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The Return of the High One

he's coming

Electricity shoots through the aether as light blasts from the heavens at 20 minutes past 4 am

Top hat heads rise in horror as judgment gleams and descends upon their souls of darkness

Signs of distress go unheard, hope empties from the brothers of deceit, deception, and duplicity

Invocations to Lucifer turn to lurid shrieks as the goat of mendes lays still with Gungnir protruding from left breast in a field of brown grass

The star of Saturn falls from the sky

Two ravenous wolves maul the lion’s throat; the all-seeing-eye is pecked blind by twin ravens

Feathers fly as the son of Sigtyr smashes the double headed chimerical eagle 33 times with heavy hammer

Flooring of black and white squares is flooded with fluid of red, a charred apron of lamb floats by

Pillars fall flat, a clump of tuxedo clad demon brother’s limbs stick out from under

Beelzebub plunged in a bath of molten brimstone and lava

The light of Fimbultyr reveals the temple of weakness, imprudence, and foulness which with guile previously presented as strong, handsome, and sagacious

The Rúnatýr’s fair daughter soothes the orphans who abound four wicked towns

The first of the witch-queen, the center of evil; the second makes war and laws that force-blend the people; the third stands for mammon, swine and gold feed; the forth makes black magic and named from a tree.

The Sanngetall’s wife sweeps away dust

Dust and more dust as far as one sees

Hiram’s over there, that pile by the tree

The ruffians too, the craftsmen three

Bashed ash, crushed powder, burnt nothin’ they’ll be

Greetings traveling man, “how residue?”

She takes acacia sprig, green leaf smoke smolders

Into the wind she scatters thee

the future of the brothers G

Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 11

The episode starts off with Todd running his mouth about the train heist that the guys pulled off last half season. He’s at a diner with his neo-Nazi uncle and his uncle’s neo-Nazi friend. Todd is getting ready to take over the cooking duties after they killed off the crew that took over from Walt.

Hank tries to interrogate Jesse but Sal came to the rescue. The best part of episode of 11 was Walt’s confession. This was a genius move by Walt. The question is can Hank let it go? The power of the ego should never be underestimated. Hank should be grateful that Walt paid for his medical bills and that he can walk again. But can tough guy DEA agent Hank take his loses and move on? We already saw Walt’s ego get the best of him (at the dinner table when he told Hank that Heisenberg was still out there after drinking too much wine or not getting out of business after he made enough money to leave his family a nice sum because he’s “in the empire business.”). The ego, or vanity is a dangerous, dangerous enemy. IF Hank dies in future episodes it will be because his ego wouldn’t let him cut his loses and move on. It was Todd’s ego that had him running his mouth (to some ex-cons) about the train heist he took part in that ended with him shooting a child.

Jesse is out of his mind with regret and guilt. He was already messed up but he was ready to leave the area before he figured out that Walt poisoned “Brock” the child of his mestizo ex girlfriend. This was a really stupid move by Walt. You never want to involve kids in the game, whether your game is organized crime or thrones or whatever. You start hurting or killing kids, you can expect the universe to hurt you back. Maybe it will be the kids you care about? Walt could have gotten Jesse to help him without poisoning Brock, and if I recall, he didn’t even need Jesse to kill Gus in season 4? Out of all of Walt’s mistakes, this one may be the biggest?

Lydia wasn’t in this episode, nor were the Germans. But they’re coming.

Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 10

Hank calls Skyler after his altercation with Walt. The scene with Hank and Skyler was a great scene. Hank tried to use the “I’m hear to help you,you poor victim” approach and Skyler didn’t fall for it. Skyler did the right thing in that she didn’t say anything. Had she started talking Walt would have been done for. The evidence that Hank has alone would not have been enough to arrest Walt. Plus the fact that he obtained the book from Walt’s bathroom illegally made the interview with Skyler critical in his case against Walt. It’s become obvious that part of Hank’s desire to arrest Walt is based on the needs of his own ego.

Another great scene was when Skyler’s sister came over and tried to get Skyler to talk. Again Skyler played it right because Marie could have been recording the conversation (on her smart phone perhaps?). Marie then tried to take Skyler’s baby but Hank talked her out of it since it would have been kidnapping. Walt then buries 80 million dollars by shovel in the desert and looked like a pirate with his head scarf while burying his treasure. Skyler was correct in telling Walt that he can’t give himself up because she would never be able to keep the money. Skyler is certainly behind Walt, she has “broken bad” herself.

The scene that most intrigued me was the scene when Lydia shows up to the location where the meth cooking was taking place. The individuals doing the cooking took over from Walt and Lydia’s “partners” in the Czech Republic where displeased with the quality of the meth since the change. Who these partners are in Europe is yet to be disclosed but I have speculated on who they may be (1). The people invoked with the meth cook were all White men whom almost all had shaven heads and dressed in Neo-fascist attire. As Lydia hid in the underground meth lab a firefight broke out above. When she emerged from the underground lab we see the character “Todd” from the previous season and his Skinhead uncle and his gang. They had killed the gang that took over from Walt and Lydia was in on the ambush. It seems as if Lydia ordered the assault based on the pressure she is receiving from her “partners” in Europe. IT looks like Todd will be taking over the cooking?

Hank goes back to work and called for a conference call with his superior. I will now predict that this superior is in on the meth operation and will try to steer Hank away from pursuing “Heisenberg.” Hank may have to “break bad” from the DEA if that’s what it takes to catch or kill Walt? The episode ends with Hank going to interrogate Jesse as Jesse is having a mental melt down. The only thing that sucks about this last half season is that you have to wait a week between episodes.


All around the world everybody knows (White countries for everyone)

The White Path After Death

white path through the afterlife

In my original summary of the White Path (1) I left out what is probably the most important reason that humankind invented religion in the first place. This is humankind’s need to deal with the death. Humans are fearful of the unknown. The greatest unknown that humans face is death.

There are three possibilities for an afterlife 1) Nothing happens except a legacy left with the living.2) we move on to another realm in which we are fully conscious of the life on earth we just lived.3) we continue on in another form but forget the life we had in the past realm (earth). I will now review these possibilities.

1) The first possibility is the atheist point of view on death. The vital organs shut down and consciousness ends. The body rots and the only thing that remains (besides the carcass) in our legacy on earth. Our legacy lives on in our works and in the people who we influenced. Our genetic legacy lives on in any children that we may have helped create.

2) The second possibility is the idea of the afterlife found in Christianity or Islam. After our earth life ends, we live on in another realm depending on how we lived on earth. We are judged by the deity based on the life we lived on earth. Our experience in the afterlife reflects our behavior on earth. Life on earth was a test for all eternity.

3) The third possibility is concept of reincarnation. Our spirit lives on in new forms. The energy of life doesn’t die, but changes form. While some people claim to remember past lives, most people have no knowledge of where or what they were before they were born. Since we are part of the All, there is no beginning or end to what we are, since there is no beginning or end to the All/Force/God.

So, the question now is what version of the afterlife is best for the White Path? My answer for this question is ALL OF THEM. To my knowledge, no one really knows what happens when we die. I say “to my knowledge” because I don’t discount the possibility that someone on earth could know the truth of the afterlife but is keeping it secret. I’ll now revisit the 3 possibilities for the afterlife but from the perspective of the White Path.

1) The Atheist/existentialist afterlife: You walk the White Path during earth life because doing so allows you to leave behind a legacy. The White Path assures a great legacy because it is tied to the greater legacy of White humans. You will take part in the ascension towards Godhood and will be remembered based on your contribution. The White Path will make saints out of the most worthy (people like Bob Whitaker) whose stories will be taught to future generations. The sanctuaries of the White Path will include images of these saints.

2) The Christian type afterlife: Life on earth could be a test for the next realm. Stories from Norse mythology tell of Odin choosing the greatest warriors to accompany him in Valhalla. Those who walked the White Path most honorably will be rewarded for their works in Valhalla or Heaven. Those who were overcome by the powers of anti-Whiteness will go to Hades or Hell.

3) Reincarnation afterlife: After life on earth is complete you get recycled into a new form based on how you walked the White Path. The greatest of men/women will become stars or suns shining on future White Planets. Those who chose the anti-White Path of darkness will become lower forms, but with the possibility of redemption. A White who runs an anti-White organization (such as the SPLC) may come back as excrement from a dog. In a future war, an anti-White general slips on the excrement and cracks his skull. The former anti-White is then back on the Path upward.

Future priests of the White Path should be honest with the folk in that we really don’t know what happens when we die. The other faiths that claim to know are lying. The perspective of the White Path regarding death is that death is natural, and that there’s no reason to fear it if you walk the White Path. Since Whiteness exists in the earthly realm, the concept of “as above so below” (2) dictates that Whiteness will exist in the next realm. More thought needs to be put into this subject but this is a good place to start.

This author’s own belief in the afterlife is closest to the third possibility. Since we are part of the Force, we live forever and have forever lived. We have an essence which is what the Hindus call the dharma. This is a duty or purpose of existence. We are alive at this time in history because these are the times when our dharma is needed. There is a program of White genocide being carried out on earth. There is a force of darkness (3) attempting to enslave the earth in a New World Order. I was born when I was to oppose this force of darkness and offer a better path forward after this force is beaten back and its material expressions have been turned to dust. I did this billions of years ago and will be back again and again and again and again billions and trillions of years from now to do it again.


Breaking Bad Report: Season five episode 9

Since WWIII has not began, the final episodes of Breaking Bad have resumed.

Episode 9 begins (after a quick scene in the future) where episode 8 leaves off; Walt’s brother-in-law “Hank” (a DEA agent) realizes Walt is “Heisenberg” due to Walt’s stupidity of leaving a book that is signed and given to him by his former lab assistant “Gale” in the bathroom. Walt acts like he has everything covered (he “is the danger”)but makes a mistake that even a person (me) with no experience in criminal activity (despite what “they” may say about me to everyone I know) can figure out is stupid. Walt’s wife “Skyler” is much more careful but she can’t handle the pressure involved (which is understandable since she has two kids).

Walt’s former associate “Lydia” visits him at his car wash and complains about the quality of the meth being made after he leaves the business. Lydia says she’s “in a box.” Before Season 5 even started last summer (2012) I speculated that the so called “Fascist International” or “Nazi International”(1) would be a part of the story (2). I was pleasantry surprised when season 5 started in Germany with the suicide of a German CEO that was using his company to supply “Gus” with a chemical used to make meth. At this point I think that Lydia is under pressure from the Germans to deliver high quality meth to them. Throughout season 5 there have been little hints at something German behind the scenes. As I’ve been predicting (3), I believe Breaking Bad will depict the “Nazi International” as being involved (although they probably won’t use the phrase “Nazi International”). For what purpose? The purpose is to introduce the meme of a very powerful secret German force operating in the world today behind the scenes.* I expect Walt will come into contact with these Germans and find out who the real “dangers” are.

Walt finds a GPS tracker on his car and figures that Hank probably put it there (they” don’t really do that, do “they”?). Walt visits Hank and confronts him about the GPS tracker. Hank punches Walt out of anger and threatens to put him “under the prison.” Hank tells Walt something like “I don’t know who you are.” Walt says something back to Hank like “if that’s true, you better tread lightly.” Walt is in a pretty bad position. Although he is dying of cancer (and has maybe 6 months to live) if he’s caught, there’s no way his family will be able to keep the money he made. That was the whole purpose of getting into the meth business in the first place. So he has to figure out what to do about his brother-in-law? He obviously doesn’t want to kill Hank, but what if that is the only way he can guarantee that his family will be able to keep the money that he made? Could that be who the ricin was for that Walt is shown retrieving in the first scene of episode 9? We’ll have to see? These final episodes are gonna be good.


*I expect to see more depictions of “The German Hand” (aka the Nazi International) to be coming out in the future that portrays Germans as the secret string pullers behind ALL of the world’s problems. Breaking Bad is definitely the first to my knowledge?

Mapping White Genocide

white genocide map

Here you see an excellent visual that shows White genocide in map form. I recommend its use along with the mantra or mini mantras. An explanation for the map’s creation can be found below. Whoever created it I say “good job sir/ma’am.”

The White Path

golden swastika

There should be a religion of the White folk that binds the population together as Catholicism did in the middle ages. This religion could be known as “Whiteness” or the “White Path.” The faith worships an Ultimate Creator, or Grand Geometrician, or Uber Rotator, or Force, or the All, or God. This God is symbolized by a golden spiral/sun wheel/swastika with White gold rays emitting from it. It should be round in shape (like the spiral-swastika posted below but gold in color) and not square. Churches will feature this spiral/sun wheel at the front-top of their sanctuary. The faith will also recognize the gods, or higher beings. These are the gods of mythology such as Zeus, Odin, Thor, and Freya. These gods will be featured underneath the golden spiral as statues or icons. This will be similar to the Catholic Church that has a cross at the front-top of the church and then saints underneath. The future White church sanctuary will also feature runes, cosmological images, a tree, eagles, crosses, the four elements, and images that emphasize the number 3. Only White candles will be burnt in the sanctuary. The altar will always be built on the north side of the building (so the folk are facing the north).

spiral swastika

The White Path recognizes Whiteness as more than just biology or matter. According to the hermetic understanding of the Universe, spirit and matter are one. Whiteness is more of a “force” than just a set of genes or race. The White Path praises the White spirit and gives thanks to the Force/God/All for blessing the Universe with Whiteness. The highest sacrament in the White Path is to contribute to the destiny of the White force. This destiny is the ascent towards Godhood by exploring and learning about the Universe. Constant improvement of systems and evolution to greater consciousness are the main actions. Hence, practitioners of Whiteness travel on the “White Path” towards Godhood. Folk on the White Path also recognize that the Universe contains a dark side or anti-White sprint that seeks to extinguish the flame of Whiteness. Folk on the White Path understand God’s purpose in creating anti-Whiteness as similar to the resistance that iron weights provide in building muscle.

zeus statue

The path towards Godhood requires moving through the godhood or Ubermenschen stage. These are the highest level of beings that are still connected to matter. The ascent to Godhood entails transforming into pure spirit. The Ubermensch are a short term goal of sorts on the White Path to Godhood. The images of the gods within the White Path are to remind us of what we want to become on the path to Godhood. The gods are models of Ubermenschen. They’re archetypes. But we also consider the possibility that these gods may exist as extraterrestrial beings that early man mistook as supernatural beings. In fact, these beings may be our creators? These gods will feature a father king god (Odin, Zeus, Jupiter), a mother goddess of womanly virtue (Frigg/Hera/Juno), a son god who is champion of the people (Thor, Apollo), and a daughter fertility goddess (Aphrodite,Freya). The son will take over the Christ role in that he was sent to earth by the Father god to save his elect folk.

Folk on the White Path contrast these gods with the gods of the anti-Whites. These gods are Satan and/or Lucifer which we recognize as being the god in the old testament known as Yahweh. We pledge fealty to the White gods (Odin, Thor, etc) while declaring war eternal on the gods of anti-Whiteness (Lucifer,Satan,Yahweh). We also recognize the anti-White gods as being possible extraterrestrial beings that work as the masters of the Anglo-American-Judeo-Illuminati-Globalist elites. Satan may be on earth as a reptilian being that lives under London? Eventually certain outstanding White humans may be “sainted” that made near god-like contributions to the White destiny. These people will arise in the creation of the future White community/State/collective. They may also be included in the sanctuary.

three white candles

The local church will be open at all hours to come and meditate but there will be worship services that look sort of like Orthodox Christian services. The services will be mysterious, include incense, a light show, fire, contemplation, Wagnerian Operatic characteristics, pipe organ, melodic singing, and chanting. Services may include a sermon given by the head priest.


Besides the local White Church/Temple, people will have altars or shrines in their homes that include the spiral/sun wheel/swastika that represents the Creator and a small statue or statues that represents the gods. A White candle(s) should also be included. Meditation will be taught in the Church/Temple and the folk can meditate in front of their altar/shrine at home and contemplate the White spirit and the White gods. They can also mediate to a rune based on what rune-energy they feel they need at the time. Meditation will be encouraged to help ground oneself. People are more happy and creative when relaxed and meditation is extremely beneficial for relaxation.


Like the old European pagan religions, people can pick and choose what parts of the White Path that they prefer to focus on. For some people, preying to the Force/God/All will be enough. For people still attached to Christianity, the son god will be preferred for his similarities to Jesus Christ. For the less religiously inclined, the mediation may appeal to them. However, there will still be all-encompassing rituals during the weekly worship service that everyone will attend. As the faith grows these rituals will be synchronized and converge throughout every White church on earth (and beyond). Using teleconferencing and even hologram technology the head Pontiff will give sermons that all White churches will watch. And if the White gods actually exist as advanced extraterrestrial beings or even spirits, they can also address the folk as they see fit.


The texts of the White Path require more thought. European mythology, European Philosophy, Hindu Texts, Dr. Pierce’s Cosmotheism, Devi, Evola, hermetic texts,the Bible, Plato, other mythologies that describe the White gods, etc, can be used but this author believes a text is needed to bring it all together that is yet to written. May the Force/God/All and the gods convey these words to this author (or someone else) in the near future.

world tree

May you walk the Path of Whiteness brothers and sisters. May God shed White-Light upon us as we ascend towards Godhood. May the gods keep you and your families healthy and safe.

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