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Real G


As the All Father has conveyed through Maximus Observāvī during a prior liquid induced numinous incident, the worshipers of “G” will be converted to dust in the moons to come by hammer and/or javelin.


However, due to the All Father’s divine generosity and magnanimousity it was decided that those who are not transformed into piles of powder will be provided a Real G that will offer a brighter (Whiter) path for mystical perambulation.

Let the son of the widow be provided with a brown besom to squarely sweep the piles of powder for the base to build the new Kingdom of White-light upon.


The one eye is blinded in distress as its darkness that was spread by its “G” men (in the name of light) is blustered away in a sea of light illuminating from the Real G.


The All-Father’s (and the ONE’s/The Force) ways being mysterious allowed perhaps the “G” men to run roughshod with “G” and “13” when G and 13 are signs of the Real G?!?

Real G Real G sent for thee by Ganglari,
Real G Real G circulates darkness flees.
Real G Real G no-one sees as does he.

Just like their || the “G” men will shortly = dust.


The ministry of Real G has no expiration or commencement but starts to gain noticeable vigor on Gaius of the Gulii’s 28 day and hence forth makes Real G just G. THE G



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