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21 December 2012 lesson

odin flying

It’s 8:41 Pm est and thus far, no major cosmic event has occurred. If ever there was a day for the great cosmic event it’s 21 December 2012. But nothing has happened. So what can we learn from this non-event?

One lesson to remember is that you can’t rely on supernatural or higher beings to save you/us. It’s better that you plan for them not to come, (while keeping faith that they will). Odin or his son Thor will want to know why you didn’t plan for your own survival. They can’t take you to space if you’re totally reliant on them. You have to grow up. Odin may smack you around for not standing up to the generation of vipers on the earth? It’s politically incorrect fathering by Odin, but he understands what the universe demands better than most. Of course, the evidence for his existence is mostly in texts, so the great White gods may not exist in the physical or supernatural realms? They may just exist in the mental realm.

The White gods may just be archetypes that humans created to look up to and to learn from. (brave, strong, aesthetically pleasing, wise, and just). Of course, these gods have flaws that humans have as well. They get angry, treacherous, greedy. These archetypes are ingrained in the racial memory. If we are created by the White gods we would have their traits. But more importantly, if we admire the mythological White gods’ qualities, why not build these qualities into ourselves and other people who also admire and embody these traits (through White nations, communities, and institutions)?
Let us change base metal into Gold. Let’s not wait for the Gold to come to change us. Whether the gods (or higher Aryan beings) exist in the spiritual and/or material realms at this point doesn’t matter; it’s up to us to be Santa Claus. If and/or when they(the White gods) get here they’re going to wonder why we’re not?

man dressed like santa

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