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Neanderthal Tim Wise asserts that Whites are ill suited for economic hardship.

In this video the anti-White, genocidal maniac (1) Tim Wise asserts that Whites are ill-suited for the economic hardships we’re currently experiencing (hat-tip to Mindweapons in Ragnarök (2)).

Of course,  this claim can be easily disproven with a thought experiment.  Think about where you’d want to be if the global economy collapsed tomorrow?  East LA?  Compton?  Detroit?  If there’s ever a people you’d want to be around if things go bad it’s Whites.  I can’t think of a natural disaster in my lifetime where Whites acted as blacks and/or Latinos acted?  Even the poorest, most uneducated White trailer park would probably be safer (and have more survivability) than most of the black upper middle class neighborhoods around Washington DC.

It is true that Whites will have to toughen up and find new meaning beyond the easy credit based, crass-materialism that we’ve lived for since WWII.  I for one welcome this new paradigm.  Neanderthal Tim Wise on the other hand sees this new paradigm as very dangerous to his team’s goal of White genocide.  When the economy is doing well, Whites are less likely to pursue their ethnic interests.  When things go down hill, Whites will start acting like everyone else and this scares the anti-White globalist pig-dogs that Neanderthal Tim Wise works for. So he’s prepping the discourse battlefield for this new paradigm by claiming that pro-White activism is the result of loosing “White privilege.”

Some of you are wondering why I call the anti-White, genocidal maniac Tim Wise  “Neanderthal.”  For this answer I refer to the work of Dr. Michael Bradley.  Bradley wrote several books on the subject of Neanderthal interbreeding with Cro-Magnons.  He discovered that the highest concentration of Neanderthal-human intermixed genes was the location of the early semitic and later Khazar populations.  Here’s a quote from his website:

This other contending subspecies originated in what I call the “Toxic Lozenge”, a narrow elongated area extending from the Rift Valley lakes of Tanzania, Kenya and southern Ethiopia to the northern Caucasus Mountains. This Toxic Lozenge therefore encompasses the geographic epicentres of both Homo habilis and later Neanderthal development. This Toxic Lozenge is also the original homeland of the Hamitic languages and the later seemingly related Semitic ones.

Note that Ancient Egypt was well to the west of where this Toxic Lozenge crosses the Red Sea between Jiddah and Medina in Arabia – an area now called Hijaz and/or Yemen but known as Saba (biblical “Sheba”) in ancient times – the very place where the first evidence of the Hebrew language has been discovered and where Islam was also later conceived (see Queen of Sheba and Biblical Scholarship by Dr. Bernard Leeman much further down on this website).

Physically, this subspecies is characterized by very great nasal development, extreme hairiness in males, long torsos and short legs, extremely high numerical and spatial intelligence, very little visual artistic ability, a low level of emotional stability, fanatical monotheism, anti-feminism and a predisposition to control, enslave or exterminate “ordinary humanity”. There is some fairly recent anthropological evidence (1990-1991, see “Homo Georgicus” on Wikipedia), coming from the Caucasus Republic of Georgia, that this subspecies may derive from Homo habilis, through the Neanderthals and on to modern living representatives.

However, not all anthropologists agree that Homo habilis should be considered fully “human” as that term is rather loosely defined, but was possibly an aberrant offshoot of either Homo or Australopithecus (see Esau’s Empire I on this website).

That is, people deriving from this Toxic Lozenge in ancient times may not be exactly human and certainly seem to be incompatible with the values and attitudes of “ordinary humanity”. However, recent historical migrants into the Toxic Lozenge represent mostly ordinary African humanity.

Much more important than physical traits, the aggression of this subspecies is responsible for its expansion from its original Toxic Lozenge both east and west to inhabit most of the “Middle East” (especially mountainous regions) and even parts of Europe, western India and northern and eastern Africa, imposing its religious and social values. In short, the people of this Toxic Lozenge have gradually driven a wedge of perhaps “not-quite-human” genes and culture between the ordinary humanity of the West and the ordinary humanity of the Far East. And this wedge has been inexorably expanded by well-known historical events from 5600 BC to the present. Despite the incessant propaganda and disinformation promulgated by this subspecies, adherence to Judaism, Judeo-Christianity and Judeo-Islam are the symptomatic indications of its biological expansion and/or cultural influence. (3)

I first heard of the Neanderthal-Jewish Connection on Horus the Avenger’s Follow the White Rabbit (found in my blogroll).  I wasn’t convinced but I went ahead and read Bradley’s work.  I then thought about how truly unstable and hateful Jews are towards the other (especially Whites).  If you think about the most hateful elements within the White Nationalist movement, there does seem to be a certain element that appears dissatisfied with their lives. This can cause resentment and hate.  These people generally don’t have much influence within White  nationalism and actually embarrass many people within the pro-White movement.  The more influential pro-White leaders are generally not hateful and they tend to be soft-spoken and respectful.  Jared Taylor, Kevin Macdonald, Bob Whitaker, Richard Spencer, James Edwards are generally nice people.  Even the notorious David Duke, a man who is portrayed as “pure hate,” is actually a rather kind-hearted, even tolerant person.

Now think about the leadership or people of influence in the anti-White crowd.  These people are seething with hate.  Tim Wise, Noel Ignateiv, Abe Foxman are all extremely unbalanced and pouring out with hate.  These people have plenty of economic opportunities and status but their hate is equal to or greater than the most resentful prison skinhead types.  I think the Neanderthal thesis may be on to something in explaining this?  The hate from these people is not caused from dissatisfaction with their life’s situations; it’s caused from their DNA.  THEY CAN’T HELP IT!   In fact, as Micheal Bradley explained above they might not be “exactly human!”  What this means is that we’re dealing with beings who may be genetically structured to have heightened levels of in-group loyalty.  What’s “good for the Jews, may mean “what’s good for the Neanderthals?” After becoming aware of this it also sheds new light on Dr. Kevin Macdonald’s work (4).  I do wish to point out however that even if the Jews are the most Neanderthal filled people on earth, that they’re still entitled to their own living space to live life according to their interpretations of the universe.  Snout smack does not support genocide…even of heavily neanderthal Jewish beings who rely on the Talmud as their Holy book.  All intelligent beings have the right to their own destinies but they don’t have the right to rule over other being’s destines.

I highly recommend that readers go to Michael Bradley’s site and read what he wrote (he also has two interviews linked that he did with Michael Collins Piper that you should listen to).  Readers should also listen to Follow the White Rabbit episode # 51 for a good introduction to the Jewish-Neanderthal thesis.  You should also check out this article on the subject of the Jewish neanderthal thesis by the Barns Review (5).

***Update: Here’s an article from the BBC about a Jewish woman tracing back her neanderthal roots(6).  This article came out in April 2012.  I wrote this blog post in Oct 2011.  WHAT OTHER FUTURE PROJECTIONS AND SPECULATIONS WILL COME TO PASS THAT SNOUT SMACK HAS WRITTEN ABOUT???  I suggest you make Snout Smack part of your daily (or at least weekly) reading list. I also HIGHLY recommend you follow the White Rabbit (found in my blog roll), which is my source for many of the issues that I write about at this site.  








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