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Merry Christmas from Systems and Symbols



santa w jesus

odin claus

Happy Easter from Snout Smack

Praise be to our Savior who was sent by the Father to lead us, die for us, be raised from the dead, and defeat the forces of evil on this earth. May the Savior drive from this earth the generation of vipers (aka the Anglo-American-Judeo elite) and their two-faced father (Satan/Enki/Lucifer/Set/The Red Hippo) who carry out genocide on the All-Father’s elect.



Jesus throws out the money changers

thor fight satan

For the generation of vipers (and their anti-White associates) reading this please remember on this Easter that YOUR TIME IS RUNNING OUT. Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock………….

white rabbit time

Hail Jesus!!!

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