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White Man Breaking Bad

The AMC Television show “Breaking Bad” is, in this writer’s option, the best show on TV today.  The show’s creator is Vince Gilligan. What makes it especially impressive is that it’s on basic cable, so the show’s creator/writers don’t have as much freedom as they would if they were working for a station like HBO.

The story is about a chemistry teacher named “Walter White” who is diagnosed with cancer. In order to leave his family financial security when he dies, he starts cooking crystal meth.  The show is about Walter White’s adventures in the world of drug distribution.

Walt starts out in the series as a “square.”  He’s a nerdy high school chemistry teacher living the boring, suburban, middle class life. But as the series goes on he starts liking the adventure and becomes bolder in his actions.  Where meth started as a way for him to leave his family a nest egg, it later becomes a large part of his identity.

The forth season ends with Walt killing the biggest drug distributor in the Southwest.  He uses nefarious methods to do so, including poisoning a child to get his partner to help him kill the drug boss (he blames the poisoning on the drug boss to motivate his partner to help him).  The first show of the fifth season aired on Sunday July 15th.  In it Walt now appears consumed by his ego.  He’s starting to believe he can do anything “because he said so.” Many reviews of BB are on the internet that covers the show at the base level. In this review I will discuss the deeper meaning of Breaking Bad.

On the deepest level Breaking Bad is about the awakening of White men who are now facing their end.  Just as Walt was told he was going to die, the White race has been told they will no longer exist in the future.  Walter “WHITE” found new life (cancer went into remission) during his struggle to survive the drug world, just as white men are finding new life through White Nationalism and other rightwing movements that fight against white death.  The ultimate way a White man can “break bad” in the modern politically correct West is to reject the anti-White, politically correct system.  Walter White facing death by cancer is a metaphor for the white race facing extinction.

Walt’s transformation was represented by shaving his head.  Walt’s main partner “Jesse Pinkman” also wears a shaved head.  In the fifth season Walt teams up with his old boss’s bagman who also wears a shaved head.  The shaved head is a symbol of White defiance.   Walt’s street name is “Heisenberg.”  Heisenberg was a scientist that worked in National Socialist Germany.  Walt’s street name “Heisenberg” is a lot like a White Nationalist’s “screen name” or “internet alias.”  Just as most White Nationalists keep their political life a secret, Walt keeps his drug life a secret.

Walt also has a lawyer named Saul Goodman.  The Irish lawyer changed his name to Saul Goodman to be “in with the tribe.”  This is a reference to Jewish overrepresentation in the field of law.   The fifth season looks like it’s going to feature the three skinheads and their Jew wise lawyer trying to make it big in the drug distribution world?

The series looks like it’s going to end with Walt being consumed by his own ego?  Walt will most likely be killed in the end?  If the creator of the show really wanted to “Break bad” himself, he would not kill Walt off in the end.  Walt would “win” in the end and be a symbol of the victory of the White man over the anti-White, politically correct system.I’m not holding my breath on this though. I don’t think such an ending would be permitted by the network heads?

I do expect a lot of surprises to come in the fifth season.  Walt’s former boss “Gus” was from Brazil. In one part of the series Gus talks about having a secretive background.  Could Gus have had connections to the fascist international in South America? (OK, I’m getting carried away).

Anyway, as I said above, I don’t expect the series to end well for Walt.  But again, I will point out that a real “breaking bad” ending would be for Walt to not die.  If this happens I expect his brother-in-law to help him.  You see, Walt’s brother-in-law is a DEA agent and in charge of the case against the man known as “Heisenberg.”  Walt’s secret life includes keeping his activities hidden from his DEA brother-in-law.  If the series does end with Walt “winning,” I expect the brother-in-law might “break bad” himself?  And yes, Walt’s brother-in-law also has a shaved head!

This post will start a new series on Snoutsmack that will analyze each episode of the fifth Season of Breaking Bad.  I will try to write a post every Sunday night after the show.  The next show is tomorrow.

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One thought on “White Man Breaking Bad

  1. “Walter White facing death by cancer is a metaphor for the white race facing extinction.” That is a brilliant insight.

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