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The White Path

golden swastika

There should be a religion of the White folk that binds the population together as Catholicism did in the middle ages. This religion could be known as “Whiteness” or the “White Path.” The faith worships an Ultimate Creator, or Grand Geometrician, or Uber Rotator, or Force, or the All, or God. This God is symbolized by a golden spiral/sun wheel/swastika with White gold rays emitting from it. It should be round in shape (like the spiral-swastika posted below but gold in color) and not square. Churches will feature this spiral/sun wheel at the front-top of their sanctuary. The faith will also recognize the gods, or higher beings. These are the gods of mythology such as Zeus, Odin, Thor, and Freya. These gods will be featured underneath the golden spiral as statues or icons. This will be similar to the Catholic Church that has a cross at the front-top of the church and then saints underneath. The future White church sanctuary will also feature runes, cosmological images, a tree, eagles, crosses, the four elements, and images that emphasize the number 3. Only White candles will be burnt in the sanctuary. The altar will always be built on the north side of the building (so the folk are facing the north).

spiral swastika

The White Path recognizes Whiteness as more than just biology or matter. According to the hermetic understanding of the Universe, spirit and matter are one. Whiteness is more of a “force” than just a set of genes or race. The White Path praises the White spirit and gives thanks to the Force/God/All for blessing the Universe with Whiteness. The highest sacrament in the White Path is to contribute to the destiny of the White force. This destiny is the ascent towards Godhood by exploring and learning about the Universe. Constant improvement of systems and evolution to greater consciousness are the main actions. Hence, practitioners of Whiteness travel on the “White Path” towards Godhood. Folk on the White Path also recognize that the Universe contains a dark side or anti-White sprint that seeks to extinguish the flame of Whiteness. Folk on the White Path understand God’s purpose in creating anti-Whiteness as similar to the resistance that iron weights provide in building muscle.

zeus statue

The path towards Godhood requires moving through the godhood or Ubermenschen stage. These are the highest level of beings that are still connected to matter. The ascent to Godhood entails transforming into pure spirit. The Ubermensch are a short term goal of sorts on the White Path to Godhood. The images of the gods within the White Path are to remind us of what we want to become on the path to Godhood. The gods are models of Ubermenschen. They’re archetypes. But we also consider the possibility that these gods may exist as extraterrestrial beings that early man mistook as supernatural beings. In fact, these beings may be our creators? These gods will feature a father king god (Odin, Zeus, Jupiter), a mother goddess of womanly virtue (Frigg/Hera/Juno), a son god who is champion of the people (Thor, Apollo), and a daughter fertility goddess (Aphrodite,Freya). The son will take over the Christ role in that he was sent to earth by the Father god to save his elect folk.

Folk on the White Path contrast these gods with the gods of the anti-Whites. These gods are Satan and/or Lucifer which we recognize as being the god in the old testament known as Yahweh. We pledge fealty to the White gods (Odin, Thor, etc) while declaring war eternal on the gods of anti-Whiteness (Lucifer,Satan,Yahweh). We also recognize the anti-White gods as being possible extraterrestrial beings that work as the masters of the Anglo-American-Judeo-Illuminati-Globalist elites. Satan may be on earth as a reptilian being that lives under London? Eventually certain outstanding White humans may be “sainted” that made near god-like contributions to the White destiny. These people will arise in the creation of the future White community/State/collective. They may also be included in the sanctuary.

three white candles

The local church will be open at all hours to come and meditate but there will be worship services that look sort of like Orthodox Christian services. The services will be mysterious, include incense, a light show, fire, contemplation, Wagnerian Operatic characteristics, pipe organ, melodic singing, and chanting. Services may include a sermon given by the head priest.


Besides the local White Church/Temple, people will have altars or shrines in their homes that include the spiral/sun wheel/swastika that represents the Creator and a small statue or statues that represents the gods. A White candle(s) should also be included. Meditation will be taught in the Church/Temple and the folk can meditate in front of their altar/shrine at home and contemplate the White spirit and the White gods. They can also mediate to a rune based on what rune-energy they feel they need at the time. Meditation will be encouraged to help ground oneself. People are more happy and creative when relaxed and meditation is extremely beneficial for relaxation.


Like the old European pagan religions, people can pick and choose what parts of the White Path that they prefer to focus on. For some people, preying to the Force/God/All will be enough. For people still attached to Christianity, the son god will be preferred for his similarities to Jesus Christ. For the less religiously inclined, the mediation may appeal to them. However, there will still be all-encompassing rituals during the weekly worship service that everyone will attend. As the faith grows these rituals will be synchronized and converge throughout every White church on earth (and beyond). Using teleconferencing and even hologram technology the head Pontiff will give sermons that all White churches will watch. And if the White gods actually exist as advanced extraterrestrial beings or even spirits, they can also address the folk as they see fit.


The texts of the White Path require more thought. European mythology, European Philosophy, Hindu Texts, Dr. Pierce’s Cosmotheism, Devi, Evola, hermetic texts,the Bible, Plato, other mythologies that describe the White gods, etc, can be used but this author believes a text is needed to bring it all together that is yet to written. May the Force/God/All and the gods convey these words to this author (or someone else) in the near future.

world tree

May you walk the Path of Whiteness brothers and sisters. May God shed White-Light upon us as we ascend towards Godhood. May the gods keep you and your families healthy and safe.

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4 thoughts on “The White Path

  1. Just stumbled across this and thought I’d share,

    Enki medical centre, part of the ‘Vitality partnership’
    Who names their practice after Enki and why does the ‘Vitality’ (meaning ‘life’) partnership homepage feature a picture of a naked (hinted at) woman holding forth an apple ?

    Sometimes I wonder if they are hiding in plain site as it were, laughing at us for not recognizing their signs…

  2. Jack Dawes on said:

    There’s also an Enki Cloud Service:

    It even has a six pointed ‘flower of life’ symbol.

    To be honest, most mythologies actually have the Enki character being likable, whereas Zeus is usually a madman with a penchant for torture who’s filled with a vindictive desire to penalize humans for the original sin (whatever that was.)

    It could simply be that there was a fundamental cultural difference among the people along the Mediterranaen and Southern Europe where Enki was regarded as the unjustly maligned benefactor of people, and Zeus was basically seen as a heavy handed tyrant who took out his aggression on people out of malice because of what happened in the Garden. Zeus being worshipped possibly out of fear more than out of loyalty or honoring the Father. Sort of like the way the PC Religion has Hitler as being the Supreme God that is also evil and provides the antithesis of the PC moral code? (referring to Mr. Whitaker’s writings)

    In the Germanic religions, the chief god was toned way down, but still retained the same shady tendencies, this time having Loki as a personal Mossad agent rather than an imprisoned philanthropist. The Celtic version was probably the cleanest overall portrayal of the Father God.

    So it appears that the people in Southern Europe were all basically Saturnalian, frequently lending themselves to Talmudic-like depravity, and the people in the North were more or less the direct opposite in many of their culture tendencies.

    In Greek Mythology, Hyperborea was described in a way that was very similar to the place Adam and Eve were banished from. It was actually believed that Hyperborea was a place far to the North of Greece, with attractive and cheerful people tending orchards of golden apples. Apollo was also associated with the location. It makes me wonder how many sun gods there actually were? Was the sun god in Egypt a different individual?

    PS- I get lost in my ponderings sometimes.

    [SS editor] The first thing I consider regarding this whole mythological god question is the fact that the anti-White, globalist elites tend to have a preference for the Enki/Lucifer/Prometheus side. Enki being presented as more human friendly is most likely the result of his subordinates writing the stories. In the myths Zeus tends to punish people when they break his rules.When he found humans engaging in cannibalism, he caused a flood. Zeus is more restrictive in what he allows humans to do, just as any loving father is toward his children. When people follow Zeus’s rules, they get a nice way of life (garden of Eden/Hyperborea).

    The Romans were into Saturn, in fact, if I recall the treasury was stored in a saturnarian temple? Perhaps the priests of Saturn were the ones who could interact with Satan himself? If the Celts had a more positive depiction of the father god, perhaps this is why J. Caesar had the Druids killed? Maybe they had another side to the story that Satan wanted stamped out?

    As far as the White Path and the gods goes, mythology would be the best place to start, but much more writing would be required. Hera lead a revolt against Zeus, these aren’t the types of concepts you would want in a religion. I plan on giving more details as I study the myths more closely.

    The fact is, we don’t really known what is out there. I tend to agree with the White Rabbit when he says he willing to go with the devil he doesn’t know than the one we do know. Of course, there’s a good chance that both options aren’t too good, and that we’re at the mercy of forces way beyond our understanding.

  3. Jack Dawes on said:

    After glancing over what I wrote again, I would like to expand a little bit on the part about Hyperborea. If the ancients regarded the far north as something akin to the Elysian Fields, then does this mean that the Southern Hemisphere of the globe, esp. Africa, was considered to be on par with something like the bad place where people would writhe in agony forever? Africa isn’t a very nice place, so it makes it somewhat believable.

  4. Jack Dawes on said:

    The Roman Church has been called the Church of the Devil before. And since Rome called itself Saturnia once….

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