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Being on the White Path


The White Path is a religion for White people. It recognizes the supreme Force in the universe known to most as “God” (1).  It praises and honors the lower gods known from European mythology (2). I will now lay out the moral teachings and overall mindset of the White Path.

The most important moral teaching of the White Path is the existence and amelioration of Whiteness. The great Force of the Universe created Whiteness. Whiteness is part material (DNA) and part spirit which meet at a common realm known as mind (consciousness). Whiteness exists across the physical world of matter, the incorporeal world of spirit, and in the mental world of consciousness.

White matter and White spirit counter-rotate while adjoining at the point of mind.

Those on the White Path emulate the great Force of the Universe by creating powerful forms. The various esoteric organizations refer to the Force as the Great Architect of the Universe. Those on the White Path would see the Force more as the Great Artist of the Universe. God or the Force creates and destroys for a purpose beyond our understanding. Those on the White Path will create powerful and beautiful forms in emulation of the Great Artist. While we do so we will try to understand the greater purpose of the Force, but accept that our minds may not be able to comprehend it.

We will remain focused on our great art project.  This art project is the building of a great civilization, the core of which is the building of powerful, beautiful, and knowledgeable beings that can one day be called Ubermenschen. We will build a great intergalactic civilization and our art will stretch across the universe. We will do this because this is what the Force does. We will channel the collective energies of White People into our great Art project called Whiteness.  Why?  We praise the Great Artist of the Universe by emulating the Great Artist of the Universe. The Great Artist builds mountains, stars, and atoms, so we will do as the Force does.

The White Path gives White Folk an outlet to channel their divine gifts.

This brings me to the next major aspect of the White Path. Besides an outlet to express the White spirit, the White Path will offer the means to find inner peace. This inner peace will arise with the knowledge that the individual is contributing their part to the larger whole of Whiteness. They’ll know that when temples of Whiteness stand on planets on the other side of the universe, that they will have been part of the reason why.

Meditation will be practiced by those on the White Path. Meditation increases focus by increasing mindfulness. Mindfulness is living in the present. Dwelling on the past and/or worrying about the future is a waste of energy. Living in the present is how inner peace is found. Meditation is a tool for living in the present. The White Path is about creating powerful forms and being able to enjoy the moment enough to truly appreciate the forms that we’ve created.  We live knowing all we do is for the greater purpose of the Great White Intergalactic Art Project. When people are mindful, calm, and focused is when they can create at their greatest potential. The White Path is the path to greater purpose, inner peace, and finding ones true creative potential.

But, what about destruction you ask? The Force creates planets and atoms but also destroys planets and atoms.  We on the White Path will not interfere with the art projects of others, but for reasons still unknown to us, the Force sees fit to create beings and forces that oppose Whiteness.  These are the anti-Whites. At this point this author explains anti-White existence as one would explain weights in resistance training. The Force presents us with anti-Whites to make us stronger. These anti-White forces of darkness will attempt to eradicate Whiteness and will warrant doing so in the name of “tolerance” and “diversity.” They will be met with our powers of destruction.  This can range from having their systems smashed, as is being done presently on earth. To having their planets turned to dust in some far-away galaxies. They exist to disrupt our art project and we exist to do our art project. This is no different than two planets crashing in space. It’s the nature of the universe.

I will now review the moral teachings of the White Path.

The White Path does not have black-and-white rules like Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. Rules like the 10 commandments have too many exceptions to be useful. Thou shall not kill, but what about in war?  Thou shall not steal, but what about your enemy’s resources?  The only black-and-white rule that this author finds useful is the Golden Rule: “Treat others as you wish to be treated.”  Or, “allow others their way of life as you would wish to live your own. “

The Nine Noble Virtues of Odinism (3) would be good place to start. I will write more about moral teachings in the future, but just wanted to include these in case I get whacked. This way something is in place in case of my absence. Those on the White Path will ask themselves, while considering their actions, if they coincide with the 9 noble virtues.

  1. Courage
  2. Truth
  3. Honor
  4. Fidelity to folk
  5. Discipline (including Patience)
  6. Hospitality
  7. Self-Reliance
  8. Industriousness
  9. Perseverance

Religions also tend to regulate people’s sex lives so I believe some discussion of this topic is necessary. The White Path does not require people wait until marriage to have sex. The White Path recommends that people only have sex when in a committed, caring relationship. Having sex outside a committed relationship isn’t necessarily a “sin” like in Christian teachings, but it can lead to problems that can interfere with the greater mission of the White Path (unwanted pregnancies, diseases, sex addition). It also goes against the noble virtue of “Honor” when a man whoremongers or a woman acts like a slut. The White Path encourages the folk to have large families and to be married in a White church or temple. The White Path will not recognize same sex marriage.

A Yahwistic faith like Islam has 5 pillars that one must live by to be considered a “good Muslim.”  The White Path will have no rigid religious rules. The White Path requires that the folk commit to furthering the Great White Art Project. At this point in history, those on the Path should focus on destroying the current anti-White system with the message found at Bob’s Underground Graduate Seminar (see BUGS in my blogroll and “The Mantra” page above). One should pray at least once daily (facing north) to the Force and the gods. One should meditate at least 15 minutes a day for mindfulness. One should celebrate the holidays of the White Path (4), (5). One should have symbols of the Force ( golden swastika) and the gods (statues, icons, images) in their homes.

This is only the beginning for the teachings and outlook of the White Path, but I think it’s a good start. The White Path will be the future religion of the future White Intergalactic civilization, but its roots are being established now. Right now is like the early Christian times before the Roman Catholic Church. The main thing is that the White Path always remains true to White survival and White amelioration. Constant improvement of the White individual and the White collective is the law. Build powerful forms in the spirit of Whiteness and work on being still and mindful. It’s the total present state without worry that one will see the Force in all its glory and perhaps see a glimpse of the Force’s bigger plan?

Are you on the White Path?






So you want to save America?

americanflagThis current budget battle and possible government shutdown is just the latest reminder of why this author doesn’t think that the United States will survive past 25 years in the future. Now that this has been said, this author will do his patriotic duty and explain what course the United States should take if it does wish to survive.

At the core of all of America’s problems is the issue of White genocide (see page above titled “The anti-White system). This genocide is being carried out by forced integration and assimilation of non-Whites into every White community and institution in the United States (really in the whole West, but I’ll focus on the USA for this essay).

Politically Whites have two choices in America. They have the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. The Democratic Party overtly works against the interests of Whites in action and rhetoric. The people who make up the leadership of the Democratic Party are people who openly show hostility towards White people. The President himself spent 20 years in a church that openly incited racial hatred against White people. The Democratic Party overtly supports programs and people that give advantages to non-Whites over Whites.

Because of the overt anti-White nature of the Democratic Party, Whites overwhelmingly vote for the GOP. The problem of course is that the GOP doesn’t serve the interests of Whites (except for the top 1% economically).  The average GOP voter would be better off with the economic policies (without the anti-White aspects) of the Democratic Party, but they vote for the GOP because the GOP “feels” like the party of their people. Come election time the GOP leadership engages in “country club racism” (i.e. complaining about welfare queens and such) as a signal to the base, but in reality the GOP does nothing for the average White middle/working class person.

After the 1960’s the government proved that it would not protect middle America, so middle America turned to the private sector for protection and started supporting political movements that were for “smaller government.”  The GOP voter sees the government as against their interests, so they deceive themselves into believing that libertardianism is in their interests . The idea is, if they can just make enough money they’ll be able to move to the exurbs where the visible effects of White genocide are less apparent.  The big financiers of the GOP all advocate for large numbers of immigrants, could care less about ending affirmative action (their kids are going to Ivy League schools regardless), and help fund “diversity initiatives” through the big foundations. But the GOP base supports the GOP because at least the hope exists that they can get away from forced diversity (and all its ugliness) if they can just “pull themselves up by the boot straps” like Sean Hannity claims he did.

So along comes Obamacare which in theory is not that bad of an idea. Every other highly advanced country on earth has universal healthcare, so why can’t the United States?   The problem is that the average GOP voter associates (rightly so) big government programs with more anti-Whiteness. When they hear the words “universal healthcare,” they have visions of having more diversity being forced on them.

So nothing can happen in government anymore because the GOP-base associates any kind of government activity with more attacks on their people-hood.  The only activity that the US government can do that doesn’t cause these associations is war. With war, the GOP voter can redirect their anger regarding the anti-White system on a bunch of Moo-slims who, as we’re always told by neocon, rightwing propagandists, follow a “religion of hate” (if the GOP-base wants to learn about a “religion of hate,” I recommend that they check out the book preferred by many of their Party’s leaders; aka the Talmud) (1). The fact is, these Moo-slims are no threat to the United States and the wars against them only benefit Zionist, globalist, and corporate interests.

So the question is how do we fix this problem?  The solution to the problem is simple and that’s the constitutional right of freedom of association. This isn’t the only solution to the White genocide problem, but it’s a start and will allow government to function properly again. Allowing Whites to have their own communities and institutions will alleviate the negative associations with government programs. People won’t mind paying higher taxes (for universal healthcare or a public works program) when they know they’ll be able to live in communities that reflect people like themselves and will no longer have to feel the stress of forced diversity. Since the federal government won’t be able to dump 5000 Somali refugees in a predominantly White town, the people of that town won’t mind paying a little more to the government. But what about the refugees you ask?  They’ll go to a town or city where the people of that town or city agree to take them in.  I’m sure all those liberal towns on the East and West coasts that just “looooooove diversity” will be happy to take them. I’m all for sending millions of refugees to the East side of Manhattan or Hollywood.

Freedom of association would allow Whites (everybody in fact) to have schools, businesses, communities, and other organizations that would be exclusively for them.  Much of the stress of the multicultural/multiracial state would disappear.  Homosexuals could hold parades in their underwear in San Francisco, while bible thumping, Israel First, evangelicals can teach their kids that the universe is only 6000 years old in their community schools. Both groups would support each other’s way-of-life because by doing so, they would be supporting their own way-of-life. Since the United States lost its original Northwest European founding stock identity, the people of the US would identify around the idea of “freedom.” This is the true freedom to live in the way that people want and with who they want. This is also true diversity. If you claim to support freedom and diversity then you must support this plan. Privately owned companies would be free to hire and fire and promote who they wished. States would play a major role as “laboratories of democracy” in a system that would offer more local autonomy.

Other aspects of my plan would include the following:the Bush era tax cuts would be done away with. A very large public works project would be undertaken that fixes the country’s dilapidated infrastructure.  The military budget would be cut by at least 1/3. Universal healthcare would be funded with the money saved from the military budget. A major program to train young people in math and science would be carried out that would aim to produce enough doctors and scientists to greatly reduce the need to import people in these professions. Private central banking would be replaced with a public central banking system. Because blacks will be affected most by the loss of affirmative action and quotas, a reparations payment would be paid out.  Let’s say $250,000 tax-free, per slave descended black. But afterward Whites would no longer be “chained” to blacks as we are now in the current anti-White system.  This payment would be the necessary capital for blacks to start a new era in their history.

This plan I laid out is a viable way America can survive and thrive in the long term, but the most important part is the freedom of association aspect. This plan allows everyone to be happy, except the people who run the current system. These people are the globalist elite (2) who set up the current system to wipe out Whites in the West, while using the resources of the U.S. to militarily dominate the globe. I am not optimistic that my plan for saving America will be implemented, but I felt it my duty to put in the aether anyway. This way nobody can say that no one had any better ideas. It’s a shame really, America was a great idea. The founders broke away from the aristocracy and bankers of London and created a place where a person could come and start a new life away from the oppressive class systems of Europe. Unfortunately, these interests from London made their way back into the U.S. by the mid 1800’s and have made America their Gollum-esque tool for global domination ever since. Because of the endless desire for power and maniacal fanaticism of the Anglo-American-Judeo-Illuminati-Globalist elites (3), America will most likely end up in the dustbin of history.  But let no one say that I didn’t try to provide a possible solution. Bye America. Bye.



Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 15

The episode starts out with Saul leaving town using the services of a man who specializes in such matters. It would seem that starting over in this way would be near impossible in the modern world?  But apparently Saul was moving to Nebraska.  The creator of Breaking Bad said that there was going to be a spin-off show featuring Saul Goodman. I can’t figure out if the show will be about Saul as a Lawyer or Saul on the run?  Walt is clearly out of his mind talking about getting his money back from the neo-Nazis. He ends up listening to reason and travels in a gasoline truck tank across the country to New Hampshire.

This episode showed Todd making the same mistake that Walt made.  He won’t quit while he’s ahead. He has millions of dollars but wants to remain in the meth business. And it appears he has a crush on Lydia. Lydia is the only smart person on the show. But here too we see Lydia remain partners with Todd and his gang after they took part in the murder of two DEA agents. Once she heard that Todd made 92% pure meth, her greed sucked her back in. This episode also reveled Todd to be a major psycho.  First he threatens to kill a baby, and then shoots Jesse’s old girlfriend to persuade him to keep cooking. And all of this because he appears to love Lydia?

After calling his son, Walt looses all hope and turns himself in, until see sees his old college friends on Charlie Rose talking about him.  They claimed Walt was an insignificant part of their company and this was a major affront to Walt’s ego. The police got to the bar he was at but Walt was gone. Again, it appears Walt’s vanity could not allow him to give up. So now he’s going to travel across the country to, I guess, set his old partners straight, kill the neo-Nazis, get his money, and make up with his family?

The aspect I am most excited for is the German connection. I’ve been waiting for them to come back to the German meme this whole half season and it appears that the creator of Breaking Bad is going to make us wait until the last episode?  I can’t see them not coming back to this meme, and the fact that they waited until the last episode makes me think that they got something in store very, very mind-blowing?

That’s my final (and on going) prediction.  The Breaking Bad Finale will be the first depiction in modern history of the entity known as “Nazi International (1)”.


Confessions of a former anti-Southern Bigot

the southwillriseagain

Since becoming racially aware around 2006 or so, I must admit that I’ve written or said things about non-Whites or Jews on a few occasions that were unfortunate.  When someone first becomes aware of the Jewish question and the program of White genocide, their first reaction is anger. Then, after looking at the effort (known as White Nationalism) to oppose the Jewish power structure and White genocide, the feeling turns to despair. Up until about 2009 or so, I thought the only hope for saving White humans was the possibility of a massive collapse, followed by a period of instability that would force Whites to organize for their interests. But then after getting acquainted with the work of Bob Whitaker and his message (known as the Mantra) I came to realize that stopping White genocide was not only possible but very probable.

While I did write or say some unfortunate things about non-Whites or Jews after becoming aware of the situation (program of White genocide), there’s only one group that I can say I’ve said more offensive or derogatory things about in my lifetime.  This group is White Southerners.  Growing up in the Northeast United States (and as a consumer of Hollywood entertainment) I was socialized into viewing Southern Whites as inherently bad and ignorant people. I truly believed that people from the North were better than people from the South and looked down at White Southerners with much more disdain than I ever did towards non-Whites or Jews. I actually saw them as being inferior to other people. To this day I’ll still catch myself using a Southern inflection while mocking the wave-the-flag, patiortard types who show outright obedience to the American military-industrial-Judeo-NWO complex.

I remember while serving in the Army giving Southern soldiers a hard time about flying the confederate battle flag in their barrack-rooms.  But it was while I served in the Army that I first met some Southerners and saw something in the South that was much different than in the North. In the south, diversity (read non-Whites) was everywhere.  In the North most of the diversity was and is still to this day mostly confined to the inner city neighborhoods. The suburban diversity tends to be people from India or Northeast Asia, but blacks and Latinos mostly live in ghettos.  It struck me as being rather hypocritical to give Southerners grief over their so called “racism,” while we in the North lived in all White suburbs.  In rural areas in the North there are almost no non-Whites, except foreign migrant Latinos who do the agricultural work.  In the South there are as many non-Whites in rural areas as there are Whites. There is no “White flight” in the South because non-Whites are everywhere.

By the end of my service in the Army, I can say my best friends in the Army were Southern Whites. I greatly admired the traditional family structure, attitudes towards national service and patriotism, rural folk wisdom, faith, and respect for elders that I saw in the South. Today, one of my greatest American heroes is Bob Whitaker; who refers to himself as “an overeducated redneck from Pontiac South Carolina.”

I recently watched the movie “God’s and Generals” that features one of my favorite actors (who is from the South), Robert Duvall. In my opinion, the best parts of the film are not the battle scenes, but the parts that depict Southern people within Southern culture. I look at a man like Robert E. Lee with the upmost respect. This is a man of legendary honor. Contrast Lee with a man like Lincoln, who served the interests of bankers and industrialists and who is responsible for more White deaths than any American President in history.

Hateful Northerners claim that liking or appreciating the Old Southern culture is wrong because of slavery.  If this is the case, then this makes appreciating Ancient Greek, or Roman, or Muslim golden age culture just as wrong. Nobody scolds Muslims for looking back fondly on their so called Golden Age. The reason for this is that Southern Culture is associated with being White. And in today’s anti-White world anything that can act as a rallying point for Whites is going to be demonized.

The fact is that the South wanted to break away from the union because they didn’t want to pay taxes to Northern states. This was their Constitutional right. This was no different than why colonists fought the War for Independence against England (except the colonists had no legal right to do this). Some far seeing Illuminati types had to make sure the United States were consolidated for them to use to dominate the rest of the world in the next century.  So Lincoln was used for his utility in killing White people and then killed off when he was no longer needed.

While I’m doubtful that the United States will survive in its current form for even another 25 years, I can say with certainty that the South will survive and will even thrive with the fall of the United States. To this day Southern Whites still feel very strongly about their culture, which contrasts with the North which doesn’t exist as a unified culture. So while this essay is part apology to Southern Whites from this author, it’s also a prediction that the South Will Rise Again.  Some people I know say that the South is hopelessly controlled by Judeo-Conservatives and Evangelical churches that push non-White forced integration. I have faith that leaders will emerge from the South that will set these elements aright and regain freedom for their people. I should also point out, that while the North is much more segregated than the South, this is rapidly changing. Due to the program of White genocide no area is safe from forced diversity. So in this way,  we are all Southerners now.

I wish to formally apologize to the South for my former ignorance and disrespect towards your people and your culture.

God Bless the South.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin; I Salute You


Older leftists sometimes talk about how they looked up to people like John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, or Gandhi back in the 1960’s. Right-wingers talk about Reagan or Thatcher in the same way. They talk about being inspired by these people and felt hope during their time of leadership. Growing up I never had such a person to look up to. During the early 2000’s when I served in the military and for a short while after, I supported George Bush, but never really felt that strongly about him. At that time I was still trapped in the left-vs-right paradigm of American politics, and felt more in common with the right. So I supported Bush out of a general party affiliation. Now I can say for the first time there is political leader that I do look up to and feel inspiration from his work.

After the fall of the USSR, Russia was in ruin. The Anglo-American-Judeo-Illuminati elite quickly oozed into Russia and used their agents in Russia to buy up all the state industries. The people who took control of these industries were mostly Jewish and lived like kings while the people of Russia lived in misery. While these werewolves ran lose throughout Russia devouring the wealth and souls of the Russian nation, the vampires outside Russia made geopolitical moves to control Russia’s periphery.  After George H.W. Bush pledged not to enlarge NATO, NATO grew larger than ever. Western, Israeli, and Saudi intelligence supported Chechen Islamo-terrorists and worked throughout central Asia to diminish Russian influence.

But then out of the despair, doom, and hopelessness of the Russia of the 1990’s, a man arose who slapped the werewolves on the snout, and who shined light in the eyes of the vampires from London, Washington, and New York. This man is Vladimir Putin. I imagine Putin playing a game with the werewolves through the 90’s and acting like the stupid peasant goyim that they thought he was.  I imagine these wolf-men laughing while they drank $10,000 a bottle champagne and bragging to each other as they carved up Russia and lived out their Talmudic fantasies. But there was Putin the whole time laughing along with them while waiting patiently. Then the day came when some of these wolf-men found themselves sitting in cage in Siberia, while others found themselves running from Russia with their wolf-man tails between their legs. It should also be mentioned that Putin gave these werewolves the opportunity to give up their stolen property and to leave the country, but wolf-men like Mikhail Khodorkovsky thought that they could play hardball with Putin. They probably figured that the mighty Juden was unstoppable and that Putin was a minor annoyance if anything.  I imagine Khodorkovsky on the phone with Rothschild saying something like:

“ya boss, this Putin wants to play rough,” Rothschild replies “ Mikhail, don’t worry about that dumb cattle, we’re sending some of our best werewolf lawyers to assist you, not to mention we have the American congress and media in our pocket. Shabbos goy McCain will be you loudest supporter. Don’t worry.” 

In 2008 the vampires and werewolves tried to capture South Ossetia. This mission was carried out by the Georgian military. The purpose was to capture oil routs through the Caucuses and to set up a secure base in which the globalist Illuminati could strike Iran from north later on. It was also an attempt to show the Russians that the vampires could throw their weight around central Asia and that Russia could do nothing about it. Russia surprised everyone when Russian mechanized infantry and armor units swept down and removed the Georgian army with ease. The western press first reported it as being Georgian hostility but then apparently someone must have called them up because they changed the story to an unprovoked Russian invasion. I remember watching an analysis of the battle on CSPAN by an American Enterprise Institute (AEI) panel. I remember Shabbos goy “tough guy” Ralph Peters saying something like “the Russians are basically barbarians who occasionally puke up a genius” (referring to Putin). Shabbos goy Ralph Peters was outraged that someone would defy the Anglo-American-Judeo-Illuminati elite, as was his fellow Shabbos goy John McCain who pushed the narrative of Russian aggression in the Georgian war when it was obvious to everyone who cared to look that the Georgians had started the war.

What Putin has showed the world is that the Judeo faction of the Anglo-American-Judeo-Illuminati elite is not the all-powerful force that White Nationalists claim them to be. Putin fought a different kind of war against these people. It was a war of intrigue and guile. The stupidest thing Putin could have done was try some Nationalist movement with street violence and anti-Semitic propaganda. This is the White Nationalist solution.  This is a loser solution.

I can’t help but laugh whenever I read White Nationalist attitudes on Putin. White Nationalists see Putin passing laws against neo-Nazis in Russia as evidence of him being controlled by Jews. Despite him doing more to damage world Jewry than any man on earth, White Nationalists see him as controlled by Jews. White Nationalists seem incapable of understanding that Neo-Nazis going around beating up non-Whites does nothing to help the survival of White people. Violence committed by Neo-Nazis in Russia brings about attention from Western Intelligence backed NGOs and then Western media who try to frame Russia as being “racist.” The only people who support Neo-Nazis in Russia (besides White Nationalists) are the globalist elites who would love if such a movement grew in Russia.  This would be a perfect narrative for the “anti-racist” West to attack Russia in the name of “tolerance” and “multiculturalism.” White Nationalists also see the presence of Jews in Putin’s cabinet as evidence that Putin is Jewish controlled. Here again, White Nationalists get caught in liner thinking. If Putin threw every Jew out of government, he would be targeted by NGOs as “anti-semantic.” The American Judeo-controlled rightwing would be jumping up and down for war with the “neo-fascist” Putin who would be presented as the anti-Christ himself. And while this may be sacrilege in White Nationalist circles to say, it could also be possible that these Jews see their own interests as being more aligned with Russia than they do with world Jewry or the globalist elites?

What’s particularly absurd is how the mainstream rightwing in America have been programmed to hate Putin. If anything, Putin is closer to the average rightwing American in worldview than the Jews who run the GOP. Putin isn’t going to allow Christian symbols and holy places to be desecrated and disrespected by scum under orders from the globalist elites. One technique in black magic is the defilement of sacred symbols. When sacred symbols can be disrespected without any repercussions, this decreases the power of the symbols. Putin isn’t going to allow crosses to be put in jars of urine in the name of art (as was done in the US with public tax money). Putin knows that a healthy society needs sacred symbols and beliefs, and is doing more to protect such symbols and beliefs than any American Conservative certainly is. Putin also outlawed gay marriage and over-the-top gay expressions in public. Shabbos goy John McCain pointed to this as evidence (1) of how bad Putin is when the base of McCain’s own party would overwhelmingly support the same measures in the United States. In response (2) to Shabbos goy John McCain’s recent hit piece towards Putin, Putin pointed out “that Europeans are dying out in part because of societal acceptance of gay relationships” (3). This statement shows that Putin has concern for the issue of European (White) survival. Somebody should ask Shabbos goy McCain if he cares about “Europeans dying out?”

During the globalist elite’s recent attempt at starting another war in the Middle East, Putin used John Kerry’s words to broker a peace deal between Syria and the West. Here too he runs circles around world Jewry who desperately need a war against Syria to maintain Israeli hegemony over the long term. Shortly after this happened, I was watching the O’Reily Factor on FOX news.  The guest was Shabbos goy Laura Ingram and she made it clear that Obama wasn’t up to task of taking on Putin. O’Reily said that the Obama regime was more worried about Tea Party extremists, when it was Putin who was “the real extremist.” I could sense a level of desperation in the conversation between O’Reily and Ingram and it was clear that the Judeo elite faction of the globalist elites don’t know what do about this man.

What America needs is an American Putin. This American Putin would concentrate on attacking globalist elite power in America. He or she would go after their banks, their media, and their networks within the American government.  At the same time, to get the population on his/her side, he/she would invest money on internal infrastructure projects that would reduce unemployment. This President would push for freedom of association, which would greatly damage the program of White genocide (see page above)  being pushed by the globalist elites. To get the blacks on board for supporting freedom of association, he/she could offer a reparations payment. So as Whites (everybody really) regain the right to live in communities and/or have institutions for themselves, blacks would be paid a lump sum that would assist them during the evolution to a truly free America. The only affirmative action that would exist would be in the federal government. This American Putin should be a veteran, married with kids, around 45-50 years old, from the mid-west, a Christian, and not a lawyer. Just like the Russian Putin, this America Putin will need to be incorruptible in his/her commitment to the America people and the fight against the globalist elites. He/she should openly discuss the global oligarchy and their plan to create a New World Order.

So with that said, I say “I salute you” Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Let no one say that it is impossible to take on world Jewry and win. Putin has taken on world Jewry and come out on top. He could have been a good little Shabbos goy and been richer than he is today. But he wanted more out of life than money. He couldn’t watch his Russians being exploited by a group of satanic international manipulators. Of course, there’s another force behind world Jewry that is even more dangerous than them. I expect we’ll see more Putin-esque men (or woman) come to the surface as the fight against the powers of darkness moves forward (if you thought Russia guile was impressive, wait to you see the Teutonic kind 😉 ). The Anglo-American-Judeo-Illuminati elite’s order is about the fall into a pile of dust, and when this story is written, Putin’s work will be a major contributor to the size of the dust pile.




Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 14

The episode basically starts with the shootout at the location of Walt’s buried money.  The writers displayed honesty in depicting the shootout so one-sided. Gomez was dead and Hank was crawling towards the shotgun. It was comical that Walt thought that Hank would just “promise” to not go after Todd’s uncle and all would be OK. I give Hank respect for not begging for his life. He died well. Walt fell into tears but he would have never gotten to that point had he quit after he made his first million.  Hank would not be dead had he not pursued Walt after Walt made the the video.

Todd’s uncle was honorable in giving Walt the barrel with 11 million dollars. Todd’s uncle asked Walt is they were “square” and he shaked Walt’s hand. The hand shake appeared masonic, which really didn’t make sense in the context. At that point the neo-Nazis made a huge mistake in allowing Jesse to live. Another major mistake was not picking up the spent casings from the shootout and sweeping the footprints and tire tracks away with a piece brush. Perhaps the Neo-Nazis wore gloves when they loaded their weapons, but regardless they should have cleaned up the area.  Now I’ll get to the major point of this episode, and the show itself.

Breaking Bad is very much about the dangers of the ego. After the neo-Nazis found 80 millions dollars, they should have gotten out of the meth business all-together. I understand Todd wanting to find out what Jesse knew, but keeping him around to cook was stupid.  They didn’t need to cook anymore, they had 69 million dollars. Cooking meth would have been a stupid risk. So here we see a group of people who are way better off than they were before, but who couldn’t stop their criminal activities due to greed and the power of the ego. This theme was found throughout the series.

I’ve covered Walt and Hank’s ego-related mistakes in the past, but this episode showed Walt totally loose his person-hood to his ego.  For the first time in this series, I stopped rooting for Walt. After he took his daughter, and threatened to kill his wife, I found my whole attitude towards Walt change. His wife did overreact with the knife and his son did lie to the police saying that Walt pulled the knife, but what did Walt expect?  Were they just going to go with him to God-knows-where after Walt killed his brother-in-law?

Walt’s whole personality changed during the phone call, not to mention how stupid he was for talking on the phone to begin with. When Skyler rejected Walt’s attempt to get her and his son to go, this made Walt go into an egoistical mental breakdown.  The ego cannot take rejection, and when the ego is rejected it acts out like Walt acted out. Vanity and the need to control can make people murderous. For the whole show I rooted for Walt, but now want to see Walt die.

So what will happen next?  We still haven’t seen the German connection in this half season. I think that Walt will be given the choice between his family and his ego’s need for greatness.  Jesse may end up killing Todd in the meth lab, which will leave no one to cook. The Germans may learn of this (through Lydia) and make Walt an offer that he can cook for them in the greatest super lab ever while they treat him for his cancer.  But in return they may have to wipe out his family to tie up any loose ends?  This is far fetched, but I do believe the German aspect will come and be mind blowing. The bottom-line I believe will be Walt having to make the choice between his family’s lives, and his ego’s need for greatness.  Although I want to see Walt go down, I believe he will choose his ego over his family and end the series alive; therefore truly “Breaking Bad” while he indirectly kills his family.

I’ve wrote this in past reviews but it’s worth repeating. The major lesson from Breaking Bad is that the power of the ego must never be underestimated.  Before Walt even worked for Gus Fring, he had made enough money to leave his family a very nice inheritance. But he didn’t stop, because he wanted more. Now he’s going to lose his family because he wanted to be in the “empire business.”

The world is about to change drastically. Due to the consistent message that came out of BUGS (see my blogroll), one of these changes is going to be a great increase in the power and influence of the pro-White/White Nationalist movement.  When this happens there will be forces that attempt to push pro-White leaders into fucking everything up by appealing to their vanity. So I appeal to these leaders to not fall for temptations to get into the “empire business” or to be “Caesar of the solar system.”  Just accomplish the mission of smashing the anti-White system (see page titled “The anti-White system above) and start working on the amelioration of White humans.  Just like Walter White, you’ll end up losing the family (i.e. White humans) you set out to save,and you’ll cause untold suffering on everyone.

IntuitiveHeartHealer is anti-White

There’s a woman on YouTube who goes by the name “IntuitiveHeartHealer” (1) that claims her purpose in life is to “spread love” (red flag alert) throughout the world.  She says that she supports White survival, but thinks that fighting White genocide is really just a pretext for us to take over the world.  In her comments at YouTube she says she’s “really grown in distaste” for pro-Whites.

The reason for her distaste is obvious; we’re the first entity out of the pro-White/White Nationalist struggle who are actually threatening the anti-White system. Anti-Whites like “IntuitiveHeartHealer” liked it better when there was an ex-con standing in a white robe in front of city hall yelling “look out nigger the Klan is getting bigger”(2).  But now that a message has appeared that explains the dynamics of White genocide clearly and succinctly (along with a group of adepts who are skilled at disseminating it), she’s “grown in distaste.” It was much easier when the anti-Whites could just infiltrate someone into a White nationalist organization (3) and try to discredit them as a group with offensive and/or illegal behavior. With a consistent message, it doesn’t even really matter who says it (even “wounded” people as IntuitiveHeartHealer claims us to be); if it’s the truth, IT’S THE TRUTH!

And the truth is that only Whites are expected to be forced diversified with non-Whites, and only Whites are denied spaces and institutions of our own for the pursuance of our own destinies. Africans, Asians, Jews, Arabs, etc are not denied this right. Only Whites are; it’s genocide.

Intutivehearthealer is anti-White.  She claims to support the right of White survival, but this is only to maintain credibility while she advocates for the survival of her own group (4). She claims she supports the right of Whites to survive, but then attacks and slanders the people and methods that make White survival possible (i.e. Pro-Whites and the message against White genocide).

If IntuitiveHeartHealer wants to heal someone’s heart, she should start with her own and then move on to others whose hearts have been poisoned by the Talmud.  Her claim that we want to “take over the world” is most likely the product of what one of her probable heroes (Freud) labeled “projection.” Her so called “love” is for the people who bow down to the rule of people like her, while anyone who objects to their rule is a “naziwhowantstotakeovertheworld.”  If she wasn’t so blinded by fear and hatred, she would see that pro-Whites offer an opportunity to address the issue of White genocide before the conditions  arise that really will lead to a full-scale Nazi-esque political movement.




(4) Which she deserves credit for, many of her people have no problem with openly denying Whites survival while advocating strongly for their own. This celebrated trait is referred to as “Chutzpah.”

Why 9-11?

Why 9-11?

 Grab and pencil and paper. Add 1+2, then 2+3 then 3+4 , ect, ect until 8+9 and write in the sums above. For example, number 3 is placed above and between 1+2, then 5 is placed above and between the 2 +3, etc, etc.  Keep doing this and you will noticed that it creates a pyramid.  The last two sums in the unfinished pyramid are 576 and 704.  Add 5+7+6 and you get 18. Add 1 and 8 and you get 9.  Add 7+0+4 and you get 11. In numerology, you never add 11, 22, or 33.  They stay as is. You’ll now notice that the sums of the unfinished addition pyramid are 9 and 11.; or 9-11.  (see below for guide)

 The 9-11 attack was planed by the Anglo-American-Judeo elite on that day to symbolize the start of the final campaign to complete their New World Order (tyrannical global government with the globalist elites and their god(s) [Enki, Satan, Lucifer, etc] at the top of the pyramid with us “profane,” “goyim” underneath, chiseled to fit as bricks in the pyramid wall).  The day of the 9 and the 11 represented the beginning of the final phase to complete the unfinished pyramid.   Not 10, but 9 and 11 would be the day that kite-plane-must-hit-steel (1) on the mighty Jachin and Boaz and thereafter the anti-White, globalist, illuminati would complete their mission of global control allotted to them by their god(s) Enki, Lucifer, Satan, etc.

576=18=9 704=11

256 320 384

112 144 176 208

48 64 80 96 112

20 28 36 44 52 60

8 12 16 20 24 28 32

3  5  7  9  11  13  15  17

1   2   3   4   5   6    7  8   9

Of course, some days start off with the morning star shinning bright but end with cold rain and LIGHTNING.


Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 13

The episode starts out with Todd and his uncle cooking meth for Lydia’s inspection. Lydia is still unhappy with the product quality and color, pointing out that the blue color is a part of their branding strategy in Europe. Todd offers to have his uncle “strengthen out” her buyers in Europe and Lydia passes. Todd made what looked like a romantic pass at Lydia and she seemed to pass on this attempt as well. Todd doesn’t seem to realize that the people Lydia sells to in Europe aren’t the kind of people his uncle can “strengthen out.” They’re the ones who “strengthen out” people and I’m still predicting that we’re going to see these folks later on in this season.

Todd’s uncle makes Walt agree to cook one more time to pay for the hit on Jesse. I said this last review too but WHY IN HELL WOULD WALT BE USING HIS CELL PHONE AT THIS POINT?!

Anyway, Walt still had no idea that Jesse had become a rat. This brings us to the phone call to Walt and the burning money situation. This was an ingenious move by Jesse and Hank. Of course, how would Jesse get GPS info from a rent-a-car company? Walt was too upset to think straight; this is a good lesson in always trying to remain calm.

So Walt figures out that he’d been had by Jesse and then sees Hank’s truck pull up with Hank, Jesse, and Gomez. I couldn’t figure out why Walt would call off the hit. Hank was just as much (if not more) a threat to Walt and him money than Jesse, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity to rid himself of his biggest problems. If Skyler gave him trouble about whacking Hank, he could just repeat what she said regarding Jesse when she said “what’s one more?” The only one I would feel bad for was Gomez, who was just their to back up Hank. But as Neoconservatives say regarding Muslim babies in the middle east (“it’s just collateral damage”).

So Walt gives up and at this point the story’s over, right? The last three episodes would feature Sal Goodman fighting for Walt in court, right? Wrong, because who comes to the rescue? The Neo-Nazi gang armed to the teeth, that’s who! Walt tells Todd’s uncle that “it’s over, it’s over” but what choice did they have? At that point the neo-nazis were faced with arrest themselves, and being ex-cons, would have been going away for a long time. Todd’s uncle asking Hank to see his badge was most likely a trick to get him to lower his weapon. Hank and Gomez were in a real bad position as well. If they gave up then they’d be at the mercy of the neo-Nazis and Walt. Hank should have given up after Walt made the video. But the ego is a force never to be underestimated.

In real life the firefight would have been over quickly. Four men with assault rifles and two with pistols against one with a shotgun and one with a pistol ain’t much of a match. During the firefight two of the Neo-Nazis should have flanked to the right while the others put down a good base of fire. Apparently these guys never had any real infantry training? Regardless, with the fire power advantage flanking probably would have been unnecessary. I knew they were gong to show up after Hank told Marie that he loved her. I knew that would be the last time they spoke.

I predict that Jesse will probably get away(he was in Walt’s car). If Jesse was alive and caught by the Neo-Nazis, the best course of action would be to question Jesse and then have him tortured for few hours before burying him alive (but that’s just my option). I’m pretty sure the writers are going to keep Jesse alive for a final showdown with Walt?

So what will happen next? The Neo-Nazis will probably force Walt to cook for them? Is that who Walt is running from in the future scenes that were shown in past episodes? Or will the Germans (Lydia’s partners) show up and give Walt an offer he can’t refuse?

I never looked forward to Sunday night so much!

The gods on the White Path

white gods

After discussing God/The Force/The All/The Uber Rotator in relation to the White Path, I will now further discuss the gods on the White Path.

I’ve written about the gods several times in the past so if you’re new to this you may want to visit this link (1) before going on. The White Path worships and praises the Great Force/God as the supreme power of Universe. But just as Catholics or Orthodox people pray to and honors saints, the White Path will have lower gods that is prays to and honors. These gods are:

santa hopkins
The Father god (Zeus/Jupiter or Odin/Wotan): This is king of the gods. He’s our great father. He’s everything you’d want a king, father, and husband to be. He’s strong, decisive, honest, confident, just, wise, and patient. Appearance: Dignified older gentleman about 55 years old with grey hair and beard. Within Jung’s archetypes he would be the father and wise old man.

The Mother goddess (Juno or Frigg): Exemplary of womanly virtue. She’s our great mother. She’s everything a queen, mother, and wife should be. She’s compassionate, clairvoyant (intuitive), graceful, understanding, and virtuous. She takes up the role that the Virgin Mary had. Appearance: Attractive woman of 45-50 years with dark blonde hair. Within Jung’s archetypes she is the mother.

The Son god (Apollo/Mars or Thor): He is the son of the father and mother, and brother to the sister goddess. He’s everything you’d want in a son, brother, and prince. He’s confident, noble, reliable, loyal, and fearless. He’s a leader. This god will assume the role of savior to the people like Jesus. Appearance: Handsome, muscular young man of about 27 years old with reddish beard and reddish blonde hair.Within Jung’s archetypes he is the hero.

MERLIN - SAISON 3 - Episode 7
The Daughter goddess (Freya or Aphrodite): She is the daughter of the Father and Mother and sister to the son god. She’s everything you’d want in a sister, daughter, and princess. She’s pure of body and heart, kind, charitable, and loving. She’s the goddess of charity, love, and fertility. Beautiful woman, about 19 years old with long, light blonde hair. Within Jung’s archetypes she is the maiden.

I did provide a model of how these gods should look, but local churches will have some freedom to make them as they choose.  People in Southern Europe may want their gods to look more Mediterranean; that will be their choice.

I’ve written about how these gods may exist in the past. At the very least they may exist as archetypes (2) for humans to emulate and find within the human experience. They may also exist as advanced extraterrestrial beings (3)(4) that may be responsible for the creation of White humans. The third possibility is that they exist as incorporeal spirit like beings that live in and out of other dimensions. The third possibility is what our European ancestors believed.

Those on the White Path will pray to and honor these beings. They will serve as archetypes for those on the White Path to emulate. Any future White community/State will make part of their mission the attempt to find these beings in the Universe while also trying to make White humans into these beings. This author personally does believe in these gods and does pray to them. As I’ve written in the past (5), if they do exist as advanced beings then they would most likely have the technology that would allow them to hear our prayers to them. They would store these prayers in a search engine and would know your feelings regarding them if they do a search on you. If you respect them and praise them they will repay you with gifts and protection. This author believes that these gods do protect him.

In my post about the Force/All/God/Uber Rotator, I explained that the Force/God does not visit humans and provide special revelations to them. The gods on the other hand can and will do this. The god Yahweh of the Old Testament was most likely an advanced being that did just this. This god Yahweh presented himself as the Creator God/Force, when in reality he was only an advanced being with technology that made him appear supernatural to primitive humans. This author believes the god Yahweh to be Satan or Lucifer. This god is the current ruler of earth. He’s the master of illusions. He would be the force behind the current globalist elites. This god Yahweh is the enemy of the White gods and is attempting wipe out the White god’s posterity in a program of genocide using forced integration with non-Whites (see page above titled “The anti-White System: program for White genocide.”). If world war three breaks out on earth it may be a showdown between the forces of Yahweh/Satan (the god of the Anglo-American-Judeo elite (6) and the forces of Zeus/Odin (the White father god)?

The European mythologies would be a place to start for understanding these White gods but the old myths are only a starting place. Much of the myths written about the gods are not very flattering and reflects the culture that they came out. One must also remember that earth is the current realm of Yahweh/Lucifer and any information about the White gods is most likely distorted. New myths will be written about them (or be uncovered) that make them ideal illustrations of what we as White humans want to become. Other texts will be reinterpreted. The Old Testament is mostly the story of Yahweh/Lucifer, except for the book of Genesis. The god in the beginning of Genius is the White Father god, while the serpent is Yahweh/Lucifer. The Gospels are the story of the Son of god (Thor son of Odin). The book of Revelation is about the return of the Father and his son to dispose of Yahweh/Satan. The other books of the New Testament were writing by agents of the generation of vipers that Jesus/Thor warned us about. The White gods will have a place in future worship services of the White Path. They will be represented as statues, icons, stained glassed windows, holograms, and other works of art in the churches and cathedrals of the White Path. They will also have temples built and dedicated to all or each of them.

It’s important to point out that while these beings may be our creators, that they are not the Creator/God/Force/Uber Rotator. They have abilities that make them appear to be, and they have more knowledge of the Force than humans, but to the Force they are still quite insignificant. The White gods have extremely long life spans but they eventually expire just like humans. As powerful as these beings are they still live by the grace of the Force and the Force may remove them at any time just as the force may remove humans at any time. The gods should be looked at as companions that we face the Universe with. In the Norse mythology, Odin is always searching for knowledge. He’s especially looking for knowledge that can stop or prolong the coming of Ragnarok. This is the time when the gods expire. Death is as natural as the coming of night when the sun sets. We as persons do rise again just as the sun in the morning. But when we do rise again, in 2000, or 2,000,000,000 years, we start over again. We must regain memory of who our cosmic selves are. A longer life provides us more time to learn who one is.

The White gods, due to their expanded lifetimes, are more knowledgeable of their cosmic selves. Since we, as White humans, are made in their image, they can teach us more about our true cosmic selves. We are their children, and just like good parents they will teach us much if we honor them.

The holidays (7) for the gods are as follows:

Christmas: The birth of the Son god. The Birth of a White male as a symbol of hope.

Easter: The Son god (Thor) being apparently killed by the generation of vipers (Illuminati globalist elites) for defending the folk and his rise from death. The hammer of Thor taking the place of the cross.

Christmas Eve: The return of the Father (Zeus/Odin) to reward his folk that stay to true to his laws and the punishment of the folks who broke his laws.

Valentine’s Day: Celebrates the daughter goddess.

Mother’s Day: Celebrates our blessed Mother goddess.

The 2 equinoxes (fall, spring) and the 2 solstices (summer, winter) are holidays celebrating the Force/All/God/Uber Rotator.

Now that you the reader knows of the White gods, I suggest preying to them and honoring them with images in your home. You don’t know when they’ll return or if they have returned already. You don’t know if their listening. This author believes they are listening and have files on all of us. If you have artistic ability I suggest creating great pieces of art in their honor. Our whole time on earth may be a test by them to see if we’re worthy to assist them in their workings in the Universe. It’s to see if we’re worthy to merge our path with theirs. Are you worthy? Are you on the White Path?

Hail to the White gods!!!


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