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Dishwashers for the White gods and the final showdown

zeus sit

Those who have followed the White rabbit (see my blogroll), or who have read the work of Joseph P. Farrell, have been introduced to the idea of the “White gods.” The basic idea is that there may be Nordic looking extraterrestrial beings that early humans observed and interpreted as gods. These beings are described in many ancient texts across the races and cultures (Norse, Greco-Roman, German, Celtic, Hindu, North and South American Indians, Tibetan, Japanese, etc.). These beings may have created humans (or certain strains of humans) and they may have left us on earth under conditions that they thought were best for our cosmological development?

It’s very important to keep in mind that these “gods” are not the creator God. The creator God (or just “God”) is the force that flows through everything in the universe. God has no beginning or end and is the first cause for all that occurs in the universe. God is the unmovable, omnipresent, omnipotent, grand geometrician. The White gods would likely have creative ability beyond our understanding, but not at the level of God. They may be able to build solar systems by using the power generated by stars to move large pieces of rock, ice, fire, gasses around the pure potential of space. They may also have the ability to create intelligent life. This makes them “god-like,” but they are not the “God” or the All, or the Force, or the Grand Geometrician. They most likely would have more knowledge of God’s ways than us, but I would assume that there are still mysteries of the Universe that even they have not uncovered?

Besides the raw power to blast planets or to build them, the White Gods would have “magic” that would make them appear supernatural. In fact, they may appear only in hologram form when dealing with most people. Imagine the smallest of nanotechnology that flies in the area undetected that can project a hologram that appears and even feels like a person or being standing in front of you. It’s like an internet avatar of sorts, to keep them protected while they sit back up in the ship somewhere. They would have life extension technology, but probably can have their existence ended if damaged bad enough. When traveling long distances perhaps they go into “Odin sleep” of sorts (in a chamber) that regenerates the body and mind? They also would have technology that can affect consciousness itself. They would be able to make you hear voices in your head. They may have the power to keep us in a state of pure bliss after complying with their wishes or pure despair if we fail to comply? The point is they can probably destroy us really easily, so fighting them would be futile.

But what do they want with us? If they haven’t destroyed us, that means we must be of some value to the White gods? Their interest in earth has to be more than just wanting gold or minerals. Conscious beings are rare in the universe? Most of the known universe is rock, gasses, fire, and ice spinning around in limitless space. Even if they didn’t create us, why would they waste such a valuable commodity as conscious beings? We humans may not be at their level, but certainly we must have value? If all they wanted was gold then why haven’t they killed us all yet? I believe the White gods have plans for us.

The current globalist elites also have plans for us which at the very least is the genocide of White humans (through forced assimilation with non-Whites) and global enslavement under their New World Order. In fact, these globalist elites may be carrying out orders from a group of “gods” themselves. It may be that the “Devil” is on the earth as one of these advanced beings? Lucifer and/or Satan may be the power(s) behind European Royalty, freemasonry, the Jews, International Banksters, the Church, etc. who are preparing the earth for Satan/Lucifer to sit upon his throne in Israel. The White Rabbit and Joseph P. Farrell have speculated that all the war preparations being carried out in the world today are for a possible war with the gods. Maybe a final showdown between Satan and his crew on earth against Zeus and/or Thor and his army from the heavens?

When pondering this showdown, I favor the side of Zeus and Thor. But what if there are no “good guys” in this fight? For Satan’s side, we know the future will be one where humans are forced to mix with animals, vegetables, and machines and take a microchip in the head. But what is the future under a Zeus regime? Zeus may not force blend us into transhumanoid chimeras, but he might be an abusive tyrant that sees us as no more than mules or donkeys? With Zeus I could see him limiting some of our technological capacities, but I still favor his side. Why? Here’s what I think:

It could be that we’re on earth as a project carried out by Zeus to produce a stock of servants. Somehow Satan got on earth and decided that he would try to raise this stock of servants for his own purposes. To get around any patents Zeus may have on White humans, Satan is also force blending Whites with other races to change the White stock (and therefore make null-and-void Zeus’s patents on White humans). Zeus knows that to raise a good stock, it takes time and the right application of stimuli (evolutionary conditions). So he created us and left us here to come back after the calculated amount of time goes by suitable for our development. But somehow Satan gets here and tries to develop the stock to serve him before Zeus gets back. Satan and his crew may have been who taught civilization to humans? Perhaps humans would have figured out civilization without Satan,(or by Zeus when he thought the time was right) but it would take a longer period of time? Starting humans on civilization too early can damage the stock, as they are not psychologically or spiritually ready for all that civilization produces. Satan uses the argument that this mean old nasty Zeus is just a tyrant who’s against freedom and love, and that he (Satan) will lead us against this “old White man.” Satan will try to get us to resent our “All-Father.” Zeus is the strict father who is tough on his children because he knows what the universe demands. Satan is the step-father who comes in and manipulates Zeus’ children for his own power. Satan tries to start dissension among Zeus’s children. Satan says “Zeus won’t let you have limitless technology he won’t let you sin against wood and stone. “Well” (says Satan) “I’ll let you have the technology where everyone can have bling-bling; and sin against wood and stone, all you have to do is take oaths of fealty to me.”

I side with Zeus because I believe him to be more knowledgeable and responsible when it comes to the ways of the universe. I also don’t believe Zeus has a need to mix humans with animals, machines, and/or vegetables, as Satan’s side does. It may be that humans at this point in our development are not ready to have technology that “can make a hydrogen bomb look like a kitchen match” (said by Joseph P. Farrell during several interviews I heard with him). Even beyond the dangers of weaponry, there are other concerns. With scalar zero-point energy, nanotechnology, genetics technology, and 3-D printing, we may be approaching a time where people can have any material object that they desire for almost free of charge. We will also have increasing access to life extension technology, clones, and artificial intelligence. Are humans currently ready for such technology? Is the apex of human development going to be lives like the “Real Housewives of Orange County” but for lifespans of 25,000 years or forever? Is that what our destines are, to live massively materialist shallow lives on a galactic scale? Instead of bragging about your summer home in the Hamptons, you can brag about the one on Saturn. So I side with Zeus and his regime over Satan’s because Zeus is a wiser being who knows what his children actually need based on the state of the universe. Most of my support for Zeus’s side comes from a feeling in my soul and mind. Satan was a liar from the beginning who, while probably offering more in personal freedom in the short run, makes us less good in the future. Satan might give you a royal title, or perhaps a governorship in his regime, but it’s better to be a dishwasher or street-cleaner in Zeus’s regime. It’s better to serve in heaven than rule in hell. Zeus’s program in the universe appears to fit better with White humans than the Satanic/Masonic/Illuminati/Enki/Lucifer/Yahwist/Jewish program for us in the universe.

If we are moving towards a showdown between Satan and Zeus, the question next is how will end? In answering this question I will once again rely on the HBO series Deadwood for the answer. In the past I wrote a III part review of Deadwood (1) which I laid out my interpretation of the show to be a representation of the struggle between Satan and Zeus for control of earth. Satan was the character of Al Swearengen and Zeus was the character George Hearst. The whole 3rd season featured Swearengen and his crew waging war against Hearst and his troops. In the beginning of season 3, people got killed on both sides back and forth but most people in the camp really didn’t understand the struggle between Hearst and Swearengen. This was a lot like the possible covert war occurring between these two power factions in the world today, utilizing earthquake and weather weapons, assassinations, hacking, etc. After coming to grips with the fact that they couldn’t out-fight Hearst, Swearengen’s side published a letter that the town Sheriff wrote in honor of one of Hearst’s workers that was killed for trying to organize workers. This could be a hint of what Satan’s side on earth may do? They may try to point to some sort of large scale killing that Zeus did during the ongoing covert war. Joseph P. Farrell speculates on the possibility that the 9-11 attacks were “an op within an op.” This is the idea that the globalist elites had the planes fly into the towers, but that “another player” actually knocked the towers down? This may have been Zeus’s message of sorts that there was a new player in solar system? What we may see is the globalist elite make a huge media event out of blaming Zeus for the 9-11 attacks? This media event will include sad stories about children growing up without their parents (that died on 9-11) and all the trauma and hardship that went with it. After the letter was published on Deadwood, Hearst sent for more troops to come to town. Swearengen organized an army as well but they weren’t as well armed or as well trained as Hearst’s troops. The final episode had the two armies readying to do battle in the center of town. Hearst had to go see that Swearengen killed a whore that tried to kill Hearst earlier. The whore “Jen” was a representation of the “whores” that work for the globalist elites (and Satan) today. Perhaps there will be a day when say 10000 lower level “whores” for the globalist elites will get sacrificed to keep the earth from getting burned down? These lower level types would be your congress-people, governors, banksters, media people, anti-White activists, and CEOs. These are types that sold themselves to Satan to get what they have. The Deadwood series ended without a big fight but with Swearangen’s side giving into Hearst’s demands. As in Deadwood, the current global military build-up by the Anglo-American-Judeo elites may just be for a show of force, but with no real intention to battle with Zeus? It’s more to save face than actually stand up to Zeus.

If all this White god business is true, I just wonder what that day will look like? Will Zeus give a global address across all media organs? What will happen to the Satan? Will Zeus give him a pass for not starting all-out war? Will Satan be left on earth or brought somewhere else? Will Zeus throw Satan into a large pit of fire along with the other globalist elites who tried to carry out genocide against White humans and enslave humanity in a New World Order? Or, will Zeus bring out Satan and say “OK humans, I sent my son Loki/Satan here to test you. If the earth is totally run by Loki and his crew when I return, then I destroy the stock as it proves to be corrupt. But since some of you fought against Loki and prevented a NWO and White genocide, this is evidence that the stock is worthy. I will now liquidate those who went along with the NWO/White genocide and have planned a special task for those who opposed it.”

In closing, I would like to address the White gods.

Dear White gods,

If you’re undecided regarding what to do with us, may I suggest giving us a chance to work for you? How can we be of service to you? We may not appear to be too impressive of a lot here on earth, but I believe we can change for the better. Instead of blasting us to oblivion, perhaps we can wash dishes or be janitors on your intergalactic cruisers? Feel free to leave a comment. Thank you for your time,



Rome, Royality, and slavery

The HBO series “Rome” aired from 2005 to 2007. The series was created by Bruno Heller, John Milius and William J. MacDonald.  Season one focuses on the rise of Julius Caesar and the season ends with his stabbing in the Senate.  Season two focuses on Rome during the aftermath of Caesar’s death and on Julius Caesar’s nephew Gaius Octavian who became the first Emperor of Rome (Augustan Caesar).  This was an uncertain time which included a struggle for power between Augustan and General Mark Anthony.  The series is mostly framed around the lives of two Roman Legionaries Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo.  While this great series is deserving of a standard review, I will focus on one aspect which I found most interesting in the series.  This is the subject of Royalty and slavery.

Rome was run by aristocratic families.  These Royals manned most of the top governmental and military positions. Underneath them was a continuum of upper to working classes that the Royals referred to as “plebs” and “proles.”   Underneath the proles (working classes) were the slaves. These slaves took part in the agricultural type activities that people think of in the American slave experience (as well as mining which was the worst form of slavery) but also had administrative positions that gave some slaves more responsibility and power than most free men had.

In the HBO series Rome, Caesar had a slave named Posca that was at his side at all times.  Posca was an educated slave from Greece that was like a personal assistant to Caesar. The Royal women all had personal slaves (or body slaves) that assisted them.  These slaves would help the women get dressed, offer advice, and even stood by while they had sex.  These personal slaves were everywhere, but at the same time, the royals treated them like they weren’t there.  The royals would have personal conversations that could be very damaging to themselves (if anyone heard them) with slaves standing nearby.

While watching Rome I started thinking about an episode (1) of the Follow the White Rabbit where the Rabbit discussed Joseph. P. Farrell’s book “Babylon’s Banksters” (2).   Apparently many of these administrative slaves (like Posca) ended up in high positions at the end of the Roman Empire.  The descendants of these slaves became the new Royal families at the end of the Empire. These slaves came out of Greece and Asia Minor (Babylon) and slowly replaced the old Roman stock of Royality.  These same former slaves (the new Roman Royality) and their posterity ended up becoming the big financial houses in the middle ages (like the Medici’s).  These families spread from Venice into Germany and Amsterdam and then into London.  These Royal families are sometimes referred to as the “Black Nobility” of Europe.

It’s important to ponder the difference of mindsets between Royals and slaves.  Royalty became royalty because their families’ fought to the top and refused to be slaves themselves.  Slaves were slaves because they were too scared to fight to the death or kill themselves before becoming slaves.  Allowing oneself to become a slave shows a lack of faith in God and the afterlife. In the Rome series the Royals were all portrayed as willing to kill themselves instead of being captured by their enemies.  In fact, even after a defeat in battle the Royals would sometimes fall on their sword, rather than live with the shame of losing. During the last episode of the series Cleopatra’s body-slave was trying to talk her into going into hiding from the Romans.  Cleopatra rebuked her slave saying it was a “slave answer” to talk of living on the run. The only time it was ever acceptable to run was in a retreat. After the retreat one was expected to fight their enemies again.  But if there was no hope for a future victory, one would rather die than live in shame. The Royals thought they would be rewarded for their honor in the afterlife.  Royals had more faith in God and the afterlife.  Slaves were willing to be degraded than die in honor. Slaves are less “holy” because they lived for life on earth.

After knowing this, one has to think about what the effect this would have on a total society when the Monarchy of that society is made up of former slaves or descendants of slaves?   Can this explain why mercenaries were used in such large numbers in the late Roman Empire (Royals and freemen were less eager to fight their own battles since the stock of the Roman empire had amalgamated with slaves in such large numbers)?  Is this why a faith like Christianity spread so fast?  Christianity is a slave faith.  The Bible has a passage that says “the meek shall inherent the earth.”   The Globalist elites themselves could very well be the “Black Nobility.” So when considering the profane, goyim masses and their Black Nobility and Jewish Masters (Jews are also a slave descended people), it really may end up being true that the “meek” (slaves) will “inherit the earth” if the Anglo-American-Judeo elites are successful in implementing their New World Order.

The New World Order being built by the Black Nobility is being built using deception (such as the program for White genocide at the page at the top of this blog).  It was probably the case that the Black Nobility became the aristocrats in late Rome in the same way.  The honorable but naive Aryan nobility of Rome never believed that those conversations they were having that were being overheard by their slaves were being used against them.  There’s a scene in Rome where Posca visited the house-slave “Castor” owned by Atia of the Julii.  They poked fun and joked about their owners.  Could it not be the case that these slaves had underground organizations that facilitated them to plan power for themselves?

The main lesson here is that slavery should never be reestablished within any future White civilizations.  Slavery has always hurt White civilizations in the long run.  In Rome the former slaves took over.  In modern America the former slaves are used as tools (by the globalist elites…who may be former slaves themselves) against the White (non-elite) populations.  Some people will scoff at this and proclaim that “slavery will never come back.”  To this I say you better hope not. Some sort of human bondage could come back in vogue and it must be fought against (it will appear to be not inhumane and make really good sense at the time).  In fact, it may not even be “human bondage.”  What if the technology becomes available where cyborgs or Artificial Intelligence could play the role of slaves?   The White Rabbit has discussed the idea that “Lucifer” may be artificial intelligence created by god (god meaning Zeus or Enlil) for some function.  What if the old  “gods” (Enlil, Zeus, etc.) created AI Lucifer (3) to take care of tasks that they thought were beneath their kind? If this is true, this too is an example of a White (high peleo-achient [4]) civilization that experienced blowback from having slaves just as the Romans did and Americans are.  This is a lesson that we must learn from history.

(1) Follow the White Rabbit 51


(3 )Follow the White Rabbit 68


Diversity Comes To Africa

Derpa Doom Dum Dum by JohhnyWhiteRabbit

After a consistent message, art is the critical weapon in the fight against White genocide and the Globalist Pig Dog New World Order (the art should convey the message). Music and screen plays (film, TV shows, animation) are the most effective mediums for conveying a message in modern times, but I encourage all forms of art; poetry, novels, short stories, paintings, sculpture, theater, (even interpretive dance lol ) whatever you’re good at.

JohnnyWhiteRabbit has been making an excellent contribution with his music.    His prior songs mostly expressed the message found at Bob’s Underground Seminar (BUGS) and Follow The White Rabbit (both found in my blogroll), but this latest song seems to be more “fun” and appears to be telling us not to fret or allow ourselves to live in the state of fear that can be caused by our consensus-trance creating media.

Musically the song sounds like it may have a little Frank Zappa influence?

I recommend following JohnnyWhiteRabbit’s music.  His website can be found below or at my blogroll.

How Whites took over America

Following the White Rabbit through Deadwood part III

The arrival of the Olympian Hearst changed the vibrations of the camp entirely.   Within seconds of dismounting his stage coach in his first scene of the series, Hearst/Zeus bows his head to a swastika as Al watches on.  The swastika is camouflaged as a turning handle of some sort of device but it’s obvious that the creator/writers/directors wanted it to be known immediately that Hearst bowed his head to another higher power.  The swastika is a very old symbol that symbolizes the sun, eternal rotation, and the cyclical nature of the universe. The swastika may be the “whirlwind” that CY Toliver referred to while mocking “God” as he tried to blackmail Hearst during the second season finale?  Toliver walked outside in the next scene and a minister stabbed him in the gut while telling Toliver that “God is not mocked.”   Although the scene didn’t seem related on the base level, on the higher level we see that messing with Hearst in any way (and mocking him or his God) generally ends up not very good for the person(s) who does.

The swastika as a symbol of the deity is different than the Judeo-Christian tradition of the incorporeal spirit judge sitting at his thrown in judgment on the day one passes from the earth.  The swastika as a symbol of God is more like “the Force” in Star Wars. It’s the eternal aether in constant rotation. The more learned one is as an Adept of “the force” (and the universe’s mysteries) the more potentially powerful one is.   Hearst’s understanding of” the force” was usually a step ahead of Al (Satan) or Bullock. When Bullock approached Hearst with evidence of Hearst’s possible involvement in his worker’s deaths, Hearst turns the tables on the sheriff by having even better information on murders committed by Al. Hearst makes Al “awestruck” when Hearst’s Captain Turner forces Al into Hearst’s hotel by gunpoint without Al’s men knowing what was happening.  Hearst also sent Al a puzzle/diagram showing what his future actions were going to be but Al had to be smart enough to figure it out. This last idea has been covered by the White Rabbit when he discussed the idea of having to proclaim your intentions before carrying out a “magical act.”

The White Rabbit has discussed the “Olympians” and what may happen if they come back to earth.  The White Rabbit described their return as being “humbling” to their enemies on the other side of the pantheon (Lucifer, Loki, Hades, Lucifer, Al, Enki).  Al discovered this himself when dealing with Hearst in Deadwood.  The only weapon that Hearst carried was a hammer (like the hammer of Thor) and he took off Al’s middle finger with one hard smack when Satan (Al) refused to comply with Zeus’s (Hearst’s) orders.  Just as Al has a veranda over-watching the camp, Hearst makes his own viewing space by smashing a hole in the front of the Grand Central Hotel with a sledgehammer.  Hearst shows the town that he can set up anywhere he wants.

{I realize this situation facing humanity may sound “impossible” but is it any more “impossible” than what most Evangelical Christians believe?  How about the Matrix movie?  People speculate on that possibility   The White Rabbit speculates on another possibility for the human situation on this earth and one should be open minded enough to at least consider it.  These beings (Zeus, Satan), after thousands of years of being thought of as “incorporeal,” or as ghost-spirit beings with unlimited power, were/are more likely to be in-the-flesh beings with technology that may appear “magic” to those who observe it?}  

The character Hearst (Zeus) cannot be killed.  He sees through lies and attempts at deceiving him.  He has more raw power (technology) than his opponents in Deadwood (or earth), but he also has more powerful “magic” and “sight” compared to his opponents( he knew the “force” better).  The show’s writers/creator portray him as a sociopathic, murderous, ego driven maniac.  But you have to expect this with the creator, writers and producers for Deadwood.  This group is not likely to be very welcoming to the whole Father God and his Angles on the day of judgement crowd.  Deadwood is a tribute to The Devil/Lucifer/Hades/Enki.   Hearst is the “fascist” father authority figure that these type folks loathe greatly.

During the Bonus Features in the DVD (1) for Deadwood the cast, writers, producers and creator go on about how Hearst is a “monster,” “murderer,” and a “jerk.”   One of the directors during the bonus features laments about Hearst representing “big money.”  Meanwhile they talk of Al as having some sort of moral foundation.  The self-deception is remarkable with this group and is covered in detail in the work of Dr. Kevin MacDonald(2).  The team from Deadwood somehow can’t see the fact that Al was a “murderer,” “jerk,” and even a “monster” as well on the show.  Besides Mrs. Ellsworth, he’s also probably the wealthiest person in Deadwood?   Al was willing to kill Sophia (the little blond Norwegian girl), kill rivals, abuse women, kill partners (Tim Driscoll) and dispatch road agents.  When the director shrieks about Hearst threatening to destroy the town (like Gomorrah) “if he doesn’t get what he wants,” he appears to have forgotten that Al talked about burning the camp down in season I (the power of chutzpah is in full force with this director)?

In the real history of Deadwood Sheriff Bullock tries to buy votes in elections and was good friends with President Theodore Roosevelt. During the historical bonus features it was admitted that Hearst brought stability to the town for 25 years. I would also speculate that people within the Deadwood team probably have their own connections to “big money” or “big fraternal” or maybe to “big intelligence” themselves?  So trying to appear like champions of the “hoopleheads” (or somehow disgusted by powerful people) seems to me like less than a full verity?

This show of disgust towards Hearst as “big money,” “big authority, and “big father figure” (as said by the chutzpah-powered director) is a PRETEXT(3) for disgust directed towards the Sky/Father God himself.  Deadwood’s major programming purpose for the “hoopleheads” (the viewing masses) watching is to turn them against the Olympians who may be coming to earth to throw Satan into a pit of fire?   The White Rabbit has speculated that the globalist elites may try to get the earth’s people to fight the Olympians in a last attempt at saving themselves (or to take down everyone else with them as the Father God returns on the day of judgement?)?  This is why the Deadwood team is so negative on “Hearst.”  Their “God” is Lucifer/Enki/Satan (Al).  The Aryan Hero God is their worst fear and he may be coming to earth with his mighty hammer to smash the serpent’s snout?!  Just like in Deadwood, Satan and his Adepts (the Illuminati) have to decide how to try to deal with the coming of the Sun God.

During the Bonus features when the chutzpah-powered director was talking about Hearst, he says something like “and if you want a war, we’ll have a war.”  This was said from the camp’s point of view on the surface but actually was meant from the current globalist elite’s point of view and directed towards the Olympians, Nazis, and Germans who CURRENTLY threaten the Anglo-America-Judeo-Illuminati elite’s mission of bringing “Order out of Chaos” in the form of a New World Order (global government with Satan at the top of the pyramid and all of us profane/goyim/hoopleheads chiseled to fit as bricks in the pyramid wall).  Of course, these Illuminati types don’t really want a war with the Father God or the Nazis and Deadwood shows us how a possible future conflict between the God of Heaven and Satan may conclude?

Deadwood didn’t end with a big fight with Al’s side winning by some miracle shooting work from Johnny Burns or the like.  It ends with Satan and the Anglo-America-Judeo elite (Mrs. Ellsworth-Bollock-Star) giving in to Hearst by accepting that a war against the Father/Sky God in futile.  I thought this ending was very brave of the creator of Deadwood.  If this war between the Father Sky God (Hearst) and Satan-The Devil (Al) is truly happening, or is going to happen on this earth, then it is very possible that its conclusion will look like Deadwood’ s conclusion?   It may be over before it even begins (as said by the White Rabbit)? The Anglo-American-Judeo elite will have to give some blood (someone will have to stand at the bar of Justice…in Deadwood a whore was sacrificed) but a large war may be avoided if rational heads can prevail?  This writer hopes that Al (Satan) doesn’t burn the earth down himself because he “isn’t getting what he wants?”  This mission of building a global government has been underway for thousands of years.  Let’s hope that all their talk of “Justice” and “reason” and “logic” isn’t purely a nice sounding PRETEXT for building a New World Order?  Let’s hope they really  believe in “reason” and hope further that they can control their “murderous vanities” when mission failure looks final?

David Milch (the creator of Deadwood) did look truly depressed when talking about “the end” in Deadwood.  He gave a hint during the bonus feature (“The Meaning of Endings”) when he tells the viewer to “not wait to be told something pretty for what’s about to come.”  What is “about to come?” Was Mr. Milch using the show’s cancelation as PRETEXT for looking sad about “what’s about to come?”   What is “about to come” Mr. Milch?  If an Olympian or the God of heaven himself (Odin/Zeus/Enil) does come to earth (or his son Jesus/Thor/The Kalki), will Satan (The Devil), or any other God-like beings in his crew (his demons), or the Illuminati elites be able to just “clean up the blood stains and move forward?”  Will they be able to accept that “conclusions never really occur in something that never really concludes” (as said by David Milch in the bonus features)?  Or will they burn down this camp (Earth) in an egotistical rage over their mission’s failure?  We can only hope that Milch is accurate in his prophesies of the near future (as seen in Deadwood)?  As written above, the White Rabbit himself discussed this same point in that it “may be over before it even starts.”  Let’s hope they’re both right.  I highly recommend watching Deadwood but more importantly suggest that you Follow the White Rabbit (see my blog roll).

End of part III.  End of Deadwood review.  But I have much more to write about regarding Deadwood and other related subjects.  Look for these writings in the future and read snout smack’s past writings as well.




Deadwood Bonus Commentary


Following the White Rabbit through Deadwood part II

As I made clear in part I, Al is the most important character in the first two seasons of Deadwood.  It is critical that the reader understand the importance of Al.  During the Season I finale Al not only order’s a rival’s murder (by Silas Adams) but kills a minister out of mercy.  The minister was suffering from “fits” and most likely had a tumor in his brain.  In a remarkable sequence at the end of season one, the doctor is seen in his cabin praying to God to end the suffering of the minister.  Al is then seen suffocating the minister in the whore’s quarters at the Gem saloon after he agreed that the Gem could be used to care for the minister (after the doctor’s insistence).  Al brings the minister’s body back to the doctor and the doctor thanks “God” for answering his prayers.  Later, after the doctor performs a medical procedure on AL (for kidney stones) he collapses onto Al and thanks “God”  for “saving him.”

It was said during the bonus features that Melville claimed that the best scenes are about the exact opposite of what you think they’re about.  This method of scene creation was utilized throughout the series.  Sometimes the last sentence or word in a scene would be the meaning or theme of the subsequent scene. The student of Deadwood must watch every scene carefully to observe its esoteric narrative.  Watching Deadwood is like reading a complicated text in philosophy or literature , in that it requires an active participation and serious concentration.   However, like all mediums for learning the mysteries of the Universe, it only reveals what those who participate are ready to see and understand.  I will now cover some subthemes and other characters on the show.

Deadwood is full of interesting sub-themes.  Many of these sub-themes deal with human nature and human behavior.  The writers do an effective job at showing the imperfections and ironies of all the characters.  Al is shown giving ironic lectures to his whores on how life “is one vile task after another.”  This is ironic because the whores live this fact every day (literally!)?  Hypocrisy is written very cleverly into the story. I noticed many of the characters judging someone for an action and then blatantly committing these same acts later.

Another entertaining sub-theme is the relationship between superiors and their subordinates. Al would rebuke Mayor EB Farnum and later Farnum would abuse his cook & cleaning man Richardson.  Al would punch his loyal (but slow minded) subordinate (Johnny Burns) in the face and then Burns would get into the face of the saloon’s lowest ranking man “Davey.”

Vice, greed, human passions (anger, lust, Love), needs of the ego, fear, dishonesty, selfishness all were written about effectively in Deadwood. The writers/creator also have a good sense of humor but even the comedy could be esoteric at times. The character EB Farnum was a comedic character but also made many masonic hand signs and masonic utterances within a slapstick comedic pretext. I could write page after page on many of these subthemes.  For reasons of brevity (I’ll write more on all of these subjects in the future but not for this main review), I’ll discuss only one such sub-theme in more depth.  This is the subject of race and “racism.”

Most of the people in the camp called blacks “niggers” and Chinese “chinks” but this wasn’t necessarily a sign of “racism” as the modern unthinking American masses are socialized to understand the word. The most honorable people in the camp (Bullock,Charlie Utter, Doc Cochran, Calamity Jane (Jane cared for the sick people and animals)) were the most “tolerant” but some of these  same characters may have used the word “nigger” at some time during the series?  Al started relaxing his rule of making his Chinese partner walk through the back door of his Saloon.  When he was beating a man later in the show, one of his reasons for beating him was that he “scared that Chinese” with their horses.  The viewer is suppose to feel good as Satan is meting out justice on one of the racist men who knocked the Chinese guy in the mud.  After Bullock fought and killed an Indian that attacked him he’s seen later showing extreme remorse over the killing  in which he’s practically in tears.  He gets all “emo” over the terrible guilt he feels after insulting the Black livery owner “Hosteler,” when he shows little remorse over the other people he’s insulted or even beaten to near death.  Bullock also get righteous while stopping a group of white men from taring a black man. This scene was meant to shock and outrage the viewer at first when the whites were taring the black man but then feel relieved when “anti-racist” Bullock gets there to save him.  The major programming purpose of the subject of race in Deadwood is to convey that the most upright people were also the most “anti-racist.”     Jews (and other anti-Whites in Hollywood) like to present White Guilt and “anti-racism” (which is really just a code for anti-White) as the most positive qualities that a White gentile can have.

Of course at the same time, the most repulsive people in the camp were the most “racist.”  The coward Jack McCall was seen slanting his eyes at the Chinese in camp before shooting Wild Bill Hickok. The ugliest whore in the Gem Saloon (who mocked the handicapped minister) showed her displeasure regarding Chinamen walking through the saloon’s front door.  The scumbag opium addict who worked for Cy Toliver was an anti-Chinese agitator and murdered two Chinese men for neferous reasons.   One of the most repugnant characters was the character “Steve the drunk.”  Steve would go on long tirades about “the niggers” or “justice for the white man” and was styled as a Hitler type character with dark hair that fell into his face when ranting and a black mustache.  Of course this Hitler is a Kosher Hollywood caricature of Hitler which is the insane, ape man Hitler who spits when he talks and is repulsive in every way. The Hollywood crowd (who consist of non-Jews as well) can never tolerate any sort of positive human qualities being associated with Hitler.  They can’t even show Hitler as a complicated character with good and bad qualities.  For this bunch it’s always the extreme narrative of Hitler having sex with animals and using human feces for lubricants.  This must come out of fear?  When Jews get scared (especially over Hitler, or Nationalists, or Fascists, or Nazis) their fight-or-flight response causes them to create a sick and depraved narrative about the people who represent the ideas or entities that scare them. An HBO series on the rise of Hitler would probably be one of the most watched television shows of all time?  I can only speculate but they must be afraid people will find something interesting, or intriguing, or even inspirational about the rise Hitler or the Nazis?

Steve “the drunk” (Hitler) Fields was a strong orator and when we first meet him in the series we find him inciting a crowd of men to beat a county commissioner and then (as described above) tar a black character who calls himself “the little nigger general.”  Steve was regularly seen/heard redirecting the dissatisfaction of his own life onto the blacks in camp.  He had no friends in the camp and was even caught having a sexual encounter with the sheriff’s horse.  There were even some signs that he may have been a pedophile?  When he first saw the sheriff’s son he made a strange comment about the boy being “beautiful” (this is a strange thing to think or say regarding an 11 year old boy).  When he got a break in life (when he bought the livery via loan from the bank) he still messed his life up by getting kicked in the head by a horse.   Besides being a Kosher Hitler character, Steve the Drunk is also the “angry white man who always fails” character that is regularly presented in films made by anti-White “Jewish persons” in Hollywood.  One of the major roles of the Jewish faction of the globalist elite is the production and maintenance of the “Culture of Critique” as described by Dr. Kevin MacDonald (1). A large part of this “Culture of Critique” is the programming of the White masses to see White Guilt as a high virtue and any sort of pro-European or pro-White views as a great sin (while non-White and Jewish ethnocentrism is encouraged and celebrated).  You don’t see Jewish influence in media depicted in Deadwood, but there’s only so much you can do with one Jewish character.

Another interesting aspect of Deadwood is the modern geopolitical insight.  The White Rabbit discusses the separate factions in China.  Deadwood’s “chink’s ally” is a representation of China and the war between its two factions that we’re likely to see if and when World War III starts (2).  In Deadwood Mr. Wu fought against Mr. Lee.  Lee had connections to fraternal Chinese organizations.  The second season finale climaxes with a war between the two factions for China (Chink’s ally).  This scene depicted a Freemasonic “killing of the king” ritual.  The “King” Mr. Lee was killed by Wu and “three craftsmen who weren’t blamed for nuthin” (Dan Dority, Silas Adams, Johnny Burns).  This war between China’s factions has been predicted by the White Rabbit and is depicted in Deadwood.  We need to look for this if and when WWIII starts (2).

The character Cy Toliver is also worth discussing.  Toliver on the base level of the show is Al’s cross town rival (owner of the higher-end Bella Union).  He’s purely about the money and political control.  Today he would probably be golf partners with the writers of the Wall Street Journal opinion page?  He’s a big business Republican.  He riles up the town folk against government and has his underlings rile up racialist discourse against the Chinese (although the current GOP mostly riles up anti-Muslim discourse, it’s their job to do this when globalist elites need it for the run up to a war).  Toliver becomes a born again Christian after being stabbed in the gut, but his Christianity is just another racket (think Pat Robertson or John Hagee).  He helped import Chinese labor and Chinese whores to the town, which resembles the high GOP leadership and their involvement with mass immigration from Mexico.  He’s a prefect representation of the American Conservative Republican leadership (“Respectable Conservatives” as described by Bob Whitaker…see my Blog roll).  It should be pointed out however that Toliver still obeys Al’s orders when it comes to maintaining order in the camp.  Just as the GOP is controlled opposition for Middle America, Toliver is never really Al’s opposition.  They attend the same planning meetings (like Bilderberg) behind closed doors but then act as rivals outside.  This doesn’t mean Toliver likes taking orders from Al, but this is how it is.  Al walks through a doorway after Toliver (conveying that Al has more power).

After Al’s medical problems subsided and an understanding was come to by Al (Satan) and Sheriff Bullock (American power), it looked like smooth sailing for the Anglo-American-Judeo Elite in attaining their global government?  However, there was an outside threat to the building of their global temple that on Deadwood’s base level was represented by the Pinkerton Company and Mrs. Ellsworth’s in-laws (The Garrets).  The Pinkerton Company was a private security company (that still exists today) that in the late 1800’s would get contracted by wealthy entities to help with “disputes.”  These “disputes” usually came in the form of local town people trying to organize unions or independent cattlemen “free grazing” on cattle baron land.  Mrs. Ellsworth’s in-laws (The Garrets) were a wealthy New York  family that wanted back the gold claim that was owned by their son Bram Garret before his death (Alma Garret-Ellsworth attained the gold claim after Bram Garret’s death).

In Deadwood’s esoteric narrative the Pinkertons represent the Nazis and Mrs. Ellsworth’s in-laws represent the German elites.  The Pinkertons and Mrs. Alma Ellsworth’s ex-husband’s family (the Garrets) worked together to try to obtain “the Queen’s” gold.  The real Queen of England is related to the German royal families.  In fact, the Windsor family changed their name to Windsor because the old name sounded “too German” (from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha).

The first mention of the Pinkerton’s was early in the first season when Alma’s husband Bram Garret threw around their name to threaten Al.  It was then that Al first expresses how much he hates the Pinkerton’s. Al claims that the Pinkerton’s are “muscle for the bosses.”  I suspect that the devil would hate the Nazis seeing that the Nazis furnished the biggest challenge to the Anglo-American-Judeo-Illuminati New World Order?  This was so during WWII but may have been so after the war as well?  The White Rabbit has forwarded the possibility that the Nazis may have survived WWII “on some level” and may be the only thing (since 1945) keeping the world from falling under total control of the Anglo-American-Judeo Elite?

{This is a shocking revelation!  The Nazis, the group we hear/see demonized more than any group in history may be the only thing keeping the world from being under the total control of the Anglo-American-Judeo Elite’s Boot?  Legend has it that they’ve been working covertly since 1945, monkey wrenching the NWO ?  Could this be WHY THEY ARE the most demonized group in history? During their activities post WWII they are sometimes known as the “Nazi International”(3).  The White Rabbit is very explicit in his belief in the existence of this organization.   He actually says “he knows” that the Nazi International exists on “some level.”  This author still needs more evidence before confirming the “Nazi International’s” existence.  But Deadwood does fit as the author’s definition of “more evidence.”  I’ll digress and return to the review}

The first actual clash that Al has with the Pinkerton’s (Nazis) in Deadwood is when a spy was sent in to try to pin the killing of Bram Garret on his wife Mrs. Alma Garret/Ellsworth (The Queen). This would allow Mrs. Garret’s in-laws (the Germans) to take over her gold claim.   The women spy’s name was “Miss “Isringhausen.”  She used patience and sex (with Al’s underling) to get an inside meeting with Al. She tried to make a deal with Al to get him to go along with the framing of Mrs. Ellsworth (The Queen), which would see him richer by $50,000 (and allow the Queen’s in-laws [The German elites] to take over her gold claim).  However, Al refuses to work with the Nazi spy and turns the table on her forcing her to have to leave town after failing to meet her objective of pinning the death of Bram Garrett on Mrs. Alma “the Queen” Garret-Ellsworth.

These Nazi-Pinkerton’s are also depicted in “ugly white man” style.  In one scene a white man who looks like a monkey himself (who is a Nazi-Pinkerton) harasses “the little nigger general” as the “little nigger general” went to vote, by making monkey sounds at him (in this scene the Deputy Charlie Utter stops this harassment in a show of righteousness).  The Pinkertons also knocked the Chinaman “Mr. Wu” into the mud while calling him “hop lee.”  They shot at unarmed women, beat the newspaper man, and scared and intimidated the population of Deadwood.  The Pinkerton’s are depicted as one would expect people of David Milch’s ilk to portray Nazis.  Their raw power is first witnessed in an intense scene where they ride into town at night by torchlight.  It was a powerful spectacle of a scene.  If the so called “Nazi International” made such a spectacle today, it would most likely be by spacecraft.  See Iron Sky (4).

Writing about the Pinkerton’s (the Nazis) and Alma’s in-laws (German elites) brings me to another character that turned out to be the true main character of Deadwood. If Al Swearengen was “God” in the first and second season of Deadwood, the true Master makes himself known to the town in the third season; George Hearst.  On the base level of the show Hearst is a captain of industry and proto fascist tyrant who will not stop until the camp is under his authority.  On the esoteric level Hearst represents an Olympian, or the “Shinning Ones.”  He’s the Father or Sky God.  He’s Odin or Zeus.  And he brings to Deadwood (the earth) his own Law that even The Devil (Al) must abide by.  Satan’s kingdom is the earth until the “God of Heaven” brings his judgment onto thee.





End of part II. Here is Part III

Following the White Rabbit through Deadwood part I

Deadwood was an HBO series that aired in the mid 2000’s. The story takes place in the late 1870’s and is based on the South Dakota mining camp/town in the Black Hills.  There are many reviews on Deadwood that analyze it purely as a “Western” that can be found on the internet.  This layer of the show is interesting and entertaining, but is intended mostly for the masses entertainment pleasure.  Only a more learned individual can “see” the more esoteric narrative.  I was able to unlock Deadwood’s deeper layers by being a regular listener of White Rabbit radio, and then by studying the subjects, direction, and sources that the White Rabbit presented.

Deadwood is the story about the Anglo-American-Judeo Elite’s (some may call this entity the “Illuminati”) attempt at building global government (The New World Order).  The creator of the show explained in the bonus features that one of the major themes for Deadwood was “Order out of Chaos.”  This is one of the rallying calls for the globalist elite and Deadwood itself is representative of the world in which they are attempting to subdue.  There is one character in Deadwood who best brings Order out of Chaos and that is Al Swearengen.  Al was an actual historical figure in the real Deadwood but the show’s writers took a lot of artistic liberty with him (as they did with all the characters).  While Al was a saloon operator and town string puller on the show’s base level, he was clearly the globalist elite’s God “Satan” (aka Marduk/Hades/Set/The Red Hippo) on the deeper, esoteric level.  Seen in many scenes with scales on his office desk, Al is the giver of the law (symbolized by the star of Saturn aka “The Star of David).   In an episode in the third season the town’s mayor screams “call the law” as he is beat on by the town’s sheriff .  The “law” that arrives to stop the beating is Al. The sheriff himself was just an instrument of the law, but the real law giver was Al. Many times the show’s cameras would flash onto Al while other characters spoke of “God,” or “the Lord,” or the “giver of the law” in a seemingly unrelated dialog (Deadwood used this camera/dialog trick at other times as well).  Al is the main character.  Deadwood is a tribute to Enki/Marduk/Hades/Set/Satan/The Devil, but there are 3 other critical characters.

The Sheriff of the town was Seth Bullock.  Bullock was a representation of the American faction of the global elite and also American military power.  Satan (Al) uses the youth and strength America (Bullock) provides as law enforcer for his NWO.  Bullock wore the Star of Saturn (aka Star of David) on his chest which was a symbol of his authority. This symbol is a Jewish and Freemasonic symbol and can also be found in the executive seal of the U.S. Just as America appeared to become the world’s law enforcer with hesitations, Bullock became sheriff of Deadwood with his own hesitations.

The next critical character is Sol Star.  Star is Jewish and represents the Jewish faction of the globalist elite.  Star is one of the show’s most wise, level headed and mentally adjusted characters.  The show’s writers balance this with classic “anti-Semitic” (meaning anti-Jewish) stereotypes.  On several occasions Star made reference to his father’s death-bed sayings and these sayings usually had something to do with advancing commerce.  Star was always thinking about business and profit.  But he also acted as Bullock’s therapist (in a Freudian role) and was chief banker of the Deadwood bank.  Star was very much like a Rothschild type Jew.  Just as Rothschild managed/manages the of the Queen of England’s holdings, Star was the chief banker for the next character.

The third main pillar in the show’s main cast was Mrs. Ellsworth/Garret.  She is representative of Anglo-aristocrats.  More specifically she’s like the Queen of England.  Mrs. Ellsworth was the owner of biggest gold claim in Deadwood and her gold deposits capitalized the Bank of Deadwood (Run by “Rothschild” type Jew Sol Star).  She’s an elegant women that displayed a certain regal beauty with high Victorian manners.  There’s a camouflaged  masonic compass and square design on her front door, which may be symbolic of “her majesty’s” authority over and authority to charter masonic fraternal organizations?

These three characters represent the major entities of the Anglo-American-Judeo Elite.  They work under the eye of Satan/Set (Al watching from his veranda) to bring “order out of chaos” to Deadwood (the earth).  The show’s heart was Al’s “Gem Saloon.”  The Gem was the base of operations where Swearengen organized from (in some ways a symbol of America itself).  The town’s elders held meetings in the Gem and Al clearly led the meetings.  At these meetings were all the major players that one would see at modern globalist planning meetings such as Bilderberg:  The news media (the newspaper man AW Merrick). The scientific community (Doc Cochran).  Force/Security (Sheriff Bullock).  Big Finance (Sol Star).  Freemason Leadership (Tom Nuttall, who always wears an apron). Big business (Cy Toliver).  Logistics (Charlie Utter). Political stooges (Mayor E.B. Farnum, Harry Manning). Entertainment media (Jack Langrishe the theater man).

The show is full of masonic symbols, rituals, and hand signs.  Bullock got hit on the head with an Indian club and when he opened his eyes he sees the sun while being helped up by “a master.”   This was a depiction of the 3rd degree masonic ritual where the candidate is “killed” like Hirim Abiff with a maul and then raised up to see the light.  After Bullock went through this ritual it was commented later on that he looked like he “changed.”  This is sometimes said to people after being through metaphysical rituals.   Other Masonic/Illuminati hand signs and symbols seen throughout the series include “distress” and “astonishment” ( best done by EB Farnum), the OK 666 sign (done by Johnny Burns to AL), the “hail Satan” horned hand (done by EB Farnum to AL), pyramid symbol and square and compass made with hands, and various camera shots shot through duel pillars (Jachin and Boaz). The common people in Deadwood are referred to as “hoopleheads” by the show’s main characters.  The term “hooplehead” in Deadwood should be understood as the terms “goyim” or “profane” are understood in Judaism and Freemasonry respectively.  I  will write more on this subject (masonic influence) later in the review,as these references are placed throughout the series.

The Gem Saloon was the site of the trial of Jack McCall (the coward who killed Wild Bill Hickok).  Al had determined that a guilty verdict for McCall may hurt the camp politically by giving the impression that it was trying to be a separatist state with its own laws.  So Al explained to the judge that McCall couldn’t be guilty.  When the judge returned to the courtroom we get an interesting camera sequence.  It moves from the judge’s one eye, to Mr. Ellsworth rubbing his eye, to Al giving the thumbs up, to one of Al’s lieutenant (Dan Dority)  explaining to Al that Ellsworth is “four square “ behind them (for letting Jack McCall off not guilty).  This use of one eye is a masonic/Illuminati symbol (1) and was a great scene showing how the law really operates for the globalist elites.  They’ll talk about “Justice” and “Law” all day long but the only law that matters to them is that which brings global government.  After the trial Al walks up to McCall and tells him to leave his bar or else.  McCall says “Jack McCall runs from no man” but then runs out of the place. The point was that Al is not a man; he’s a “God.”

When Al becomes sick in the beginning of season 2, the Gem and the Camp’s main inhabitants are somewhat lost without the light of Lucifer guiding them.  Dan Dority tells the whore Trixie that before Al, he “was a creature walking on hind legs.”  This is a reference to the “lantern barer” bringing civilization to mankind (and removing humankind from it’s pre-civilized, animal-like state).  The White Rabbit has opined on how the Old Testament God always makes you kill for him before you become one of his “chosen people.”  In the Season I finale Al got his newest employee (Silas Adams) to kill the magistrate/judge that was trying to shake him down.  The end of Season I ends with Al standing in victorious watch over his saloon with a lantern shining on close by.


Part II

Deadwood:Prelude to a Review.

If you Follow the White Rabbit (see my blogroll) you realize that the possibilities for the Universe are endless. One possibility is the idea that current humans may be the legacy of a prior high civilization.  One possible narrative in this direction is that there was a “cosmic war” fought between two sides of the ruling pantheon of this former high civilization.  This war may have led to the destruction of the civilization, including human settlements on other planets in this solar system?  The beings who populated this high civilization are usually remembered to be Nordic or White or “Aryan,” however, all sorts of other creatures are mentioned in the mythology as being in possible contact or involved with these White beings (such as cybernetic grey aliens, reptilians, A.I., long headed cranium beings,  Neanderthal hybrids, etc..).

Making matters even more profound is the idea that some of the members of one side of this warring pantheon may still be on earth?  These beings would have a Godlike advantage over most of humanity in knowledge.  These beings may also be controlling the current Anglo-American-Judeo Globalist Elite (also known as the Illuminati)?  The devil might actually be on earth as an actual alien being!?  The current globalist elites might be bound to this devil by contract or even blood?  There may even be more than one devil?  Satan may have “a crew” (other beings from his side of the pantheon) on earth trying to build the New World Order?  This sounds bizarre and unbelievable, but is it any more bizarre than what Evangelical Christians believe regarding “the Rapture” and/or their other eschatologies?

The White Rabbit also informs us to the possibility that Nazism may have survived WWII as an organizing principle with people still organizing by it!  IOW, the Nazi bureaucratic structure may have survived “on some level” as the White Rabbit likes to say.  This “level” could be as far out there as separate Nazi civilizations out in the galaxy?  At the very least it appears these Nazis may have had a major hand in stalling the Anglo-American-Judeo Globalist Elite’s New World Order (regardless of if an alien being is calling the shots or not)?  In fact, the “Cold War” may have been the result of Nazis playing their former adversaries against each other?

The Nazis in their mastery of certain alternative forms of physics may have also alerted other Beings in the galaxy (the Beings on the other side of the pantheon than the ones currently controling the globalist elites)?  These Beings would be the Gods from Greek, or Northern European mythology (Zeus, Thor, Freya).  But they also show up in American Indian, Mesopotamian, Hindu, Meso-American, Egyptian, and Tibetan mythologies.  These “White Gods” may be returning to earth to give Lucifer’s crew (the generation of vipers) a beating like in the Book of Revelation?  These White God Beings will likely have Level 2 or 3 civilizational capabilities technologically (1), but more important, would have the knowledge to illuminate us on many of our questions of the universe.  Humankind might be stuck in the middle of a war between two sides of an ancient pantheon with the Illuminati and Nazis serving as these being’s human proxies [with the Illuminati on the side of Satan (on earth) and the Nazis on the side of Zeus (coming to earth)]!?  Does this sound unbelievably bizarre?  Yes! But I say again, is it anymore bizarre than what most Evangelical Christians or Muslims believe?

The current global elites appear to organize under the Old Testament God (whether or not this “God” is real or just an idea really doesn’t matter, because regardless of what you believe, they do believe in this and take it very serious to the point where they actually believe they have the “Architect of the Universe” on their side)? Freemasonry, Kabbalism, the Old Testament and the Talmud appear to be the critical symbolic, psychological, spiritual, mythological, and philosophical inputs for the current globalist elites.  These may be the devil’s operating systems (or dark arts) which are used to program his adepts into a frame of mind and spirit that best fits with the devil’s goals for this earth?

This doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of fascinating knowledge in Freemasonry and Kabbilism for gaining insight into what some call the “mysteries.”  Fraternal organizations in themselves are not a bad idea.  There should be people who ponder ideas of “Justice”, “Truth”, “Law”, who think about the nature of reality, and who work for the “amelioration of mankind.”  But just because you proclaim these principles does not mean you’re necessarily living them or “squared away” yourself.  Unfortunately, many of the people who proclaim “fraternity,”  “equality,” and “liberty” (and don’t forget “Love”) tend to be some of the biggest tyrants and haters.  It is a great sin against the Universe to use these activities as pretext for carrying out the New World Order program (aka global governance with the rest of humankind “chiseled” to fit as a bricks in the NWO pyramid wall).

The White Rabbit definitely delivers on spreading insight into the Universe’s mysteries.  He is a critical source of information, perspectives, and speculations (futurism) for this author regarding day-to-day news, geopolitical analysis, economic & financial insights, alternative research, and the fight against White Genocide and the NWO.  But In gathering intelligence on any subject or group you next need to find collaborating sources/evidence.  One place to look for collaborating evidence is in art.  A movie series like Star Wars is based on Mesopotamian mythology and may be truer than we can imagine?  Artists are used by the globalist elites to get out the NWO narrative, frame, and memes.  Art is used to help shape the minds of the “profane” masses into understanding the world as the globalist bosses see fit.  Intelligence organizations and fraternal organizations (which at “some level” is a redundancy) have a large presence in Hollywood.   They not only want to gather information, but also want to produce it.

HBO’s series “Deadwood” (created by David Milch) is one of the best pieces of collaborating evidence I’ve seen thus far for confirming the major ideas expressed by the White Rabbit.  My next post (or several posts) will be a review of Deadwood using a White Rabbit “frame.”  By the end of my review you should not only want to see Deadwood, but more importantly, should be intrigued enough to follow the White Rabbit.  I highly recommend you do so if you want cutting edge information at the intersection of geopolitics, alternative research, and the struggle against White genocide/New World Order.

This review should be out no later than the evening of 5-23-12.  If it’s not, pray for my immortal soul because I will have faced some mishap.  If for some reason I don’t live to share this review, listen to each Follow the White Rabbit radio show 10 times and then watch the complete Deadwood series 30 times.  More importantly you should subscribe to Follow the White Rabbit (2).  If you have an open mind, The White Rabbit WILL change your understanding of the Universe.

[Note 5-23-12:  I’m still working on the review (but thank you for your prayers).  I took a lot of notes and am trying to condense the information.  I should be done with part I by the 25th of May.  Sorry for the Delay.]



Do You Follow The White Rabbit? Can you hear me Britney?

The best media source today is internet.  The best of the internet media is Horus the Avenger’s Follow the White Rabbit.  This show is on the cutting edge of geopolitics, alternative research, and the pro-White struggle.  A link to the show can be found in my blogroll.

With that said it struck me the other day how genius it was to use the idea of “Follow the White Rabbit” as the show’s character concept.   The White Rabbit is normally associated with magic and magicians.  The “Follow the White Rabbit” concept (following a white rabbit into another realm or state of mind) was part of “Alice in Wonderland” but may have a mythology that dates back to middle ages Europe (seeing a white rabbit was considered good luck)? It was also used in “the Matrix” movie.  The White Rabbit is associated with mystery and magic and going on trips.   The Follow the White Rabbit idea/image/meme is also used in mind control and monarch programming.  The globalist pig-dogs have specialists who concentrate in mind control.  Mind control is used on individuals (1) as well as with the masses (2).  The website “Vigilant Citizen” (found in my blogroll) is a trove of information on this subject and I highly recommend spending many hours at that site.

To control the mind trauma is utilized to bring the mind to a vulnerable state.  For individuals, physical trauma is utilized and certain images ( butterflies, cat-prints, white rabbits), symbols, ideas, and sounds (words) are mixed in.  To combat the trauma the individual’s mind disassociates and creates “alter” personalities (1).  These personalities can then be “activated” by showing the images, symbols, or sounds that the individual was exposed to during the trauma.  These alters can be molded to create the types of personalities the mind-controllers want.  They can create sex slaves (monarch programming: usually females) and/or assassins (Delta programming: usually men) (4).

Vigilant Citizen reports on how many of the pop-singers featured today are victims of this kind of mind control.  Many of these pop singers start out working for the Disney corporation (3).  The sickos at Disney are known to push all sorts of degeneracy on children including homosexual imagery and miscegenation.  Hollywood and the music business in general are cesspools for child molesters (7)who generally belive they can do what they want because their book the Talmud says they can (8).

For mass mind control trauma is utilized from large horrific events (9-11, JFK, Oklahoma city) and the use of certain symbols and memes are constantly pushed out (5).  Many of these symbols and memes can be found today in pop and rap music  imagery(6).  Pop and rap provide little mental stimulation but maximize physical stimulation (people feel like dancing).  The constant repeating of the beat over and over pushes the mind into a trance-like state which is optimal for the injection of symbols and memes.  A lot of these symbols used in pop and rap are Masonic/Kabbalistic/illuminati symbolism (9).  The purpose of placing this symbolism in mass media is to condition the profane, goy-masses into celebrating the slavery that these symbols represent for them.  For the globalist pig-dogs themselves, flashing this symbolism is a way of communicating to each other (10).  The globalist pig-dogs are no different from your average black or hispanic street gang in this way.

So this brings me to the major point of this post.  Since white rabbit imagery is used on monarch mind-control slaves, wouldn’t be bizarre if one day Britney Spears (or any other monarch mind control victim) had a glitch (11) in her mind control and started inadvertently saying the Mantra (see mantra at top of page) at the MTV music awards due to her late night visits to Horus the Avenger’s Follow the White Rabbit radio show?   She would have no memory of ever being there.  I’d like to see the reaction on her handler’s faces.  They may take Britney’s internet access away!













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