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Johnny White Rabbit “Rock Anthem.”

All the pro-White movement needs to turn the anti-White system to dust is a consistent message (found at Bob’s Underground Seminar) and inspiring art that conveys this message.  Johnny White Rabbit is doing his part with his music. His music is pure art, as its purpose is not profit or fame. This music is for inspiring people to fight White genocide.  Today he writes pop, techno, and rock songs, in the future I hope to see two hour long concept albums like Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” or Frank Zappa’s “Joe’s Garage?”  Johnny White Rabbit will only get better.  Make sure to follow Johnny White Rabbit at his website.

Derpa Doom Dum Dum by JohhnyWhiteRabbit

After a consistent message, art is the critical weapon in the fight against White genocide and the Globalist Pig Dog New World Order (the art should convey the message). Music and screen plays (film, TV shows, animation) are the most effective mediums for conveying a message in modern times, but I encourage all forms of art; poetry, novels, short stories, paintings, sculpture, theater, (even interpretive dance lol ) whatever you’re good at.

JohnnyWhiteRabbit has been making an excellent contribution with his music.    His prior songs mostly expressed the message found at Bob’s Underground Seminar (BUGS) and Follow The White Rabbit (both found in my blogroll), but this latest song seems to be more “fun” and appears to be telling us not to fret or allow ourselves to live in the state of fear that can be caused by our consensus-trance creating media.

Musically the song sounds like it may have a little Frank Zappa influence?

I recommend following JohnnyWhiteRabbit’s music.  His website can be found below or at my blogroll.

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