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Breaking Bad Report: Season five episode 16 (finale)

To begin my thoughts on the finale of Breaking Bad I must first admit that my prediction for something “mind blowing” regarding the German correction was incorrect. A big “swing and a miss” by this author. I sat there after every ten minutes thinking “OK when are they gonna get to the Germans?”  But it never came. I found this to be strange, after so many little hints pointing to something German. Why bother showing the German CEO kill himself if he wasn’t a part of something bigger?  What was Gus Fring’s “secret past” in South America?  What was the part with Lydia in her office listening to German speakers related to?  Here’s another blog that listed all the German connections that is worth looking at.  Could it be the case that Breaking Bad’s creator and writers were warned about going too far with the German stuff?  I guess will never know?

Now that that’s out of the way, I liked how the show ended. Walt figured out a way to get his money to his family and made up with his wife in the end.  Since my first review of Breaking Bad (1) I explained that Breaking Bad was really a metaphor for White men fighting to save their race against extinction. Breaking Bad is a “Sturm and Drang” like story of a man who followed his passions towards a tragic but at the same time heroic end. Walter White died in heroic fashion. He didn’t accept the respectable route in life. He went for it and he won.

Of course, had he failed, it would have been all for nothing. Walt could have given up after making his first million and most of his problems in the show would not have occurred. That’s the dangerous but intriguing aspect of the ego. If you do things the safe way, you’ll never know what you could have done. Had Walt listened to his “safe side” to begin with, he would have never made any money for his family.  If White people in the West listen to their “safe side” in relation to the program of White genocide (see page above), then the outcome for White humans will be grim.  Whites need to “Break Bad” against the anti-White system. They need to disseminate the message (see “The Mantra” page above)  like Walt disseminated his product. Like Walt, we’re facing death. Unlike Walt we don’t have to engage in illegal or immoral activities to accomplish our mission.

But we do have “Break Bad” against the current conventions of the politically correct, anti-White system (and we need to do so soon).  Hopefully Breaking Bad will influence the Walter White’s of the West to do just that.


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