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Trumpeting BS

In my post titled “Maitreya will Betray Ya” I described some possible scenarios that the Anglo-American-Judeo Elite (AAJE) may use to achieve their New World Order.  It’s important  to remember that the AAJE are in it to win it and will not stop until they achieve their goal (NWO).  Although it is difficult at this point to pinpoint where  exactly the origins of this NWO plan truly started, there is no doubt that they’re not about to give up.  They have contingencies for contingencies for contingencies and the purpose of this post is to describe one more of these contingencies.

In “Maitreya will Betray Ya” I described how the AAJE could use a multi-faith, multi-ethnic messiah to help push the world into NWO. If a multi-cultural messiah doesn’t work they may try to go with a Judeo-Christian Fascist option.  They already have millions of White Americans who identify as Evangelical Christians and most them would be tickled pink if they could fight alongside their Jewish demiGods. If they do go with this option the basis of the theology and ideology will be British-Israelism (1).  Or in its newer form British-American-Israelism.  Here’s Wikipedia on British Israelism:

British Israelism (also called Anglo-Israelism) is the belief that people of Western European descent, particularly those in Great Britain, are the direct lineal descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. The concept often includes the belief that the British Royal Family is directly descended from the line of King David.    (2)

Out of this school of thought came a newer version best described American-British-Israelism.  One of the early proponents of this doctrine was a man named Herbert W. Armstrong

The theory of British Israelism was also vigorously promoted by Herbert W. Armstrong in the 1950s [38] founder and former Pastor General of the Worldwide Church of God. Armstrong wrote United States in Prophecy (also printed as “United States and Britain in Prophecy”) published in 1945, followed by further editions. Armstrong believed the was a key to understanding biblical prophecy: “One might ask, were not biblical prophecies closed and sealed? Indeed they were—until now! And even now they can be understood only by those who possess the master key to unlock them.” (Armstrong, 1967, p. 5)[39] Armstrong believed that he was called by God to proclaim the prophecies to the “ten lost tribes of Israel” before the “End Times”.

Armstrong’s belief caused his separation from the Church of God Seventh Day because of its refusal to adopt the theory. Armstrong created his own church, first called the “Radio Church of God” and later renamed the “Worldwide Church of God”.[40] He described British Israelism as a “central plank” of his theology.[41]

After Armstrong’s death, his former church, which changed its name to Grace Communion International (GCI) in 2009, abandoned its belief in British Israelism. It offers an explanation of the doctrine’s origin and its abandonment by the church at its official website.[42] Church members who disagreed with such doctrinal changes left the Worldwide Church of God/GCI to form offshoot churches. Many of these organizations, including the Philadelphia Church of God and the United Church of God, still teach British Israelism. Armstrong promoted other genealogical history theories, such as teaching that modern-day Germany now represents ancient Assyria. (3)

On Armstrong wiki adds:

 Herbert Armstrong’s manner of leadership and the effect this had on church culture in the Worldwide Church of God was the subject of much controversy. Ex-members state that Armstrong and the WCG created a destructive environment which include accusations of spiritual abuse and child abuse.[76][103][104][105] Armstrong was often criticized for having lived in extravagant wealth as a comparison to church members who paid three tithes and lived in relative poverty as a result. Personal luxuries enjoyed by Armstrong included a personal jet, the finest clothing, furniture and other conveniences. (4)

So as one can see, British-American-Israelism would be a perfect fit for a Judeo-Christian fascist contingency.  Lately I’ve been reading one of the webzines for the Philadelphia Church of God called “The Trumpet.”   The Trumpet pushes out the British-American-Israelism meme and “proves” the various prophecies of Armstrong by connecting current events with his writings. The biggest enemy of America, Britain, Israel, and Jesus according to The Trumpet are the Germans (who they claim are the Biblical Assyrians) .  The Trumpet (citing Armstrong) claims that Germany will rebuild the Holy Roman Empire and that the Catholic Church will be at the center of it (5).  The Trumpet is literally obsessed with Germany(6) and some of this has rubbed off on the more “mainstream” evangelical churches as well.  Uber Christian Zionist John Hagee claims that the “anti-Christ” actually lives in Germany ( 7).  I’ve also heard Pat Robertson on occasion make the claim that the EU is the new Roman Empire and that the “anti-Christ” will come from Germany (I can’t recal when he said this).

My point here isn’t to give a full report on British-Israelism or Herbert Armstrong.  I just want the readers to be aware that this meme of British-Israelism is out there and like I pointed out above, partially being picked up by more “mainstream” evangelical entities.  This option could be a last resort and may even be used if the Jewish faction of the  Anglo-American-Judeo Elite (AAJE) know they’re about to go down (going out in a blaze of glory). They’ll hype up the Judeo-Christians to go on a crusade for God’s Chosen and it will look like the Taliban but one in which Judeo-Christians and Jews are the bosses.  Of course, the AAJE also need to push White genocide.  So they may instruct their Judeo-Christian forces to take on multiple wives (using old testament scripture) from the 3rd world in order to spread their “Holy Anglo-Israeli seeds?” They could even detonate a nuclear weapon in the United States to fit one of  Herbert Armstrong’s prophecies in which he claims that a new German led Holy Roman Empire will nuke America (8)?  It is very difficult to predict what they have in store but don’t think for a minute that the Anglo-American-Judeo Elite aren’t willing to kill millions of people to achieve their NWO.  They may not use any of the options I’ve described at this blog(Maitreya, Judeo-Christian fascist, alien invasion), I’m just trying to get the reader to think about how these far-out, world changing scenarios could look.  Whatever they decide on, you can be sure that it will be intended to shock, traumatize, and dazzle you.  They need to go BIG or go home.  They’ll be particularly dangerous if they know they’re about to go down (the thinking being “if we can’t have a NWO, then we’ll just destroy everything”).

So since The Trumpet likes prophesies so much I thought I’d do a little prophesying myself.  This prophesy was told to me by a little White rabbit that hopped up to me while I was sitting in my garden last summer.  The rabbit told me to tell the world that if there is a Jesus that he’ll show up in a space craft with highly advanced technology.  His first order of business will be to throw the Anglo-American-Judeo elite in a large pit of fire along with any non-human entities that the Anglo-American-Judeo Elite may be serving.  Jesus will then explain to us the mysteries of the universe and share some of his technology with us.  If and/or when this happens, I suspect the people at the Trumpet will be following their masters into the pit as well?

(1)  (2)  (3)






Neanderthal Tim Wise asserts that Whites are ill suited for economic hardship.

In this video the anti-White, genocidal maniac (1) Tim Wise asserts that Whites are ill-suited for the economic hardships we’re currently experiencing (hat-tip to Mindweapons in Ragnarök (2)).

Of course,  this claim can be easily disproven with a thought experiment.  Think about where you’d want to be if the global economy collapsed tomorrow?  East LA?  Compton?  Detroit?  If there’s ever a people you’d want to be around if things go bad it’s Whites.  I can’t think of a natural disaster in my lifetime where Whites acted as blacks and/or Latinos acted?  Even the poorest, most uneducated White trailer park would probably be safer (and have more survivability) than most of the black upper middle class neighborhoods around Washington DC.

It is true that Whites will have to toughen up and find new meaning beyond the easy credit based, crass-materialism that we’ve lived for since WWII.  I for one welcome this new paradigm.  Neanderthal Tim Wise on the other hand sees this new paradigm as very dangerous to his team’s goal of White genocide.  When the economy is doing well, Whites are less likely to pursue their ethnic interests.  When things go down hill, Whites will start acting like everyone else and this scares the anti-White globalist pig-dogs that Neanderthal Tim Wise works for. So he’s prepping the discourse battlefield for this new paradigm by claiming that pro-White activism is the result of loosing “White privilege.”

Some of you are wondering why I call the anti-White, genocidal maniac Tim Wise  “Neanderthal.”  For this answer I refer to the work of Dr. Michael Bradley.  Bradley wrote several books on the subject of Neanderthal interbreeding with Cro-Magnons.  He discovered that the highest concentration of Neanderthal-human intermixed genes was the location of the early semitic and later Khazar populations.  Here’s a quote from his website:

This other contending subspecies originated in what I call the “Toxic Lozenge”, a narrow elongated area extending from the Rift Valley lakes of Tanzania, Kenya and southern Ethiopia to the northern Caucasus Mountains. This Toxic Lozenge therefore encompasses the geographic epicentres of both Homo habilis and later Neanderthal development. This Toxic Lozenge is also the original homeland of the Hamitic languages and the later seemingly related Semitic ones.

Note that Ancient Egypt was well to the west of where this Toxic Lozenge crosses the Red Sea between Jiddah and Medina in Arabia – an area now called Hijaz and/or Yemen but known as Saba (biblical “Sheba”) in ancient times – the very place where the first evidence of the Hebrew language has been discovered and where Islam was also later conceived (see Queen of Sheba and Biblical Scholarship by Dr. Bernard Leeman much further down on this website).

Physically, this subspecies is characterized by very great nasal development, extreme hairiness in males, long torsos and short legs, extremely high numerical and spatial intelligence, very little visual artistic ability, a low level of emotional stability, fanatical monotheism, anti-feminism and a predisposition to control, enslave or exterminate “ordinary humanity”. There is some fairly recent anthropological evidence (1990-1991, see “Homo Georgicus” on Wikipedia), coming from the Caucasus Republic of Georgia, that this subspecies may derive from Homo habilis, through the Neanderthals and on to modern living representatives.

However, not all anthropologists agree that Homo habilis should be considered fully “human” as that term is rather loosely defined, but was possibly an aberrant offshoot of either Homo or Australopithecus (see Esau’s Empire I on this website).

That is, people deriving from this Toxic Lozenge in ancient times may not be exactly human and certainly seem to be incompatible with the values and attitudes of “ordinary humanity”. However, recent historical migrants into the Toxic Lozenge represent mostly ordinary African humanity.

Much more important than physical traits, the aggression of this subspecies is responsible for its expansion from its original Toxic Lozenge both east and west to inhabit most of the “Middle East” (especially mountainous regions) and even parts of Europe, western India and northern and eastern Africa, imposing its religious and social values. In short, the people of this Toxic Lozenge have gradually driven a wedge of perhaps “not-quite-human” genes and culture between the ordinary humanity of the West and the ordinary humanity of the Far East. And this wedge has been inexorably expanded by well-known historical events from 5600 BC to the present. Despite the incessant propaganda and disinformation promulgated by this subspecies, adherence to Judaism, Judeo-Christianity and Judeo-Islam are the symptomatic indications of its biological expansion and/or cultural influence. (3)

I first heard of the Neanderthal-Jewish Connection on Horus the Avenger’s Follow the White Rabbit (found in my blogroll).  I wasn’t convinced but I went ahead and read Bradley’s work.  I then thought about how truly unstable and hateful Jews are towards the other (especially Whites).  If you think about the most hateful elements within the White Nationalist movement, there does seem to be a certain element that appears dissatisfied with their lives. This can cause resentment and hate.  These people generally don’t have much influence within White  nationalism and actually embarrass many people within the pro-White movement.  The more influential pro-White leaders are generally not hateful and they tend to be soft-spoken and respectful.  Jared Taylor, Kevin Macdonald, Bob Whitaker, Richard Spencer, James Edwards are generally nice people.  Even the notorious David Duke, a man who is portrayed as “pure hate,” is actually a rather kind-hearted, even tolerant person.

Now think about the leadership or people of influence in the anti-White crowd.  These people are seething with hate.  Tim Wise, Noel Ignateiv, Abe Foxman are all extremely unbalanced and pouring out with hate.  These people have plenty of economic opportunities and status but their hate is equal to or greater than the most resentful prison skinhead types.  I think the Neanderthal thesis may be on to something in explaining this?  The hate from these people is not caused from dissatisfaction with their life’s situations; it’s caused from their DNA.  THEY CAN’T HELP IT!   In fact, as Micheal Bradley explained above they might not be “exactly human!”  What this means is that we’re dealing with beings who may be genetically structured to have heightened levels of in-group loyalty.  What’s “good for the Jews, may mean “what’s good for the Neanderthals?” After becoming aware of this it also sheds new light on Dr. Kevin Macdonald’s work (4).  I do wish to point out however that even if the Jews are the most Neanderthal filled people on earth, that they’re still entitled to their own living space to live life according to their interpretations of the universe.  Snout smack does not support genocide…even of heavily neanderthal Jewish beings who rely on the Talmud as their Holy book.  All intelligent beings have the right to their own destinies but they don’t have the right to rule over other being’s destines.

I highly recommend that readers go to Michael Bradley’s site and read what he wrote (he also has two interviews linked that he did with Michael Collins Piper that you should listen to).  Readers should also listen to Follow the White Rabbit episode # 51 for a good introduction to the Jewish-Neanderthal thesis.  You should also check out this article on the subject of the Jewish neanderthal thesis by the Barns Review (5).

***Update: Here’s an article from the BBC about a Jewish woman tracing back her neanderthal roots(6).  This article came out in April 2012.  I wrote this blog post in Oct 2011.  WHAT OTHER FUTURE PROJECTIONS AND SPECULATIONS WILL COME TO PASS THAT SNOUT SMACK HAS WRITTEN ABOUT???  I suggest you make Snout Smack part of your daily (or at least weekly) reading list. I also HIGHLY recommend you follow the White Rabbit (found in my blog roll), which is my source for many of the issues that I write about at this site.  








Esoteric Thoughts

 A Sign of Good Things to Come

But when will the boys be back in Town?

Letter to the Bilderberg Group

Dear Bilderberg Group,

I was recently examining your list of participants for the 2011 meeting (1).  The thing that stuck out at me as I read was the lack of diversity in your participants.  I thought this may have been an anomaly so I also examined prior participant lists (2).  To my shock these lists too showed a disapointing lack of diversity.   Particularly I point to the lack of Africans, Mestizos, Amerindians, and gay, lesbian, and transgendered people.   This greatly confounded me as it is your globalist pig-dog foundations who proudly fund pro-immgration groups for the purpose of flooding White countries with immigrants from the “developing world.”  For instance Sean Lengell of the Washington Post reports that:

The Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation and Democratic activist George Soros were among the liberal funders that have donated millions of dollars to pro-immigration groups, as the Senate continued its debate on a contentious bill that would overhaul the nation’s immigration policy.

Three of the nation’s biggest and most influential pro-immigration groups — the National Immigration Forum, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) and the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) — collectively received more than $3.25 million from Ford Foundation since 2005. (3)

It appears that “diversity is strength” only when it applies to non-global elite spaces?  Globalist elite spaces are VERY, VERY White (and Jewish).  I wonder why anti-White cowards like Chris Matthews haven’t reported this?  Coward Chris Mathews has no problem pointing out the “whiteness” of the Tea Party movement.  But for some reason he doesn’t point out the “race problem” relating your group?  In fact, I’d be surprised if coward Chris Matthews has mentioned your group at all?

I also wonder where all the big “civil rights” and “anti-racist” activists are regarding this issue?  Why isn’t Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton outraged about this lack of inclusion?  Why isn’t the anti-White, genocidal maniac (4) Tim Wise not railing against this?   Why aren’t the anti-White, leftist stooges who use terrorist tactics against American Renaissance meetings (thus denying Amren freedom of speech and association) not conducting “demonstrations of solidarity” against Bilderberg?  The answer is simple: So called “anti-racism” is actually a code for anti-White.

So since the above mentioned anti-white cowards won’t bring attention to Bilderberg’s lack of diversity, I guess it’s my duty to do so.  That is why I, the creator/writer for Snout Smack offers his services to bring diversity to Bilderberg.  I wish to be hired by your organization as “Director of Diversity.”  My demographic goals for the 2012 meeting (In Virginia) are as follows: 12% African, 14% Mestizo Latino (no cheating by using White Latinos), 5% Asian, 1% Amerindian, 3% Muslim, and 3% gay, lesbian, and transgendered people (at least one participant should be transgendered and this person should share a room with David Rockefeller).

I served in your globalist wars in the Middle East and the Balkans and have a master’s degree so my international experience and education should be adequate.  My salary needs are negotiable.  Please leave a comment and email address on how I can contact you or contact one of your spy organizations to get my phone number.

I just want the opportunity to help your organization experience the “joys of diversity” that you force on the rest of us.


Snout Smack



(3) The 2007 Sean Langell Washington Post article requires a subscription so here’s a reprint:


Talking Points

When Jews pursue their interests it’s called “lobbying.”

When non-whites pursue their interests it’s called “civil rights.”

When Whites pursue their interests it’s called “White Supremacy.”

Maitreya Will Betray Ya’

Times have been tough lately for the Anglo-American-Judeo Elite (AAJE).  They lost Russia around 2003 when Putin slapped their pig-dog operatives on the snout and threw one of them in a cage where pig-dogs belong.  China is continuously moving towards Eurasianism and away from the US.  Iran is openly defying them and crushed their past attempts to have a color revolution in that country.  Germany is considering changing back to the D-Mark.  The successes they’ve had with the Arab Spring has required the use of  “Islamo-facists;” who if we recall have caused the AAJE many problems in the past.   And the United States is hopelessly polarized politically and the economy is looking at at least 5 years of slow to no growth (in fact, the US economy may never recover).

So the question now is what are they to do?  How do the AAJEs achieve their NWO when nothing is going their way?  Within the alternative research community, two options are generally discussed and speculated on.  The first is a fake alien invasion utilizing the grey alien meme that’s been cultivateing for the last 60 years.  The second option would be the introduction of a messiah.  You could also see a mix of the two where the aliens try to take over the earth only to be stopped by the great messiah (who will then insist on global government with the globalist masonic talmudic elites running the thing).  The use of exotic technology will be used however it goes down, including the possibility of hologram technology that humans can supposedly touch.

However it goes down, the endgame is always global government and the genocide of the White race. The genocide of Whites is absolutly necessary because the White populations of the West make global governance very difficult.  They are well-educated, relatively well-informed, creative, well armed, independent-minded, and relatively wealthy.  This genocide of course doesn’t apply to the Anglo-American elites themselves (or their Jewish partners).  These people preach “diversity is strength” except for their communities, schools, and families.

One possibility for the messiah option is the introduction of “Maitreya.”  The Maitreya idea/meme is pushed by a globalist new age organization called “Share International.”  (1)  Share international was created by a man named Benjamin Creme.

Wikipedia explains:

Share International’s publications claim that the coming of Maitreya (meaning “friendly” in Sanskrit) fulfills not only Buddhist prophecies about the appearance of a future great teacher named Maitreya, but also the prophecies of a number of other world religions – including Christianity (the second coming of Christ), Hinduism (the Kalki avatar of Vishnu), Islam (the Imam Mahdi) and Judaism (the Jewish Messiah). Creme claims that Maitreya manifested himself through (or overshadowed) Jesus 2,000 years ago, that Maitreya resided in the Himalayas, and that in 1977 he descended from his ancient retreat in the Himalayas and took an aeroplane to London. His belief is that Maitreya took up residence in the Indian-Pakistani community of London in the Brick Lane area and has been living and working there, seemingly as an ordinary man, his true status known to relatively few. Furthermore, that Maitreya has been emerging gradually into full public view so as not to infringe humanity’s free will. Journalists had been invited to find the Maitreya in the Brick Lane area but were unable to do so. According to Creme, Maitreya influenced the ending of the cold war, the German reunification, and the ending of apartheid in South Africa . (2)

Wikipedia goes on to say that Share International:

believe this to be a time of great political, economic and social crisis, that Maitreya will inspire humanity to see itself as one family, and create a civilization based on sharing, economic and social justice, and global cooperation.

As one can read Maitreya is right up the globalist pig-dog ally.  He fits all the major Messiah’s of the world and advocates a global socialist regime.  The challenge for them will be to get the world’s faiths to accept Maitreya.  For that role we should look to one of the major global interfaith organizations, or perhaps a coalition of them.  I was looking at one such organization called the “Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions(3).  One of its major funders for the last parliament meeting was an organization called “World Faiths Development Dialogue” or WFDD (4).  I was not surprised to learn that WFDD was started by the former chief bankster of the World Bank James Wolfensohn. These global interfaith organizations will give orders to the leaders of each faith and the faith leaders will get their flocks in line.

Some of you reading this will doubt that the anti-White globalist pig-dogs have the ability to pull this thing off.  It’s important to keep in mind that such an event will come during the chaos that the world is now moving into.  Exotic technology and the best Hollywood script writers/producers will be used to make this thing look real.  Also remember that when people are suffering, they are much more likely to accept radical solutions.  The major motto of the globalist pig-dogs is “Order out of Chaos.”

At the most basic level you have to keep in mind always what the globalist pig-dog endgame is.  They want global government and White genocide. They have no qualms about killing millions of people and operate by the concept that the “ends justifies the means.”  If a messiah comes into the picture (or aliens) and starts advocating global government DON’T BE FOOLED BY THIS!!!

Last, (and this is especially for the globalist pig-dogs reading this) even if the globalist anti-White pig-dogs do achieve global governance, this will only be temporary.  The pig-dogs may get 6 months or so, but it won’t last.  Their unnatural ways are contrary to the laws of the universe/God.  The only question is how much damage they will cause before they fall?

For further information on Benjamin Creme, Maitreya, and Share International here’s a link to a discussion by William Cooper on the subject.

(1), (2)



Do You Follow The White Rabbit? Can you hear me Britney?

The best media source today is internet.  The best of the internet media is Horus the Avenger’s Follow the White Rabbit.  This show is on the cutting edge of geopolitics, alternative research, and the pro-White struggle.  A link to the show can be found in my blogroll.

With that said it struck me the other day how genius it was to use the idea of “Follow the White Rabbit” as the show’s character concept.   The White Rabbit is normally associated with magic and magicians.  The “Follow the White Rabbit” concept (following a white rabbit into another realm or state of mind) was part of “Alice in Wonderland” but may have a mythology that dates back to middle ages Europe (seeing a white rabbit was considered good luck)? It was also used in “the Matrix” movie.  The White Rabbit is associated with mystery and magic and going on trips.   The Follow the White Rabbit idea/image/meme is also used in mind control and monarch programming.  The globalist pig-dogs have specialists who concentrate in mind control.  Mind control is used on individuals (1) as well as with the masses (2).  The website “Vigilant Citizen” (found in my blogroll) is a trove of information on this subject and I highly recommend spending many hours at that site.

To control the mind trauma is utilized to bring the mind to a vulnerable state.  For individuals, physical trauma is utilized and certain images ( butterflies, cat-prints, white rabbits), symbols, ideas, and sounds (words) are mixed in.  To combat the trauma the individual’s mind disassociates and creates “alter” personalities (1).  These personalities can then be “activated” by showing the images, symbols, or sounds that the individual was exposed to during the trauma.  These alters can be molded to create the types of personalities the mind-controllers want.  They can create sex slaves (monarch programming: usually females) and/or assassins (Delta programming: usually men) (4).

Vigilant Citizen reports on how many of the pop-singers featured today are victims of this kind of mind control.  Many of these pop singers start out working for the Disney corporation (3).  The sickos at Disney are known to push all sorts of degeneracy on children including homosexual imagery and miscegenation.  Hollywood and the music business in general are cesspools for child molesters (7)who generally belive they can do what they want because their book the Talmud says they can (8).

For mass mind control trauma is utilized from large horrific events (9-11, JFK, Oklahoma city) and the use of certain symbols and memes are constantly pushed out (5).  Many of these symbols and memes can be found today in pop and rap music  imagery(6).  Pop and rap provide little mental stimulation but maximize physical stimulation (people feel like dancing).  The constant repeating of the beat over and over pushes the mind into a trance-like state which is optimal for the injection of symbols and memes.  A lot of these symbols used in pop and rap are Masonic/Kabbalistic/illuminati symbolism (9).  The purpose of placing this symbolism in mass media is to condition the profane, goy-masses into celebrating the slavery that these symbols represent for them.  For the globalist pig-dogs themselves, flashing this symbolism is a way of communicating to each other (10).  The globalist pig-dogs are no different from your average black or hispanic street gang in this way.

So this brings me to the major point of this post.  Since white rabbit imagery is used on monarch mind-control slaves, wouldn’t be bizarre if one day Britney Spears (or any other monarch mind control victim) had a glitch (11) in her mind control and started inadvertently saying the Mantra (see mantra at top of page) at the MTV music awards due to her late night visits to Horus the Avenger’s Follow the White Rabbit radio show?   She would have no memory of ever being there.  I’d like to see the reaction on her handler’s faces.  They may take Britney’s internet access away!













Anti-Whites are CUNTS

I think there’s one thing we can conclude without a doubt and that’s the fact that the anti-Whites are a bunch of CUNTS!

That’s right. The anti-Whites are CUNTS!

Former Reagan official and Congressional aide Bob Whitaker wrote an appeal to President Medvedev of Russia asking for solidarity against the genocidal anti-White globalists (1).  With this appeal the anti-Whites have an opportunity to link their greatest domestic enemy (pro-Whites) with their greatest foreign enemy (Russia).

Liberals have the opportunity to link a “White Supremacist” former Reagan official with the “fascist” Russians. Respectable Conservatives can show their love of diversity by condemning the “racist right” for appealing to the “neo-Stalinist” Russians.

Why don’t the CUNTS at the SPLC have a big “report” warning the public of the “increasing dangers” of the “racist right” attempting to find allies with the “intolerant” Russians?

Why doesn’t Fox’s CUNT O’Reily have a segment about the “bomb throwers” on the “far right” attempting to network with the “gangsters” in the Kremlin?

All we hear is silence?

Why? Because they’re CUNTS who fear a 70-year-old man (Bob Whitaker) with a 200 word mantra.  Even their anti-White organizations (like the SPLC) with millions of dollars of funding can’t chance admitting the existence of Bob Whitaker (see BUGS in my blogroll).

And these people think they’re going to have a new world order?  If you CUNTS can’t handle a 70-year-old man with a 200 word mantra, how do you expect to rule the world when you don’t have Russia; China is moving away from you; the middle east is rejecting your vision of liberal Islam; the EU is disintegrating, and the American economy is falling apart?

I apologize to the readers for the nasty language (CUNTS) but there’s no other word that better describes these people. The anti-Whites have billions of dollars and total control of the media and political establishment but they can’t chance exposing Bob Whitaker’s (BUGS) message because THEY KNOW THIS MESSAGE POINTS OUT THE TRUTH!!!

This post could probably be be called “anti-Whites are CUNTS as told by someone who watched Deadwood too many times.” 🙂 lol


The day Jachin and Boaz were turned to dust and Lucifer was smacked on the snout (as told by the worshipful master).

jbandwm Here I am, on the square, your worshipful master. I stand here on this crafty day with my mighty brothers Jachin and Boaz. Today is a day that will be remembered and will begin the final phase of our move towards the New World Order.

8:46am: Oh mighty Jachin, you are  firm, stable and upright. You are so crafty. You are a traveling man who stands mightily in the face of this “attack” (hahaha…wink wink). You shine like the morning star. There is nothing that can shake you brother.

9:03am: Oh mighty Boaz, you are Strong and Powerful. You are so crafty. Like Jachin you are a traveling man who stands mightily in the face of this “attack” (hahaha…wink wink). You shine like the Morning star.  Nothing can knock you down great brother.

By now our brothers worldwide are watching you great brothers standing strong on the television stations that we control. To them watching on TV I say hello fellow travelers and hello Hiram. Are we not crafty brothers? Look at our two brothers standing strong and firm in the face of this “attack” (hahaha…wink wink).  Look at them shinning like the morning star. Today begins our final campaign to bring order out of chaos. Soon all floors will look like chess-boards and the sky will forever shine with the star of Saturn.

Hail great Lucifer, for it is for thou that we do our great works. Of course we use charity as our camouflage and pretext because the profane masses can never understand your illuminated plan for them. We proclaim liberty, equality, and fraternity for the profane when we mean slavery, elitism, and secrecy. But our lies are not lies but acts of virtue in the service of you great Lucifer. Our duplicity is beyond the understanding of the profane.  Lucifer, oh great Lucifer, oh how we are forever grateful that you gave us the apple in which our knowledge comes. You got us squared away great Lucifer. We are on-the-level great Lucifer. It won’t be long before our temple is complete and you will sit upon your great throne. The profane masses will bow to you and we will control them with microchips placed in their heads or hands. We, the better men, who stand in our holy room with one pant leg up and one breast exposed; but not with women, their legs and breasts are profane. Women’s breasts are best on goats showing ‘as above,so below.’ I tip my top-hat to you great lion. May your giant eye watch over all of us.

You are so crafty Lucifer. So strong you are great Lucifer. Our brothers in the media have already pointed their finger at a profane Muslim so we can travel eastward and regain control of the great Babylon. Nothing can stop us now great Lucifer. Our symbols are in all locations of power, including degenerate rap videos so we can engineer the minds of the young profane masses. We are everywhere great Lucifer.  We, your humble servants are astonished and awestruck by your greatness oh horned one.  You are so strong, so beautiful, so wise. Nothing can stop you wise owl.

9:37am Suddenly the worshipful master looked up and saw a giant hammer flying through the sky. As he watched it fly his smile turned to concern and then to horror as the hammer struck Lucifer on the chin. Lucifer was knocked out cold.

Great Lucifer, what has happened? Is this part of our crafty plot on this most illuminated day? Lucifer, Lucifer wake up oh great one! Ma-Ha-Bone! Ma-Ha-Bone!

The worshipful master looked puzzled but went back to praising and assuring Jachin and Boaz.

Great brothers Jachin and Boaz, see how our great Lucifer took one on the chin for us? No force on this earth could have done this. For we give five-pointed hugs and whisper secret codes so that the profane masses cannot hear us. If anyone tried such an attack, we would cut them open and pull their guts over their shoulders. The birds and animals would eat their heart after we pluck it out and we would burn them and throw their ashes into the wind. This is our great, crafty day and we will stand strong forever as surely as the architect of the universe will keep you both strong in the face of todays “attack”  (hahaha…wink wink). That hammer we saw hit Lucifer must have been a gavel from our grand lodge?  It was just a magic trick intended to astonish the profane masses.  Oh we are crafty.

9:59am The worshipful master looked up and saw a hammer again, this time going straight for Boaz’s head. The hammer came down and suddenly Boaz started disintegrating in front of the worshipful master’s eyes. The worshipful master started screaming and put his hands in the air in distress.

Oh great Boaz, why has this happened on this crafty day? Who could have done this dastardly deed? What ruffians are responsable for this hoodwinking? Only we murder people and don’t get blamed for nutin’. How could this have happened? Certainly this was not part of our crafty plot?  Jachin, let us get our plumb rule, level, chisel, mallet, compass, gauge, pencil, skirrit and square so we can rebuild Boaz.   Jachin?

10:28am The worshipful master looked up again saw the hammer again going for Jachin’s head this time. The hammer came down and turned Jachin to dust. The worshipful master soiled his apron and threw his hands up in distress again. Sweat was pouring through the worshipful master’s tuxedo jacket.

Oh great Jachin, who could have done this to you? Such a strong, beautiful, and wise brother you were. Why would Lucifer allow this to happen? Please Lucifer wake up. MA-HA-Bone! MA-HA-Bone! Wake up great wise owl. Illuminate me on why this is happening. Lucifer I’m all alone. Grand architect hear me please. Oh letter G hear me. Please somebody five point hug me. Please someone please grip me. Call 911! Call 911!  Call 911! Waa Waa Ma-ha waa

The worshipful master went on weeping and jabbering like a simian as diarrhea ran down his leg.

Oh dear Lucifer why won’t you get up? MA-HA-Bone! Who did this to us? We just want to help people and this is what happens? We want to turn men into better men but we are punished? Why Oh Lord, my God, is there no help for the widow’s son? I must get a grip! We will rebuild! I, the worshipful master am still here. I have my tools. Oh, MA-HA-Bone! We are crafty. MA-HA-Bone! MA-HA-Bone!

While trying to talk himself back to confidence, the worshipful master heard something flying in the air. He looked up and saw the hammer again flying directly at him. He then remembered the rule of three.

5:21pm The worshipful master joined Jachin and Boaz in a pile of dust.

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