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Breaking Bad Report: Season five episode 9

Since WWIII has not began, the final episodes of Breaking Bad have resumed.

Episode 9 begins (after a quick scene in the future) where episode 8 leaves off; Walt’s brother-in-law “Hank” (a DEA agent) realizes Walt is “Heisenberg” due to Walt’s stupidity of leaving a book that is signed and given to him by his former lab assistant “Gale” in the bathroom. Walt acts like he has everything covered (he “is the danger”)but makes a mistake that even a person (me) with no experience in criminal activity (despite what “they” may say about me to everyone I know) can figure out is stupid. Walt’s wife “Skyler” is much more careful but she can’t handle the pressure involved (which is understandable since she has two kids).

Walt’s former associate “Lydia” visits him at his car wash and complains about the quality of the meth being made after he leaves the business. Lydia says she’s “in a box.” Before Season 5 even started last summer (2012) I speculated that the so called “Fascist International” or “Nazi International”(1) would be a part of the story (2). I was pleasantry surprised when season 5 started in Germany with the suicide of a German CEO that was using his company to supply “Gus” with a chemical used to make meth. At this point I think that Lydia is under pressure from the Germans to deliver high quality meth to them. Throughout season 5 there have been little hints at something German behind the scenes. As I’ve been predicting (3), I believe Breaking Bad will depict the “Nazi International” as being involved (although they probably won’t use the phrase “Nazi International”). For what purpose? The purpose is to introduce the meme of a very powerful secret German force operating in the world today behind the scenes.* I expect Walt will come into contact with these Germans and find out who the real “dangers” are.

Walt finds a GPS tracker on his car and figures that Hank probably put it there (they” don’t really do that, do “they”?). Walt visits Hank and confronts him about the GPS tracker. Hank punches Walt out of anger and threatens to put him “under the prison.” Hank tells Walt something like “I don’t know who you are.” Walt says something back to Hank like “if that’s true, you better tread lightly.” Walt is in a pretty bad position. Although he is dying of cancer (and has maybe 6 months to live) if he’s caught, there’s no way his family will be able to keep the money he made. That was the whole purpose of getting into the meth business in the first place. So he has to figure out what to do about his brother-in-law? He obviously doesn’t want to kill Hank, but what if that is the only way he can guarantee that his family will be able to keep the money that he made? Could that be who the ricin was for that Walt is shown retrieving in the first scene of episode 9? We’ll have to see? These final episodes are gonna be good.


*I expect to see more depictions of “The German Hand” (aka the Nazi International) to be coming out in the future that portrays Germans as the secret string pullers behind ALL of the world’s problems. Breaking Bad is definitely the first to my knowledge?

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