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Separation with Cooperation


One point that many pro-Whites or White Nationalists need to understand is that non-Whites are not worth hating or getting upset about. There’s a belief among some in White Nationalism that to be for Whites, you have to be against non-Whites. There are even some White Nationalists that wish hardship on non-Whites or who celebrate the misfortunes of non-Whites. This is a most unfortunate attitude. Having ill feelings torwards others takes a toll on the body, mind, and spirit. The fact is, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, or other non-Whites are not responsible for the current situation that our folk is facing. Non-Whites are merely tools that the anti-White globalist elites (who are mostly White and Jewish) use to build their globalist order. Non-Whites are not the enemy; anti-Whites are (along with other assorted globalist NWO scum).

In reality many non-Whites across the world could be potential allies against the globalist forces that are pushing the program of White genocide. The same globalist elites who carry out White genocide are the same people who start wars, steal resources, and exploit people across the developing world. We should not alienate potential allies by looking down on them or claiming superiority over them.

There are many non-Whites in my everyday life that I respect and like more than the Whites that I interact with. I judge individuals as individuals and judge groups as groups. I’ve played high school and college sports, served in the military, and worked with non-Whites who were fine people. I am glad to have known these people and would help many of them if they ever needed my help. But I still demand that Whites have the right to our own countries, communities, and institutions (just as every other human group on earth has). This may seem like a strange paradox to some but to me it’s not.

The program of White genocide is going to come to an end. At that point we’ll start to see the creation of White countries, communities, and institutions. These countries, or city-states, or regions, or communities, or organizations aren’t just going to close themselves off totally from non-Whites. Obviously if we live on the same planet there has to be interaction with non-Whites. Many White people have a desire to help non-Whites. There is no reason why future White collectives would not assist non-Whites, if the non-Whites ask for the assistance. Of course, “assisting” non-Whites does not mean bringing them to White spaces to live. It means teaching ways to help themselves. It means dealing with non-white leaders who truly care about their people and not just improving their lot or status among Whites.

The current so called “black leadership” in America is pathetic (Jackson, Dyson, Sharpton, Wright, etc.). The most successful blacks in America could be kings in the black community if they wanted to (instead of being tools for globalist elites who are mostly White and Jewish). The black elites in America should move to ghettos and lead their people from there. Blacks should run the police forces, the businesses, and local governments. They should work with black African leaders in Africa. With the resources of Africa, and the education of blacks in America, blacks could build a black international socialist empire. It could be “by blacks, for blacks.” It could include Africa, part of the United States, and other black enclaves elsewhere. To help in its creation this future black empire could receive a reparations payment to help in its finance. Of course it would come with an understanding that Whites would no longer be “chained” to blacks as we currently are. A trillion dollars given to the government of the new black international socialist empire to help them get on their feet and then we’ll follow our own separate destinies.

At that point future White spaces would be free to expand into outer space and start building higher level civilizations. Of course there may already be breakaway civilizations that exist secretly that are pretty much all White? If these breakaway civilizations exist, then the task of any future White collectives would be to lift the current stock of earth Whites to a level that would make them beneficial to these breakaway civilizations. IOW, these breakaway civilizations will want to expand in space and the mission of the earthly White collectives will be to develop better people who would be physically, intellectually, morally, mentally, and spiritual suitable for intergalactic civilizational affairs. Of course, there may also be White collectives who have no interest in such high minded ideas and who just want to live out a simple Middle America life of ballgames, birthdays, and barbecues? This would be their right as well.

The future, (after the anti-White globalist power structure is turned to dust), will be one of “separation with cooperation.” Some major shifts that we could see are : A coalition of White countries, communities, and organizations that start in building an intergalactic civilization; a multicultural-block which will be led by elements of the surviving globalist elite (that is unless Zeus doesn’t return with Jesus and throw ALL these types into a large pit of fire?)*; a black international socialist empire (probabaly unlikley, but I threw this one in just to give blacks a vision of something bigger to work for that doesn’t involve depending on Whites forever); increasing integration of China, Japan, and the Koreas into a NE Asian block. Many of the current nation states will remain, others will fade away. City states will become prominent again. Various “tribes” of like-minded people forming “Resilant Communties (See global guerrillas in my blogroll).

Before we can start living in a better world we have to smash the current anti-White, globalist, New World Order system. It’s important for pro-Whites to remember that most of the non-Whites on the planet dislike the same people who push White genocide on us. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be allies with these people. We can learn something from all people, including the most primitive of peoples. But non-Whites have to underdstand as well that Whites have the right to our own destinies. After the globalist elites are defeated, there’s no reason why we can’t further cooperate with each other as we follow our separate destinies.

Separation with Cooperation…that is the future.

*I included the “multicultral block” to make the point that I support this option for those who want it. I also believe it could serve as a living reminder to future Whites of what life looked like back when Whites had diversity forced on them.

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Letter to the Bilderberg Group

Dear Bilderberg Group,

I was recently examining your list of participants for the 2011 meeting (1).  The thing that stuck out at me as I read was the lack of diversity in your participants.  I thought this may have been an anomaly so I also examined prior participant lists (2).  To my shock these lists too showed a disapointing lack of diversity.   Particularly I point to the lack of Africans, Mestizos, Amerindians, and gay, lesbian, and transgendered people.   This greatly confounded me as it is your globalist pig-dog foundations who proudly fund pro-immgration groups for the purpose of flooding White countries with immigrants from the “developing world.”  For instance Sean Lengell of the Washington Post reports that:

The Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation and Democratic activist George Soros were among the liberal funders that have donated millions of dollars to pro-immigration groups, as the Senate continued its debate on a contentious bill that would overhaul the nation’s immigration policy.

Three of the nation’s biggest and most influential pro-immigration groups — the National Immigration Forum, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) and the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) — collectively received more than $3.25 million from Ford Foundation since 2005. (3)

It appears that “diversity is strength” only when it applies to non-global elite spaces?  Globalist elite spaces are VERY, VERY White (and Jewish).  I wonder why anti-White cowards like Chris Matthews haven’t reported this?  Coward Chris Mathews has no problem pointing out the “whiteness” of the Tea Party movement.  But for some reason he doesn’t point out the “race problem” relating your group?  In fact, I’d be surprised if coward Chris Matthews has mentioned your group at all?

I also wonder where all the big “civil rights” and “anti-racist” activists are regarding this issue?  Why isn’t Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton outraged about this lack of inclusion?  Why isn’t the anti-White, genocidal maniac (4) Tim Wise not railing against this?   Why aren’t the anti-White, leftist stooges who use terrorist tactics against American Renaissance meetings (thus denying Amren freedom of speech and association) not conducting “demonstrations of solidarity” against Bilderberg?  The answer is simple: So called “anti-racism” is actually a code for anti-White.

So since the above mentioned anti-white cowards won’t bring attention to Bilderberg’s lack of diversity, I guess it’s my duty to do so.  That is why I, the creator/writer for Snout Smack offers his services to bring diversity to Bilderberg.  I wish to be hired by your organization as “Director of Diversity.”  My demographic goals for the 2012 meeting (In Virginia) are as follows: 12% African, 14% Mestizo Latino (no cheating by using White Latinos), 5% Asian, 1% Amerindian, 3% Muslim, and 3% gay, lesbian, and transgendered people (at least one participant should be transgendered and this person should share a room with David Rockefeller).

I served in your globalist wars in the Middle East and the Balkans and have a master’s degree so my international experience and education should be adequate.  My salary needs are negotiable.  Please leave a comment and email address on how I can contact you or contact one of your spy organizations to get my phone number.

I just want the opportunity to help your organization experience the “joys of diversity” that you force on the rest of us.


Snout Smack



(3) The 2007 Sean Langell Washington Post article requires a subscription so here’s a reprint:


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