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The Killing of the King:The dIfference between the Old and New TestAMent Gods.

The Old Testament God requires his followers to die for him.  The New Testament God is willing to die for his followers.  The Killing of the King ritual creates a change in the physical medium (wave of consciousness turning matter and spirit).  The King who will sacrifice himself for the survival of his Kingdom is preferable to the King who will sacrifice his Kingdom for his own survival.  Which King would you rather serve? The King who tells you to belive in his Law and then sends you to die for the Law, or the King who shows you that he believes in his Law by dying for the Law?  The two-faced God of the Old Testament (1) requires you to kill to become one of his subjects (Chosen People), while the New Testament God allows himself to be killed for his subjects (the Elect).  The God-King who won’t sacrifice himself shows us that he lacks faith in his own immortality.  Satan’s kingdom is the earth.  It’s a closed system.  Service to the two faced God can/will result in having two faces.

The King is dead. The King is dead.  Long live the King.


Who’s the “New Freemason?”

Freemasons like to point out that many of the ideas that they proclaim were suppressed by ignorant church leaders and kings who were fearful of more illuminating ideas entering the consciousness of the people.

They’re right.

Freemasons were persecuted, lied about, and even killed for wanting to study and advocate for ideas which were different than the conventional dogma of the day. The Freemasons were “politically incorrect” and experienced losses of reputation, economic opportunity, freedom, and even life because of their activities.

Who do the Freemasons of old sound like today?

Freemasons are proud that their once suppressed ideas eventually won out over church dogma and aristocratic rule and even ended up being the “cornerstone” of the French and American Republics.

So who’s the New Freemason?



American Music

The country music super-group “The Highwaymen” did a good job of expressing the American frontier motif.  I’ve posted the song “Highwayman” here in the past because it expresses ideas of  return, rebirth, and cycles.

The greatest teacher of the Mysteries known today (IMO) claims that there is no end or beginning to who we are.  This song “Highwayman” expresses this idea beautifully.  The only problem I have with the song (and the band’s name) is that they named it after a criminal element that robbed people on the side of the road.  The other characters in the song are not criminals (sailor, dam builder, starship pilot), in fact they’re heroic figures.

The “Highwaymen” should have called themselves “The Shotgunmen.”  The fella who rode shotgun on the stage coach was the guy who fought the highwaymen off.  This is the character that should be celebrated in this beautiful song, not people who robbed and many times killed people on the side of the road.

Oh well.  The world is less than perfect but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy it.  I still enjoy the band’s music despite this small discrepancy.

I wish all my readers a Happy Independence Day.

Enjoy some good American music.

Lucifer vs Odin WWIII???!!!

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