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Prayer to the White gods?

odin spear

As I’ve expressed in the past, I am a believer in the “White gods.” These are gods from Norse, Roman, Greek, Babylonian, Central American mythologies that have names like Odin, Thor, Freya, Zeus, Mars, Enlil, Viracocha, Quetzalcoatl. The question is how or where do these beings actually exist?

I don’t believe that the White gods are the ultimate creator(s) of the universe. This entity is “God,” or what the Masons call “the architect of the Universe,” or what the Platonists or Hermetic thinkers called “The All,” or what in Star Wars was called “The Force.” This God is the great first mover, the highest mystery, the Alpha and Omega. Why do I believe in God? I believe in God because I believe there has to be a cause to the Universe. I grew up in a mainline Protestant church and for a short time dabbled in Evangelical spiritual ideas, but these entities never satisfied my spiritual yearnings. While attending confirmation class in 8th grade I remember annoying the minister with my questions of doubt regarding parts of the Bible. When I attended an Evangelical church I was never satisfied with the answers I got regarding the book of Genesis. What got me truly believing in a God were the hermetic texts, Platonist ideas, and other readings from what people call “the mysteries.” But my belief in God mainly revolves around the idea that the order of the Universe has to be rooted in some kind od intelligent force. Some people say they need to see miracles and wonders to believe in God. Miracles and wonders don’t matter to me because with modern technology, humans can create events that look “Godlike” but which are only caused by humans. I prey to this God and picture it as a revolving spiral that includes the whole Universe turning in spirit, matter, and thought.

The White gods would exist somewhere between humans and God/The All/The force. I’m not exactly sure on what “level” or in what “realm” they exist? The White Rabbit introduced me to the idea that they may be advanced beings that are just more advanced and more evolved than humans. These beings would be corporeal beings that fly highly advanced space ships and have technology that would appear supernatural. These beings may be creators of humans or even of our earth? I’ve also discussed the idea that the gods were only archetypes and constructs of the human mind (1).

There’s also a third possibility that these beings exist in higher realms of spirit as told in the mysteries. For example, in the book “The Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception” by Max Heindel (2), it is explained that the Universe is made up of 7 worlds; staring from the material world, to the God world. Under the world of God is the world of virgin spirits and under this the world of divine spirits. It may be the case that the White gods exist in these worlds of virgin or divine spirits? How do I know that the White gods exist? I know they exist because of mythology. The White gods exist across the mythologies of cultures that had little or no contact. People laugh at mythology, as I once did. But then when some German goes and digs up Troy, or build a propulsion system from Babylonian and Hindu texts, people stop laughing. Even if the gods only exist as human archetypes, I still consider this a level of existence that manifests through us as humans. The question next to consider is whether one should pray to the White gods? To this question I give a resounding YES!

If the gods exist in the spirit realms then they will hear us. This is simple enough. If they exist in the purely archetypal mental realm then this is still reason to pray to them. Praying to something gives it a kind existence just by the act of believing. Prayer also has positive effects on the human psyche. It’s putting faith into something greater or at least other than your-self. The more intriguing question is whether one should pray to the White gods if they exist as purely higher corporeal beings? To this I also say YES!

If these gods exist in corporeal bodies they would have technology that we couldn’t even imagine. If they do, they may have listening technology that feeds into powerful voice activated search engines. If you pray out loud to Odin or Thor, your voice may get picked up and transmitted to the gods into these search engines. The gods may check the search engine to see who said their name that day? If they see that you gave them praise and respected them, they may help you out. Since these gods have some sort of effect on world events, they may help you in ways down the chain of command through their human subordinates. Or, they may help you directly. Let’s say you have adversaries plotting against you. Since these adversaries will most likely talk to plot against you, this will be picked up by the listening device and fed into the search engine. One day these enemies may have a heart attack brought on by Odin’s “spear” shot from his space ship. In the original “Clash of the Titians” movie it shows Zeus with a little model of every person in the world. This was a great metaphor for the idea that Zeus may have files on all of us. He may know everything we ever said. It has been speculated that all information in the Universe is recorded into the aether. The gods may have technology that can extract this information? They may have a book of your life in which they have every act you ever did on record? I could go on, but my point is that you should prey to the gods just as you should prey to the God/All/Force. This is similar to how Catholics or Christian Orthodox people pray to Saints and pray to God.

download (1)

Hail Odin
Grey Wanderer
For many years You have knocked at the hidden doors to my soul.
Patient yet ever insistent: awaiting my response.

Hail Odin
All Father:
Ye who knows the passageways to my heart.
Yet patient, waiting, not treading there within, uninvited.

Hail Odin
Wise One
You teach me the greater worth of a path freely chosen.
i welcome You now into my heart, unfettered by reservation.

Hail Odin
Spear Shaker
Ye who incites wars amongst nations and the battles within each man’s heart:
You spur me now to rise to Your challenge.

Hail Odin
One Eyed God
Your quest unhalted by sacrifice.
So do i commit to follow Your will.

Hail Odin
Master of the Runes
Through Your Gift we glimpse the web of Wyrd
So do i seek the knowledge Your Staves reveal.

Hail Odin
Patron to the skalds
Bringer of the mead of inspiration
May my words be pleasing to Your ears.

Hail Odin
Master of Fury:
Primal and uncontained: dictated by necessity.
May i persevere, unrepressed, in adversity.

Hail Odin
My Your Valkyries find me worthy
When the web of my life is cut. (3)


An Observation regarding liberals and conservatives

Liberals claim to support “choice,” but won’t support the choice of Whites to form communities and institutions with other Whites.

Conservatives claim to support “freedom,” but won’t support the freedom of Whites to form communities and institutions with other Whites.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

You had the WILL or you didn’t.

thor hammer

Killed the King of “it” that the King of “everything else” may reign, ja?
Is the base-self hammered to the cross; the higher-self ascended above?
If God and gods can’t trust my word how can you or I?
If there is no God and the gods don’t listen isn’t logic the most High?
One has the will or one doesn’t.
When the cycle winds down, the iron question sounds.
You did it or you didn’t
You’re standing before the Father
You had the WILL or you didn’t.

odin on throne

Ein Prosit !!!

Grab a mug of green tea, milk, water, beer or whatever beverage you like and just give thanks that the end of the anti-White/NWO entity is nigh. Sing “Ein Prosit” as you think about what you did to oppose the Satanic forces that tried to forced-diversify White people from the Universe.You’re going to notice people jumping on the bandwagon when they start to see the anti-White/NWO ship going down. PEOPLE KNOW THAT THE ANTI-WHITE SYSTEM IS WRONG, they just need to hear some serious people point it out. They’re programmed to feel SCARED TO TALK about it. Feel good TONIGHT that YOU contributed when it was very unpopular to be against White genocide. I (the creator and writer for SS) give thanks to the highest power in the Universe for providing me with the experiences in my rotational path to allow me to see the phenomenon in the first place.

I feel blessed that I can see this satanic activity but feel, ney KNOW, that it’s my responsibility to act against it. Other humans who don’t identify themselves as being “White” still must oppose White genocide if they wish to claim they are “enlightened,” “rational,” or “moral” people. Once the White genocide program has been grinded to powder, there will be other challenges, but as far as I’m concerned, we (all humans) should be optimistic for a future when people have the right to live according to their own narratives with the people who best fit within their narrative.

True freedom is the right to live (rotate?) with who you wish without interfering with others right to do the same. This FREEDOM is coming SOON, as is the creativity that this will unleash across the earth and BEYOND. All people will benefit greatly when freedom of association is fully understood, implemented, and carried out as a basic “human right.” The potential for cooperation, creativity, and PROBLEM SOLVING is ENDLESS as we optimize our time and effort with the humans that share our symbolic understanding of the Universe.

This is the future. Freedom of association with greater cooperation.

BUT, tonight enjoy yourself with a beverage and with the people that fit in best with your symbolic rotational path.

The Message (against White genocide): Learn it know it live it

I never heard of this Paul Weston fellow before, but he’s on message. As is this Spanish fellow:

And how about this British chap pointing out the anti-White double standard:

Bottom line, the message against White genocide is spreading. More and more people are noticing that ONLY White people are denied the right to their own spaces, institutions, and narratives. This is the biggest human rights issue in the world today. A group of humans on earth that are known as “White,” (European in origin) are expected to take in millions of people unlike themselves and be force-assimilated with them. If anyone publicly objects to this they are denied economic opportunity, have their reputations destroyed, and in Europe can even be jailed. While this occurs an information campaign is carried out that demonizes Western history and culture, encourages racial amalgamation, and forwards the idea that White people have no right to spaces, institutions, and narratives of their own. Over time this will lead to the disappearance of White people from the earth. This is genocide.

If you’re an aspiring politician out there, I suggest you get on the message (see BUGS Bob Whitaker in my blogroll) against White genocide. We’re moving into a time period when being on this message will be a requirement for political success. You can have debates about the size of the budget, or taxes, or abortion, or gay marriage, or whatever. But there is no debate when it comes to White genocide. You won’t be around for long if you don’t. You will against White genocide and be for allowing Whites (or anyone) the right to their own spaces, institutions, and narratives.

This is the future of politics in the West.

Learn it know it live it

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