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Two Good Santa Claus Cartoons

Two Good Santa Claus portrayals in cartoons.

1) The classic Frosty the Snowman cartoon.

santa with peter

In “Frosty the Snowman” Santa comes to help Frosty and the little blonde girl from a swarthy magician (symbolism for Freemason perhaps?) who wanted his magic hat back after throwing it away (remember that Lucifer lost his crown and lost power without it).  This is the same hat that brought Frosty to life.  When Santa arrives (after being found by a white rabbit), he scolds the magician and helps bring frosty back to life again.

santa with rabbit

2) South Park episode “Woodland Critter Christmas.”

santa with shotgun

In “Woodland Critter Christmas” Santa returns to save the earth from a Satanic takeover in the form of woodland critters who perform ritual magic to bring the coming of the antichrist (ironically the antiChrist posses the body of a Jewish boy).  Santa uses a tactical shotgun to kill the Satanic woodland creatures and then smashes the anti-Christ with a large hammer.  He also brings a mountain lion back to life that died earlier in the story.

santa2 with sg

I highly recommend watching both of these Christmas Specials paying special attention to Santa’s role in the stories.

Hail Santa Claus!!!

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