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Esoteric Thoughts: Cycles (back Again).

cycle within/after cycle

starting at the end

rotating systems

where the heck you been?

creation and destruction

matter on the mind

death is an illusion

it’s central sun time

everything has a season

old friends cross path found

counter spinning spirals

we’ll always be around

e-ternal motion

weather looks like rain

no end or beginning

I’ll be back Agian

Snout Smack: An advocate for Non-Violence

I advocate non-violence in opposing the anti-White globalist pig-dog agenda.  In short, violence doesn’t work.  The anti-White pig-dogs have weapons of the like we’ve never seen before.  They have weapons that can affect weather, microwave weapons which fry your brain, holograms, nukes, and a whole plethora of “unknown unknowns.”  Attacking the globalist elite with violence is attacking them at their strongest point.  It would be like attacking the most fortified section of the Maginot line head on.

In fact, the globalist pig-dogs want you to attack them.  The globalist/NWO agenda was stronger than ever after Oklahoma city.  The same goes for the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Norway.  Attacking the anti-White globalists with violence just gives them a problem to provide a reaction and a solution to (1) . Violence assists the globalist elites in implementing a police-state.  It’s better if they inflict violence on you.  After Waco and Ruby Ridge the alternative right-wing grew in America.  After Oklahoma City this alternative right-wing contracted greatly.

For a historical case study it’s important to examine the former Soviet Union.  Anti-Soviet Samizdat dissidents used a consistent message, rhetoric, and political discourse to attack the system.  They used fax machines and xerox copiers to spread their message. They focused consistent messages on blatant contradictions of the Soviet system.  One example of a consistent message they used was “If Communism is so superior, why do they need walls and armed guards to keep us from leaving?”  They would repeat this over and over and over.  The Berlin Wall fell without a shot being fired.  But if anti-Soviet dissidents had attacked border guards or ambushed the East German police, these attacks would have been used by the Soviet security services as a reason to crack down on dissidents.  The masses would have probably supported this crack-down out of fear of instability.

Another major reason I advocate non-violence is that violence doesn’t punish the guilty.  Blowing up some mid-level bureaucrats or shooting the kids of political leaders does not hurt the globalist pig-dogs in any way.  The average government employee (including the average FBI special agent or CIA analyst) is clueless of the real nature of world power dynamics.  It doesn’t do any good to kill the ignorant (you have to educate and lead the ignorant).  The real guilty parties have paramilitary forces that guard them at all times.  A Bilderberg meeting would probably require two Army Ranger Regiments and 100 Delta Force operatives to it take down.

I also advocate non-violence because one should be confident in what one believes. You don’t need violence when you know you’re right. We have a consistent message (see the mantra above and BUGS in my blogroll) that undermines the legitimacy of the anti-White system.  We have the greatest invention since the printing press (the Internet) at our disposal to spread our message.  We have nothing to fear.  People use violence because of fear.  Fear should not motivate our actions.  Our actions are inspired by a call from the universe.

I pointed out that the strongest point in the system for the anti-White globalists is their military power.  They’re very good at killing.  However, the weakest component in their system is their ideas (the philosophical and scientific basis for their world order).  They have to use misdirection, duplicity, deception, and deceit to further their agenda.  They have to force people to live according to their program. The only weapons we (pro-Whites or other anti-globalists) need are aesthetics, art, music, metaphysics/spirituality, discourse, and a consistent message (see “BUGS” in my blogroll to learn about a consistent message).   This struggle is fought in the realm of imagination, emotion, and spirit. The anti-White globalist zeitgeist is their “systempunkt” (2).  If it goes down the whole system will cascade after it.

Guns, nukes, tanks, HAARP, drones, domestic surveillance systems,holograms, etc are for anti-White, globalist, pig-dogs who know their ideas and vision for man/womyn-kind are indefensible under scientific and philosophical scrutiny.

“The mastery of mind over mind is the only conquest worth having.”  Albert Pike: Morals and Dogma.



Why Can’t Cowards at C-span Call Chossudovsky?

The American Television Station “C-span” prides itself on featuring “provocative” and sometimes “controversial” authors.  They give “radicals” like Bill Ayers (a guy who hangs out with the President probably isn’t that radical) 3 hours on C-span to push his anti-White ideas for American education. Why don’t they invite Dr. Michel Chossudovsky on C-span for 3 hours to talk about Geopolitics, the Anglo-American Elite, and WWIII?  He has a new book provocatively called “Towards a WWIII Scenario” (1).  Why can’t  they invite him on Larry King for an hour?  How about Piers Morgan?  How about the “Fox All Stars” on Sunday morning?  Why don’t they invite him on Fox News’s “Red Eye?”

The fact is these people can’t handle Chossudovsky!   The media bosses (and their globalist superiors) shake with fear at the thought of Chossudovsky smacking their snouts for 3 hours on Cable TV.  The globalists are cowards who know that their worldview and agenda can easily be deconstructed by Chossudovsky.  This guy is near fearless in his discourse.

Chossudovsky is a leftest.  You could probably call him a “socialist.”  But he’s not a sick anti-White genocidal maniac like the “leftists” at the SPLC.  He just believes the masses should have more of a voice in world affairs and he advocates for greater wealth distribution.    He believes in communities organizing local economic capabilities and collectives.  Most important however, is his opposition to the New World Order.  I would describe him as an “International Nationalist.”

Below is a lecture by Chossudovsky which I highly recommend.  This is probably the best of the public speaking work I’ve seen of him.  This lecture should be shown to every college freshman in America.  This talk was given in 2003 and it explains very well why the “world situation” is what it is today.

He talks about a need for creating an anti-war/anti-globalist “discourse.”  Readers of Bob’s Underground Seminar (BUGS:found in my blogroll) will realize he’s talking about a “consistent message.”  A consistent message is intended to delegitimize the ideas and therefore the authority of the power structure.

Watch and take notes:

If you watched the lecture you probably noticed that he predicted Anglo-American-Israeli military actions for the last 8 years.   Now he’s talking about WWIII !!!(2)

Make sure to Check Out “Global Research” in my blogroll (Chossudovsky website).

(1), (2)

Esoteric Thoughts: 111111…

I wish all the BEST to my fellow Veterans.

Let us END the wars for Globalist, Corporate, and Israeli interests. 

And to they who fell in battle:

You’ll be back Again.

and Again and Again and Again and Again…

Esoteric Thoughts: 9 November

A day for breaking through cages.

Characteristics of the Globalist Elites

There are various explanations on who or what the globalist elites are.  For White Nationalists it’s the Jews.  In the alternative research community it’s the international bankers and/or Illuminati/Freemasons.  For Leftists it’s “the corporations” or “rich White men.”  For Christians it’s the Satanists.  For the Conservatives it’s the internationalists.  The fact of the matter is all these descriptions are correct but it requires further explanation.  This post will cover some basic characteristics of the globalist elite.

Geography:  The globalist elites are concentrated in four major cities.  These cities act as major nodes in their power grid.  These cities are Washington, New York, London, and Hollywood.  Washington is the political node.  New York is a finance and news media node.  London is a finance and administrative node.  Hollywood is the entertainment media/social engineering node. Israel is an important space as well but has more of a back-office function.  Almost all cities across the West act as mini-hubs that help distribute the agenda coming from the main four nodes.  Many non-Western cities across the globe have a similar function..

Ethnicity/Race: Racially the globalist elite are mostly White and Jewish.   In the United States the White globalist elite come mostly from the old WASP eastern establishment.  In Europe the White (non-Jewish) group includes much of European royalty.  The Jewish faction in the US immigrated from Eastern Europe and Germany in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  There is some intermarriage between the two groups but not with all the globalist families.  European Royalty is less likely to intermarry with Jews compared to non-royalty.  The Christian author Fritz Springmeier wrote a book called the “13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati” which covers the major globalist families (1).

It’s important to understand that the White globalist elite are NOT racialists.  They have no loyalty to the White race or to Western Civilization.  The royal families of Europe show no objection to the flooding of the West with non-white immigrants. The major globalist foundations fund the major “anti-racist” (code for anti-White) and pro-diversity initiatives.  In fact, to achieve total control of the globe the globalists need to carry out the genocide of the White race (except for the global elite themselves who pursue their own very serious eugenics program).  The White race is the biggest obstacle in the final creation of global governance.  Whites are relatively wealthy, well-educated, well armed, and independent minded (Whites don’t conform as easily as Asians or Africans).  Paradoxically the globalists use the White populations (for our scientific and military prowess) to help achieve their NWO, but will then do away with Whites so we don’t cause any trouble after it’s in place.  A small number of Whites might be left alive for scientific/military prowess and beauty/sexual (mostly women in this case) purposes, but these people will be under the total control of the globalist power structure (this will most likely include the use of microchips).  They will live to worship and serve the globalists  as the elites attempt to reach trans-humanist Godhood (with their great eye watching over the “profane” masses).  To understand how the genocide against Whites is being carried out click the link at the top of the page labeled “The Anti-White System (Program for White Genocide).”

Institutions: Both the White and Jewish elite attend elite schools and run most of the major corporations world-wide.  The Jewish faction is especially concentrated in finance and media.  The globalists are also represented (by mostly mid-level globalists) in academia, think tanks, intelligence organizations, NGOs, and politics. But the highest level globalists tend to be concentrated in finance and royalty (money being the greatest lever of power).  The globalists also have a variety of planning meetings and organizations that carry out the larger agenda (Bilderberg Group, Committee of 300, Davos, Club of Rome, CFR, JINSA, Tavistock).

Spirituality: The spiritual system for the globalist elite is Freemasonic/Kabbalistic, Talmudic (2), and old testament centered.  Globalists such as George Bush may go to church and claim “Jesus as their savor” but this is mostly for show.  The true “God” of the globalists is Lucifer.  Whether this “God” actually exists (as some sort of alien being stuck on earth, not the red guy with the pointed tail in hell) or purely as a concept is yet to be known.  But what is known is that the globalist spiritual system permits them to rule over the “profane” (Freemasonic term) or “goyim” (Jewish-Talmudic term) masses.

Structure: While the elites are both White and Jewish, it is most likely that the non-Jewish White component is actually “higher ranking.”  During the middle ages European royalty would use Jews to collect taxes and take care of other activities that the masses despised. When the masses would get upset, they would take it out on the Jews and in many cases the King would allow it.   This same arrangement is used today.  The White elites use the Jews as a “buffer” or “layer” between them and the masses. The Jews run the most in-your-face aspects of the globalists apparatus.  They run anti-White organizations in the West like the ADL and SPLC and run international organizations like those that conducted the “color revolutions” in the former Soviet Union.  The Jews also run the media and create heinous entertainment that is intended to subvert and pervert the culture.  If the royal houses of Europe or WASP establishment in America wanted an end to this perversion it would be easy, but the fact is THEY DON’T WANT AN END TO IT!  If you think about the globalist elite as a corporation the non-Jewish Whites are the Board of Directors while the Jews are the CEOs and mid level managers.

The highest level planning and strategy is done behind closed doors.  After the highest plans are made they are disseminated at the planning meetings and to the think tanks. The plans are then carried out by the political “leaders” (whores) who get their orders and ideas from these planning meetings and think tanks.  Intelligence organizations are used for the “extra legal” problems that come up.  The military industrial complex is where their technology is developed.  The media is used to shape perceptions and control the masses while the globalist agenda is being carried out.  The use of private central banking is used for usury purposes. The masonic and Jewish entities are intertwined through the whole apparatus to ensure an army of foot soldiers are in place to follow orders.

I mentioned that the globalist elite can be thought of as a corporation.  The non-Jew Whites are the board of directors while the Jews are management.  The question that perplexes me is who the Chairman of the Board may be?  Who is truly at the top?  I believe that there must be a final decision maker and this is where things get interesting (or scary depending on your outlook).  This may be where Lucifer fits in?  There’s something very inhuman and brutal about these people and it shouldn’t surprise us if there was some sort of alien-being at the helm.  I recommend listening to Follow the White Rabbit episode 68 for more information on Lucifer (see Follow the White Rabbit in my blogroll) and recommend that you read at link (3) below.

I hope this post helps the reader’s understanding of the globalist elites.




Preparing for WWIII

Here’s a good article from Global Research:

Preparing for World War III, Targeting Iran
Part I: Global Warfare

by Michel Chossudovsky

Chossudovsky is an excellent writer and speaker and unlike most leftists, does not have an inhearent desire to do away with the White race.  I recommend his website (Global Research), which can be found in my blogroll.  Chossudovsky is a regular on Russia Today (RT) and always does a good job of smacking the snouts of the globalist pig-dogs.  Here’s an interview he does with Potent News where he discusses the globalist pig-dogs behind the Occupy Wall Street movement.


ex KGB Yuri Bezmenov on subversion, active measures, and psychological warfare

Here is a lecture and an interview by former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov on psychological warfare and subversion.  It’s important to understand how these techniques have been used to subvert Western Culture.  This subversion is necessary to prepare the masses to accept global governance and White genocide.



Patricia McAllister: The Rosa Parks of Free Speech

American Free Press recently featured a very brave women named Patricia McAllister.  She got fired from her teaching job for having opinions that don’t fit with the globalist pig-dog line.  Here’s a short article about her along with links to her interview with AFP.

Schoolteacher Persecuted for Her Beliefs

By Victor Thorn

Patricia McAllister is a hero, and she stands as the undisputed reigning champion of free speech in America. Her “Rosa Parks moment” arrived on Oct. 12 when, during an Occupy Los Angeles rally, Reason TV recorded her on camera saying: “I’m here representing myself, but I do work for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). I think the Zionist Jews who are running these big banks and our Federal Reserve—which is not run by the federal government—need to be run out of this country.”

On Oct. 18, LAUSD officials fired McAllister. In an exclusive interview with AFP, McAllister explained her dismissal to this writer. “Ira Berman, the director of employee relations for LAUSD, told me, ‘You’re out of a job.’ When I asked for the reason, he responded, ‘I don’t want to talk about why.’”

Superintendent John Deasy later said in a press release, “We recognize the law is very protective of the freedom-of-speech rights of public employees when they are speaking as private citizens during non-working time . . . but we will never stand for behavior that is disrespectful, intolerant or discriminatory.”

This issue became so prominent and explosive that on Oct. 20 the Los Angeles Times devoted an editorial to it. They began: “This newspaper ardently supports the right of free speech, even when that speech is controversial, hateful or ignorant. But no right is absolute, and Patricia McAllister crossed a line.”

Their commentary continued with this curious endorsement: “On Tuesday [Oct. 18] Supt. John Deasy fired her. Good for him.”

However, in the following paragraph, the editors seemed to backtrack: “[McAllister] was careful to note that she was not speaking as a  representative of L.A. Unified. And Deasy knows as well as anyone that courts have historically—and correctly—protected teachers’ free-speech rights.”

Not surprisingly, after McAllister was terminated for her supposedly anti-Semitic comments, the ADL’s LA regional director, Amanda Susskind, congratulated Deasy and the school board for their decision.

Occupy LA supporters protested in front of LAUSD headquarters following McAllister’s dismissal.

Interview with AFP:

Patritcia McAllister’s website:

David Duke also did an interview with her:

Ms. McAllister is a hero in every sense of the word.  She’s been fired from her job and harassed at her home but still proudly states her lack of fear.  Ms. McAllister is a real leader and puts to shame the “civil rights leaders” that appear in the mainstream media.  In fact, why aren’t these “civil rights leaders” up in arms over her firing?  I guess they (Sharpton, Jackson) know where their bread is buttered?

Make sure to sign the petition to reinstate her through the AFP website

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