Systems and Symbols

Joining Matters Aright

Sayings of the Watchful One

-Build systems for yourself or live by the systems of others.

-Failure to find and live by your own mythological and symbolic meaning will result in you living by the mythological and symbolic meaning of others.

-Celebrate the gift of life and treasure every moment while having no fear of death.

-Fear makes the illusions appear more real.

-Conquer your ego but be careful that your ego isn’t hidden in the idea of conquering your ego and then make sure your ego isn’t hidden in noticing that your ego might be hidden in conquering your ego and …

-Great plans and/or “visions” mean nothing without the Will/Spirit to carry them out.

-The people closest to you can hurt you the most, but who wants to be alone?

-Why do people that believe heaven is real cry at funerals?

-If you can’t find happiness, find a purpose.


-(to be continued)


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