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Knower+Known=Knowing…(A work in progress)


Conscious Observer






That which is being observed



spiral swastika



The understanding of what is being observed and the affect this observation has on the field of conscious observers.




Snout Smack is # 1!!!

Snout Smack has now been in existence for 1 year.

I still remember the day I decided to start Snout Smack (SS). Little did I know that it would grow into the most influential blog in the world.  In one year, Snout Smack has made great inroads in bringing Balance to The Force.  There is no question that the world is better off with the birth of SS.

So while Snout Smack is the most powerful  blog on earth, SS will now set its sights on the rest of the Universe.  If there is a UWW (Universe Wide Web) out there, away from our backwater solar system, I encourage web-providers overseeing the UWW to bring Snout Smack to other parts of the universe.

I encourage beings from the  Aldebaran area to contact their web providers to demand Snout Smack.

LONG LIVE  Snout Smack!!!

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