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Intelligence organization SLAVE incites violence for his White masters?

During a recent radio interview National Field Marshal for the New Black Panthers “King” Samir Shabazz says blacks need to kill White babies. He actually talks about blowing up White babies in hospitals.  He talks about cutting off the heads of “crackers.”

While I have no evidence to prove it, it seems pretty obvious to me that “King” Shabazz is an agent provocateur a SLAVE for some intelligence or federal law enforcement organization?  His purpose is to create discourse that leads to losses in free speech.  This type of behavior is intended to be an “example” of why America needs to adopt European style “hate speech” laws (1).  In the near future, I expect we’ll see Fox News conservatives like Hannity or O’Reily support “hate speech” legislation. The anti-White globalists need some excuse to pass “hate speech” legislation in order to try to halt the consistent message (see “The Mantra” at page above) that is quickly turning the anti-White, globalist system to dust.  This message was created by Bob Whitaker at Bob’s Underground Seminar (See “BUGS” in my blogroll).

The anti-White globalists can’t handle this message of truth regarding White genocide, so they have end free speech.  “King” SLAVE Shabazz’s words are meant to scare and outrage White Conservatives to get them to accept “hate speech” laws.  The non-thinking political Left is already a lock to support losses in free speech, so these kinds of operations are being conducted to get the non-thinking political Right in line as well.  Mr. “King” SLAVE Shabazz is same guy that made national news when he intimated White voters at a voting place during the 2008 Presidential election (which was also a likely intelligence operation to introduce him?).

This is a great lesson in alchemical operations. The first step in the alchemical process is putting stress on the material.  Comments like this are intended to put stress on the public in order to make them more vulnerable to change.

“King” SLAVE Shabazz still workin’ for da white cracka man.


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