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The White Gods part I

At the end of my post regarding the Nazi International, I mentioned the “White Gods.”  This post is going to address these White Gods and explain how they relate to the struggle against White genocide.

Within the alternative research community exists the idea that humans are the legacy of the high paleo-ancient civilization.  In other words, a long, long time ago, there was highly advanced civilization (sometimes called Atlantis) that exited in our solar system and for some reason, collapsed.  The reason for its collapse relates to a large-scale war between two sides of a pantheon.  This pantheon can be understood as the division of labor for the major functions of the civilization.  You had a God of maritime operations, a God of technology, and a God of war, etc.  Leading all of these Gods was a “King God” of sorts that called the shots.  In Greek mythology this God is Zeus.  In Babylonian mythology this God is Enlil.  In Norse mythology this God is Odin.  These Gods, regardless of what civilization’s mythology they show up in (including the Indian, Amerindian, and Japanese) are depicted as White, or with European features.

According to the story, a group of Gods didn’t like taking orders from the King God and rebelled against him.  This side of the pantheon is usually known to be led by Enki (in Babylonian mythology) or Poseidon (in Greek Mythology).  Those of you raised in the Christian tradition will recognize this story as the angel Lucifer rebelling against God.  This being is also the serpent in the Garden of Eden.  The serpent in the Garden of Eden story is significant because it is this story that Enki’s followers usually point to as evidence that Enki was some sort of humanitarian.

This brings us to earth and current humans. According to the story, after the war between the two sides of the pantheon, Zeus/Enlil left the solar system and Enki (and his side of the pantheon) remained on earth (and lived underground until humans were ready, probably in some sort of sleeping chamber). Enki’s mission since the last war was to rebuild the old high civilization and once total control is achieved over humans, take his seat at his throne in Jerusalem to be worshiped as “God.”  He would need total control of humans not only to guarantee worship, but to organize an integrated defense against Enlil if he ever came back to the solar system.

This being Enki is praised by researchers such as Zacharias Sitchin and William Henry.  He is presented as a humanitarian and wise teacher who, out of kindness, taught humankind the mysteries of the universe and the arts of civilization.  This of course is pro-Enki propaganda. Enki, or Lucifer, (or Prometheus probably) does teach mankind the arts of civilization, but this always comes at a cost. Enki’s main channel of dissemination of the mysteries and arts is through fraternal organizations.  Being part of a fraternal organization does give one the opportunity to learn the mysteries of the universe, but it comes at a price.  When Lucifer comes to “collect” for what he gives you, you have to pay up. Satan will give you power on earth but it will be in service to him.  Lucifer does allow you to taste the apple of good and evil, but after you taste the apple, you got to pay for it.

Lucifer shares this knowledge with his chosen people because providing this knowledge gives his adepts an advantage over those who don’t have it. The study of manipulating unseen forces gives the adept power. Enki also provides a spiritual system for those outside of the fraternal structure. This is where the Yahwist spiritual systems come in. While the power of knowledge is maintained within the fraternal organizations, the masses are kept in ignorance within the Yahwist religions.  Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are religions for the masses that enslave the human mind, spirit, and body. Of course, some members of the Yahwist religions claim that the fraternal organizations are tools for Satan.  Meanwhile, members of the fraternal organizations claim that the Yahwists are ignorant, reactionaries.  There is some truth in what they proclaim of each other, but don’t realize that the same being (or crew of beings) is head over both entities.  Enki (or a member of his crew) was “Yahweh” from the Old Testament, as he is Lucifer of the Freemasons. Many times the high priests, imams, or rabbis of the Yahwist faiths will be part of the fraternal structures, but persecute their flocks when they attempt to obtain knowledge of the same subjects that these church leaders have attained from the fraternal structures.

Sometimes when the knowledge within fraternal organizations start to leak out too much, Enki will use Yahwists entities to wipe out many of those with the knowledge.  During the Middle Ages the Knights Templar were wiped out by the Church because the Templars started becoming independent of Lucifer’s control.  At the same time, the fraternal structures will organize anti-Yahwist revolutions when necessary.  The French revolution was a case of Freemasons organizing a revolution against the Church and the Aristocracy.  This was seen in the Bolshevik revolution as well.  Lucifer controls both sides (sort of like the Democrats and Republicans) and wipes out one side or the other when the situation dictates. .

(End of part 1)

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