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The White Stuff

Somehow through vibration, energy, matter, spirit, and information rotating in the universe, a being was produced which is known as “White” to intelligent observers.

Snout Smack thought it should provide its understanding and explanation of what exactly White is.  This essay only represents the opinions of Snout Smack and does not represent the opinions of any other individual or entity within the pro-White struggle.

At the most basic level White people comprise the traditional populations of Europe.  The effect that human populations have on and with their environments is known as “culture.”  The collective culture of the White (European) human is known as “Western Civilization” (however White civilizational prowess can be found to go back to earlier civilizations (early Egyptian, Indian)). White nationalist author Dr. Kevin Macdonald argues that Western civilization’s unique culture profile includes: The Catholic Church and Christianity, tendency toward monogamy, tendency toward simple family structure based on the nuclear family, greater tendency for marriage to be companionate and based on mutual affection of the partners, de-emphasis on extended kinship relationships and its correlative, a relative lack of ethnocentrism, tendency toward individualism and all of its implications: individual rights against the state, representative government, moral universalism, and science(1) .

Of course, the idea of Whiteness has demonstrated itself historically to be fluid.  In the United States, Italians, Greeks and even the Irish were not seen as White in the mid 1800’s to early 1900’s, but today are seen as White.  Those who oppose Whiteness, and wish to eradicate it from existence, point to this as evidence that Whiteness has no meaning.  This author actually sees this historical process as proving the exact opposite.  In the mid 1800’s to early 1900’s the White populations also didn’t see Mestizos, black Africans, Amerindians, and Asians as White either and today still don’t see them as White. So it appears that Italians, Greeks, and the Irish “passed” the White “test” while Mestizos, black Africans, Amerindians, and Asians have not. After 225 years in America the idea of Whiteness has roughly come to mean people of European descent.

America was/is critically important in creating awareness of Whiteness, as was/is the other European colonial spaces.  Although records are sparse in the era, there is some mention of racial differences in relation to the Moors who invaded Medieval Europe.  But it wasn’t until the age of exploration when European man truly came to observe the differences between Europe and the rest of the world.   Europeans did not see other humans as being “non-White” until leaving Europe.  There was no need for the concept of Whiteness to come into existence because the phenomenon requiring it had not become observable.

People bring up Turks, or Armenians, or Iranians, or higher caste people from India and question their Whiteness.   What about European derived people who are part American Indian?  What about the Jews? This does complicate the matter but the fact is identity is a complicated matter. One could also ask what exactly a Jewish person is?  I’ve spoken to Jewish people who claimed to be “atheist Jews.” What does it mean to be “black?” No one says that Jewish people don’t exist or black people don’t exist because of the fuzziness surrounding Jewish or black identity.  The fact of the matter is a large segment of people across the world identify themselves as “White,” and they associate this word “white” with being of European descent.   Ironically, many of the people who claim that “White people don’t exist” are the same people who blame most of the world’s problems on White people.  To these people (anti-Whites), White people exist only when they want to blame the world’s problems on someone.  But when White people wish to organize to defend themselves from these accusations, they are told that they have no legitimate identity to organize around.  Jungles blend into savannahs and the areas adjoining these areas are a little of both.  But no one says that jungles or savannahs don’t exist because of the areas in between.

The subject of Jews requires more commentary.  Jews share many physical characteristics with White Europeans but have evolved within the body of Europe as cultural and racial outsiders.  Many Jews identify themselves as being White but many do not.  Within the White Nationalist movement in America and Nationalist movements in Europe, Jews are considered non-White. Politically, psychologically,  and metaphysically Jews have proven themselves to be an existential threat to Whiteness; which is most likely responsible for their rejection (by them and by others) as White.  Biologically Jews have Middle Eastern and Central Asian admixture.  This author does not recognize the Jews collectively as White but is willing to consider each Jew by a case-by-case basis. If one examines DNA distance population maps one notices that Finnish people lay further away from the main White cluster than Ashkenazi Jews do. But this author would consider Finns to be White before most Jews.

This author believes that Whiteness is more than just a biological or psychological construct and that we must also consider Whiteness from a spiritual perspective.  If one reads hermetic philosophy they realize that all matter actually resonates at a frequency.  Different matter vibrates at different frequencies.  This means that different kinds of human matter (DNA) would actually vibrate at differing frequencies.  This is interesting when one ponders so called “sacred geometry.”  Different geometric shapes actually affect the physical medium of existence to the observer differently.  Ancient temples and cathedrals were built by learned men using this sacred geometry to affect the minds of the people who entered them.  If reality itself is altered for those who enter a structure built with sacred geometry, what sort of effect on reality does a difference in DNA create?  There have been some recent studies that show that infants identify race.  Children tend to “feel” the “vibrations” within human interactions more strongly than adults. This may suggest that children are picking up on the different vibrational patterns from different races?  Studies have shown that multicultural communities are less trustful and less cohesive than homogenous communities.  This could very well be the result of different frequencies distorting the physical medium?  IOW, PEOPLE CAN’T AGREE ON THE MUSIC!!! The great need for antidepressants and tranquilizers in America today could be the result of too much multiracial interaction?

The real key differences among humans may have to do with how we experience consciousness?   But what causes the vibrations and decides the frequencies at which matter vibrates?   This question delves into the mystical realm; with the answer being “Spirit.” Vibrations of matter are caused by the Spirit or the spirits. The individuals who wish to preserve and ameliorate Whiteness (by preserving and ameliorating White people) are influenced and guided by pro-White spiritual forces. The individuals that wish to eradicate Whiteness are influenced and guided by anti-White spiritual forces (or purely psychological forces that feel as if they have spiritual dimensions). This is why most Jews are not considered White by the racially minded Whites. While being close to Southern Europeans biologically, spiritually and cognitively they have been on the forefront of eradicating Whiteness.  However, I do see it possible that one day that “White Jews” (the type at Amren or Paleo Cons) will form communities and represent greater global Judendom when cooperating with future White collectives.

A Northern European White who rejects his/her Whiteness and seeks to eradicate his/her Whiteness by amalgamation is influenced by the spirit of anti-Whiteness. He or she is “possessed” by anti-White spiritual forces. If the time comes on this earth when there are no more White people, it will be due to the spiritual forces of anti-Whiteness gaining advantage over the spiritual forces of Whiteness.  The disappearance of White matter (European DNA) will be the result of the defeat of the White spirit.  Since (according to hermetic teaching) matter and spirit are one, this author concludes that Whiteness is material (DNA) , mental, and spiritual all in one Being.

One also has to consider what the origins of White people are.  The standard narrative is that Whites evolved in ice age Europe, which resulted in making them better suited for creating civilizations due to the hardships they endured (as is the narrative for East Asians). This is true on one level, but after following the White Rabbit (see my blog roll), and reading his sources (2)  it may be the case that Whites are actually the legacy of an advanced civilization of Nordic beings that existed in this solar system a very long time ago?  I’ve wrote about this several times in the past (3), (4).  These Nordic beings may have created White beings and placed them on earth as a long-term human resources project of sorts?  They may have created us in the past with the intent on returning in a future when they calculated that White humankind would be ready to carry out whatever mission they have planned for us? So in this way Whites were created by “the gods” but also evolved in an environment that would best prepare White man/woman for the future in the service of the White gods?    At this point it’s purely speculation, but these are all subjects we can further study when Whites have their own nations, communities, and institutions which can allocate resources to this subject.  Or perhaps the White gods will return and explain it all to us?

From a practical perspective there are two forces determining Whiteness. What does the individual see themselves as and what do others see him/her as?   For example, at some point in the future Whites will start forming communities and institutions for pursuing their own interests (just as Jews, blacks, Asians, and Hispanics do now).  Whether you fit into a community or organization will depend on what you think you are and what the larger collective thinks you are. This author is descended from a mother whose family came from northern Austria and a father who came from Northeastern Europe.  To most people I am White.  In the future when people are free to build communities and organizations with who they wish, I could be rejected by a community or organization of Swedes and Norwegians who do not accept me as adequately White to their standards. This is OK with me.  It is up to the individual and to other(s) to decide whether one has “The White Stuff.”  Individuals will mix with individuals based on their measure of Whiteness. So will families, communities, and nations.

Advances in DNA technology will allow future generations to really examine what makes who we are.   This author suspects that so-called “junk DNA” will hold the secret to cognitive differences between population groups.  Whatever this White Stuff is, it has brought to the earth more human advancement than all other human “stuff” put together*.  The mixing away of the White stuff through the program of White genocide (5) should be opposed by all people who claim to care about humankind (regardless of race).






* I want to be clear that while White humans have advanced humanity more than all other humans combined, that I don’t advocate the idea of “White Supremacy” or advocate the dominance of Whites over other peoples.  White Supremacy is a dangerous mind-set, as it underestimates other people and allows Whites to become complacent.  The best system for all humans on earth would be to allow for the diverse peoples to live and carry out their destinies among who they wished.  I do believe this vision of the future will win out but first the anti-White systems has to be grinded to powder.

Black Magic Narrative

The most critical point of control that the anti-White, globalist forces have over the populations of the West is control over the narrative.  All humans have some sort of narrative that makes up their identity. The narrative includes where you come from, who you are, and where you are going. For control over a population nothing is more effective than controlling the narrative.

The current narrative for Western humankind presents White humankind as the enemy of all peoples.  Whatever accomplishments White humankind has achieved is the result of stealing from non-White humans and all the lack of accomplishments of non-White humans is caused by White man oppressing them or outright stealing from them.  Non-White people lived in harmony with their environments within “rich,” “vibrant” and peaceful civilizations until White humankind took that away. White humans have absolutely no right to their own nations, communities, and institutions.  To suggest otherwise would clearly indicate a Nazi who wants to gas all the Jews and hang all the blacks.  In order to better themselves as people and to make up for all for the crimes against humanity committed by Whites in history, White humankind must take in millions and millions of non-Whites into their nations, communities, institutions, and families and integrate, assimilate, and miscegenate with them. Any objection to forced diversity is a sign of ignorance, mental illness, lack of personal success, and a clear lack of any positive human qualities. The future will be better when there are no White people left to oppress people.

This narrative above was/is programmed into the White populations of the West using the education system, news media, and entertainment media. I don’t use the word “programmed” here for affect or hyperbole.  The ideas, symbols, sounds, images, stories, and other inputs we’re exposed to make us into what we are.  The power that television has on the human mind cannot be overemphasized.  While people consciously know that what they’re watching on TV is not real, other parts of the mind do not realize this.  When people watch horror movies they actually get scared.  When they watch sexual movies they actually get aroused. When they watch a sad movie, they cry. People relate to, or like, or dislike certain characters in movies.  They even yell at the TV screen.  Some part of the mind is actually experiencing what is on TV as if it’s real.

Years and years of watching movies and shows like “Dances with Wolves,” “Mad Men,” and “Roots,” along with being indoctrinated by the anti-White educational system, as well as consuming news that over reports White on non-White crimes (as opposed to non-White on White crime which occurs more often) has resulted in White people being programmed to believe that not only are they responsible for most of the hardship in the world, but that they have no right to their own destinies.  There is no other group on earth (Africans, Jews, Asians, Indians, etc.) that assumes that it has no right to their own nations, communities, and institutions.  The assumptions, conventional wisdom, and frames are all anti-White.  This is why people actually get uncomfortable when they hear “racially insensitive” language. When hearing something “racially insensitive” the mind sends singles to the body that danger is near. Even a racially conscious pro-White like myself feels uncomfortable when people use racial epithets. It’s a part of my programing. This is also why people say “I’m not a racist but” before explaining their displeasure over something like affirmative action. They have to qualify their opinions with an assurance to observers that they are not this very, very bad thing called “racist.”

The anti-White globalist elites were able to subdue the people of the West by controlling the narrative. The esoterist Manly P. Hall described black magic as “any method of metaphysical or pseudo-metaphysical nature by means of which we seek to dominate the free will of other people or get our hands on their goods.”   Is not the use of socialization using the media and educational systems a method of dominating the free will of others?  The word “Hollywood” actually refers to the wand that magicians use.  Hall goes on to say that “the black magician in one who learns to manipulate these (unseen) forces for selfish and destructive purposes, his own aggrandizement of the fulfillment of desire.”  This summarizes the anti-White globalist elites perfectly. These are people (and/or beings) who want to create global government so they can be worshiped as gods.  These are people (and/or beings) who are willing to force blend the White human out of existence without any apparent contemplation on the possible negative consequences this may have for the rest of humanity. If the anti-White globalists were not black sorcerers, they would come out in the open and give their vision of human alchemical gold (the blended mass of micro-chipped GMO consumers that live for the pleasures of the flesh and materialist gain).  But they don’t.  These anti-White forces of darkness give humankind no choice.  If they were really confident in what they believed they wouldn’t need to control the narratives of White humankind.  They would give their argument and that would either persuade people or not. If diversity was truly a source of strength, they wouldn’t have to force it on people and use black magic to make us think that their base metal is actually gold.  Anti-Whites are charlatans, they’re cheats, broad-tossers, and they’re clips.

This is why I know that the pro-White movement is morally superior to the anti-White forces of darkness.  Pro-Whites don’t have the desire to control any other people’s narratives.  Pro-Whites don’t want to force blend any other people out of existence (not even the Jews). Pro-Whites don’t want to tell anyone else how to think or how to live.  Pro-Whites just demand that people of European origin (aka White people) have the right to their own nations, communities, and institutions (and narratives), so that we can pursue the destiny allotted to us by the Creator of the Universe..  No other people on earth are denied this right.

It is through the power of the Mantra that we are deprogramming and waking White humankind (and all humankind) from the anti-White spell. Manly P. Hall says “That right will ultimately triumph, is undeniable; and that black magician will fall victim to his own excess, is a literal truth; but many must bow their heads to the tyrant while he passes, and only those who are strong are in safety.”  We in the pro-White struggle must remain strong as we deprogram the folk with our counter-spell to the anti-White black artistry.  While the anti-Whites are powerful, their power is built on lies and manipulation and cannot withstand the Light, just as the dark of night cannot withstand the rising of the sun.

Manly P. Hall Quotes taken from Magic: A Treatise on Esoteric Ethics.

Obliteration by Forced Assimilation.

Sometimes I don’t think people realize how tyrannical the anti-White system is.

If 50,000 White people in America tried to repopulate some run-down Midwestern or Northeastern town, they would be opposed by violence.

This town could work to be a model for sustainable communities. It could have a very small carbon footprint.  This is a “progressive” idea.

It doesn’t matter. It’s not allowed to exist in the whole world. 50,000 White people would not be allowed to organize a community according to their own narrative and interests. They could remove every single firearm from this community, but it wouldn’t matter.

Not even in Siberia at this point in time. Not even in the South Pole?

Anti-Whites are very, very close minded. Anti-Whites are not tolerant of ideas.

Anti-Whites claim that they are “anti-racist.” What they are is anti-White.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

These are people who can’t even allow 50,000 Whites to repopulate a small town in America, just to see what happens. Anti-Whites always like to show how incompetent Whites are. They could use this town’s creation as a reality show. They could prove how stupid and incompetent Whites are on national television.

It would never be allowed to happen. The biggest reason being that EVERYONE WOULD WANT TO LIVE THERE!!!

Anti-Whites are hate-filled, close minded bigots who feel that they MUST force integrate White people with the “developing world.”

Anti-Whites insist that all White nations, communities, and institutions “integrate” with the “developing world.”

And if anyone publicly opposes this forced integration, they are denied safety, economic opportunities, and even freedom.

This is why when pro-Whites say it’s “genocide,” they are correct. This is a genocide that wears down on a group of people over generations. The end result is the disappearance of White people from the earth.

If people don’t like the word “genocide” then that’s OK.

Just call it obliteration by forced assimilation.

Esoteric Thoughts: 9 November

A day for breaking through cages.


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