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Overall Christianity’s greatest contribution is the archetype of Jesus and through him, the emphasis on love, compassion, and charity.  The concept of the trinity is also important in that it’s a metaphor for the nature of the universe through the workings of consciousness. However, the trinity describing the nature of universe/consciousness can be found in other traditions ranging from Buddhism (Knower, Known, Knowing) to the hermetic teachings (God, Cosmos, Space). Much of the work of independent researcher Joseph P. Farrell (who the White Rabbit calls his “main sleuth”) focuses on this tripartite aspect of consciousness. So it’s the life and teachings of Christ that makes Christianity worth following.  In fact, I would say that the four gospels alone are the most superior texts of the Bible (and within these books the words of Jesus are even more superior, but not perfect).

The Old Testament is very interesting, but has nothing to do with the person of Jesus. The Old Testament has stories and allegories borrowed from Babylonian and Egyptian mythology. The book of Genesis most likely describes the god (read advanced being) Enlil/Zeus. The allegory of the Garden of Eden describes a former civilization and its corruption by Lucifer/Enki (another advanced being). The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah by Zeus was the result of Lucifer’s (or Enki’s) corruption. The rest of the Old Testament stories about God giving the law to Moses was actually Enki’s/Lucifer’s story with his chosen people. In this we see Lucifer/Enki taking credit for Zeus’s actions as told in Genesis and playing himself off as the supreme creator of the Universe (1).  So the Old Testament is made up of old stories known to learned men of the ancient world and the tribal history/mythology of the Hebrews. The rest of it describes the laws that Enki/Lucifer demanded his Jews to follow (probably to gauge his follower’s devotion to him?). Both gods (Zeus and Lucifer) described as “Yahweh” in the Old Testament are not the Supreme Creator of the Universe (for a more complete understanding of the Supreme Creator or “God,” read the first footnote linked below), they’re just advanced beings or extraterrestrials (2). The Old Testament also contains the book of Psalms,  which provide much practical wisdom.

The two big questions in Christianity are was Jesus an actual historical figure and who wrote the New Testament?  This author doubts that Jesus actually existed, but it really doesn’t matter. The message of Jesus is still a Great Good whether such a man existed or not.  If he did live, he was no more the son of God (aka the Force/Supreme creator/God) than the Roman soldier who hammered the nails into his hands on the cross. We’re all God’s sons and daughters.  So if Jesus actually did live he was just a remarkable man of wisdom with great knowledge of God/The Force/the Supreme Creator. The resurrection and virgin birth were myths. If Jesus did live then the miracles done by Christ were “magic” that he performed to gain legitimacy for his message.  Some speculate that during his “lost years” that he studied the mysteries in Egypt? Perhaps this is where he learned his knowledge? As I said above, this author tends not to believe that Jesus was a real person. There’s just no evidence to support it.

So then who wrote the New Testament?  This question will probably never be answered.  I believe some learned Greeks wrote the story of Christ for positive reasons. I believe Christ is an allegory for gaining a high state of consciences.  Christ dying on the cross is a metaphor for the death of our lower, base, material self so that the higher spiritual self can ascend. This is the Gnostic Christian idea of attaining “Christ consciousness.” This is no different than the Hindu idea of discovering your Atman. You hammer your ego to the cross that your true spiritual self can arise. As far as eternal salvation, no one really knows what happens when we die. Since the universe tends to be cyclical, this author tends to believe that we too come back again in some form. The path to spiritual salvation is about finding your Christ consciousness wherever you find yourself and once you are at peace with yourself and the universe around you, then you are saved. Once your intentions are motivated purely by love, you’re saved. So Jesus is the way to salvation because being like Jesus is the way to salvation. It has nothing to do with saying some words about “accepting Christ as your savior” or taking part in dogmatic rituals.

I believe these learned Greeks probably intended on creating a spiritual movement based on hermetic and platonic ideas. I believe that once this faith started spreading, that certain powerful parties took notice. These parties probably decided that since they couldn’t stop the Christ movement, that they would capture it and take in the direction that they wanted.  So this is when Paul came on the scene. Paul started pushing for organized churches.  When Paul was Saul he persecuted Christians. But when Christianity started gaining steam, someone ordered Saul to become Paul in order to co-opt the teachings of Christ. Christianity became an organized religion and then merged with the Roman state. The organized Christian church maintained much of Christ’s teachings but then added the rules and sacraments to keep the people in line. You could live a life almost identical to Jesus but if you didn’t believe in taking “Holy Communion” you were “damned.”

But while the Church was an organization of oppression, superstition, and corruption there’s no doubt that the Catholic Church was critical in civilizing the West. Through its hierarchy the Church worked as a center of organization. It started institutions of learning and charitable entities. Monasteries and abbeys served their local communities. The town church had a social welfare role. When it comes down to it, the Catholic Church was the most influential organization in the history of the West. Later, the Protestants came along and enacted some needed reforms that led to increased literacy among the masses, but with them too we see witch burnings and tyrannical social controls.  Overall though, Christianity did a lot to bring about the social and cultural unity of the White Western world.  Most of what people called “Christendom” in say the year 1550, was what I today would call “White-dom.” Of course, today Christianity has lost much of its influence in the Western world.

Overall I have positive feelings towards Christianity but don’t care much for much of the dogmas of organized religion.  This isn’t to say that I reject organized religion outright.  I respect the Catholic and Orthodox denominations especially. I enjoy watching Catholic mass and Orthodox liturgy.  I have great affection for Catholic and Orthodox Cathedrals and churches. If I had children I would send them to Catholic schools before I ever sent them to public schools. I grew up going to a mainline Protestant church and go to service on holidays when it is required of me by certain family members. I value a good sermon.

The only churches I feel uncomfortable in are the Evangelical churches with people holding their hands in the air, speaking in tongues, freaking out and damning people who don’t give their undying support to the state of Israel. I can’t stand the music in these churches or the dancing about (I like the old hymns, as they would have sang in Victorian England. OK I admit liking “Shout to the Lord” and “Awesome God.”). I consider the preaching of preachers like John Hagee to be black magic that does nothing but whip up people’s emotions. There’s no love in these sermons, as they’re usually just political or social screeds. If ever there were churches that were run by Lucifer himself, it’s these types.  These churches only arose in the last 40 years and in this author’s opinion, are most likely the products of intelligence organizations?  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future these churches totally rejected Christ outright and became Old Testament Churches that worshiped the Old Testament god and had for its Vatican the state of Israel.  I don’t think the people who attend these churches are necessarily bad, I just find them to be spiritually and politically mislead. I believe the appeal that these churches have is in their political and social intertwinement. These churches make you feel like God is on your side politically and socially. The mainline Protestant churches tend to be politically liberal. So in America you have churches for the Right (Evangelical) and the Left (mainline protestant). The Catholic and Orthodox churches tend to be apolitical.  This is another reason why I prefer the Catholic and Orthodox churches as institutions? There’s little to no politics.

Ok, this isn’t totally true; at least regarding covert politics. In the battle against the New World Order the Orthodox Church (outside the United States) has been a bulwark.  The Catholic Church also has some strong elements that oppose the Anglo-America-Judeo-Illuminati-Elite (3). The mainline Protestants however are four-square in the NWO camp. The Evangelicals are behind the Jewish faction of the Anglo-American-Judeo-Illuminati-Elites, but do show some rhetorical opposition to the NWO (unless it’s the Jews running it, then I guess it’s OK with them?).

The one issue that all Christian churches fail on is the issue of White genocide (see page above titled “Program for White Genocide”).  Not only do they remain silent on this massive injustice, but they take part in politics and activities that increases immigration into White countries. Even among conservative Evangelicals leaders you see support for so called “comprehensive immigration reform.”  The White peoples of Christendom bled and died for the Christian faith but the Christian faith appears unwilling to fight for us?  This is one of the reasons I’m disseminating ideas for a new religion for White people called the “White Path” (4). In this religion I include the archetype and teachings of Christ as the “son of god” Thor (with “god” meaning the All-Father Odin) (5). I take the best parts of Christianity (the teachings and archetype of Christ) and include them with a religion designed for the peoples of the White West. This new religion would be less necessary if the Churches would stand behind us in our struggle against White genocide. But unfortunately they don’t, and even claim that ethnic or racial exclusivity is against the idea of universal love that Christ preached for.

Of course, no-one is flooding Japan with non-Japanese and force-integrating these non-Japanese while claiming that the Japanese who oppose this are against universal love. And no one is flooding Israel with non-Jews and force integrating these non-Jews while claiming that the Jews who oppose this dynamic are people against universal love. This claim of lacking love isn’t directed at any non-White peoples. Only White people are accused of being against universal love for not wanting to be blended out of existence via forced integration (or for wanting spaces and institutions for themselves).

I see no reason why Whites would be any less capable of universal love for others while having spaces and institutions of our own? Certainly no one would argue that Jews aren’t able to love universally due to the existence of Israel or AIPAC? And no one would say that Africans are unable to love universally due to the existence of Nigeria, Zimbabwe or the NAACP? Only Whites are told that we’re not universal lovers for wanting spaces and institutions of our own. This is the dialectic of White genocide

Genocide (by forced diversity or any other method) is not universal love. People who deny White humans the same rights as other humans are not lovers, they’re haters. Pro-Whites have the moral high ground on this issue. I know of no one taken seriously within White Nationalism or among pro-Whites who seriously advocates denying spaces and institutions to non-Whites or even Jews? Pro-Whites are the true champions of freedom, choice, and community. If non-Whites and yes, even Jews support our rights, we will gladly do the same in return. Love between two people is based on mutual respect. Let us all live by the Golden Rule and do on to others, as we would wish done on to us. Just as humans thrive in families that they choose to form, let us not deny all humans the right to thrive in communities and nations that they choose to form. Much of the alienation that people report in modern life is caused from the loss of community. Diversity is a major cause in the loss of community in the United States (6). This is an issue that the Christian churches should stand behind us on for moral and practical reasons.

Christianity has a great message to offer, but there’s no reason to think that this message has to be in opposition to White freedom.  I recommend that the churches start thinking about standing with pro-Whites on the issue of White genocide. The world is about the change greatly. Once matters are set-aright on this earth, you’re going to want to be known as among those who stood against White genocide. If you don’t, then don’t be surprised if the people of the West look to a new Path for their spiritual needs (7).

What Would Jesus Do?  He would oppose White genocide.








Fraternal Organizations and Organized Religion

In my prior blog posts on the “White gods” I speculated on and analyzed the role of fraternal organizations in the creation of a New World Order. I pointed out how the Anglo-American-Judeo-Globalist elites use these fraternal organizations as tools in the creation of their New World Order (I.e. global government with the globalist elites at the top of the pyramid with us “profane,” “goyim” as bricks in the lower pyramid wall). In these same posts I also discussed the role that organized religion played in the New World order.

While I did come across as being generally negative towards both types of organizations, I think that I should point out that these entities (or tools) are not negative in themselves. They are only negative when misused, just as any tool can be negative when misused. A hammer can be used to build a great structure, but can also be used for murder.

Regarding fraternal organizations; there should be organized groups of people who study and discuss the nature of God and reality,  work for the amelioration of mankind, and discuss concepts like “Justice,” “Truth,” and “Beauty.”  The problem occurs when these activities become a pretext for world domination and White genocide. Using such important activities as a pretext for carrying out White genocide and implementing tyrannical global government in a great sin against the universe.

America’s founders were freemasons and/ or people influenced by freemasonic thought. America’s elites have always been heavily freemasonic in orientation symbolically, spiritually, philosophically, and ritually.  Is it not disturbingly ironic that individuals today with freemasonic ties work to deny Americans the right to free speech and free association when it was people with freemasonic ties who implemented these ideas at the founding of America?

Many of the greatest Americans were Freemasons. George Washington was the greatest American President in this author’s opinion.  He was the only President who deserved power because he didn’t want the power to begin with.  I also can’t help but to admire a man like Albert Pike, who lived a life of education, adventure, and mysticism.

While serving in the US Army is when I first became aware of Freemasonry. As a child I remember seeing the freemasonic “G” on houses but thought this was the first letter in the last name of the family in the house.  The Freemasons in the Army didn’t especially impress me.  Many of them openly admitted to me that they got into masonry to further their careers. I had one NCO brag to me that we wore his masonic ring in his Army E-7 promotion photograph because apparently this would help him get promoted.  I remember high-ranking NCOs (who were masons) in my chain of command running card games which resulted in lower enlisted men losing their money.  The Army had two types of people who advanced in the ranks. It had the masons on the one side, and on the other side it had the “high speed” super soldiers who were Rangers and Special Forces types.  I was always impressed with the “high speed” types and not as much with the masons.  After leaving the Army I’ve had less contact with freemasons but the ones I have spoken to seemed to place self-interest as one of their highest principles.  I had two masons on two separate occasions tell me that self-interest was an important part of masonry.

Like Freemasonry, organized religion is another entity that is misused.  In America we have progressive mainline protestant faiths that push the agenda of the political left.  And we also have the Judeo-Christian Evangelical churches that push the interests of Israel.  In the case of the later, the Judeo-Christian churches are now even turning away from the New Testament (1) and mutating into total Old Testament Yahwist (2) faiths.  Catholicism is a little better in that it opposes wars for Israel, but as an institution is on the forefront of pushing global government. There are some elements within the Catholic Church however that show signs of being opposed to the Anglo-American-Judeo-Illuminati-Globalist-Elites.

Of course, organized religions do good works as well.  Most importantly is they offer spiritual direction for people incapable of finding it on their own (which is the case of most people). They also offer a moral foundation for the people. Many churches take part in charity and uplifting the poor.  Unfortunately, with religions too we see charity as a pretext to carry out White genocide. The Catholic Church facilitates mass 3rd world immigration into White countries and many of the protestant faiths push for 3rd world adoption and amalgamation. Among the Evangelical types one finds the most close minded, reactionary people. It’s no coincidence that they’re turning away from the New Testament (3), as I feel no love when they profess their message.  They are not “Christ-ins.”  They are Neo-Jewish, or Old Testament followers of Yahweh (4).

Now that I’ve grinded down fraternal organizations and organized religion, I will get to the point of this post.

In the future, after the anti-White system has been turned to dust, new White Nations and communities will form.  I believe that fraternal organizations and organized religion should play a role in connecting these White Nations and communities.

The fraternal organizations should still do what fraternal organizations do best.  They should study the mysteries of the universe, ameliorate mankind, and should ponder higher ideas such as Justice, Truth, and Beauty.  But instead of being anti-White (as the Masons have proved themselves to be), they will be pro-White.  They should do charitable work but most importantly should be at the forefront of defending White people and studying Whiteness.   These fraternal organizations should be made up of the highest quality people.  The character of these people is paramount.  They cannot just be made up of people looking to further their self-interests. They must be people who are truly pro-White, and not just anti-black, or anti-Jew, or anti-anyone.   I will write a future post giving more ideas and details regarding this White fraternal organization.

Organized religion will also play a role in future White Nations and communities. Organized religions should offer a moral framework for the masses.  The masses need a moral system of right and wrong and there is nothing wrong with this.  Most people are followers and this seems to be the natural way of the universe?  There may be a need for a “Church of Whiteness” that can take the place of modern Christianity in the West.  White people are yearning for spiritual nourishment and Christianity doesn’t do it for most people anymore.  There should be aspects of Christianity involved (like the New Testament featuring the White Christ), as well as aspects from the pre-Christian religions and Cosmo-theism. It should include other ancient texts that discuss the White gods of mythology (Hindu, Greek, Babylonian, Norse, etc.)  I will write a future post with details and ideas regarding this White religion.

One critical aspect that must be included in any future pro-White fraternal organization or pro-White Religion is the idea of open system thinking. No doctrine, or dogma, or credentalism must ever be supreme over the idea of White survival and White amelioration.  I will explain this further in my future post on Whiteness. The major mission of any future White civilization should be constant material/systemic and spiritual/consciousness amelioration. The fraternal and religious entities should play a large role in this mission.

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