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Breaking Bad Report: Season Five Episode 2

As I wrote in the post “White Man Breaking Bad,” I will be writing a weekly review of each episode of Breaking Bad’s 5th season.  This is the first such review.

The episode started with people speaking German and I couldn’t believe what I was watching.  In the previous post titled “White Man Breaking Bad” I jokingly said that Walt’s old boss (Gus) may be connected to the so called “fascist international.”  The episode started with a German businessman killing himself when he saw the DEA was going to question him.  The company he worked for was connected to the company that Walt’s old Boss (Gus) used for his front business.  The German handled himself like a good “Prussian” would handle himself. He killed himself instead of giving up information that could hurt the larger cause. You then see the DEA questioning the German owner of the company.  The owner cooperated.

I predict that this German connection will be important later on.  For those who don’t know, the “fascist international” or “Nazi international” or “3rd Power(1) was a global network of Nazis, fascists, organized crime, intelligence organizations, scientists, and corporations that operated after WWII. This organization is still believed to exist today and may even be engaged in a covert war with the Anglo-American-Judeo elite (and their drug runners, organized criminals, intelligence organizations, terrorists, corporations, etc) for global influence? In fact, the 3rd Power may be the only thing that stopped the world from being forced into global government (this is sometimes referred to as the New World Order)? If Breaking Bad brings this influence into the show, it would be mind-blowing.  We’ll have to wait and see?

The rest of the episode saw Walt, Jesse, Mike, and “Saul” organizing for their new attempt at running a drug distribution entity.  Mike wasn’t on board at first but after his money was confiscated by the DEA, he got on board.  I should also point out that I predicted that these three “skinheads” would team up in the previous article titled “White Man Breaking Bad.”    Walt appears to be getting totally consumed by his ego and his wife is scared of him.

I highly recommend that fans of Breaking Bad check back with Snoutsmack every week.  Who else predicted the “fascist connection?”



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