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Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 7

Walt made a deal to cook for some new dealers.  I predict that these dealers will have connections to the fascist international.  In previous Breaking Bad Reports I speculated that the fascist or Nazi international (or 3rd Power) may have been behind Walt’s old boss Gus. I expect the half season finale to return to the German connection that we saw in the first episode?

Hank Schrader (Walt’s brother-in-law) got rebuked by his boss for spending too much time on the blue meth case.  I belive Hank’s boss is trying to keep Hank off the case on purpose.  In fact, I belive he was given the promotion just to keep him off the case. The fascist international is rumored to have connections that run deep into government and industry (even deeper than the Jews do).  So there may be forces within the DEA that know about “Heisenberg” and are trying to keep him from getting caught?

Walt has now become murderous in his egotism.  He denied Jesse his money (as promised) and then shot Mike for no reason. In trying to talk Jesse into working with him, he sounded like a villan from an after school special.

The last episode for the half season is Sunday September 2nd.  There are 8 episodes this half season and 8 next half season (summer 2013).  I do not belive it was a coincidence that the creator used 8 and 8.  88 is a number used in the world of White Racialism.  88 = Heil Hitler.  I have wrote in the past that Breaking Bad’s secret meaning relates to the pro-White struggle.  But writing-in the Nazi International is really going for the gusto.  The creator of Breaking Bad used to write for the X-Files.  So in studying UFOs, he probably came across the stories regarding Nazi UFOs?  This would have led him to the stories of the Nazi International?

So far my interpretation of Nazis on Breaking Bad has been pure speculation.  But if there does prove to be even the slightest hint of the Nazi International, this will be very important.  It will be the first time that fiction was created that included this entity since the 70’s film “The Boy’s From Brazil.”  I expected more portrayals of White nationalism, but including the 3rd Power in a basic cable TV series shows us that times are a changing.

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