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In my post titled “Maitreya will Betray Ya” I described some possible scenarios that the Anglo-American-Judeo Elite (AAJE) may use to achieve their New World Order.  It’s important  to remember that the AAJE are in it to win it and will not stop until they achieve their goal (NWO).  Although it is difficult at this point to pinpoint where  exactly the origins of this NWO plan truly started, there is no doubt that they’re not about to give up.  They have contingencies for contingencies for contingencies and the purpose of this post is to describe one more of these contingencies.

In “Maitreya will Betray Ya” I described how the AAJE could use a multi-faith, multi-ethnic messiah to help push the world into NWO. If a multi-cultural messiah doesn’t work they may try to go with a Judeo-Christian Fascist option.  They already have millions of White Americans who identify as Evangelical Christians and most them would be tickled pink if they could fight alongside their Jewish demiGods. If they do go with this option the basis of the theology and ideology will be British-Israelism (1).  Or in its newer form British-American-Israelism.  Here’s Wikipedia on British Israelism:

British Israelism (also called Anglo-Israelism) is the belief that people of Western European descent, particularly those in Great Britain, are the direct lineal descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. The concept often includes the belief that the British Royal Family is directly descended from the line of King David.    (2)

Out of this school of thought came a newer version best described American-British-Israelism.  One of the early proponents of this doctrine was a man named Herbert W. Armstrong

The theory of British Israelism was also vigorously promoted by Herbert W. Armstrong in the 1950s [38] founder and former Pastor General of the Worldwide Church of God. Armstrong wrote United States in Prophecy (also printed as “United States and Britain in Prophecy”) published in 1945, followed by further editions. Armstrong believed the was a key to understanding biblical prophecy: “One might ask, were not biblical prophecies closed and sealed? Indeed they were—until now! And even now they can be understood only by those who possess the master key to unlock them.” (Armstrong, 1967, p. 5)[39] Armstrong believed that he was called by God to proclaim the prophecies to the “ten lost tribes of Israel” before the “End Times”.

Armstrong’s belief caused his separation from the Church of God Seventh Day because of its refusal to adopt the theory. Armstrong created his own church, first called the “Radio Church of God” and later renamed the “Worldwide Church of God”.[40] He described British Israelism as a “central plank” of his theology.[41]

After Armstrong’s death, his former church, which changed its name to Grace Communion International (GCI) in 2009, abandoned its belief in British Israelism. It offers an explanation of the doctrine’s origin and its abandonment by the church at its official website.[42] Church members who disagreed with such doctrinal changes left the Worldwide Church of God/GCI to form offshoot churches. Many of these organizations, including the Philadelphia Church of God and the United Church of God, still teach British Israelism. Armstrong promoted other genealogical history theories, such as teaching that modern-day Germany now represents ancient Assyria. (3)

On Armstrong wiki adds:

 Herbert Armstrong’s manner of leadership and the effect this had on church culture in the Worldwide Church of God was the subject of much controversy. Ex-members state that Armstrong and the WCG created a destructive environment which include accusations of spiritual abuse and child abuse.[76][103][104][105] Armstrong was often criticized for having lived in extravagant wealth as a comparison to church members who paid three tithes and lived in relative poverty as a result. Personal luxuries enjoyed by Armstrong included a personal jet, the finest clothing, furniture and other conveniences. (4)

So as one can see, British-American-Israelism would be a perfect fit for a Judeo-Christian fascist contingency.  Lately I’ve been reading one of the webzines for the Philadelphia Church of God called “The Trumpet.”   The Trumpet pushes out the British-American-Israelism meme and “proves” the various prophecies of Armstrong by connecting current events with his writings. The biggest enemy of America, Britain, Israel, and Jesus according to The Trumpet are the Germans (who they claim are the Biblical Assyrians) .  The Trumpet (citing Armstrong) claims that Germany will rebuild the Holy Roman Empire and that the Catholic Church will be at the center of it (5).  The Trumpet is literally obsessed with Germany(6) and some of this has rubbed off on the more “mainstream” evangelical churches as well.  Uber Christian Zionist John Hagee claims that the “anti-Christ” actually lives in Germany ( 7).  I’ve also heard Pat Robertson on occasion make the claim that the EU is the new Roman Empire and that the “anti-Christ” will come from Germany (I can’t recal when he said this).

My point here isn’t to give a full report on British-Israelism or Herbert Armstrong.  I just want the readers to be aware that this meme of British-Israelism is out there and like I pointed out above, partially being picked up by more “mainstream” evangelical entities.  This option could be a last resort and may even be used if the Jewish faction of the  Anglo-American-Judeo Elite (AAJE) know they’re about to go down (going out in a blaze of glory). They’ll hype up the Judeo-Christians to go on a crusade for God’s Chosen and it will look like the Taliban but one in which Judeo-Christians and Jews are the bosses.  Of course, the AAJE also need to push White genocide.  So they may instruct their Judeo-Christian forces to take on multiple wives (using old testament scripture) from the 3rd world in order to spread their “Holy Anglo-Israeli seeds?” They could even detonate a nuclear weapon in the United States to fit one of  Herbert Armstrong’s prophecies in which he claims that a new German led Holy Roman Empire will nuke America (8)?  It is very difficult to predict what they have in store but don’t think for a minute that the Anglo-American-Judeo Elite aren’t willing to kill millions of people to achieve their NWO.  They may not use any of the options I’ve described at this blog(Maitreya, Judeo-Christian fascist, alien invasion), I’m just trying to get the reader to think about how these far-out, world changing scenarios could look.  Whatever they decide on, you can be sure that it will be intended to shock, traumatize, and dazzle you.  They need to go BIG or go home.  They’ll be particularly dangerous if they know they’re about to go down (the thinking being “if we can’t have a NWO, then we’ll just destroy everything”).

So since The Trumpet likes prophesies so much I thought I’d do a little prophesying myself.  This prophesy was told to me by a little White rabbit that hopped up to me while I was sitting in my garden last summer.  The rabbit told me to tell the world that if there is a Jesus that he’ll show up in a space craft with highly advanced technology.  His first order of business will be to throw the Anglo-American-Judeo elite in a large pit of fire along with any non-human entities that the Anglo-American-Judeo Elite may be serving.  Jesus will then explain to us the mysteries of the universe and share some of his technology with us.  If and/or when this happens, I suspect the people at the Trumpet will be following their masters into the pit as well?

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