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Breaking Bad Report: Season Five Episode 4

The episode starts with the chemical supplier being visited by the DEA.  The supplier is connected to the German company I discussed in an earlier Breaking Bad report. The manager of the supplier spoke German.  I will predict again that that this German connection will involve the existence of the so called “3rd Power” or “Nazi International”(1) .  Later in the episode Mike wanted to whack the supplier manager but Jesse and Walt voted this idea down.  The manager is a woman and it was funny when Mike accused Jesse of “sexism” for not supporting whacking the woman manager.

This episode highlighted the problems between Walt and his wife Skyler.   There was an interesting line said by Skyler (while they were arguing) where she admitted that she didn’t have Walt’s “Magic.”  It stuck out at me that she used the word “magic” to describe Walt’s abilities.   Walter White is a wizard of sorts and also an alchemist.  Just as he changes chemicals into meth, his own being has transmuted from Walter White into Heisenberg within the fire of the drug world.  His alter ego (Heisenberg) is becoming more dominant as he now wears the infamous Heisenberg hat around his family (He used to only wear it in the drug world).  He bought two sports-cars on a whim and is becoming extremely reckless.

Skyler is now very frightened that her kids will be hurt due to Walt’s involvement in the drug trade. She’s trying to get their kids away from the house.  This of course is a major affront to Walt’s ego and need for control.  I can’t help but to sympathize with Skyler.  Walt should have gotten out when he was ahead.  Walt’s activities in the drug trade are no longer about caring for his family.  Instead they’re about Walt’s ego.

There’s an important message here for pro-White activists.  After the program of White genocide (see page at top of blog labeled “Program for White genocide”)  is overcame and a system is put in place that secures a future for White people,  Whites need to be careful that they don’t try to push it too far.  There will be voices within the pro-White movement that will keep trying to push Whites into taking more than what we need.

White people need nations, communities, and institutions that facilitate our survival and amelioration.  But we must not try to infringe on other people’s nations, communities, and institutions.  Just like Walter White, Whites need to be careful that they don’t lose the “family” that they set out to protect.  Pro-Whites need to remain vigilant against forces within the greater pro-White movement that will keep pushing for more because it makes them feel powerful.  There may even be agents hidden within the body of the pro-White movement for this very purpose?

I believe a major lesson from Breaking Bad is knowing what the line is between victory and setting yourself up for future failure.


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