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Floki will betray Ragnar


***[Update 5/1/14] I was wrong!  And I’m glad because I didn’t want to see Ragnar die. What a great display of  Teutonic guile. For those of you who are new to my site due to this post on “Vikings” (it’s gotten a lot of hits) I encourage you to read the Mantra tab above. Remember that “diversity” is just a code for White genocide. Have a nice day.    

My favorite television show out right now is “Vikings” on the History channel.  I like it even better than Game of Thrones (GOT), which is saying a lot because I love GOT.  The reason I like it better than GOT is because it’s actually (somewhat) historical and depicts a time in history that I find absolutely fascinating (the early middle ages).  The creator of Vikings is Michael Hirst. Hirst is a middle ages specialist/extraordinaire and the shows that he’s involved in tend to be the shows that I enjoy the most (The Tudors, The Borgias, Camelot, Vikings).  Once Vikings comes to an end I’d like to see a show that depicts Charlemagne and his interactions with the Saxons of Germany. This may be too similar to the concept behind Vikings but for us Middle Ages junkies, there’s never enough.


Never before has there been a show (or movie) that depicts Viking society so intimately.  But what really makes Vikings outstanding is the contrast it shows between Viking society and Saxon society. If the show only concentrated on Viking society it would not be as good. Vikings is a show that could rightfully be titled “Early Middle Ages Northern Europe.”  It’s a real treat for people who descend from Scandinavia, the British Isles, and other Germanics to see their early history be made into a show.  Never before was there a show that showed the pre-Christian religion of  Northern Europe. It’s been done for the Southern European pagan religions (Rome on HBO), but not for the Germanic religions. Hopefully future seasons will depict Viking interaction with the Celts (Welsh), Franks, and perhaps even into Russia?


Some of the best scenes in Vikings is when they flip back and forth from Viking to Saxon society. We see a wedding in both. We see their religious life. We see how the leaders mete out justice. It’s an interesting similarity that both societies use a community hall for where business is conducted. The hall was a major part of pagan Germanic society and it remained so into the Christian era. The Christian Saxons have a more organized religious life with Bishops being powerful figures in the community. Norse religious life is more personal. The political leaders (Horik, Ragnar) carryout the blood sacrifices while the holy men (like the seer in Vikings) tend to council the political leaders. It does appear however based on the “Sacrifice” episode from season 1 that when the holy man says something will piss off the gods; the political leaders listen. There’s a supernatural aspect of Vikings that is well done in its subtlety. You see a glimpse of Odin here or there or ravens circling the battlefield.  I should also discuss the 4 main leaders (Horik, Lothbrok, Ecbert, Aelle) of the show.


King Aelle is to King Horik what King Ecbert is to Earl Ragnar.  Aelle and Horik are impulsive, prone to anger, greedy, and short sighted. Ragnar and Ecbert are more controlled, open minded and forward thinking.  In an early episode of season 2 the Vikings sack a church and when they find the treasure King Horik and the men sound like pirates as they yell “treasurrrrr!”  Meanwhile Ragnar was less interested in treasure but instead tries to learn about Saxon society, Christianity and has the vision to see England as a potential land for settlement. Horik also enjoys killing and torturing people while Ragnar obviously views such behavior as senseless. Ecbert is interested in classical learning while Aelle scoffs at reading as a waste of time. In episode 9 Ragnar even tells Athelstan that he hopes one day that the Christian God and the Norse gods could be friends.  He could never say this in front of Floki or Horik.  Despite being of two different religions and cultures, Ragnar and King Ecbert are more natural allies compared with their reactionary partners in their respective cultures and religions.


The character of Floki is an interesting character.  He’s a ship builder, has medical skills, is clairvoyant, and is a shamanic figure. Floki is also an archetype of the Norse god Loki. He’s a trickster that you never know if you can trust. The character Floki is also what you might call a “fundamentalist” of the Norse religion.  In the first season when Rollo gets baptized Floki is the only norseman who won’t kneel even after their leader Ragnar kneels (in fact Floki spits on the ground to show his displeasure). Later in the baptism episode he confronts Rollo over agreeing to be baptized. Rollo claims that he didn’t believe it but Floki tells him that it doesn’t matter. Floki is a shamanic type person who understands the dangers of taking part in foreign spiritual rituals. One point on Rollo is that historically Rollo ends up having a greater legacy than his brother Ragnar; as he later settles Northern France in the place we now call “Normandy” for a people we now know as the “Normans.”


This brings me to my prediction for the season finale. I predict that Ragnar will be betrayed by Floki and end up in King Aelle’s snake pit (see photos above). If you read the Sagas that discuss Ragnar Lothbrok, it tells of this fate for him. Being an Asatru fundamentalist, Floki sees Ragnar as a sell-out to the Norse gods. I believe he planned this sell-out when he rode off with the hostage King Aelle during the meeting. After the meeting between the Viking leaders and King Ecbert, we see Floki hisss at King Aelle in a show of disrespect towards him as Aelle leaves the viking camp. This was most likely done to hide the fact that Floki made a deal with Aelle. Years ago you would never see the main character of a show killed off , but over the last 10 years or so it’s become common for a major character to be killed off early.  Rome killed off Caesar in season 1. Deadwood killed off Wild Bill Hickok early in season 1. Game of Thrones takes it to another level with a willingness to kill off anyone at any time.  According to the Sagas Bjorn will take revenge for the death of Ragnar Lothbrok and will give King Aelle a “blood eagle.”  The only thing that causes me some uncertainty over my prediction of the upcoming death of Ragnar is that the Sagas say that he raids Paris in the Frankish kingdom (and that hasn’t happened yet on Vikings). At this point I’d say I’m 98% sure that Ragnar will be sold out and thrown into Aelle’s snake pit.


If Ragnar is killed off, the question then is will the show be able to survive without him?  He is great character, but I think the show will go on (the show must go on). The show will end up revolving around the vikings Bjorn, Rollo, Floki, and King Horik. We’ll still see the great contrasts and comparisons between the Norse and Christian Saxon societies.  In the Saxon world king Aelle will survive but probably will get blood-eagled next season. I don’t think King Ecbert will get killed off yet but who knows what King Aelle is willing to do?  Aelle is a treacherous bastard and he certainly wasn’t very happy with King Ecbert’s presumptuous decision to volunteer him to be a hostage to the vikings during the meeting. You can see the look in Aelle’s eyes when he’s around King Ecbert that he doesn’t really like him.  If there is a big “kill off” during the season 2 finale I would expect Athelstan and Lagertha to be killed as well.


Athelstan is a great character and the conflict of his identity over his Christian side and Norse side is intriguing.  At first I didn’t care much for his character and found him to be a little annoying.  There’s a part when it looked like Ragnar was going to die in season 1 when Athelstan was saying the Old Testament verse about “a season for everything” that just sounded dorky compared to Lagertha calling on Freya for help to save her husband. Later when Athelstan tries to say this verse again the viewing audience is relieved when Floki interrupts and says “just shut up and eat your soup priest.”  In season 1 when the Vikings raid the monastery at Lindisfarne (where we meet Athelstan) it looked like what would happen if a high school football team met their rival high school’s science fiction club in some remote area. Over time we see Athelstan turn from dork to viking tough guy and in episode 9 we see him pick his friendship with Ragnar over Christianity and his partnership with King Ecbert. This brings me to the subject of Lagertha. Killing off Lagertha would be a shame in that we wouldn’t see her goddess-like face on the show anymore.  While princess Aslug is an attractive woman, Lagertha is goddess-like in her looks. Borjn’s girlfriend looks like she might take over Lagertha’s role as “hot blonde” on the show if Lagertha is killed off.


The Vikings season 2 finale is going to be a good one. I expect it to be shocking and exciting, but also a little sad since it will most likely feature the deaths of many of the characters that we’ve grown to like. The great lesson of Vikings is that you never know who is going to stab you in the back. You never know what resentments, envies, or complexes exist in your “friends” or “family.” You might have so called “friends” who see in you something that they covet and spend time with you because they think doing so will bring them whatever they yearn for in you. But then, when given the opportunity to betray you they will do so gladly, as this gives them an outlet to hurt the object of their relative inadequacy. You never know when taking you down may be the way up for the people you thought you trusted. One of the greatest gifts you can have in this world is people that you can absolutely trust.  But if you find that circumstances have made it so that no one can be trusted, then remember that you always have God or the gods to turn to.




Venice, England, The Tudors, and Lucifer

willsomersThe White Rabbit (see my blogroll) recently started discussing the history of the Venetians. In discussing this history he has been relying on the work of Joseph P. Farrell (1) and Webster Tarpley (2). Tarpley has been writing on Venice for a long time and in his work he has addressed the infiltration of the Venetians into England. From Tarpley’s work it appears that the Venetians gained a foothold into England during the reign of Henry the 8th.  Here are a few paragraphs from an essay by Tarpley that serves as a good introduction:

Henry VIII was King of England between 1509 and 1547. His accession to the throne coincided with the outbreak of the War of the League of Cambrai, in which most European states, including France, the Holy Roman Empire (Germany), Spain, and the papacy of Pope Julius II della Rovere joined together in a combination that bid fair to annihilate Venice and its oligarchy. The League of Cambrai was the world war that ushered in the modern era. Henry VIII attracted the attention of the Venetian oligarchy when he – alone among the major rulers of Europe – maintained a pro-Venetian position during the crisis years of 1509-1510, just as Venice was on the brink of destruction. Henry VIII was for a time the formal ally of Venice and Pope Julius. The Venetian oligarchy became intrigued with England.

In 1527, when Henry VIII sought to divorce Catherine of Aragon, the Venetian-controlled University of Padua endorsed Henry’s legal arguments. Gasparo Contarini, the dominant political figure of the Venetian oligarchy, sent to the English court a delegation which included his own uncle, Francesco Zorzi. The oligarch and intelligence operative Zorzi, consummately skilled in playing on Henry’s lust and paranoia, became the founder of the powerful Rosicrucian, Hermetic, cabalistic, and Freemasonic tradition in the Tudor court. Later, Henry VIII took the momentous step of breaking with the Roman Papacy to become the new Constantine and founder of the Anglican Church. He did this under the explicit advice of Thomas Cromwell, a Venetian agent who had become his chief adviser. Thomas Cromwell was Henry VIII’s business agent in the confiscation of the former Catholic monasteries and other church property, which were sold off to rising families. Thomas Cromwell thus served as the midwife to many a line of oligarchs.

Under the impact of the War of the League of Cambrai, the Venetian oligarchy realized the futility of attempting a policy of world domination from the tiny base of a city-state among the lagoons of the northern Adriatic. As was first suggested by the present writer in 1981, the Venetian oligarchy (especially its “giovani” faction around Paolo Sarpi) responded by transferring its family fortunes (fondi), philosophical outlook, and political methods into such states as England, France, and the Netherlands. Soon the Venetians decided that England (and Scotland) was the most suitable site for the New Venice, the future center of a new, world-wide Roman Empire based on maritime supremacy. Success of this policy required oligarchical domination and the degradation of the political system by wiping out any Platonic humanist opposition. (3)

As the above essay shows, England would be a perfect place to export the Venetian model to. It was an Island, which make invasion very difficult, it was seafaring,  and it had a growing population of Northern Europeans.  After reading the works of Tarpley and Farrell, I started thinking about certain things that stuck out to me relating to the Showtime series “The Tudors.”  The Tudors was about the reign of Henry the 8th. As the essay of Tarpley points out, it was during the reign of Henry the 8th when the Venetians got a foothold into England.  After re-watching the Tudors, after reading the work of Tarpley and Farrell, I realized that something (or someone) else may have been exported to England besides just the Venetian “model?”

Guardi,Francesco_-_The_Departure_of_Bucentaur_for_the_Lido_on_Ascension_DayIn the Tudors you can plainly see the influence of Venice, as Henry the 8th wanted to build the Venetian ship that the Doge of Venice rode in to carry out the annual “marriage of the Sea” ritual. In this ritual the Doge of Venice renewed Venice’s “vows” with the sea (4). During the ceremony the Doge drops a concentrated ring into the sea. The sea was critical to Venice since Venice was a maritime power and depended on oversea trade for its wealth.  Henry the 8th intended to have his Wife Jane Seymour ride in the ship to her coronation. Sadly, Queen Jane died in child birth and never got to take this ride. But it was after her death on the Tudors, that I noticed something veeery interesting.

During Season 3 episode 5 of the Tudors we see Henry the 8th mourning the death of his wife Jane Seymour.  It was during this episode that we see a new character on the show. This was the character of Will Somers; the king’s fool (5). Through a whole 2 and a half seasons we never see Somers until this episode, and he does not appear again after it. Somers is the only person that King Henry would be around during times of depression and despair. We first see Somers talking to the King and calling King Henry an “idiot” for allowing his last wife to die.  Somers appears to be free to say anything to King Henry that would get any other person dead.  It was interesting that Somers is depicted on the Tudors as having had quite a philosophical mind.  In conversations with Henry he seems to understand the consciousness-centric nature of the universe, as he tells Henry that “all of this is a dream” and that “the only thing that is real is in men’s heads.”

WillSommers_engraving Later while talking about the great palace that Henry is planning, Somers pokes fun at the idea of such a Palace and Henry calls him a “fool.” While they play cards Henry tells Somers not to “play the fool.”  Somers says “why not?”  Henry continues to talk about the palace that he plans on building. Somers points out that like the Roman ruins or the Colossus of Rhoades that “all things tend towards their ruin, even the great houses and the fools who built them.”

It was with this last line (about the great houses and the fools who build them) that I realized who Somers really was.  Will Somers was Lucifer. This character was Will Somers but with Lucifer transposed on him. This happens sometimes with film or literature. A writer will use the role of one character and transpose 2 or more people on the same character.  When Somers/Lucifer talked about the “fools” that build great houses, he wasn’t referring to Henry; he was referring to himself. So along with the Venetian “model” that came to England, the “boss” may have come too? It’s no mistake that the Tudor emblem was a stylized pentagram.  The war of the roses may have been a fight to see what House would run the new Empire for Lucifer? Lucifer has been building Houses from Babylon, to Rome, to Venice and then on to England as he tries to build is world order. Many people in the alternative research community speculate London as the global administrative center for the so called “New World Order.” If Lucifer is on earth, then it’s very likely that he would act as a father figure or mentor to the most powerful people on earth.

lucifersroseLater in the episode we see Henry and Somers getting drunk and discussing the new articles of faith of the Church of England. They’re discussing the Bible and Somers’ shows great knowledge of the Bible for a person who most likely had little education.  Henry starts saying the end of the revised Lord’s Prayer “for thine is the kingdom,” and then Somers takes over and says “the power and glory.”  I never knew until much later in my life that this part of the Lord’s Prayer was added to the Bible by Henry the 8th. Was this a reference to his great King Lucifer, the “fool” who created his great House?  Perhaps in public Lucifer “played the fool” as Will Sumers but then behind closed doors was the boss?  I think it’s more likely that Lucifer would have stayed out-of-sight of the public and only had contacts with the power figures. So the historical Somers was most likely not Lucifer but on the Tudors Lucifer was transposed onto Somers.

The real Will Somers was actually quite younger then Henry the 8th but in the Tudors show he is depicted as much older than Henry the 8th.  As written above, on the Tudors he was also quite well read and wise to the world. When Henry starts to cry over the death of his wife Somers holds Henry and tells him that “this too shall pass.”  He then gives some motivational words to Henry to get his soldier back out into the field. We then see Lord Cromwell being awakened by Somers by saying “wakey wakey” and Cromwell looked horrified. Later we see Henry talking to his Churchmen and Lords about the articles of faith for the church of England. Henry adds the new part of Lord’s Prayer. After this we see Lord Cromwell and Lord Rich alone talking about the new church articles. As hardcore reformers they lament the fact that Henry isn’t doing enough to smash the Catholic aspects of the church. Cromwell says that the King “has always been a true catholic at heart, except in this one thing, that he would have neither the Pope nor Luther nor any other man set above him.”  We then move to the last scene which shows Somers/Lucifer sitting on the King’s throne at night wearing a crown laughing in a demonic manner (see photo at top).  Was the “him” Cromwell was referring to Henry the 8th, or was it Somers/Lucifer?

Movie producers and writers are the great magicians and alchemists of our time (6). They have the ability and means to affect the consciousness’s of people in great numbers.  In my review of HBO’s Deadwood (7), I have shown that TV shows and movies are used for the dissemination of esoteric information. People like David Milch (creator of Deadwood) and Michael Hirst (creator of the Tudors) are extremely knowledgeable and like many movie producers tend to have some sort of inside knowledge on the workings of the world.  They write shows in multilayers. Shows like the Tudors or Deadwood contain secret information that can only be seen by people who have the “eyes” to see it. I watched the Tudors two years ago but after obtaining new information it made the Tudors mean something different. I observed the Tudors, rotated away from it, and upon rotating back was able to take away more from it based on the information I observed during my time away from it. On the DVD sleeve of The Tudors set there’s a horned figure on the stained glass window over Henry’s right shoulder (see directly below). This person was most likely Moses, but regardless it is interesting that it was used in this image.


The dissolution of monasteries and the massacres that occurred afterwards on loyal Catholics makes more sense in light of the Venetian connection. If England was going to be a world empire it couldn’t have the Catholic Church operating with such power in its realm. The monasteries were the backbone of the church. For this reason they had to be smashed. For the average person living in England the Abbey’s and monasteries were everything. Life was organized around activities at these sites. The Abbeys provided alms to the poor, educational institutions, and hospitals. They fixed bridges, sea walls, and tilled crops. People celebrated feasts for Saints and the monasteries were directly involved. When someone couldn’t afford their children they could give them to the monasteries that would bring them up. The beauty and wealth of these institutions was immense. All of it was destroyed and the wealth transferred to the king and his loyal lords. The mass killings of Catholics after the “Pilgrimage of Grace” may have been a requirement by Lucifer for Henry.  Lucifer may require a certain amount of blood to be spilled to keep in his good graces.  It shows him that his agents will do his will and the mass death itself may bring Lucifer some sort of personal satisfaction.

The Venetian model also requires obedience to the state. By destroying the Abbeys people would have to rely on the state for social welfare. Henry the 8th also outlawed the majority of feast days of the year. The Tudors show depicted Cromwell complaining about the feast days as a waste of revenue. He said that the people should be working in the fields. This is a perfect example of how the Oligarchical mind thinks. They would prefer people working over praying or spending time with their families. It’s no mistake that the Protestant ethic says that hard work, frugality and diligence are evidence of grace.  It’s also no mistake that some people think Martin Luther was a Venetian agent (8).The rise of the Protestant Reformation saw years of war between Catholics and Protestants in which the Venetian banksers funded both sides.

I really must suggest watching the Tudors, or at least episode 5 of season 3 to see this Will Somers character. If you’re new to my blog, I also suggest reading about the character of Lucifer which can be found at this link:

It’s important that the reader understand that when I discuss Lucifer, that I believe him to be an actual corporeal extraterrestrial being who heads the powers of earth, and not the traditional evil spirit Lucifer of Christian or Jewish theology. There is clearly something not human at the head of the Anglo-American-Judeo-Illuminati-Globalist-Elite (9). It could be that the creator of the Tudors was showing us who this is?










Santa Claus is Coming to Town


Every December the people in the houses I visit and live near display statues, talisman, figurines, and even shrine type arrangements of a god who comes on Christmas Night.  This god is a god of justice and hope who comes as a savior to those who remained true to the rules of his kingdom.  The King returns to save the people who remained loyal to his laws and also gives the the untrue the burning coals of hell to experience for breaking his laws. Who is this god that I describe; Jesus Christ? It could be, but specifically the being that I’m describing is the one they call “Santa Claus.”

Santa Claus is a fatherly or grandfatherly White man with a thick white beard, usually wearing some sort of clothing to protect him from the elements, and travels in a flying sled pulled by 8 reindeer.  Santa Claus’s archetype is the father god in most of the White mythologies (Norse, Greek, German, Roman).  Santa Claus is Odin (who rode an 8 legged horse), or Zeus, or Enlil. He’s the wise father. He’s the King of the Realm.


The father god has a son. The King has a crowned prince.  Uther Pendragon has Arthur.  Odin has Thor. God the Father has Jesus. Jesus is Thor (they both carry a hammer).   Jesus is Santa Claus’s son.   This god appears three times: 1) he is born (Christmas); 2) he appears in his late twenties-early thirties as Savior (Easter); 3) then he comes back in his “3rd Coming” (although most people call it the 2nd coming) as the father god to dispense Justice as told in the book of Revelation or in the Hindu Texts that discuss the return of the gods during the Kali Yuga. Christmas is the Celebration of the god’s birth, AND the celebration of his return on the Day of Judgment to reward his people and mete out justice to traitors and the untrue.  Easter is the celebration of this man in his late 20’s or early 30’s who acts as champion of the people.  He usually gets killed and then rises from the dead (Jesus, Thor, Conan, Flash Gordon, Arthur Pendragon).  His son takes over his duties and the cycle of father and son repeats itself.


The 3 holidays dealing with the White god(s).

1) Christmas Day: The birth of the White Christ Child (a healthy White male child as a symbol of hope).   The Christ Child comes as “The Sun” in the Tarot.

2) Easter: The White Christ rising from the dead after being executed by the enemies of the Folk (aka the generation of vipers).  The White Christ Savior comes as the “Knight of Swords” in the Tarot.

3) Christmas Eve: The King returns as the Father King god. The great White Father comes as “King of Swords” in the Tarot.

The Cycle then starts again 1-2-3


The story of Santa Claus is an allegory about the return of Odin/Zeus/Enlil on the Day of Judgement. The “kids” in the Santa story represent people on this earth.  The current Anglo-American-Judeo-Illuminati-Globalist-Elites don’t especially look forward to the coming of the Father King God. They are the “bad kids” who worked for Satan or Lucifer or Black Peter.

The following is a short documentary on Santa Claus that I recommend (insist actually) you watch before reading on:

As pointed out in the Santa documentary above, Odin returns to decide who dies and who prospers.  Saint Nickolas would punish kids who had been bad or who “couldn’t demostrate a skill” (perhaps a future Santa will test people to see if they know verses from the Mantra (1)?).

What about this figure of Black Peter?  This is a horned creature with dark features physically.   In several of the myths Black Peter appears to be employed by Santa Claus.  Black Peter is Satan captured by Saint Nikolas (Zeus, Enlil, Odin). In the English myth, black Peter is “seen in the company” of Father Christmas.  Black Peter punishes the bad kids for Santa Claus.  In the HBO series “Deadwood,” George Hearst is a representation of the White Father God in an abusive, proto-fascist, tyrant form. In Deadwood, Al Swearengen is Satan, thereby making him Black Peter in Christmas myth.  In Deadwood Swearengen ends up having to carry out Hearst’s will against his own side (by pushing Alma Ellsworth to sell her gold claim and by ordering the death of the whore “Jen”) to keep Hearst from smashing the whole camp (just as god did back in Saddam and Gomorrah when too many of the kids ended up being naughty).  The Father god makes Satan deal with his own people (the bad kids and kids who can’t demonstrate any knowledge).  Enki had to start a flood against his own kind in the Babylonian mythology.



Now after reviewing the basic mythology of Santa Claus and recognizing the vast amount of material representation he has in the Month of December, we can move to the question of how or where Santa actually exists, or may exist in the universe.

The White Rabbit (see my blog roll) was able to illuminate this author to the possibility of corporeal Nordic White beings that may be the creators of White humans (or all humans). They are large in stature, have level 2 or 3 technologies (2), and may be coming back to earth with knowledge of who has been naughty and who has been nice.   I had heard the ancient astronaut theory in undergraduate archaeology classes, but it was always framed in a way meant to discredit the idea. It wasn’t until I heard the White Rabbit discuss the Anunnaki or “Shinning Ones” that I had the ears to truly consider this possibility. These are highly advanced beings that may have created us for future purposes? Earth could be one large genetics project where these “gods” dropped us so that we would evolve into beings suitable for the missions that they have planned for us?  Just as powerful and capable people think farther ahead in time than less powerful and less capable people, these beings may make plans for 250,000 or million years in the future?   The story of Santa Claus is the story of the Great Nordic King god returning to the earth to free us (from Black Peter/Satan/Lucifer/Enki) and then illuminate us on the mysteries of the Universe.  He’ll give “gifts” to people who were “good,” and punish people who defied Santa Claus’s laws (and those who didn’t try to learn about the mysteries of the universe. These are the kids from the Saint Nick story who couldn’t display any knowledge. Maybe Santa will excuse some bad behavior if you can show you know some sort of critical knowledge? ).  If and when Odin Claus does come back, it won’t be with a sled and reindeer. I would expect some sort of super advanced spacecraft.

When writing about these gods, the lower case “g” is used because they are thought of as taking corporeal form and exist in flesh and bone.  The Highest “God” or “The All” is the ultimate force of creation.  Like humans, the Shinning Ones are part of the All, or part of the God Consciousness, but are not the God, The All, or what the freemasons call the “Architect of the Universe.”  As the White Rabbit says, the Shinning Ones are “something bigger in nature.”  They could be thought of as angelic beings but also come in female form.   They would be more knowledgeable of God/The All than humans would be. They would have the ability to affect time and space and probably consciousness itself.  Their ability to create change and manipulate the elements would appear supernatural to the human masses.  They can throw planet size chunks of rock through space.  They have life extension technology that could allow for thousands to maybe millions of years.  These Shinning Ones may be the reason that the Anglo-America-Judeo-Illuminati-Globalist-Elites are in such a rush to build their New World Order?  Black Peter and his generation of vipers may be doing all they can to prepare for the coming of Odin Claus?  I realize that this perspective on Santa Claus is unconventional. But is it any more unbelievable than what Fundamentalist-Judeo-Christians believe according to their eschatology?  If the Shinning Ones do or don’t exist in the form I described above is yet to be proven. This author gives them a 50-50 chance of being real, but if no Shinning One’s return in the next year (by December 2013), I’ll drop this percentage to a 20-80 chance.

santa hopkins

While it is still unknown whether the White gods exist as the higher beings I described above, psychologically we can point to their existence as archetypes that people can relate to, strive to be like, and learn from.  The archetype of the Father God is a being or force of judgment, authority, and knowledge.  He’s the supreme law lord.  He’s fair but can be cruel to people who oppose his will.   He can be stubborn and given to anger at times.  He’s mostly a hands-off leader who uses his experience and wisdom as a team’s master mind. He’s a coach. He’s a master.  His son Thor/Jesus is the field marshal for the King.   In the BBC TV show “Merlin,” Arthur Pendragon carries out Uther’s orders in the field.  Uther mostly remains in the castle but will take the field when needed.


As already mentioned, The HBO series Deadwood represented this archetype in the character of George Hearst.  Hearst was portrayed as having all the worst qualities of a King of Swords.  He’s brutal, cruel, prone to anger, and absolute in believing that his WILL is Law. The creators of Deadwood are people who don’t care for the Aryan King Father God archetype.  The creators of the HBO show “Boardwalk Empire” portrayed this archetype with the character of “the Commodore.”  The Hollywood magicians are more likely to relate to the archetypes of Lucifer, Enki, Satan, Loki, or Black Peter. They feel a positive connection to the serpent, the horned god, owls, and to chimeras throughout mythology.   Their tarot type is the Devil.  On the “Day We Must Never Forget” the Devil picked “the Tower” tarot card and lightning came from above and turned Joachim and Boaz to dust.


If themagicians who work in Hollywood feel displeasure towards the Father God archetype, it means he’s a symbol of danger for them (in whatever form he exists).  The globalist power structure has directed a lot of social engineering resources into trying to delegitimize the strong father archetype.  The Father god figure epitomizes the “dead white male” that liberals and assorted anti-Whites shriek about and hate.  They fear him because they know they are going to be judged by him (whether this comes from higher beings or “regular humans” doesn’t matter). The Father god King holds the sword of Justice while the horn of Judgment plays overhead. You will know when this archetype comes to life when you see the smashing of the satanic globalist Illuminati order and the ending of the program of White genocide (3).  They will be highly competent, learned,(preferably bearded) White gentlemen, about 60-70 years old, who are skilled at learning critical information on a given situation or individual.  They see 17 moves ahead of the current move. They have vast knowledge of the Force.

The next time you see a figurine or shrine of Santa Claus during December remember who you’re looking at. The image of Santa landing his sled is just as sacred as the Christ child in the manager. Christmas represents the coming of our lord in two ways: the Christ child as a symbol of hope and purity and the Father God as a symbol of Judgment and order. Whether he comes as an advanced White being, or just as a human living out an archetype, we are in the time of the larger cycle where this force of nature is going to return.  The question you need to consider is whether you’ve been naughty or nice?  Because Santa Claus is coming to town.

Hail Santa Claus!!!




Review of Thor


For some time now I’ve been planning on writing a review of the movie Thor. After putting it off for a long time I decided that now would be a good time to write it considering the recent release of “Thor II: The Dark World.”  Many people within the White Nationalist movement have expressed their displeasure over Thor for its use of non-Whites in the role of Norse gods. They do have a point, but I believe that the movie has some interesting aspects to consider, especially for those who listen to the Follow the White Rabbit radio show and who have an interest in the subject of the White gods (1).

The movie pretty much starts out with the Norse god Odin explaining the nature of the universe to his two sons, Thor and Loki.  He talks about the last great war between the Asgardians (Norse god type people) and the Frost Giants. The frost giants were defeated by Odin and his army and their source of power was removed from their planet Jötunheim. Interestingly enough, the castle of the frost giant king was a structure that featured two towers. This got me wondering if Jötunheim was actually “Judenheim?”

So we next see the great hall of Odin and thousands of Asgardians watching the crowning of the new king of Asgard, Thor. While Odin swears in Thor to be King, three frost giants are breaking into the Asgardian weapons vault.  Somehow Odin senses this and taps his spear on the floor once which causes a giant robot called a “Destroyer” to come out and kill the three frost giants as they try to remove something called a “casket” from the vault. This “casket” is a blue brick type device which, if you look closely, has a small swastika on it. The casket is an energy device and it appears that without this device that the frost giants pose less of a threat to the rest of universe?  Next we see Odin, Thor, and Loki in the weapons vault.  Thor is calling for invasion of Jötunheim but Odin rejects the idea as foolish and unnecessary. Odin reminds Thor that he’s not the king yet, and later we see Thor reacting as a child by tipping over a banquet table.  What was interesting about this was that Thor wasn’t ready to be king, but it wasn’t Odin who stopped the crowning ceremony but “fate” or perhaps a force beyond the understanding of even the Asgardians (who appear to be the most powerful beings in the universe).  Odin could have still crowned Thor king later that day but may have read the “signs” of the frost giant break-in as a reason to wait. It appears that Odin still recognizes a power greater than himself?

While watching the world of Asgard it’s interesting to consider their technology. You don’t see cars, or spaceships, or computers, or even light bulbs. But at the same time, they have technology that allows them to live for millions of years and travel across the universe is seconds. They use fire as their main heating source.  There was no TV or radio, and they appeared to be minimalists, in that their living spaces didn’t have much except the bare necessities.  Their weapons are traditional weapons (swords, hammers, spears) and you see no firearms or guns. In an earlier scene when Odin is fighting the frost giants, you see that his spear can fire out a laser of sorts, but it’s still a spear. The Asgardians still mostly rely on hand-to-hand fighting prowess. They also ride horses.

Next we see Thor pouting over the fact that he didn’t get crowned king.  Loki uses neuro linguistic programming (NLP) to suggest (while arguing against) visiting Jötunheim and Thor falls for it.  So Thor, Loki and Thor’s friends get on horses and ride to the bifrost site. The bifrost is a counter-rotating device that can send people across the universe in seconds.  The bifrost is guarded by the Norse god Hiemdall. Heimdall in the movie is played by a black man, which takes away from the aesthetic quality of movie (a better choice would have been Kevin McKidd). The movie would have been much more powerful if they used only White actors for the parts of Norse gods, but this is the nature of our current entertainment industry so we’ll just have to deal with it (for now).

Thor and his crew get to Jötunheim and almost leave without fighting but do so after one of the frost giants insults Thor (Thor can’t take the insult and instead endangers his friends by fighting).  Right before Thor and his crew are about to get beat a rainbow light comes from the sky and here appear Odin on his eight legged horse.  This was one of the best scenes of the movie as Odin’s horse whinnies with Odin dressed in full battle gear while holding his spear in the air.  If the White gods are readying for a real invasion of earth, I do hope very much that they’ll appear like this rather than in space ships. It really delights me to picture Odin on his horse appearing over London traveling out of the bifrost. While a fleet of spaceships would be frightening to the current vipers running the earth, a giant man on an eight legged horse just seems symbolically even more distressing?  When Odin appears Thor yells out to Odin “father we’ll finish them together,” in which Odin replies “silence” as a father would to an insolent child.

After an exchange with the frost giant king, Odin zaps the frost giant king and the Asgardians fly back to Asgard. Odin and Thor argue over Thor’s actions and Thor calls Odin a foolish old man.  Odin agrees that he was foolish to think that Thor was ready for kingship and banishes Thor from Asgard. Odin removes Thor’s power which appears to be tied to his suit and hammer?  One amusing part of the argument between Thor and Odin is when Loki tries to intervene on the side of Thor and Odin just growls at him (in a way that said “I don’t want to hear your bullshit”).

Thor lands on earth and is hit by an RV being driven by a scientist name Jane. Her and her two colleagues get out of RV and find Thor on the ground.  Jane’s colleague Darcy tases Thor, but before getting tased Thor calls out to his father and tells Heimdall to open the bifrost.  Thor calls for his hammer and Darcy says “ya, we know you’re hammered.” This was quite funny.  They take Thor to the hospital where Thor starts fighting the hospital staff in the ER. Here we see that while Thor is stronger than most humans, that he’s not “superhuman” without his “power” which was removed by Odin.  He’s just a really strong dude.  The hospital staff manages to knock him out with a sedative.

When Thor was banished from Asgard Odin also threw his hammer down to earth with him.  Some locals find the hammer but no one can pick it up. A government agency called SHEILD (sort of a “Majestic 12” type organization [2]) shows up which cordons off the area and starts doing testing on the object.  After leaving the hospital Thor runs back into Jane and they go to the local diner to have breakfast. In another comical scene Thor announces that he “likes this drink” (referring to what I think is coffee) and smashes the cup on the ground of the diner while demanding another.  Jane rebukes him and makes him promise not to smash things anymore. This scene got me thinking about what the personalities of the White gods would be like if they came to earth?  I assume it could be somewhat intimating being around beings of this sort? If you’ve ever been around an Army General, or a Senator, or CEO of a fortune 500 company you can probably attest that a certain nervousness comes over you in their presence. This nervousness is probably increased 100 fold being in the presence of the powerful White gods?  I imagine when these beings meet with the highest leaders of our earth that the earth leaders feel and little wobbly in the knees? I would assume that these White gods would be extremely capable, confident, and serious and that they’re not the type of people you want to get on their bad side with?

Next we find Loki in the weapons vault investigating the “casket” taken from the frost giants. When Thor and the crew went to Jötunheim one of frost giants grabbed Loki’s arm and Loki started turning blue (like a frost giant). As Loki grabbed the casket in the weapons vault, we see him turning blue again and Odin is then heard in the background yelling “stop.”  Odin then tells Loki of the true story of his birth. Loki finds out that he’s actually frost giant and that Odin took him from Jötunheim in the hope that Loki would one day bring peace between Asgard and Jötunheim. As Loki falls into an existential identity crises Odin starts to fall into the “Odin Sleep.” One strange aspect of Loki is that while he is a frost giant, that he takes the appearance of an Asgardian. He only turns blue when he touches another front giant or touches the casket. This was never explained in the movie?

This so called “Odin sleep” appears to occur out of blue and puts Odin in a coma like state where he’s asleep for long periods of time. However, we find out later than Odin can actually see the happenings of the universe while in the Odin sleep. Odin lives for millions of years so the Odin sleep appears to be a requirement for this long life. I would speculate that if real intergalactic beings of this sort existed, that long period of space travel would be optimal for such regeneration sleep. Perhaps they get into space craft and “wake up” ten thousand years later just as humans would wake from a night of sleep.

After Odin falls into the Odin sleep and Thor is banished from earth, Loki is found sitting on throne of Asgard.  There was a great shot of Loki’s shadow with his horned helmet looking rather “devil like” while on the throne.  Thor’s friends ask Loki to bring Thor back from earth but Loki refuses. If you look to the left of Loki while he tells the friends that “Odin fell into the Odin sleep,” you can see a stylized “666” in the artwork of throne.  Here too we see the producers of “Thor” sending a message that Loki is a Satan type figure.

One good additional character was Dr. Selvig.  Selvig was from Scandinavia and was familiar with the stories of Thor, bifrost, and mjolnir (Thor’s hammer). He tries to point out how this stranger “Thor” must be a crazy person.  Of course, Jane couldn’t resist the alpha male characteristics of Thor and decides to drive the crazy man to the site where his hammer fell to earth. Thor then takes on the US government and beats up all the guards including a large black fellow that Thor takes down with an impressive drop kick.  Here again we see that Thor is stronger than most humans but not superhuman. After beating up all the government security, Thor goes to grab his hammer but can’t. He’s unable to lift the hammer of Thor and is arrested by the US government.  Earlier when Thor is banished from Asgard, Odin takes Thor’s hammer and says “whoever be worthy to carry this hammer will have the power of Thor” before throwing to earth with Thor.  It appears Thor is not yet worthy to hold his hammer.

The government now has Thor and is interrogating him.  Thor refuses to talk and the government agent leaves the room.  As he leaves Loki appears and tells Thor that Odin is dead from the strain of Thor’s actions.  Further he tells Thor that he must remain on earth if war if to be avoided with the frost giants of Jötunheim. This of course is all a lie and Loki also jabs at Thor’s vanity by saying “it was so cruel of Father to put the hammer in your reach knowing you could never lift it.” They give their goodbyes and the government agent comes back into the room. We then see Loki trying to life the hammer but is unable to do so himself. Loki was invisible to the government workers around him so he appeared to have some kind of invisibility technology?

The agent interrogating Thor is then informed that Thor has a visitor.  Dr. Selvig comes to the hammer site and tells the government that Thor’s an old colleague of his named “Donald Blake.”  The government lets Thor go and he and Dr. Selvig go to the local bar to get a drink.  I doubt that the government would be so kind to allow a man to go that just fought through 15 government agents, but the story must go on. Thor and Dr. Selvig sit down for a beer and later we see Thor carrying Dr. Selvig back to Jane’s RV where he explains to Jane that “we drank, we fought, he made his ancestors proud.”  It appears Thor could handle his drinking better than Dr. Selvig. Thor and Jane then talk by the fire. Thor explains to Jane the working of the universe and that where he’s from “magic and science are one in the same.”  Thor could have taken advantage of Jane but covers her up like a gentleman instead.

Loki is then seen in Jötunheim making a deal with the frost giants.  He explains to them that it was he who sent the instructions on how to break into the Asgardian weapons fault.  Loki says that it was “all just good fun” in his trickster way “to mess up his brother’s big day.” Loki then tells the frost giants that he will bring a handful of them into Asgard to kill Odin as he sleeps and then will allow them to take their casket back.  The frost giant king agrees.

Thor’s friends decide they have to find Thor. The four friends were Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg and the Lady Sif. Only Sif is taken from Norse mythology, as the other 3 are Marvel comic characters. The character Hogun was played by an Asian character and in the back story it is told than he’s from another world that was destroyed in the past. The character of Volstagg is played by the excellent actor who played Titus Pullo in the HBO series Rome. So the four friends go to earth and find Thor. Dr. Selvig drops his coffee when he sees the friends show up and realizes that Thor isn’t a crazy person. Loki then finds out that the four friends went to find Thor and orders the Destroyer to “make sure my brother doesn’t return.”

The destroyer comes to earth and the government agents see it first. They first think that it’s US government technology and the head agent gets on the megaphone and says “attention you’re using unregistered weapons technology.”  The giant robot then fires fire from its head and destroys the government vehicles. The government vehicles are Acura SUVs with the masonic compass as the emblem. The destroyer then walks to the town and starts destroying.  The four friends try to fight it but are no match for the giant robot. Thor then offers his own life pleading to Loki that it’s better to kill him than to kill the people in the town.  The robot smacks Thor and appears to kill him. While this happens Odin can see what’s occurring and a tear rolls down his face.  After Thor gave his life (in a Jesus like manner) we see Thor’s hammer shake loose and fly into the air.  It flies into Thor’s hand and Thor rises from the dead hammer in in the air. When we see Thor come out of the light he’s dressed in full battle uniform and Jane say “Oh-my-God!”  Thor is a god (with a small g) at that point everyone now knows it.  Thor makes short work of the destroyer. In a comical part the head government agent walks up to Thor and says “Donald, you haven’t been totally honest with me.”  Thor then grabs Jane and flies to the bifrost pick up point.

We then see the frost giants enter Odin’s bedroom. Odin’s wife “Frigg” takes out two of the frost giants with a sword before getting smacked to the side. The frost giant king is about to kill Odin when Loki then kills him. Loki set up the whole thing for him to be the hero but then Thor shows up and ruins it. Loki blasts Thor with Odin’s spear and moves to the bifrost site to destroy Jötunheim. Loki sets up the bifrost to destroy Jötunheim and freezes it so Thor can’t stop it.  Thor tries to tell Loki that he “can’t kill an entire race.” This made me think that if there is some kind of federation of space people that such a law may be in place?  Perhaps the current globalist elites are facing judgment from Odin and Thor for trying to wipe White people (See “Program for White genocide” page above) from the face of earth?  Is Loki the globalist elite’s master on earth (more on this below)?  Anyway Thor smashes the bifrost to stop Jötunheim from being destroyed but by doing so is now unable to see his love interest on earth (Jane). Thor not only sacrificed his life earlier but now ended his chance to be with the women he likes. Loki falls from Asgard in Lucifer like fashion.  The movie pretty much ends with Thor being a wiser, more humble leader of Asgard.

Overall despite its multi-racial flaws, I thought Thor was a solid movie.  It’s the first movie that features the White gods of mythology, so it’s good for White people to be exposed to this.  It’s very much a movie of fathers and sons.  It’s a movie about growing up and serving others before your own vanity.  Thor took up a Christ like role in the movie which fits well with him being a “son of god” that I described regarding the White Path religion (3).  Loki also takes up a familiar role as Satan or Lucifer. Loki is a jealous being who had a very good life but it wasn’t good enough for him. Like Lucifer, Loki wanted to be the king. He used deception and duplicity.  He was even willing to kill his brother and put his father at risk fo death just to get his own way. But again like Christ, Thor tries to forgive Loki even after all his sins against Asgard and their family.  The movie also warns us about the dangers of diversity. With good intensions Odin brought Loki into Asgard but it proved to be a very bad decision. I hope that his movie will inspire future movie makers to create a more serious movie about the White gods. There is so much potential with this subject that I can’t figure out why movie making people don’t do so?  Perhaps the real thing is coming to earth making such movies unnecessary (4)?

(1) and




Breaking Bad Report: Season five episode 16 (finale)

To begin my thoughts on the finale of Breaking Bad I must first admit that my prediction for something “mind blowing” regarding the German correction was incorrect. A big “swing and a miss” by this author. I sat there after every ten minutes thinking “OK when are they gonna get to the Germans?”  But it never came. I found this to be strange, after so many little hints pointing to something German. Why bother showing the German CEO kill himself if he wasn’t a part of something bigger?  What was Gus Fring’s “secret past” in South America?  What was the part with Lydia in her office listening to German speakers related to?  Here’s another blog that listed all the German connections that is worth looking at.  Could it be the case that Breaking Bad’s creator and writers were warned about going too far with the German stuff?  I guess will never know?

Now that that’s out of the way, I liked how the show ended. Walt figured out a way to get his money to his family and made up with his wife in the end.  Since my first review of Breaking Bad (1) I explained that Breaking Bad was really a metaphor for White men fighting to save their race against extinction. Breaking Bad is a “Sturm and Drang” like story of a man who followed his passions towards a tragic but at the same time heroic end. Walter White died in heroic fashion. He didn’t accept the respectable route in life. He went for it and he won.

Of course, had he failed, it would have been all for nothing. Walt could have given up after making his first million and most of his problems in the show would not have occurred. That’s the dangerous but intriguing aspect of the ego. If you do things the safe way, you’ll never know what you could have done. Had Walt listened to his “safe side” to begin with, he would have never made any money for his family.  If White people in the West listen to their “safe side” in relation to the program of White genocide (see page above), then the outcome for White humans will be grim.  Whites need to “Break Bad” against the anti-White system. They need to disseminate the message (see “The Mantra” page above)  like Walt disseminated his product. Like Walt, we’re facing death. Unlike Walt we don’t have to engage in illegal or immoral activities to accomplish our mission.

But we do have “Break Bad” against the current conventions of the politically correct, anti-White system (and we need to do so soon).  Hopefully Breaking Bad will influence the Walter White’s of the West to do just that.


Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 15

The episode starts out with Saul leaving town using the services of a man who specializes in such matters. It would seem that starting over in this way would be near impossible in the modern world?  But apparently Saul was moving to Nebraska.  The creator of Breaking Bad said that there was going to be a spin-off show featuring Saul Goodman. I can’t figure out if the show will be about Saul as a Lawyer or Saul on the run?  Walt is clearly out of his mind talking about getting his money back from the neo-Nazis. He ends up listening to reason and travels in a gasoline truck tank across the country to New Hampshire.

This episode showed Todd making the same mistake that Walt made.  He won’t quit while he’s ahead. He has millions of dollars but wants to remain in the meth business. And it appears he has a crush on Lydia. Lydia is the only smart person on the show. But here too we see Lydia remain partners with Todd and his gang after they took part in the murder of two DEA agents. Once she heard that Todd made 92% pure meth, her greed sucked her back in. This episode also reveled Todd to be a major psycho.  First he threatens to kill a baby, and then shoots Jesse’s old girlfriend to persuade him to keep cooking. And all of this because he appears to love Lydia?

After calling his son, Walt looses all hope and turns himself in, until see sees his old college friends on Charlie Rose talking about him.  They claimed Walt was an insignificant part of their company and this was a major affront to Walt’s ego. The police got to the bar he was at but Walt was gone. Again, it appears Walt’s vanity could not allow him to give up. So now he’s going to travel across the country to, I guess, set his old partners straight, kill the neo-Nazis, get his money, and make up with his family?

The aspect I am most excited for is the German connection. I’ve been waiting for them to come back to the German meme this whole half season and it appears that the creator of Breaking Bad is going to make us wait until the last episode?  I can’t see them not coming back to this meme, and the fact that they waited until the last episode makes me think that they got something in store very, very mind-blowing?

That’s my final (and on going) prediction.  The Breaking Bad Finale will be the first depiction in modern history of the entity known as “Nazi International (1)”.


Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 14

The episode basically starts with the shootout at the location of Walt’s buried money.  The writers displayed honesty in depicting the shootout so one-sided. Gomez was dead and Hank was crawling towards the shotgun. It was comical that Walt thought that Hank would just “promise” to not go after Todd’s uncle and all would be OK. I give Hank respect for not begging for his life. He died well. Walt fell into tears but he would have never gotten to that point had he quit after he made his first million.  Hank would not be dead had he not pursued Walt after Walt made the the video.

Todd’s uncle was honorable in giving Walt the barrel with 11 million dollars. Todd’s uncle asked Walt is they were “square” and he shaked Walt’s hand. The hand shake appeared masonic, which really didn’t make sense in the context. At that point the neo-Nazis made a huge mistake in allowing Jesse to live. Another major mistake was not picking up the spent casings from the shootout and sweeping the footprints and tire tracks away with a piece brush. Perhaps the Neo-Nazis wore gloves when they loaded their weapons, but regardless they should have cleaned up the area.  Now I’ll get to the major point of this episode, and the show itself.

Breaking Bad is very much about the dangers of the ego. After the neo-Nazis found 80 millions dollars, they should have gotten out of the meth business all-together. I understand Todd wanting to find out what Jesse knew, but keeping him around to cook was stupid.  They didn’t need to cook anymore, they had 69 million dollars. Cooking meth would have been a stupid risk. So here we see a group of people who are way better off than they were before, but who couldn’t stop their criminal activities due to greed and the power of the ego. This theme was found throughout the series.

I’ve covered Walt and Hank’s ego-related mistakes in the past, but this episode showed Walt totally loose his person-hood to his ego.  For the first time in this series, I stopped rooting for Walt. After he took his daughter, and threatened to kill his wife, I found my whole attitude towards Walt change. His wife did overreact with the knife and his son did lie to the police saying that Walt pulled the knife, but what did Walt expect?  Were they just going to go with him to God-knows-where after Walt killed his brother-in-law?

Walt’s whole personality changed during the phone call, not to mention how stupid he was for talking on the phone to begin with. When Skyler rejected Walt’s attempt to get her and his son to go, this made Walt go into an egoistical mental breakdown.  The ego cannot take rejection, and when the ego is rejected it acts out like Walt acted out. Vanity and the need to control can make people murderous. For the whole show I rooted for Walt, but now want to see Walt die.

So what will happen next?  We still haven’t seen the German connection in this half season. I think that Walt will be given the choice between his family and his ego’s need for greatness.  Jesse may end up killing Todd in the meth lab, which will leave no one to cook. The Germans may learn of this (through Lydia) and make Walt an offer that he can cook for them in the greatest super lab ever while they treat him for his cancer.  But in return they may have to wipe out his family to tie up any loose ends?  This is far fetched, but I do believe the German aspect will come and be mind blowing. The bottom-line I believe will be Walt having to make the choice between his family’s lives, and his ego’s need for greatness.  Although I want to see Walt go down, I believe he will choose his ego over his family and end the series alive; therefore truly “Breaking Bad” while he indirectly kills his family.

I’ve wrote this in past reviews but it’s worth repeating. The major lesson from Breaking Bad is that the power of the ego must never be underestimated.  Before Walt even worked for Gus Fring, he had made enough money to leave his family a very nice inheritance. But he didn’t stop, because he wanted more. Now he’s going to lose his family because he wanted to be in the “empire business.”

The world is about to change drastically. Due to the consistent message that came out of BUGS (see my blogroll), one of these changes is going to be a great increase in the power and influence of the pro-White/White Nationalist movement.  When this happens there will be forces that attempt to push pro-White leaders into fucking everything up by appealing to their vanity. So I appeal to these leaders to not fall for temptations to get into the “empire business” or to be “Caesar of the solar system.”  Just accomplish the mission of smashing the anti-White system (see page titled “The anti-White system above) and start working on the amelioration of White humans.  Just like Walter White, you’ll end up losing the family (i.e. White humans) you set out to save,and you’ll cause untold suffering on everyone.

Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 13

The episode starts out with Todd and his uncle cooking meth for Lydia’s inspection. Lydia is still unhappy with the product quality and color, pointing out that the blue color is a part of their branding strategy in Europe. Todd offers to have his uncle “strengthen out” her buyers in Europe and Lydia passes. Todd made what looked like a romantic pass at Lydia and she seemed to pass on this attempt as well. Todd doesn’t seem to realize that the people Lydia sells to in Europe aren’t the kind of people his uncle can “strengthen out.” They’re the ones who “strengthen out” people and I’m still predicting that we’re going to see these folks later on in this season.

Todd’s uncle makes Walt agree to cook one more time to pay for the hit on Jesse. I said this last review too but WHY IN HELL WOULD WALT BE USING HIS CELL PHONE AT THIS POINT?!

Anyway, Walt still had no idea that Jesse had become a rat. This brings us to the phone call to Walt and the burning money situation. This was an ingenious move by Jesse and Hank. Of course, how would Jesse get GPS info from a rent-a-car company? Walt was too upset to think straight; this is a good lesson in always trying to remain calm.

So Walt figures out that he’d been had by Jesse and then sees Hank’s truck pull up with Hank, Jesse, and Gomez. I couldn’t figure out why Walt would call off the hit. Hank was just as much (if not more) a threat to Walt and him money than Jesse, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity to rid himself of his biggest problems. If Skyler gave him trouble about whacking Hank, he could just repeat what she said regarding Jesse when she said “what’s one more?” The only one I would feel bad for was Gomez, who was just their to back up Hank. But as Neoconservatives say regarding Muslim babies in the middle east (“it’s just collateral damage”).

So Walt gives up and at this point the story’s over, right? The last three episodes would feature Sal Goodman fighting for Walt in court, right? Wrong, because who comes to the rescue? The Neo-Nazi gang armed to the teeth, that’s who! Walt tells Todd’s uncle that “it’s over, it’s over” but what choice did they have? At that point the neo-nazis were faced with arrest themselves, and being ex-cons, would have been going away for a long time. Todd’s uncle asking Hank to see his badge was most likely a trick to get him to lower his weapon. Hank and Gomez were in a real bad position as well. If they gave up then they’d be at the mercy of the neo-Nazis and Walt. Hank should have given up after Walt made the video. But the ego is a force never to be underestimated.

In real life the firefight would have been over quickly. Four men with assault rifles and two with pistols against one with a shotgun and one with a pistol ain’t much of a match. During the firefight two of the Neo-Nazis should have flanked to the right while the others put down a good base of fire. Apparently these guys never had any real infantry training? Regardless, with the fire power advantage flanking probably would have been unnecessary. I knew they were gong to show up after Hank told Marie that he loved her. I knew that would be the last time they spoke.

I predict that Jesse will probably get away(he was in Walt’s car). If Jesse was alive and caught by the Neo-Nazis, the best course of action would be to question Jesse and then have him tortured for few hours before burying him alive (but that’s just my option). I’m pretty sure the writers are going to keep Jesse alive for a final showdown with Walt?

So what will happen next? The Neo-Nazis will probably force Walt to cook for them? Is that who Walt is running from in the future scenes that were shown in past episodes? Or will the Germans (Lydia’s partners) show up and give Walt an offer he can’t refuse?

I never looked forward to Sunday night so much!

Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 12

When it comes to Jesse, I think Skyler made a fair point when she asked “what’s one more?” She was suggesting that Walt have Jesse whacked. Jesse has the right to be mad at Walt but the way he’s acting is way out of line. Walt saved Jesse several times during the show, and while it’s understandable that Jesse is upset, he’s acting very unreasonable. Walt now has no choice but to act against Jesse. Walt didn’t kill Brock, nor was Brock Jesse’s child. Jesse was always unstable and now Walt has to deal with it. Perhaps Mike was right back when he talked about not taking “half measures.”

It was very telling that Hank didn’t care if Walt killed Jesse. Hank at this point is less of a law enforcement officer than a man controlled by his need to get Walt to satisfy his vanity.He doesn’t care if be breaks the law, or gets someone killed, he’s totally focused on getting Walt (as is his wife “Marie”).

One part that I found unbelievable was that Walt was still using his cell phone even after Hank found out. The episode ended with Walt calling Todd apparently to hire his uncle to whack Jesse. Lydia was not in this episode, nor were the Germans; but they are coming.

And they’re coming soon…

Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 11

The episode starts off with Todd running his mouth about the train heist that the guys pulled off last half season. He’s at a diner with his neo-Nazi uncle and his uncle’s neo-Nazi friend. Todd is getting ready to take over the cooking duties after they killed off the crew that took over from Walt.

Hank tries to interrogate Jesse but Sal came to the rescue. The best part of episode of 11 was Walt’s confession. This was a genius move by Walt. The question is can Hank let it go? The power of the ego should never be underestimated. Hank should be grateful that Walt paid for his medical bills and that he can walk again. But can tough guy DEA agent Hank take his loses and move on? We already saw Walt’s ego get the best of him (at the dinner table when he told Hank that Heisenberg was still out there after drinking too much wine or not getting out of business after he made enough money to leave his family a nice sum because he’s “in the empire business.”). The ego, or vanity is a dangerous, dangerous enemy. IF Hank dies in future episodes it will be because his ego wouldn’t let him cut his loses and move on. It was Todd’s ego that had him running his mouth (to some ex-cons) about the train heist he took part in that ended with him shooting a child.

Jesse is out of his mind with regret and guilt. He was already messed up but he was ready to leave the area before he figured out that Walt poisoned “Brock” the child of his mestizo ex girlfriend. This was a really stupid move by Walt. You never want to involve kids in the game, whether your game is organized crime or thrones or whatever. You start hurting or killing kids, you can expect the universe to hurt you back. Maybe it will be the kids you care about? Walt could have gotten Jesse to help him without poisoning Brock, and if I recall, he didn’t even need Jesse to kill Gus in season 4? Out of all of Walt’s mistakes, this one may be the biggest?

Lydia wasn’t in this episode, nor were the Germans. But they’re coming.

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