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As most of you are aware, the message against White genocide is starting to spread at an ever increasing velocity. The message has been reported on MSNBC and E-Television. The White Rabbit reported receiving interview requests from the BBC and the anti-White genocidal extremist organization Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The alternative news host Alex Jones made a reference to the “government spam-bots on YouTube” who apparently claimed Jones was “anti-White.”

The anti-White genocidal enemy has been forced to react to the message. For the last few years they basically hoped it would go away, but since it has not (and is spreading rapidly) they will now attempt to deal with it. Their main strategy in dealing with it will be to try to discredit the messengers. The anti-Whites will try to discredit the messengers by creating and presenting a narrative that frames us as undesirably as possible.

The basic narrative will be nothing new; the anti-Whites will do all they can to make us appear to be unstable, dissatisfied, malcontents, who happen to be “naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews.” They’ll claim that we’re losers with nothing going for ourselves and make it clear that no one “cool” would be trafficking in our message. They will also claim that we’re mentally unstable and that our internet activities are generated from a desire to “disturb the peace.” They may try to frame the debate around sex. Using sex as a weapon is an old tactic from the leftwing playbook. The argument is that rightwing movements or nationalist inclinations are caused by sexual inadequacy or sexual repression. This is a fairly successful tactic because generally men don’t want to be thought of as being sexually inadequate. The anti-White right (respectable conservatives) will argue that we’re “un-American” and go on about the “party of Lincoln”, or how they are the “party of civil rights.”

There will also be attacks from within White Nationalism. Individuals from within White Nationalism will claim that we work for the Jews and that we’re trying to take the focus off the Jews. People from the alternative news (“conspiracy”) sphere will argue that were a conspiracy of the New World Order. As mentioned above, Alex Jones (who fancies himself a big rebel against the New World Order while his show airs on a major satellite radio station) has already referred to us as such.

To assist the anti-Whites in presenting us in a negative light, the anti-Whites will deploy what I refer to as “circus monkeys” or “buffoon units.” These are essentially actors who play a role in the public to reinforce the negative frame that the anti-Whites will try to present us in. Within the intelligence world this type of activity fits in with what the Russians call “active measures.” Instead of the collection of information, this is the creation of information. I am quite certain that the majority of the ridiculous imagery you see on the news involving White Nationalism are the products of these kinds of operations. The guy yelling “look out nigger, the Klan is getting bigger” on the History channel show about “Neo-Nazis” just screams “circus monkey” all the way to me.

For example, we’ve all seen the YouTube video of the young ladies disseminating our message. This video was reported and commented on at E-Television. If I were creating a circus monkey operation involving this video, I would create and release the video. I would report the video on mainstream news. I would then follow up with an in-depth story “learning” about who these girls are. When we meet the girls on the news we would find out that they have 5 kids (3 of which are non-White) from 5 different fathers. They would be on public assistance; maybe even had their kids taken away due to neglect or abuse. They would be “trailer trash” right out of central casting. This would reinforce the frame that people who traffic in our message are losers and failures in life. For the record I know nothing of the actual girls who did the video, I just used them as an example.

The people who act as circus monkey are on the payroll of intelligence, federal law enforcement, or “watchdog” organizations. They tend to be people who got in some sort of trouble and really are people with problems. They get offered some money or legal immunity for something they did, in exchange for taking on the circus monkey role. They are asked “if they want to serve their country.” Because the individual usually has little to be proud of in life they gladly take up the role, as this gives them a sense of purpose. Circus monkey operations are only limited to what the “producers” of these operations can think up.

Now that I’ve explained what you can expect, I will now get to what we need to do. It’s very simple, no matter what STAY ON MESSAGE! I repeat STAY ON MESSAGE! Besides affecting the people’s perception us, the anti-Whites will hope that their actions will demoralize us. They’ll hope that being associated with their circus monkey actors and negative narratives will scare people from staying on message. But again, no matter what STAY ON MESSAGE. The people need to hear and see our words. Our words describe what is actually happening. Despite all the media power the anti-Whites have, our greatest advantage is that our words actually do describe the state of the world. We are the kids saying that emperor has no clothes.

It doesn’t matter if the enemy presents us as unhip unemployed 40 year old virgins with genitalia the size of a macaroni noddle and two peas with the sexual vitality of a 100 year old man who are on the payroll of the Rothschild’s who spend our free time dancing to the Horst Wessel song in our trailer after being released from the sanitarium. In fact, even if we were all these things, IT DOESN’T MAKE OUR MESSAGE ANY LESS TRUE!!! The People must hear our words. Don’t let anyone distract you from STAYING ON MESSAGE. The people hearing the message may not even agree with it at the time, but they will in the future. The program of White genocide will only intensify, and this will make our message more powerful as it does. The only way the anti-Whites can truly discredit our message (as opposed to just trying to discredit the messengers) is by ending the program of White genocide. And this is exactly what we want to happen!


*If you’re reading this at BUGS know that I had to send this article to the moderator because for some reason I can’t post at the comment section of BUGS or send posts to the BUGS queue? I’m not having this problem at any other website. I sure this is just a coincidence.

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  1. Fenria on said:

    I would just like to add one thing. Anti whites will play this “rope a dope” game with you where they pretend that they have absolutely no idea what you’re saying and insist that you explain it in baby terms. They understand exactly what you’re talking about, their goal is to simply keep you talking and going in circles until you incriminate yourself in some way that they can use to their advantage. This is why it is so important to stay on the message! Use the mantra, make the case, and don’t get dragged into an argument that will take you off the message. Don’t let anti whites “rope a dope” you with their tiresome “but why’s”.

  2. Whatever happened to the BBC interview? Thank you in advance for your time in answering…

    [SS editor] They wanted to feature the White Rabbit on a BBC documentary but the White Rabbit declined.

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