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Jesus is GOoD

jesushasrisen In the last 6-8 months or so, I’ve grown a fondness for Christianity. Over this last 6-8 months I was studying the rise of Christianity in the attempt to understand how I could create and spread a religion that I was crafting for the people of the West called the “White Path”(1). It was during this study of Christianity that I realized that the message of Jesus Christ was superior to anything I could create. While the White Path was a religion designed around racial survival and racial amelioration, Christianity is a religion based on love, compassion, charity, and forgiveness.  Overall as a spiritual system, Christianity is better for the well-being of the individual and the society as a whole compared to what the White Path could offer.  This doesn’t mean that White racial survival doesn’t matter; it just means that building a religion around the goal of racial survival is less beneficial to the spiritual wellbeing of Western people than Christianity is. In a strange way my new fondness for Christianity mirrored the stories of the barbarian kings that I read about who gave up their former religions for the faith of Jesus Christ.

While many people appreciate the teachings of Jesus Christ and accept that he most likely was a historical figure, the point where people start to have doubts is the subject of the incarnation. Was Jesus actually God in the flesh?  The answer to this question comes down to what you believe that the most superior force in the universe would be like. There’s no way of scientifically proving this.

Characteristics like love, compassion, mercy, charity, and forgiveness are preferable to their opposites.  Most humans understand this in their gut even if they don’t live this way.  Goodness works better in the long-run than badness.  Doing Good feels better in the long run than doing bad. So if God is the ultimate creator in the universe he/she/it would be the greatest force for Good in the universe (perhaps the source of Good in the universe). God would do what is best in the long run. He/she/it wouldn’t have the power that he/she/it has if he/she/it didn’t do what was best in the long run. God=Good.  Read Thomas Aquinas for a more thorough understanding of this point.

No other figure in history exemplifies the Good like Jesus. This Man had a larger impact on the world than any other man prior or since.   Sometimes people say “well, if God wants us to follow Jesus, why doesn’t he show us miracles all the time.” The answer to this question is then it would be too easy. Without seeing miracles, we have to go by what he said and the effect this has in our lives. God wants to test us to see if we think Jesus’s message is worth following or not. Jesus made the point to Thomas that the people are blessed who don’t see him but who still believe in him. This life is a test. God wants to see what your heart is made of. You can live by many ideas. You can live by no ideas. God wants to see what you will choose.

So was Jesus God incarnate?  Well, he would be, by far, the most likely candidate. But even if not (and even if there is no “Higher Power” in the universe), what other teachings of any other person are comparable to Jesus Christ?

Think about it and have a happy Easter.


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