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The Return of the High One

he's coming

Electricity shoots through the aether as light blasts from the heavens at 20 minutes past 4 am

Top hat heads rise in horror as judgment gleams and descends upon their souls of darkness

Signs of distress go unheard, hope empties from the brothers of deceit, deception, and duplicity

Invocations to Lucifer turn to lurid shrieks as the goat of mendes lays still with Gungnir protruding from left breast in a field of brown grass

The star of Saturn falls from the sky

Two ravenous wolves maul the lion’s throat; the all-seeing-eye is pecked blind by twin ravens

Feathers fly as the son of Sigtyr smashes the double headed chimerical eagle 33 times with heavy hammer

Flooring of black and white squares is flooded with fluid of red, a charred apron of lamb floats by

Pillars fall flat, a clump of tuxedo clad demon brother’s limbs stick out from under

Beelzebub plunged in a bath of molten brimstone and lava

The light of Fimbultyr reveals the temple of weakness, imprudence, and foulness which with guile previously presented as strong, handsome, and sagacious

The Rúnatýr’s fair daughter soothes the orphans who abound four wicked towns

The first of the witch-queen, the center of evil; the second makes war and laws that force-blend the people; the third stands for mammon, swine and gold feed; the forth makes black magic and named from a tree.

The Sanngetall’s wife sweeps away dust

Dust and more dust as far as one sees

Hiram’s over there, that pile by the tree

The ruffians too, the craftsmen three

Bashed ash, crushed powder, burnt nothin’ they’ll be

Greetings traveling man, “how residue?”

She takes acacia sprig, green leaf smoke smolders

Into the wind she scatters thee

the future of the brothers G

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