could just infiltrate someone into a White nationalist organization (3) and try to discredit them as a group with offensive and/or illegal behavior. With a consistent message, it doesn’t even really matter who says it (even “wounded” people as IntuitiveHeartHealer claims us to be); if it’s the truth, IT’S THE TRUTH!

And the truth is that only Whites are expected to be forced diversified with non-Whites, and only Whites are denied spaces and institutions of our own for the pursuance of our own destinies. Africans, Asians, Jews, Arabs, etc are not denied this right. Only Whites are; it’s genocide.

Intutivehearthealer is anti-White.  She claims to support the right of White survival, but this is only to maintain credibility while she advocates for the survival of her own group (4). She claims she supports the right of Whites to survive, but then attacks and slanders the people and methods that make White survival possible (i.e. Pro-Whites and the message against White genocide).

If IntuitiveHeartHealer wants to heal someone’s heart, she should start with her own and then move on to others whose hearts have been poisoned by the Talmud.  Her claim that we want to “take over the world” is most likely the product of what one of her probable heroes (Freud) labeled “projection.” Her so called “love” is for the people who bow down to the rule of people like her, while anyone who objects to their rule is a “naziwhowantstotakeovertheworld.”  If she wasn’t so blinded by fear and hatred, she would see that pro-Whites offer an opportunity to address the issue of White genocide before the conditions  arise that really will lead to a full-scale Nazi-esque political movement.




(4) Which she deserves credit for, many of her people have no problem with openly denying Whites survival while advocating strongly for their own. This celebrated trait is referred to as “Chutzpah.”

Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 11

The episode starts off with Todd running his mouth about the train heist that the guys pulled off last half season. He’s at a diner with his neo-Nazi uncle and his uncle’s neo-Nazi friend. Todd is getting ready to take over the cooking duties after they killed off the crew that took over from Walt.

Hank tries to interrogate Jesse but Sal came to the rescue. The best part of episode of 11 was Walt’s confession. This was a genius move by Walt. The question is can Hank let it go? The power of the ego should never be underestimated. Hank should be grateful that Walt paid for his medical bills and that he can walk again. But can tough guy DEA agent Hank take his loses and move on? We already saw Walt’s ego get the best of him (at the dinner table when he told Hank that Heisenberg was still out there after drinking too much wine or not getting out of business after he made enough money to leave his family a nice sum because he’s “in the empire business.”). The ego, or vanity is a dangerous, dangerous enemy. IF Hank dies in future episodes it will be because his ego wouldn’t let him cut his loses and move on. It was Todd’s ego that had him running his mouth (to some ex-cons) about the train heist he took part in that ended with him shooting a child.

Jesse is out of his mind with regret and guilt. He was already messed up but he was ready to leave the area before he figured out that Walt poisoned “Brock” the child of his mestizo ex girlfriend. This was a really stupid move by Walt. You never want to involve kids in the game, whether your game is organized crime or thrones or whatever. You start hurting or killing kids, you can expect the universe to hurt you back. Maybe it will be the kids you care about? Walt could have gotten Jesse to help him without poisoning Brock, and if I recall, he didn’t even need Jesse to kill Gus in season 4? Out of all of Walt’s mistakes, this one may be the biggest?

Lydia wasn’t in this episode, nor were the Germans. But they’re coming.

Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 10

Hank calls Skyler after his altercation with Walt. The scene with Hank and Skyler was a great scene. Hank tried to use the “I’m hear to help you,you poor victim” approach and Skyler didn’t fall for it. Skyler did the right thing in that she didn’t say anything. Had she started talking Walt would have been done for. The evidence that Hank has alone would not have been enough to arrest Walt. Plus the fact that he obtained the book from Walt’s bathroom illegally made the interview with Skyler critical in his case against Walt. It’s become obvious that part of Hank’s desire to arrest Walt is based on the needs of his own ego.

Another great scene was when Skyler’s sister came over and tried to get Skyler to talk. Again Skyler played it right because Marie could have been recording the conversation (on her smart phone perhaps?). Marie then tried to take Skyler’s baby but Hank talked her out of it since it would have been kidnapping. Walt then buries 80 million dollars by shovel in the desert and looked like a pirate with his head scarf while burying his treasure. Skyler was correct in telling Walt that he can’t give himself up because she would never be able to keep the money. Skyler is certainly behind Walt, she has “broken bad” herself.

The scene that most intrigued me was the scene when Lydia shows up to the location where the meth cooking was taking place. The individuals doing the cooking took over from Walt and Lydia’s “partners” in the Czech Republic where displeased with the quality of the meth since the change. Who these partners are in Europe is yet to be disclosed but I have speculated on who they may be (1). The people invoked with the meth cook were all White men whom almost all had shaven heads and dressed in Neo-fascist attire. As Lydia hid in the underground meth lab a firefight broke out above. When she emerged from the underground lab we see the character “Todd” from the previous season and his Skinhead uncle and his gang. They had killed the gang that took over from Walt and Lydia was in on the ambush. It seems as if Lydia ordered the assault based on the pressure she is receiving from her “partners” in Europe. IT looks like Todd will be taking over the cooking?

Hank goes back to work and called for a conference call with his superior. I will now predict that this superior is in on the meth operation and will try to steer Hank away from pursuing “Heisenberg.” Hank may have to “break bad” from the DEA if that’s what it takes to catch or kill Walt? The episode ends with Hank going to interrogate Jesse as Jesse is having a mental melt down. The only thing that sucks about this last half season is that you have to wait a week between episodes.


Breaking Bad Report: Season five episode 9

Since WWIII has not began, the final episodes of Breaking Bad have resumed.

Episode 9 begins (after a quick scene in the future) where episode 8 leaves off; Walt’s brother-in-law “Hank” (a DEA agent) realizes Walt is “Heisenberg” due to Walt’s stupidity of leaving a book that is signed and given to him by his former lab assistant “Gale” in the bathroom. Walt acts like he has everything covered (he “is the danger”)but makes a mistake that even a person (me) with no experience in criminal activity (despite what “they” may say about me to everyone I know) can figure out is stupid. Walt’s wife “Skyler” is much more careful but she can’t handle the pressure involved (which is understandable since she has two kids).

Walt’s former associate “Lydia” visits him at his car wash and complains about the quality of the meth being made after he leaves the business. Lydia says she’s “in a box.” Before Season 5 even started last summer (2012) I speculated that the so called “Fascist International” or “Nazi International”(1) would be a part of the story (2). I was pleasantry surprised when season 5 started in Germany with the suicide of a German CEO that was using his company to supply “Gus” with a chemical used to make meth. At this point I think that Lydia is under pressure from the Germans to deliver high quality meth to them. Throughout season 5 there have been little hints at something German behind the scenes. As I’ve been predicting (3), I believe Breaking Bad will depict the “Nazi International” as being involved (although they probably won’t use the phrase “Nazi International”). For what purpose? The purpose is to introduce the meme of a very powerful secret German force operating in the world today behind the scenes.* I expect Walt will come into contact with these Germans and find out who the real “dangers” are.

Walt finds a GPS tracker on his car and figures that Hank probably put it there (they” don’t really do that, do “they”?). Walt visits Hank and confronts him about the GPS tracker. Hank punches Walt out of anger and threatens to put him “under the prison.” Hank tells Walt something like “I don’t know who you are.” Walt says something back to Hank like “if that’s true, you better tread lightly.” Walt is in a pretty bad position. Although he is dying of cancer (and has maybe 6 months to live) if he’s caught, there’s no way his family will be able to keep the money he made. That was the whole purpose of getting into the meth business in the first place. So he has to figure out what to do about his brother-in-law? He obviously doesn’t want to kill Hank, but what if that is the only way he can guarantee that his family will be able to keep the money that he made? Could that be who the ricin was for that Walt is shown retrieving in the first scene of episode 9? We’ll have to see? These final episodes are gonna be good.


*I expect to see more depictions of “The German Hand” (aka the Nazi International) to be coming out in the future that portrays Germans as the secret string pullers behind ALL of the world’s problems. Breaking Bad is definitely the first to my knowledge?

Anti-Racist Hitler



The White Rabbit (see Follow The White Rabbit in my blog roll) has discussed the concept of “open systems” on his show. This idea then spilled over to BUGS (see Bob’s Underground Graduate Seminar in my blog roll), and is now part of the lexicon used there.

Wikipedia (1) contrasts the difference between closed and open systems in physics as:

A closed system contains limited energies. The definition of an open system assumes that there are supplies of energy that cannot be depleted; in practice, this energy is supplied from some source in the surrounding environment, which can be treated as infinite for the purposes of study.

The White Rabbit has suggested that open systems physics is “Aryan” or “White Rabbit physics” and that closed system physics is “Jewish” or “Pink Rabbit physics.” While talking about this at BUGS, someone pointed out that Jewish science (or physics) is relativity based, while Aryan science is quantum mechanical. Jewish science limits itself with the concept of scarcity, while Aryan science does not accept such limits. The alternative research author Joseph P. Farrell points out (2) that during WWII that the Nazis threw out “Jewish physics” and only used “Aryan physics.” This was a refusal to accept scarcity.

This idea also fits in finance. The closed system financial system operates within the privately owned central banking scheme. The private central banking scheme creates paper notes and circulates them but never creates the notes to cover the interest that the private central banks charge for the principle. This creates a non-stop cycle of debt. The open system financial model is publically owned, and is distributed based on changes in GDP. Since it is publically owned, it does not charge interest. Both finance and physics are outside my area of expertise, so I can’t provide too much commentary.

In the first “Endgame Exotica” show, the White Rabbit also discussed the difference between open systems and closed system regarding death. The open systems outlook is that there is no death and that we just change where we are after our earth body expires. The closed system outlook is that death ends who we are. It’s the idea that at death we take the “dirt nap.” It’s the idea that our actions on earth matter not after we’re dead.Many modern people reject life after death because their familiarity with the idea of an afterlife is associated with the narratives that Christianity or Islam provide. Perhaps when we die we wake up in a chamber like in the movie “Avatar.” At that time perhaps we are led in front of a group of “higher beings” to be told we did good enough to go to the next reality? Those who didn’t “pass” are forced to go through the cycle again? They become “recycled” like the people who didn’t make it through Army Basic training. The people who did “pass” are then given a choice on where or what they do next? Perhaps we are in a situation like the movie “The Matrix” but this not a bad thing, just necessary due to the realities of the universe? Perhaps technology and thought is so advanced in the “real world” (the world outside the matrix) that humans have to be tested to see if we’re worthy enough to live in the “real world.” Perhaps after we pass “earth life” that we go on to be in control of an earth somewhere else? Perhaps we became the elite “gods” of an earth space in another matrix earth test while reporting to the gods that we awoke to after we “passed” our earth test?

To join a masonic fraternal organization one is asked whether they believe in a God. If I were staring a fraternal organization, I believe a better question is whether the candidate believes in life after death? People assume that these are one in the same but they really are not. This point deserves a post of its own which I will hopefully write about in the near future.

If I were to define open system thinking it would be thinking without limitations. It discards doctrine, dogma, and credentialism for whatever is effective at what one is trying to accomplish. This would make closed system science theoretical while open system science experimental. The author Dr. Kevin Macdonald points out in his work (3) that much of the Jewish scientific hegemony of the twentieth century was based on forming cults around a theory’s creator and smearing anyone who disagreed. Einstein was made a cult figure, and today some of his theories are being proved wrong (4). The anthropologist Franz Boas supplied a theory in physical anthropology and anyone who disagreed with this was muscled out of the anthropology field.

Open system thinking would have no theories. It would only have hypotheses. There would also be no scientific laws. Instead of “laws” there would be “to the best of our knowledge at this time.” Today gravity is a “law” but what happens when someone shows up in a UFO that can defy gravity? Open systems thought is open minded thought. “Truth” goes in a direction but does not stop in one location. Better still, truth is a direction, not a location.

The White Rabbit has touted the internet as an open system information platform compared to the big three news networks or even the cable news networks. The systems thinker John Robb (see Global Guerrillas in my blog roll) has invented the idea of “Resilient Communities” as an open system model for living in an increasingly unstable globalized world. The RC model brings production to the local level and gives local people more control over their lives. Food, energy, industrial production (desk top manufacturing), education, even security is controlled at the local level,which provides resiliency against shocks (disasters, infrastructure damage, terrorist attacks, etc.) to the global system. The internet is used to share or sell best practices.

I believe open systems thinking and solutions are the future. But I do recognize the fact that not everyone is meant to own a hydrogen bomb or scalar weapon. I don’t deny the challenges and possible dangers of moving this way. The first step of course is to end the program of White genocide that is being carried out, and to nullify the people (or beings) that use closed systems as part of their game. This is when the era of the White human will truly begin. Then our future will only be limited by what we can think of.


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