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Illuminati Pop Singer Madonna gets booed in France for advocating tolerance to White Genoicde

The anti-White, Illuminati pop singer Madonna gave the following speech in Paris during a concert intended to push tolerance of White genocide. Click link below listen to video then back arrow to return to the post.  I can’t get the damn LIveLink video to embed right.


Notice that she says “we’re entering a very scary time.”  It must be a “scary time” for people like her and the people she works for within the globalist, anti-White elites?  More and more White people are waking up to the program of White genocide (1) and the globalist attempts at creating a New World Order (global government with the Anglo-American-Judeo elites at the top of the pyramid with the rest of us profane, goyim masses “chiseled” to fit as bricks in the pyramid wall).  I’ve seen similar speeches made by “Lady Gaga.”  Madonna is right in one part of her speech where she says that “the real enemy is within.”  Fear is the enemy.  Fear is what stops us from doing more to oppose the NWO and their program of White genocide.  This speech by Madonna is a good sign, as it shows that her masters are becoming scared.  These people (or whatever they are) who have been pushing fear and trauma in the minds of the people for so long are starting to feel fear themselves.  Her fans don’t want to hear Madonna’s speeches about tolerance to White genocide, they just want to hear her music (I’m not a fan of her music personally).  Here’s a report on how fans reacted.

The show ended after 45 minutes due to the booing.  It appears the people are rejecting White genocide even when really “cool” people like Madonna are advocating for it.


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