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Breaking Bad Report: Season Five Episode 3

The three skinheads (Walt, Jesse, and Mike) and their lawyer start organizing their business. They looked for a place to cook the meth but weren’t satisfied with any of the places that the lawyer showed them.  So Walt came up with an ingenious idea of using an exterminating business as the front.  The infested houses in need of exterminating require the residents to leave the house for a few days. The house is covered with a “tent” and the chemicals are applied.  During the time period when the residents are gone and the tent is up, the meth lab is set up in the house and Walt and Jesse cook the meth. Personally I think the idea is crazy (if cooking meth isn’t crazy enough).  What if someone sees Walt wearing the exterminating uniform?  How does Walt explain how he spends his time?  What if the resilient comes back and insists on entering the home?  Do they whack the homeowner?

Walt’s egomania also shows up in the episode.  Walt agrees to let Mike handle the distribution part of the business but then tells the lawyer that he will “handle Mike.”  Later when the guys are discussing expenses, Walt gives Mike a hard time about paying Mike’s guys for keeping their mouths shut while in prison.  Walt is becoming very difficult to work with.   Walt even makes an innuendo about possibly killing Mike.  Walt appears to be a ticking time bomb.  Jesse senses something isn’t right with Walt.

Walt’s wife has a breakdown of sorts.  She clearly isn’t emotionally capable of being involved with a man who takes part in criminal behavior for a living.  She started off hardcore behind Walt in the last season but appears to have regrets now. She walks out into the living room as Walt and his son are watching the movie “Scarface” (while Walt holds their infant daughter).  They were watching the ending when “Tony Montana” is in a shootout with the cartel men and says his famous line “say hello to my little friend.”  Walt’s wife sees a possible glimpse into the future and she has a frightened look on her face. Will Walt end up loosing the family that he originally set out to take care of?

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