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Santa Claus is Coming to Town


Every December the people in the houses I visit and live near display statues, talisman, figurines, and even shrine type arrangements of a god who comes on Christmas Night.  This god is a god of justice and hope who comes as a savior to those who remained true to the rules of his kingdom.  The King returns to save the people who remained loyal to his laws and also gives the the untrue the burning coals of hell to experience for breaking his laws. Who is this god that I describe; Jesus Christ? It could be, but specifically the being that I’m describing is the one they call “Santa Claus.”

Santa Claus is a fatherly or grandfatherly White man with a thick white beard, usually wearing some sort of clothing to protect him from the elements, and travels in a flying sled pulled by 8 reindeer.  Santa Claus’s archetype is the father god in most of the White mythologies (Norse, Greek, German, Roman).  Santa Claus is Odin (who rode an 8 legged horse), or Zeus, or Enlil. He’s the wise father. He’s the King of the Realm.


The father god has a son. The King has a crowned prince.  Uther Pendragon has Arthur.  Odin has Thor. God the Father has Jesus. Jesus is Thor (they both carry a hammer).   Jesus is Santa Claus’s son.   This god appears three times: 1) he is born (Christmas); 2) he appears in his late twenties-early thirties as Savior (Easter); 3) then he comes back in his “3rd Coming” (although most people call it the 2nd coming) as the father god to dispense Justice as told in the book of Revelation or in the Hindu Texts that discuss the return of the gods during the Kali Yuga. Christmas is the Celebration of the god’s birth, AND the celebration of his return on the Day of Judgment to reward his people and mete out justice to traitors and the untrue.  Easter is the celebration of this man in his late 20’s or early 30’s who acts as champion of the people.  He usually gets killed and then rises from the dead (Jesus, Thor, Conan, Flash Gordon, Arthur Pendragon).  His son takes over his duties and the cycle of father and son repeats itself.


The 3 holidays dealing with the White god(s).

1) Christmas Day: The birth of the White Christ Child (a healthy White male child as a symbol of hope).   The Christ Child comes as “The Sun” in the Tarot.

2) Easter: The White Christ rising from the dead after being executed by the enemies of the Folk (aka the generation of vipers).  The White Christ Savior comes as the “Knight of Swords” in the Tarot.

3) Christmas Eve: The King returns as the Father King god. The great White Father comes as “King of Swords” in the Tarot.

The Cycle then starts again 1-2-3


The story of Santa Claus is an allegory about the return of Odin/Zeus/Enlil on the Day of Judgement. The “kids” in the Santa story represent people on this earth.  The current Anglo-American-Judeo-Illuminati-Globalist-Elites don’t especially look forward to the coming of the Father King God. They are the “bad kids” who worked for Satan or Lucifer or Black Peter.

The following is a short documentary on Santa Claus that I recommend (insist actually) you watch before reading on:

As pointed out in the Santa documentary above, Odin returns to decide who dies and who prospers.  Saint Nickolas would punish kids who had been bad or who “couldn’t demostrate a skill” (perhaps a future Santa will test people to see if they know verses from the Mantra (1)?).

What about this figure of Black Peter?  This is a horned creature with dark features physically.   In several of the myths Black Peter appears to be employed by Santa Claus.  Black Peter is Satan captured by Saint Nikolas (Zeus, Enlil, Odin). In the English myth, black Peter is “seen in the company” of Father Christmas.  Black Peter punishes the bad kids for Santa Claus.  In the HBO series “Deadwood,” George Hearst is a representation of the White Father God in an abusive, proto-fascist, tyrant form. In Deadwood, Al Swearengen is Satan, thereby making him Black Peter in Christmas myth.  In Deadwood Swearengen ends up having to carry out Hearst’s will against his own side (by pushing Alma Ellsworth to sell her gold claim and by ordering the death of the whore “Jen”) to keep Hearst from smashing the whole camp (just as god did back in Saddam and Gomorrah when too many of the kids ended up being naughty).  The Father god makes Satan deal with his own people (the bad kids and kids who can’t demonstrate any knowledge).  Enki had to start a flood against his own kind in the Babylonian mythology.



Now after reviewing the basic mythology of Santa Claus and recognizing the vast amount of material representation he has in the Month of December, we can move to the question of how or where Santa actually exists, or may exist in the universe.

The White Rabbit (see my blog roll) was able to illuminate this author to the possibility of corporeal Nordic White beings that may be the creators of White humans (or all humans). They are large in stature, have level 2 or 3 technologies (2), and may be coming back to earth with knowledge of who has been naughty and who has been nice.   I had heard the ancient astronaut theory in undergraduate archaeology classes, but it was always framed in a way meant to discredit the idea. It wasn’t until I heard the White Rabbit discuss the Anunnaki or “Shinning Ones” that I had the ears to truly consider this possibility. These are highly advanced beings that may have created us for future purposes? Earth could be one large genetics project where these “gods” dropped us so that we would evolve into beings suitable for the missions that they have planned for us?  Just as powerful and capable people think farther ahead in time than less powerful and less capable people, these beings may make plans for 250,000 or million years in the future?   The story of Santa Claus is the story of the Great Nordic King god returning to the earth to free us (from Black Peter/Satan/Lucifer/Enki) and then illuminate us on the mysteries of the Universe.  He’ll give “gifts” to people who were “good,” and punish people who defied Santa Claus’s laws (and those who didn’t try to learn about the mysteries of the universe. These are the kids from the Saint Nick story who couldn’t display any knowledge. Maybe Santa will excuse some bad behavior if you can show you know some sort of critical knowledge? ).  If and when Odin Claus does come back, it won’t be with a sled and reindeer. I would expect some sort of super advanced spacecraft.

When writing about these gods, the lower case “g” is used because they are thought of as taking corporeal form and exist in flesh and bone.  The Highest “God” or “The All” is the ultimate force of creation.  Like humans, the Shinning Ones are part of the All, or part of the God Consciousness, but are not the God, The All, or what the freemasons call the “Architect of the Universe.”  As the White Rabbit says, the Shinning Ones are “something bigger in nature.”  They could be thought of as angelic beings but also come in female form.   They would be more knowledgeable of God/The All than humans would be. They would have the ability to affect time and space and probably consciousness itself.  Their ability to create change and manipulate the elements would appear supernatural to the human masses.  They can throw planet size chunks of rock through space.  They have life extension technology that could allow for thousands to maybe millions of years.  These Shinning Ones may be the reason that the Anglo-America-Judeo-Illuminati-Globalist-Elites are in such a rush to build their New World Order?  Black Peter and his generation of vipers may be doing all they can to prepare for the coming of Odin Claus?  I realize that this perspective on Santa Claus is unconventional. But is it any more unbelievable than what Fundamentalist-Judeo-Christians believe according to their eschatology?  If the Shinning Ones do or don’t exist in the form I described above is yet to be proven. This author gives them a 50-50 chance of being real, but if no Shinning One’s return in the next year (by December 2013), I’ll drop this percentage to a 20-80 chance.

santa hopkins

While it is still unknown whether the White gods exist as the higher beings I described above, psychologically we can point to their existence as archetypes that people can relate to, strive to be like, and learn from.  The archetype of the Father God is a being or force of judgment, authority, and knowledge.  He’s the supreme law lord.  He’s fair but can be cruel to people who oppose his will.   He can be stubborn and given to anger at times.  He’s mostly a hands-off leader who uses his experience and wisdom as a team’s master mind. He’s a coach. He’s a master.  His son Thor/Jesus is the field marshal for the King.   In the BBC TV show “Merlin,” Arthur Pendragon carries out Uther’s orders in the field.  Uther mostly remains in the castle but will take the field when needed.


As already mentioned, The HBO series Deadwood represented this archetype in the character of George Hearst.  Hearst was portrayed as having all the worst qualities of a King of Swords.  He’s brutal, cruel, prone to anger, and absolute in believing that his WILL is Law. The creators of Deadwood are people who don’t care for the Aryan King Father God archetype.  The creators of the HBO show “Boardwalk Empire” portrayed this archetype with the character of “the Commodore.”  The Hollywood magicians are more likely to relate to the archetypes of Lucifer, Enki, Satan, Loki, or Black Peter. They feel a positive connection to the serpent, the horned god, owls, and to chimeras throughout mythology.   Their tarot type is the Devil.  On the “Day We Must Never Forget” the Devil picked “the Tower” tarot card and lightning came from above and turned Joachim and Boaz to dust.


If themagicians who work in Hollywood feel displeasure towards the Father God archetype, it means he’s a symbol of danger for them (in whatever form he exists).  The globalist power structure has directed a lot of social engineering resources into trying to delegitimize the strong father archetype.  The Father god figure epitomizes the “dead white male” that liberals and assorted anti-Whites shriek about and hate.  They fear him because they know they are going to be judged by him (whether this comes from higher beings or “regular humans” doesn’t matter). The Father god King holds the sword of Justice while the horn of Judgment plays overhead. You will know when this archetype comes to life when you see the smashing of the satanic globalist Illuminati order and the ending of the program of White genocide (3).  They will be highly competent, learned,(preferably bearded) White gentlemen, about 60-70 years old, who are skilled at learning critical information on a given situation or individual.  They see 17 moves ahead of the current move. They have vast knowledge of the Force.

The next time you see a figurine or shrine of Santa Claus during December remember who you’re looking at. The image of Santa landing his sled is just as sacred as the Christ child in the manager. Christmas represents the coming of our lord in two ways: the Christ child as a symbol of hope and purity and the Father God as a symbol of Judgment and order. Whether he comes as an advanced White being, or just as a human living out an archetype, we are in the time of the larger cycle where this force of nature is going to return.  The question you need to consider is whether you’ve been naughty or nice?  Because Santa Claus is coming to town.

Hail Santa Claus!!!




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White gods as archetypes

odin and zeus

In my last post I discussed the subject of the White gods (Nordic aliens). These “gods” are advanced beings that with high technology and great knowledge would have looked supernatural to early humans. I explained that these gods may be the creators of humans and may be returning to earth to claim their stock.

Of course, besides the ancient texts and some modern UFO encounters, the evidence for the existence of these beings is lacking. It may be the case that these gods only exist as archetypes within us as White humans.

Carl Gustav Jung defined archetypes as “ancient or archaic images that derive from the collective unconscious” (1). These beings may exist in our minds as higher ideas that we can look up to and identify with. A god like Zeus would represent an authority-father figure that we associate with justice and strength.

Zeus, or Odin may “return” to earth not in a space ship, but in the very being of one or more individuals already on earth. This person(s) would not go on YouTube and declare “I am Zeus,” but their actions and power would lead others to make the connection between him and Zeus. White humans are now facing a program of White genocide (see page above titled “The anti-White system”). Perhaps these archetypes appear in time of distress when a people consciously and/or unconsciously feel extreme danger? Perhaps archetypes of the world-changing nature appear when the world needs to be set-aright the most?

The authors of the book of Revelation and the Hindu texts that write about the “end times” or Kali-Yuga describe various gods and angels returning to earth to fight evil. Perhaps the writers of these texts knew that there would be a time in the future when civilization would become deviant, corrupt, and sick, and when this occurred, the “gods” would arrive in archetypal form?

These archetypes would be a part of us, buried in our memories but kept at pilot light level in our being through art, symbols, and stories. When the need comes about, the pilot light turns into a towering inferno that engulfs all those and that which threatens the survival of the folk. These archetypal beings would be beings against time. They would arrive in 750 BC just the same as they would in 2013 AD. Their outward forms would conform to the times, but their spirit would be the same. IOW, they wouldn’t show up today wearing togas and wielding hammers, they would be wearing modern clothing and wielding modern weaponry but their essence would not change.

While it’s exciting to think about White gods ascending from the heavens and throwing certain globalist elites into a pit of fire, it’s most likely not going to happen that way (but not impossible). These gods may already be here and you can see them when you look in the mirror. One of the goals of any future White society should be the creation of these White gods from the current base material of our folk.


Anti-Racist Hitler

Anti-Whites Gotta GO!!!!

Great Song by Patrick WhiteRabbit.

Happy Easter from Snout Smack

Praise be to our Savior who was sent by the Father to lead us, die for us, be raised from the dead, and defeat the forces of evil on this earth. May the Savior drive from this earth the generation of vipers (aka the Anglo-American-Judeo elite) and their two-faced father (Satan/Enki/Lucifer/Set/The Red Hippo) who carry out genocide on the All-Father’s elect.



Jesus throws out the money changers

thor fight satan

For the generation of vipers (and their anti-White associates) reading this please remember on this Easter that YOUR TIME IS RUNNING OUT. Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock………….

white rabbit time

Hail Jesus!!!

Magic Wars

potter and voldemort

I recently watched the Harry Potter series. Many people recommended it to me so I broke down and bought it. This essay will not be a full review of the series just some of my thoughts about aspects that stood out to me. The first 3 movies were really intended for younger audiences, so I found myself fast forwarding through certain parts but the last 2 or 3 movies were excellent.

The series is about a boy and his friends who attend a wizard academy and their adventures along the way. The main character Harry Potter was born with inborn magical abilities, as he was born of people with “wizard blood. “ As a baby his biological-parents were killed by an evil dark lord and as a result, was raised by his uncle and aunt. The aunt and uncle treated Harry very poorly and kept him in a closet sized room under the stairs of their house. The aunt and uncle were “muggles,” which was the term used for people without magic blood. They and their muggle son treated Harry as a freak and often psychologically abused him.

The actual world of magic in the series was hidden from the muggle world. The wizards and witches would move in between the magic world and muggle world without much suspicion from the muggles. Harry traveled to the wizard school on a train that was accessed through a magic wall in the muggle train station. Before Harry went to the school he was brought by his guide to a little magic neighborhood/central business district where one could purchase magical supplies. Harry was brought to the bank to withdraw gold that his biological-parents left for him and at this point I broke into uncontrollable laughter. The banks were run by “goblins” which just happened to look like Jews similar to the old Nazi Der Sturmer magazine depictions. The bankers looked like Alan Dershowitz (see pictures below). I was shocked that such a depiction would be allowed. Not only did the goblins look like the most negative depictions of Jews, but they also acted in a manner which is traditionally thought of as “anti-Semitic.” The goblins betrayed Harry later in the series over a sword using dishonest tactics, which clearly showed the viewer that Jews will betray gentiles over material objects (usally gold). The Jewish goblin that betrayed Harry did so by using word trickery. He promised to bring Harry deep in the bank vault to obtain a magical object that needed destroying, but then sprang a trap on Harry saying “I promised to get you in the vault but not to get you out.”

The main plotline in the series was the struggle between two magical factions. There was a dark side and light side. Harry Potter was on the light side and his main opponent was a dark lord known as Lord Voldemort. Voldemort was part serpent and had a large snake for a pet. Voldemort was once a student at the Wizard School and went by the name “Tom Riddle” before going to the dark side of magic. The dark side in Harry Potter was mostly made up of White people. Lord Voldemort himself was clearly a White man. Harry Potter’s main opponent within the wizard academy was a blond kid named Draco Malfoy. Draco’s blond father was a governor in the magical world and had major concerns over magic blood purity. The kids were split up into four teams when entering the school and the team with all the bad White kids was called “Slytherin,” which had a snake for their mascot. Harry’s team (which was multi-racial) was called “Gryffindor.” The symbolic mascot for this team was a lion.

I started seeing major parallels between the two factions in Harry Potter and the two factions that the White Rabbit has discussed (see my blog roll for White Rabbit Radio). The Rabbit’s source for much of his material is the alternative research author Joseph P. Farrell. Farrell has recently come out with a book titled “Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations.”(1) The covert wars part lays out the argument that there is a war being fought covertly between two elite factions in the world. On one side is the Anglo-America-Judeo-Illuminati elites, and on the other side the Germanic-European-Fascist elite. It appeared to me that the Harry Potter series was a depiction of these elites at war against each other.

Farrell argues the possibility that the various earthquakes and hurricanes, 9-11 attacks, possible nuke strikes on Antarctica at the start of the Iraq war in 2003, and other major events (US economic recession, BP oil disaster, Norway spiral, etc) over the last 10 years are part of a covert war between the two factions. The weather and natural disaster related attacks would be carried out using scalar technology. Just like the magic war in Harry Potter, the average “muggle” of the masses does not see the covert war occurring in front of them.

The dark side in Harry Potter is made up of unethical, greedy, “bigoted,” White people who only want power. There is one black kid on team Slytherin at the wizard school who just happens to look like Barrack Obama. The only other time you see non-whites on the dark side is in the end of the series when the dark side is attacking the wizard school. There are a couple visible black people in the crowd scene when Harry Potter appears dead, but no major characters on team Slytherin or the dark-side are non-white. There is a meeting scene where the leaders of the dark side are seated around a table and they are all White. During this meeting scene one of the former professors at the wizard school is trapped magically in elevation over the meeting table and the dark lord explains that this professor “sees the mixing of magic and muggle blood not as an abomination, but something to be desired.” After saying this all the meeting’s attendants cringe at the thought of mixing magic and muggle blood. The uniformed authorities (after the dark side takes over the magic institutions temporarily) all wear uniforms that are distinctly Nazi.

The series was created by people favorable to the Anglo-American-Judeo-Illuminati elite. They don’t depict Jews very flatteringly but present the “dark side” as a bunch of Nazis who concern themselves with blood purity, power, and oppressing the muggles. The “light side” is organized within a secret society called “The Order of the Phoenix.” The dark side’s army is bunch of faceless dark creatures called “Death Eaters” who wear costumes that look like the KKK but in black. The death eaters have greater capability in flight compared to the members of “The Order of the Phoenix,” which may be an acknowledgement of the Illuminati’s disadvantage in space craft capability compared to their rivals?

One aspect of extreme dishonesty in the series is the depiction of Lord Voldemort as a serpent. If any side was the serpent or more serpent-like, it would be the illuminati side. If the Illuminati elite are so illuminated, why aren’t they proud of their serpent god(s)? They’re constantly pushing chimerical images; would it not be they who are the reptilian-man mix? Perhaps we “muggles” are not illuminated enough to handle the fact that Satan or Lucifer (the god(s) of the Illuminati) are serpents? But why depict the other side as such unless you think there is something abnormal about having a serpent-man for a master? Of course, I’m open minded enough to accept the possibility that perhaps every reptilian isn’t evil? If such beings exist I would have to meet some of them before giving an honest opinion. But reptilians need to understand that humans may not want to live under a reptilian regime. Of course, there is no actual evidence proving the existence of reptilians so this is pretty much all speculation. Regardless of their existence or not, the Illuminati elite are more favorable symbolically to serpents as providers of knowledge so they should just roll with it and not deny it.

The series ends with the light side beating the dark side and making the world safe for magic-muggle mixing. Harry Potter is the savior (he dies and comes back to life) and defeats the dark lord. The savior in the Harry Potter movies is White. Some may think that it would be better anti-White propaganda if this epic series featured a black or brown savior? This is incorrect; the point of featuring a White savior is to appeal to White people to “fight against the forces of intolerance.” The Illuminati elite know they have to deceive Whites into fighting for our own genocide, because without Whites, they would be doomed. The Illuminati elite could have every single non-White and Jew in the world on their side, but in an open war against White humans, it would be over very quickly (with the Illuminati and non-whites getting crushed). The Illuminati will use Whites to fight against their enemies and then force blend us out of existence if they succeed in building their New World order.

If there truly is a covert war occurring between two groups of elites in the world today, movies are much more useful in learning about this situation than any mainstream news show today. In fact, what Harry Potter is, is war propaganda for the covert war that favors the Anglo-American-Judeo-Illuminati (although considering the depiction of Jews in Harry POtter, this might be more evidence that the Anglo-America-Illuminati have dropped their Jewish allies from the team?). This war propaganda enters the minds of the “muggles” or “hoopleheads” (see Deadwood review (2)), or the “profane” masses unconsciously.


images (1)<

images (2)

Separation with Cooperation


One point that many pro-Whites or White Nationalists need to understand is that non-Whites are not worth hating or getting upset about. There’s a belief among some in White Nationalism that to be for Whites, you have to be against non-Whites. There are even some White Nationalists that wish hardship on non-Whites or who celebrate the misfortunes of non-Whites. This is a most unfortunate attitude. Having ill feelings torwards others takes a toll on the body, mind, and spirit. The fact is, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, or other non-Whites are not responsible for the current situation that our folk is facing. Non-Whites are merely tools that the anti-White globalist elites (who are mostly White and Jewish) use to build their globalist order. Non-Whites are not the enemy; anti-Whites are (along with other assorted globalist NWO scum).

In reality many non-Whites across the world could be potential allies against the globalist forces that are pushing the program of White genocide. The same globalist elites who carry out White genocide are the same people who start wars, steal resources, and exploit people across the developing world. We should not alienate potential allies by looking down on them or claiming superiority over them.

There are many non-Whites in my everyday life that I respect and like more than the Whites that I interact with. I judge individuals as individuals and judge groups as groups. I’ve played high school and college sports, served in the military, and worked with non-Whites who were fine people. I am glad to have known these people and would help many of them if they ever needed my help. But I still demand that Whites have the right to our own countries, communities, and institutions (just as every other human group on earth has). This may seem like a strange paradox to some but to me it’s not.

The program of White genocide is going to come to an end. At that point we’ll start to see the creation of White countries, communities, and institutions. These countries, or city-states, or regions, or communities, or organizations aren’t just going to close themselves off totally from non-Whites. Obviously if we live on the same planet there has to be interaction with non-Whites. Many White people have a desire to help non-Whites. There is no reason why future White collectives would not assist non-Whites, if the non-Whites ask for the assistance. Of course, “assisting” non-Whites does not mean bringing them to White spaces to live. It means teaching ways to help themselves. It means dealing with non-white leaders who truly care about their people and not just improving their lot or status among Whites.

The current so called “black leadership” in America is pathetic (Jackson, Dyson, Sharpton, Wright, etc.). The most successful blacks in America could be kings in the black community if they wanted to (instead of being tools for globalist elites who are mostly White and Jewish). The black elites in America should move to ghettos and lead their people from there. Blacks should run the police forces, the businesses, and local governments. They should work with black African leaders in Africa. With the resources of Africa, and the education of blacks in America, blacks could build a black international socialist empire. It could be “by blacks, for blacks.” It could include Africa, part of the United States, and other black enclaves elsewhere. To help in its creation this future black empire could receive a reparations payment to help in its finance. Of course it would come with an understanding that Whites would no longer be “chained” to blacks as we currently are. A trillion dollars given to the government of the new black international socialist empire to help them get on their feet and then we’ll follow our own separate destinies.

At that point future White spaces would be free to expand into outer space and start building higher level civilizations. Of course there may already be breakaway civilizations that exist secretly that are pretty much all White? If these breakaway civilizations exist, then the task of any future White collectives would be to lift the current stock of earth Whites to a level that would make them beneficial to these breakaway civilizations. IOW, these breakaway civilizations will want to expand in space and the mission of the earthly White collectives will be to develop better people who would be physically, intellectually, morally, mentally, and spiritual suitable for intergalactic civilizational affairs. Of course, there may also be White collectives who have no interest in such high minded ideas and who just want to live out a simple Middle America life of ballgames, birthdays, and barbecues? This would be their right as well.

The future, (after the anti-White globalist power structure is turned to dust), will be one of “separation with cooperation.” Some major shifts that we could see are : A coalition of White countries, communities, and organizations that start in building an intergalactic civilization; a multicultural-block which will be led by elements of the surviving globalist elite (that is unless Zeus doesn’t return with Jesus and throw ALL these types into a large pit of fire?)*; a black international socialist empire (probabaly unlikley, but I threw this one in just to give blacks a vision of something bigger to work for that doesn’t involve depending on Whites forever); increasing integration of China, Japan, and the Koreas into a NE Asian block. Many of the current nation states will remain, others will fade away. City states will become prominent again. Various “tribes” of like-minded people forming “Resilant Communties (See global guerrillas in my blogroll).

Before we can start living in a better world we have to smash the current anti-White, globalist, New World Order system. It’s important for pro-Whites to remember that most of the non-Whites on the planet dislike the same people who push White genocide on us. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be allies with these people. We can learn something from all people, including the most primitive of peoples. But non-Whites have to underdstand as well that Whites have the right to our own destinies. After the globalist elites are defeated, there’s no reason why we can’t further cooperate with each other as we follow our separate destinies.

Separation with Cooperation…that is the future.

*I included the “multicultral block” to make the point that I support this option for those who want it. I also believe it could serve as a living reminder to future Whites of what life looked like back when Whites had diversity forced on them.

STOP White GeNOcide

Created by Johnny Mantraseed

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