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Breaking Bad Report: Season five episode 16 (finale)

To begin my thoughts on the finale of Breaking Bad I must first admit that my prediction for something “mind blowing” regarding the German correction was incorrect. A big “swing and a miss” by this author. I sat there after every ten minutes thinking “OK when are they gonna get to the Germans?”  But it never came. I found this to be strange, after so many little hints pointing to something German. Why bother showing the German CEO kill himself if he wasn’t a part of something bigger?  What was Gus Fring’s “secret past” in South America?  What was the part with Lydia in her office listening to German speakers related to?  Here’s another blog that listed all the German connections that is worth looking at.  Could it be the case that Breaking Bad’s creator and writers were warned about going too far with the German stuff?  I guess will never know?

Now that that’s out of the way, I liked how the show ended. Walt figured out a way to get his money to his family and made up with his wife in the end.  Since my first review of Breaking Bad (1) I explained that Breaking Bad was really a metaphor for White men fighting to save their race against extinction. Breaking Bad is a “Sturm and Drang” like story of a man who followed his passions towards a tragic but at the same time heroic end. Walter White died in heroic fashion. He didn’t accept the respectable route in life. He went for it and he won.

Of course, had he failed, it would have been all for nothing. Walt could have given up after making his first million and most of his problems in the show would not have occurred. That’s the dangerous but intriguing aspect of the ego. If you do things the safe way, you’ll never know what you could have done. Had Walt listened to his “safe side” to begin with, he would have never made any money for his family.  If White people in the West listen to their “safe side” in relation to the program of White genocide (see page above), then the outcome for White humans will be grim.  Whites need to “Break Bad” against the anti-White system. They need to disseminate the message (see “The Mantra” page above)  like Walt disseminated his product. Like Walt, we’re facing death. Unlike Walt we don’t have to engage in illegal or immoral activities to accomplish our mission.

But we do have “Break Bad” against the current conventions of the politically correct, anti-White system (and we need to do so soon).  Hopefully Breaking Bad will influence the Walter White’s of the West to do just that.


Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 15

The episode starts out with Saul leaving town using the services of a man who specializes in such matters. It would seem that starting over in this way would be near impossible in the modern world?  But apparently Saul was moving to Nebraska.  The creator of Breaking Bad said that there was going to be a spin-off show featuring Saul Goodman. I can’t figure out if the show will be about Saul as a Lawyer or Saul on the run?  Walt is clearly out of his mind talking about getting his money back from the neo-Nazis. He ends up listening to reason and travels in a gasoline truck tank across the country to New Hampshire.

This episode showed Todd making the same mistake that Walt made.  He won’t quit while he’s ahead. He has millions of dollars but wants to remain in the meth business. And it appears he has a crush on Lydia. Lydia is the only smart person on the show. But here too we see Lydia remain partners with Todd and his gang after they took part in the murder of two DEA agents. Once she heard that Todd made 92% pure meth, her greed sucked her back in. This episode also reveled Todd to be a major psycho.  First he threatens to kill a baby, and then shoots Jesse’s old girlfriend to persuade him to keep cooking. And all of this because he appears to love Lydia?

After calling his son, Walt looses all hope and turns himself in, until see sees his old college friends on Charlie Rose talking about him.  They claimed Walt was an insignificant part of their company and this was a major affront to Walt’s ego. The police got to the bar he was at but Walt was gone. Again, it appears Walt’s vanity could not allow him to give up. So now he’s going to travel across the country to, I guess, set his old partners straight, kill the neo-Nazis, get his money, and make up with his family?

The aspect I am most excited for is the German connection. I’ve been waiting for them to come back to the German meme this whole half season and it appears that the creator of Breaking Bad is going to make us wait until the last episode?  I can’t see them not coming back to this meme, and the fact that they waited until the last episode makes me think that they got something in store very, very mind-blowing?

That’s my final (and on going) prediction.  The Breaking Bad Finale will be the first depiction in modern history of the entity known as “Nazi International (1)”.


Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 14

The episode basically starts with the shootout at the location of Walt’s buried money.  The writers displayed honesty in depicting the shootout so one-sided. Gomez was dead and Hank was crawling towards the shotgun. It was comical that Walt thought that Hank would just “promise” to not go after Todd’s uncle and all would be OK. I give Hank respect for not begging for his life. He died well. Walt fell into tears but he would have never gotten to that point had he quit after he made his first million.  Hank would not be dead had he not pursued Walt after Walt made the the video.

Todd’s uncle was honorable in giving Walt the barrel with 11 million dollars. Todd’s uncle asked Walt is they were “square” and he shaked Walt’s hand. The hand shake appeared masonic, which really didn’t make sense in the context. At that point the neo-Nazis made a huge mistake in allowing Jesse to live. Another major mistake was not picking up the spent casings from the shootout and sweeping the footprints and tire tracks away with a piece brush. Perhaps the Neo-Nazis wore gloves when they loaded their weapons, but regardless they should have cleaned up the area.  Now I’ll get to the major point of this episode, and the show itself.

Breaking Bad is very much about the dangers of the ego. After the neo-Nazis found 80 millions dollars, they should have gotten out of the meth business all-together. I understand Todd wanting to find out what Jesse knew, but keeping him around to cook was stupid.  They didn’t need to cook anymore, they had 69 million dollars. Cooking meth would have been a stupid risk. So here we see a group of people who are way better off than they were before, but who couldn’t stop their criminal activities due to greed and the power of the ego. This theme was found throughout the series.

I’ve covered Walt and Hank’s ego-related mistakes in the past, but this episode showed Walt totally loose his person-hood to his ego.  For the first time in this series, I stopped rooting for Walt. After he took his daughter, and threatened to kill his wife, I found my whole attitude towards Walt change. His wife did overreact with the knife and his son did lie to the police saying that Walt pulled the knife, but what did Walt expect?  Were they just going to go with him to God-knows-where after Walt killed his brother-in-law?

Walt’s whole personality changed during the phone call, not to mention how stupid he was for talking on the phone to begin with. When Skyler rejected Walt’s attempt to get her and his son to go, this made Walt go into an egoistical mental breakdown.  The ego cannot take rejection, and when the ego is rejected it acts out like Walt acted out. Vanity and the need to control can make people murderous. For the whole show I rooted for Walt, but now want to see Walt die.

So what will happen next?  We still haven’t seen the German connection in this half season. I think that Walt will be given the choice between his family and his ego’s need for greatness.  Jesse may end up killing Todd in the meth lab, which will leave no one to cook. The Germans may learn of this (through Lydia) and make Walt an offer that he can cook for them in the greatest super lab ever while they treat him for his cancer.  But in return they may have to wipe out his family to tie up any loose ends?  This is far fetched, but I do believe the German aspect will come and be mind blowing. The bottom-line I believe will be Walt having to make the choice between his family’s lives, and his ego’s need for greatness.  Although I want to see Walt go down, I believe he will choose his ego over his family and end the series alive; therefore truly “Breaking Bad” while he indirectly kills his family.

I’ve wrote this in past reviews but it’s worth repeating. The major lesson from Breaking Bad is that the power of the ego must never be underestimated.  Before Walt even worked for Gus Fring, he had made enough money to leave his family a very nice inheritance. But he didn’t stop, because he wanted more. Now he’s going to lose his family because he wanted to be in the “empire business.”

The world is about to change drastically. Due to the consistent message that came out of BUGS (see my blogroll), one of these changes is going to be a great increase in the power and influence of the pro-White/White Nationalist movement.  When this happens there will be forces that attempt to push pro-White leaders into fucking everything up by appealing to their vanity. So I appeal to these leaders to not fall for temptations to get into the “empire business” or to be “Caesar of the solar system.”  Just accomplish the mission of smashing the anti-White system (see page titled “The anti-White system above) and start working on the amelioration of White humans.  Just like Walter White, you’ll end up losing the family (i.e. White humans) you set out to save,and you’ll cause untold suffering on everyone.

Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 13

The episode starts out with Todd and his uncle cooking meth for Lydia’s inspection. Lydia is still unhappy with the product quality and color, pointing out that the blue color is a part of their branding strategy in Europe. Todd offers to have his uncle “strengthen out” her buyers in Europe and Lydia passes. Todd made what looked like a romantic pass at Lydia and she seemed to pass on this attempt as well. Todd doesn’t seem to realize that the people Lydia sells to in Europe aren’t the kind of people his uncle can “strengthen out.” They’re the ones who “strengthen out” people and I’m still predicting that we’re going to see these folks later on in this season.

Todd’s uncle makes Walt agree to cook one more time to pay for the hit on Jesse. I said this last review too but WHY IN HELL WOULD WALT BE USING HIS CELL PHONE AT THIS POINT?!

Anyway, Walt still had no idea that Jesse had become a rat. This brings us to the phone call to Walt and the burning money situation. This was an ingenious move by Jesse and Hank. Of course, how would Jesse get GPS info from a rent-a-car company? Walt was too upset to think straight; this is a good lesson in always trying to remain calm.

So Walt figures out that he’d been had by Jesse and then sees Hank’s truck pull up with Hank, Jesse, and Gomez. I couldn’t figure out why Walt would call off the hit. Hank was just as much (if not more) a threat to Walt and him money than Jesse, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity to rid himself of his biggest problems. If Skyler gave him trouble about whacking Hank, he could just repeat what she said regarding Jesse when she said “what’s one more?” The only one I would feel bad for was Gomez, who was just their to back up Hank. But as Neoconservatives say regarding Muslim babies in the middle east (“it’s just collateral damage”).

So Walt gives up and at this point the story’s over, right? The last three episodes would feature Sal Goodman fighting for Walt in court, right? Wrong, because who comes to the rescue? The Neo-Nazi gang armed to the teeth, that’s who! Walt tells Todd’s uncle that “it’s over, it’s over” but what choice did they have? At that point the neo-nazis were faced with arrest themselves, and being ex-cons, would have been going away for a long time. Todd’s uncle asking Hank to see his badge was most likely a trick to get him to lower his weapon. Hank and Gomez were in a real bad position as well. If they gave up then they’d be at the mercy of the neo-Nazis and Walt. Hank should have given up after Walt made the video. But the ego is a force never to be underestimated.

In real life the firefight would have been over quickly. Four men with assault rifles and two with pistols against one with a shotgun and one with a pistol ain’t much of a match. During the firefight two of the Neo-Nazis should have flanked to the right while the others put down a good base of fire. Apparently these guys never had any real infantry training? Regardless, with the fire power advantage flanking probably would have been unnecessary. I knew they were gong to show up after Hank told Marie that he loved her. I knew that would be the last time they spoke.

I predict that Jesse will probably get away(he was in Walt’s car). If Jesse was alive and caught by the Neo-Nazis, the best course of action would be to question Jesse and then have him tortured for few hours before burying him alive (but that’s just my option). I’m pretty sure the writers are going to keep Jesse alive for a final showdown with Walt?

So what will happen next? The Neo-Nazis will probably force Walt to cook for them? Is that who Walt is running from in the future scenes that were shown in past episodes? Or will the Germans (Lydia’s partners) show up and give Walt an offer he can’t refuse?

I never looked forward to Sunday night so much!

Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 12

When it comes to Jesse, I think Skyler made a fair point when she asked “what’s one more?” She was suggesting that Walt have Jesse whacked. Jesse has the right to be mad at Walt but the way he’s acting is way out of line. Walt saved Jesse several times during the show, and while it’s understandable that Jesse is upset, he’s acting very unreasonable. Walt now has no choice but to act against Jesse. Walt didn’t kill Brock, nor was Brock Jesse’s child. Jesse was always unstable and now Walt has to deal with it. Perhaps Mike was right back when he talked about not taking “half measures.”

It was very telling that Hank didn’t care if Walt killed Jesse. Hank at this point is less of a law enforcement officer than a man controlled by his need to get Walt to satisfy his vanity.He doesn’t care if be breaks the law, or gets someone killed, he’s totally focused on getting Walt (as is his wife “Marie”).

One part that I found unbelievable was that Walt was still using his cell phone even after Hank found out. The episode ended with Walt calling Todd apparently to hire his uncle to whack Jesse. Lydia was not in this episode, nor were the Germans; but they are coming.

And they’re coming soon…

Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 11

The episode starts off with Todd running his mouth about the train heist that the guys pulled off last half season. He’s at a diner with his neo-Nazi uncle and his uncle’s neo-Nazi friend. Todd is getting ready to take over the cooking duties after they killed off the crew that took over from Walt.

Hank tries to interrogate Jesse but Sal came to the rescue. The best part of episode of 11 was Walt’s confession. This was a genius move by Walt. The question is can Hank let it go? The power of the ego should never be underestimated. Hank should be grateful that Walt paid for his medical bills and that he can walk again. But can tough guy DEA agent Hank take his loses and move on? We already saw Walt’s ego get the best of him (at the dinner table when he told Hank that Heisenberg was still out there after drinking too much wine or not getting out of business after he made enough money to leave his family a nice sum because he’s “in the empire business.”). The ego, or vanity is a dangerous, dangerous enemy. IF Hank dies in future episodes it will be because his ego wouldn’t let him cut his loses and move on. It was Todd’s ego that had him running his mouth (to some ex-cons) about the train heist he took part in that ended with him shooting a child.

Jesse is out of his mind with regret and guilt. He was already messed up but he was ready to leave the area before he figured out that Walt poisoned “Brock” the child of his mestizo ex girlfriend. This was a really stupid move by Walt. You never want to involve kids in the game, whether your game is organized crime or thrones or whatever. You start hurting or killing kids, you can expect the universe to hurt you back. Maybe it will be the kids you care about? Walt could have gotten Jesse to help him without poisoning Brock, and if I recall, he didn’t even need Jesse to kill Gus in season 4? Out of all of Walt’s mistakes, this one may be the biggest?

Lydia wasn’t in this episode, nor were the Germans. But they’re coming.

Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 10

Hank calls Skyler after his altercation with Walt. The scene with Hank and Skyler was a great scene. Hank tried to use the “I’m hear to help you,you poor victim” approach and Skyler didn’t fall for it. Skyler did the right thing in that she didn’t say anything. Had she started talking Walt would have been done for. The evidence that Hank has alone would not have been enough to arrest Walt. Plus the fact that he obtained the book from Walt’s bathroom illegally made the interview with Skyler critical in his case against Walt. It’s become obvious that part of Hank’s desire to arrest Walt is based on the needs of his own ego.

Another great scene was when Skyler’s sister came over and tried to get Skyler to talk. Again Skyler played it right because Marie could have been recording the conversation (on her smart phone perhaps?). Marie then tried to take Skyler’s baby but Hank talked her out of it since it would have been kidnapping. Walt then buries 80 million dollars by shovel in the desert and looked like a pirate with his head scarf while burying his treasure. Skyler was correct in telling Walt that he can’t give himself up because she would never be able to keep the money. Skyler is certainly behind Walt, she has “broken bad” herself.

The scene that most intrigued me was the scene when Lydia shows up to the location where the meth cooking was taking place. The individuals doing the cooking took over from Walt and Lydia’s “partners” in the Czech Republic where displeased with the quality of the meth since the change. Who these partners are in Europe is yet to be disclosed but I have speculated on who they may be (1). The people invoked with the meth cook were all White men whom almost all had shaven heads and dressed in Neo-fascist attire. As Lydia hid in the underground meth lab a firefight broke out above. When she emerged from the underground lab we see the character “Todd” from the previous season and his Skinhead uncle and his gang. They had killed the gang that took over from Walt and Lydia was in on the ambush. It seems as if Lydia ordered the assault based on the pressure she is receiving from her “partners” in Europe. IT looks like Todd will be taking over the cooking?

Hank goes back to work and called for a conference call with his superior. I will now predict that this superior is in on the meth operation and will try to steer Hank away from pursuing “Heisenberg.” Hank may have to “break bad” from the DEA if that’s what it takes to catch or kill Walt? The episode ends with Hank going to interrogate Jesse as Jesse is having a mental melt down. The only thing that sucks about this last half season is that you have to wait a week between episodes.


Breaking Bad Report: Season five episode 9

Since WWIII has not began, the final episodes of Breaking Bad have resumed.

Episode 9 begins (after a quick scene in the future) where episode 8 leaves off; Walt’s brother-in-law “Hank” (a DEA agent) realizes Walt is “Heisenberg” due to Walt’s stupidity of leaving a book that is signed and given to him by his former lab assistant “Gale” in the bathroom. Walt acts like he has everything covered (he “is the danger”)but makes a mistake that even a person (me) with no experience in criminal activity (despite what “they” may say about me to everyone I know) can figure out is stupid. Walt’s wife “Skyler” is much more careful but she can’t handle the pressure involved (which is understandable since she has two kids).

Walt’s former associate “Lydia” visits him at his car wash and complains about the quality of the meth being made after he leaves the business. Lydia says she’s “in a box.” Before Season 5 even started last summer (2012) I speculated that the so called “Fascist International” or “Nazi International”(1) would be a part of the story (2). I was pleasantry surprised when season 5 started in Germany with the suicide of a German CEO that was using his company to supply “Gus” with a chemical used to make meth. At this point I think that Lydia is under pressure from the Germans to deliver high quality meth to them. Throughout season 5 there have been little hints at something German behind the scenes. As I’ve been predicting (3), I believe Breaking Bad will depict the “Nazi International” as being involved (although they probably won’t use the phrase “Nazi International”). For what purpose? The purpose is to introduce the meme of a very powerful secret German force operating in the world today behind the scenes.* I expect Walt will come into contact with these Germans and find out who the real “dangers” are.

Walt finds a GPS tracker on his car and figures that Hank probably put it there (they” don’t really do that, do “they”?). Walt visits Hank and confronts him about the GPS tracker. Hank punches Walt out of anger and threatens to put him “under the prison.” Hank tells Walt something like “I don’t know who you are.” Walt says something back to Hank like “if that’s true, you better tread lightly.” Walt is in a pretty bad position. Although he is dying of cancer (and has maybe 6 months to live) if he’s caught, there’s no way his family will be able to keep the money he made. That was the whole purpose of getting into the meth business in the first place. So he has to figure out what to do about his brother-in-law? He obviously doesn’t want to kill Hank, but what if that is the only way he can guarantee that his family will be able to keep the money that he made? Could that be who the ricin was for that Walt is shown retrieving in the first scene of episode 9? We’ll have to see? These final episodes are gonna be good.


*I expect to see more depictions of “The German Hand” (aka the Nazi International) to be coming out in the future that portrays Germans as the secret string pullers behind ALL of the world’s problems. Breaking Bad is definitely the first to my knowledge?

The Nazi International

In my Breaking Bad reports I mentioned the possible depiction of the so called “Nazi International” during the fifth season of the show.  I also mentioned this entity in my reviews of the HBO series Deadwood.  In Deadwood the Nazi were represented by the Pinkerton agency.   The purpose of this post is to give a little background to what I’m referring to when I discuss this entity.

I first heard of the Nazi International while listening to Follow the White Rabbit(see my blog roll).  If you haven’t listened to Follow The White Rabbit I highly suggest you do so.  The show is the on the cutting edge of alternative research, geopolitics, and the struggle against White genocide.  In the show the White Rabbit discussed the possible existence of a continuation of the Nazi entity post 1945.  The White rabbit’s main source for this subject is the alternative research author Joseph P. Farrell.  Farrell wrote a book called “Nazi International” that focuses on the story of this entity as well as other books that cover this topic.  There’s another alternative research writer Henry Stevens who also wrote a book about this entity titled “Dark Star.”  Steven’s book concentrates mainly on the possible technology created by the post war Nazi entity which includes UFOs.  Steven’s book is especially interesting in that he makes a very strong case that most of the technology that we use in the modern world is the result of the Nazis (regardless of if they existed as an organized entity after WWII).Farrell’s books also focus on the technology, but do so in the context of a much broader scale.

The simplest way to describe the so called Nazi International is that it’s a continuation of the Nazi entity after WWII.  In a contingency plan when the Nazi State fell, the Nazis would move their base of power from Germany and become an international entity with the administrative hub being in South America. They would “give up” to the Soviets and Americans and by doing so; infiltrate the US and USSR’s scientific, intelligence, and corporate/bureaucratic apparatuses. But while they appeared to give up and give in to the Anglo-America-Judeo elite’s plan for global government, they were really in a strategic retreat of sorts while they built up the capability to take on their enemies again in the future.

The whole Cold War may have been the result of Nazis playing the two former WWII allies (the US and USSR) against each other?  In fact, the only thing stopping the world from falling under the tyrannical grip of the New World Order may have been the Nazis?  FDR and his staff had originally planned to form a global government with the USSR after WWII in the 1950’s.  This global government (the New World Order) was and is a project of the Anglo-American-Judeo elites(1). Their basic plan was to erase all borders and forced integrate the world’s peoples into a global “new man” that would be easy to manage. This “new man” would be micro-chipped and would serve and worship the Anglo-American-Judeo elites as Gods.  From 1945 until the late 1990’s the Nazi entity did all they could to monkey-wrench the creation of the New World Order.

If one studies the start of the Nazi movement it was a reaction to the rise of communism in the East, and the spread of so called “liberal democracy” in the West.  Both communism and liberal democracy were/are materialist worldviews that see mankind as nothing more than economic cogs in a soulless machine.  The German’s rejected the two materialist worldviews and saw mankind as a something more than economic cogs. WWII was a war between materialist forces and spiritual forces (yes, and banking was a big part of it as well).  Of course, if one studies the Anglo-American-Judeo Elites you realize that these people don’t have a materialist worldview themselves; they just force this worldview on the masses to keep us as empty, soulless, material to form into bricks in their NWO pyramid (with them at the top).  The Anglo-American-Judeo elite’s spiritual system is Masonic, Kabbalistic, Talmudic, and Old Testament based (2).

The Nazis saw in Weimar Germany what the future would be like if the Anglo-American-Judeo elites took control of the world.  Mankind would become rootless, soulless, and only interested in pleasures of the flesh and materialistic gain. The Nazi cause was about stopping this future of degeneracy and base living. Modern America is a perfect example of the fruit from this materialist tree.

This isn’t to say that the Nazis were humanitarians.  They had no problem lining up and shooting hundreds of people at a time.  In fact, within their spiritual understanding of the world they weren’t even killing people; they were only sending them to another place. The Nazis did see humans as more than just cogs in the machine, but also saw themselves as the highest form of non-cogs compared to other humans. My point in this digression is to contrast the two worldviews that did battle in WWII.  My point isn’t to frame one side as “good guys” and the other as “bad guys.”  It’s just to explain what the true root of the conflict was about.  It was over too worldviews for the future of mankind.

While many in the post war power structure trusted that the Nazis did give up after WWII, the smart ones realized that the Nazis would never give up.  This is why the Nazis are the most demonized group in the history of the world.  To this day the most over-the-top documentaries are still produced about the Nazis.  No such documentaries were produced about the Communists during the Cold War (despite killing more people than the Nazis), nor are such documentaries and presentations made about Muslims in the so called “war on terror.”  The question is why?  Why is war propaganda still being made about an enemy that was defeated in 1945?  Perhaps the reason is that the enemy was never really defeated and the war never really ended?

This is why the holocaust narrative was probably created as well?  No one talked about the so called “Holocaust” until the 1960’s.  Eisenhower never mentioned the so called “death camps” in his memoirs. By the late 40’s the Anglo-American-Judeo elite probably realized that a faction of the Nazis never gave up.  This was around the time that UFOs started being seen that were not under the control of the American military industrial complex. So to prepare for another open war with the Nazis, it was decided that the Nazis would have to be made into the greatest “bad guys” ever. Hence the Holocaust narrative had to pushed to the limit. Without the gas chamber stories, the Nazis were really no different from the Allies during the war (3).  Both sides killed civilians in great numbers.  In fact, the Allies probably killed more civilians in their bombing raids than the Nazis did in theirs. The holocaust story is so critical in maintaining the evil narrative of the Nazis that it’s actually illegal to question it in Europe and Canada. Historically when a State makes it illegal to question a proposition, this proposition usually ends up having something wrong with it. Would it not make sense that the greatest threat to the people in power (the Anglo-American-Judeo elites) also happen to be the most demonized people in the world?

The main goals of the Nazi International would have been to keep the New World Order at bay for as long as possible, see to the collapse of the Soviet Union, and reunite Germany.   It also would have prioritized the creation of high technology.  The genesis of this technology was with the “bell” or “die glocke” device. The bell was a gateway technology intended on creating energy by tapping into the “unified field.”  This is the so called “zero-point” energy.  This technological research was started in the Nazi state but was not perfected during the war.  So it was rumored to have been brought to South America where it was perfected later on. It is very possible that the UFO sightings seen globally since the late 40’s are actually Nazis (not little green men)?  Funding this technology would have been of paramount importance.  Once this technology was mastered, the Nazis would have almost total technological superiority over the Anglo-American-Judeo elite. Funding this technology would have required black market activities to raise money.  Just as the Anglo-American-Judeo elites do, the Nazis would have used drug money for covert funding for their projects.  This where I think Breaking Bad is going with the German and South America connections?

The question that you should always ask regarding information is “why is this information being produced?” Why is Hollywood starting to write about the so called “Nazi International?” This writer doesn’t have a good answer?   It might be that since the Anglo-American-Judeo elite know that they can’t have their New World Order with the Nazis around that they may try to stir up the public for a final battle against the Nazis?  They may be trying to implant memes to get the public to think about a secret criminal fascist entity?  Since 9-11, the Anglo-American-Judeo elites have been in a serious panic and hurry to create their New World Order.  The White Rabbit has suggested that the White Gods (Zeus, Thor, etc.) may be returning to earth to throw Satan and his crew into a pit of fire.  It may be that the Anglo-American-Judeo elite (who work for Satan and his crew) know that they have to consolidate the world against the return of Enlil (Zeus) to have a chance against him, but before they can do this they need to defeat the Nazis? Of course, now you’re wondering what I’m talking about regarding the so called “White Gods;” see (4),(5),(6) below.

To learn more about the Nazi International I suggest reading the two books I mentioned above as well as listening to Follow the White Rabbit.  This writer is not certain if this Nazi entity does or ever did exist, but I lean towards belief in its existence.  The evidence out on them is mostly circumstantial and filled with speculation.  But if any group had the ability to do what I just described, it would be the Nazis.  They were a well-funded, motivated, super intelligent, disciplined, and a highly organized group of people who saw mankind as something more than just cogs in a machine (albeit with them as the highest non-cogs).  If this ends up being true, it will be the greatest story of humans overcoming impossible odds ever told. Despite their many, many flaws, the Nazis may end up being responsible for freeing mankind from the most nefarious plot in the history of the world (The New World Order program of the Anglo-American-Judeo elites).  Like I said above, it’s no wonder why they’re the most demonized group in the history of the world.

(1) (2)

(3)  There is no doubt that Jews were rounded up, sent to camps, killed in large numbers, forced into slave labor, and treated in an unacceptable manner during WWII. But as far as 6 million Jews being killed using gas chambers in a State program of extermination…well, this is quite unlikely (most of the dead seen in the famous footage after WWII died as a result of starvation and desiese. The death numbers according to the Red Cross were closer to 300,000-500,000 dead Jews(Still a tragedy though).  The Holocaust story is so unlikely that it’s illegal to even question this narrative in Europe and Canada.  Anytime the State starts making it illegal to question a proposition, chances are there are serious problems with that proposition. 


Breaking Bad Report: Season Five Episode 8

Walt met with the women who works with the German supplier.  She makes Walt a business proposal to start distributing the meth to the Czech Republic.  She offered to use her German distribution business as the front to move the product. She said something that stuck out when she said “do you think Gus ran the distribution himself?”  I think she was hinting that there may be a hidden player involved (the 3rd Power perhaps)?  When she shook Walt’s hand to finalize the deal she appeared to give a fascist salute?

Walt had to get rid of Mike’s old crew.  They were all in prison and ready to flip now that their old boss (Mike) was dead.  To do so he used Todd’s uncle.  Todd’s uncle appeared to be an Aryan Brotherhood prison gang type guy? The guys who carried out the killings were all white and during one part a swastika flashed on the screen which was tattooed on one of the killer’s head.

The episode did not include any mention of the German connection.  I guess the creator is waiting for the second half of the season, which won’t air until summer of 2013. It’s somewhat of a disappointment that we have to wait until summer of 2013 to see how the story ends.  A year from now the whole world may look very different?  The world is on the verge of WWIII, so in a year no one may even care if the show airs or not?  I do hope that life is somewhat “normal” in a year, but we may be on the verge a world-changing event, so may not matter.

Walt “got out” of the meth business after his wife pleaded with him.  He had made enough money and appeared to get out “clean.”  Of course, nothing is ever free in life, especially after living so nefariously.   Jesse looked like he was having a lot of trouble maintaining himself mentally due to the guilt he had over the murders they took part in. The last scene of the episode showed Agent Schrader on the toilet uncovering a book that Walt’s old lab assistant  (Gail) gave to Walt in which he signed for him.  Like an idiot, Walt had this book in the bathroom as toilet reading.  The stupidity of having such evidence around is inconceivable in its stupidity.  But it did make for good television for the ending of a season (or half season).

I am eager to see how the German connection will be brought in to the next half season?  It may turn out that Walt won’t be allowed to get out until “THEY” (the Nazi International) says he can get out (remember Walt saying this to the lawyer).  Walt might find out that while “Heisenberg” was smart and bold, that there are forces on this earth that are smarter and bolder.  So the final half season will feature Walt having to deal with his brother-in-law uncovering his activities , Jesse freaking out, and perhaps the Nazi International/3rd Power making Walt an offer that he can’t refuse?  If WWIII, or the return of Enlil/Zeus to earth doesn’t change the world too drastically, the final half season should be pretty entertaining.

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