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The “Primum Non Nocere” way out for anti-Whites.

People at BUGS (or pro-Whites and White Nationalists in general) are people who believe there is something important about securing and ameliorating  a certain human demographic group associated with the historical populations of Europe and it’s derivatives.  We call these people “White.”  We feel there is something important about the White race’s beauty, consciousness,  and civilizational qualities.  We feel the world is a better place for having White people living in it.

While I am quite certain that the world will be worse off if Whites cease to exist,  I’m personally willing to entertain the idea that we could be wrong? Maybe the world will be just fine as a “blended humanity,” just as anti-Whites claim?  Maybe it’s all luck that the Whitest spaces on earth tend to be the best places to live?

My question to those who make this argument is WHY TAKE THE CHANCE?

You see, if anti-Whites are wrong there is no going back. If pro-Whites are wrong then nothing is harmed.  If anti-Whites are wrong then all of humanity (who anti-Whites claim to care about) will suffer.  If pro-Whites are wrong and “we all be the same” then it won’t matter if some white skinned people happen to be around in the diverse utopia of the future.

This argument fits perfectly with the concept of “primum non nocere” or “first, do no harm.”    

You can care nothing for the survival of the White race but if you claim to be a logical and/or moral person, then you must accept this.  Failure to comply with this logic is advocating genocide.

This “primum non nocere” argument is a “way out” for anti-Whites who don’t want to express an explicitly pro-White position.  It’s a way to turn their lives around from the dead-end life of anti-Whiteness without having to deal with the current stresses of taking a pro-White position. If any of their fellow anti-Whites give them any problems for taking this position, then they can say something like “you know what, let these stupid “white people” have their own nations, communities, and institutions, after they see our multicultural/multiracial nations, communities, and institutions, they’ll be begging us to let them in.”

I offer this “way out” for anti-Whites because in general, I tend to be a forgiving person who will give people the benefit of the doubt. I understand that people can make mistakes, especially young people who have been heavily indoctrinated by the anti-White system.   But anti-Whites should understand  that the people who anti-Whites will  have answer to in the future for their complicity in White genocide will not be as forgiving and understanding as myself.  They should also understand that for some anti-Whites, THERE IS NO WAY OUT!(1)

I suggest that anti-Whites take the primum non nocere “way out” I just provided before it’s too late. Because at some point in the future, it will be too late.  No one knows when this day will come?   It may be 21 December 2012?  It may be tomorrow?  But it is coming and it’s coming soon.


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