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The White Rabbit (see Follow The White Rabbit in my blog roll) has discussed the concept of “open systems” on his show. This idea then spilled over to BUGS (see Bob’s Underground Graduate Seminar in my blog roll), and is now part of the lexicon used there.

Wikipedia (1) contrasts the difference between closed and open systems in physics as:

A closed system contains limited energies. The definition of an open system assumes that there are supplies of energy that cannot be depleted; in practice, this energy is supplied from some source in the surrounding environment, which can be treated as infinite for the purposes of study.

The White Rabbit has suggested that open systems physics is “Aryan” or “White Rabbit physics” and that closed system physics is “Jewish” or “Pink Rabbit physics.” While talking about this at BUGS, someone pointed out that Jewish science (or physics) is relativity based, while Aryan science is quantum mechanical. Jewish science limits itself with the concept of scarcity, while Aryan science does not accept such limits. The alternative research author Joseph P. Farrell points out (2) that during WWII that the Nazis threw out “Jewish physics” and only used “Aryan physics.” This was a refusal to accept scarcity.

This idea also fits in finance. The closed system financial system operates within the privately owned central banking scheme. The private central banking scheme creates paper notes and circulates them but never creates the notes to cover the interest that the private central banks charge for the principle. This creates a non-stop cycle of debt. The open system financial model is publically owned, and is distributed based on changes in GDP. Since it is publically owned, it does not charge interest. Both finance and physics are outside my area of expertise, so I can’t provide too much commentary.

In the first “Endgame Exotica” show, the White Rabbit also discussed the difference between open systems and closed system regarding death. The open systems outlook is that there is no death and that we just change where we are after our earth body expires. The closed system outlook is that death ends who we are. It’s the idea that at death we take the “dirt nap.” It’s the idea that our actions on earth matter not after we’re dead.Many modern people reject life after death because their familiarity with the idea of an afterlife is associated with the narratives that Christianity or Islam provide. Perhaps when we die we wake up in a chamber like in the movie “Avatar.” At that time perhaps we are led in front of a group of “higher beings” to be told we did good enough to go to the next reality? Those who didn’t “pass” are forced to go through the cycle again? They become “recycled” like the people who didn’t make it through Army Basic training. The people who did “pass” are then given a choice on where or what they do next? Perhaps we are in a situation like the movie “The Matrix” but this not a bad thing, just necessary due to the realities of the universe? Perhaps technology and thought is so advanced in the “real world” (the world outside the matrix) that humans have to be tested to see if we’re worthy enough to live in the “real world.” Perhaps after we pass “earth life” that we go on to be in control of an earth somewhere else? Perhaps we became the elite “gods” of an earth space in another matrix earth test while reporting to the gods that we awoke to after we “passed” our earth test?

To join a masonic fraternal organization one is asked whether they believe in a God. If I were staring a fraternal organization, I believe a better question is whether the candidate believes in life after death? People assume that these are one in the same but they really are not. This point deserves a post of its own which I will hopefully write about in the near future.

If I were to define open system thinking it would be thinking without limitations. It discards doctrine, dogma, and credentialism for whatever is effective at what one is trying to accomplish. This would make closed system science theoretical while open system science experimental. The author Dr. Kevin Macdonald points out in his work (3) that much of the Jewish scientific hegemony of the twentieth century was based on forming cults around a theory’s creator and smearing anyone who disagreed. Einstein was made a cult figure, and today some of his theories are being proved wrong (4). The anthropologist Franz Boas supplied a theory in physical anthropology and anyone who disagreed with this was muscled out of the anthropology field.

Open system thinking would have no theories. It would only have hypotheses. There would also be no scientific laws. Instead of “laws” there would be “to the best of our knowledge at this time.” Today gravity is a “law” but what happens when someone shows up in a UFO that can defy gravity? Open systems thought is open minded thought. “Truth” goes in a direction but does not stop in one location. Better still, truth is a direction, not a location.

The White Rabbit has touted the internet as an open system information platform compared to the big three news networks or even the cable news networks. The systems thinker John Robb (see Global Guerrillas in my blog roll) has invented the idea of “Resilient Communities” as an open system model for living in an increasingly unstable globalized world. The RC model brings production to the local level and gives local people more control over their lives. Food, energy, industrial production (desk top manufacturing), education, even security is controlled at the local level,which provides resiliency against shocks (disasters, infrastructure damage, terrorist attacks, etc.) to the global system. The internet is used to share or sell best practices.

I believe open systems thinking and solutions are the future. But I do recognize the fact that not everyone is meant to own a hydrogen bomb or scalar weapon. I don’t deny the challenges and possible dangers of moving this way. The first step of course is to end the program of White genocide that is being carried out, and to nullify the people (or beings) that use closed systems as part of their game. This is when the era of the White human will truly begin. Then our future will only be limited by what we can think of.



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