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Love and Charity on the White Path


As my regular readers know, I am creating a religion for White people known as the White Path (1). My hope is that this religion will become the future organized religion for the majority of White people and be the civil religion of any future White State and/or intergalactic civilization.  In creating this religion, I’ve borrowed certain concepts from other religions. When it comes to the former predominant faith of the West (Christianity), I believe the most critical aspect to borrow from it is the emphasis on love and charity. This essay will cover these aspects in relation to the White Path.

The White Path faith will include “loving thy neighbor” in its set of ideas. The White Path, as a future organization, will take part in charity and when it becomes a State religion will be integrated into the welfare state apparatus. The practitioners of the White Path will be encouraged to serve others. It was this aspect of serving the poor which caused Christianity to spread throughout the Roman Empire. The early Christians served the poor and preached a faith that favored the meek over the powerful. The Christians not only took care of poor Christians, but pagans as well. In an attempt to revive the Roman pagan system Justinian (the last pagan emperor) saw the need for a charity system run by Roman pagan priests. Justinian recognized the power that charity had in creating converts, but it ended up being too little too late for the pagan Romans.

Once White States are established, the White Path will be the main force in caring for the needy. But it gets more complicated in a multiracial environment. This has to be addressed, because at this point it will take some time before White States will become a reality. In a multiracial environment, the White Path will provide charity for Whites. It will concentrate on needy Whites in places like Appalachia.  It will meet with local community leaders and figure out how the White Path can best help that community. Once Americans regain freedom of association, the White Path will help Whites stuck in diverse locations relocate to White communities.  It will run White nursing homes in the large cities of America for older Whites who can’t or don’t want to relocate. It will provide health services for White children and mothers who live in American inner cities under the same circumstances. Once White States form young people will be required to put a year into a national service program that could include working in the charitable arm of the White Path. Before the White States arise, young people might do one year missions (in the White Path charitable arm) similar to how Mormons do.

The more complicated question is regarding non-whites? This author tends to believe that some charity should be extended to non-Whites as well. They wouldn’t have access to all the same services as Whites, but there should be some resources directed towards non-Whites. The need for this charity will be especially necessary once Whites start separating from non-Whites. Blacks in America will be the most vulnerable during this time, so efforts need to be made to assist them in becoming self-reliant as Whites become free of the anti-White system. The idea is to make the transition to freedom as easy as possible for everyone.

The White Path should also be involved in “environmental charity.”  Large projects should be taken on such as cleaning up the Pacific garbage patch. This will require coordination with the scientific community. Cleaning up the environment will be a large aspect of White Path charity.  I’ve written in the past of how the White Path charitable arm should be integrated with the welfare state apparatus. One of the tasks that needy people could perform is cleaning up trash from beaches, parks, fields, lots, roads, etc.  There would also be White Path animal shelters that refrain from killing homeless animals.

Anti-Whites will object to the idea of offering charity to Whites while excluding non-Whites.  Of course, there are many charities and organization that exclude an out-group, but anti-Whites don’t seem to mind them. At four in the morning the Christian TV network features an infomercial for a charity that assists Jews to move out of Russia and into Israel. So if they can do it, so can we. Also, if the White Path only extended its charity to Whites, this is still charity for a large segment of the population. What is more preferable, having White charities or not having White charities?  Obviously having White Path charities is preferable seeing that it results in charity that wouldn’t have existed without them.

Anti-Whites will also claim that the faith (The White Path) could never be considered a religion of love if it advocates for spaces exclusively for White people. This argument is incorrect. Pro-Whites feel an urge, allotted to us by Creator of the universe, to work towards the survival and amelioration of White humans.  There’s no reason why doing this will make anyone else worse off. In fact, because Whites will have an environment designed for optimal White creativity, this will result in large quantities of scientific advancement. While Whites advance, we will pull everyone else up as a result.  So opposing White freedom is opposing advancement for all humans.  This means that anti-racism (besides being a code word for anti-White) is also, by extension, a code word for anti-humanity.

Anti-Whites will also claim that we only want to form White collectives so we can kill everyone and “take over the world.”  This claim may be a bit of projection from anti-Whites but it should be addressed anyway. We on the White Path want to make White people better physically, mentally, and spiritually. While killing other out-groups can potentially improve us in terms of the resources gained, this will result in extreme damage to Whites mentally and spiritually.  Any gain of resources that killing or enslaving large groups of non-Whites will bring, will be thoroughly erased by the trauma caused from all the killing and suffering. Killing people, even for a “just cause,” can and does result in damage to the mind and spirit of the people doing the killing.

We on the White Path advocate for loving other humans (all other humans) but not at the cost of White genocide. We will attempt to alleviate suffering for all people but will not accept forced integration and assimilation. If our “neighbor” is in need we will help how we can but helping doesn’t mean making our own “house” worse off.  What anti-Whites want is for us to open our houses to all and every stranger to plunder and when we point this out they claim we’re “haters.”  We will live by the golden rule in that we will treat others as we wish to be treated. Just as we wish to have institutions and spaces to follow our destines, we will not deny this right to anyone else. For the people (or other beings) who can’t be persuaded to extend to us the golden rule, we will in turn extend to them the Old Testament rule of an “eye for an eye.”

Of course, there will also be White Nationalists who will express great displeasure at my suggestion that we should love all people (yes even Jews) and provide charity to non-Whites. Many of the most offensive White Nationalists are usually agents for law enforcement, intelligence organizations, NGOs (like the SPLC [2]), or individual anti-Whites who just wish to poison our discourse and create an atmosphere of negativity. I’m not expecting to change the most vile characters in White Nationalism, but I do think it’s important to discuss this point for others to think about.

The nature of the universe is consciousness. From quantum mechanics we know that the observer affects the observation. The observer and the observed are connected.  Consequently, hating someone else is hating yourself. While loving someone else is loving yourself.  So for your own well-being it’s better to approach the world from a place of love. Of course, lots of people talk about “LOVE” these days and these people tend to be some of the biggest haters I’ve ever seen. Many so called “anti-racists” claim to be filled with “LOVE,” but then a minute later justify the genocide of White humans. These people’s true source of intent is hate, but this is accepted hate because the current zeitgeist frames so called “racists” as the worst thing anyone can be in the world.  Anti-Whites are correct in pointing out that there are some White Nationalists/pro-Whites who are motivated by hate.  But what these anti-Whites fail to see is that they’re actually no different from the hateful White Nationalists. They just direct their hate at a different target. It’s no mistake that the most successful pro-White/WN leaders tend not to fall into the “nigger bashing” crowd.  They tend to be people who fully appreciate the potential of White humans and are motivated by the desire to see this potential fully optimized. The people who spend all their time discussing the dysfunctions of blacks or the negative qualities of Jews tend to be the least efficacious when attempting to address the problem of the anti-White system.  It’s almost like White survival is secondary to the relief they get by bashing non-Whites?

The White Path’s highest law is its mission allotted by the Creator of the Universe that commands us to guarantee the survival and amelioration of Whites. This author believes that our mission will be more successful if we approach it from a place of love, which includes love for those out of our in-group.



The thing about Christianity

peacefull jesus

I was trying to figure out what makes Christianity appealing and what made it appealing to Medieval European pagans. My present conclusion is that it relates to compassion, mercy, and loving they neighbor.

This was somewhat of a breakthrough in thought in the classical world and early medieval world. Your first command was to love they neighbor. Of course, the Christ of the Franks and Saxons was a warrior; but he was a compassionate, just, kind-hearted warrior. The early medieval pagan warlords didn’t really mind a monastery or mission coming to town because the monks would care for poor people. Many of these warlords required and witnessed Christian miracles that resulted in victory on the battlefield. The Christian God appeared more powerful, but I can’t help but to think that a religion of compassion was appealing to people going through the harshness of life at that time.

If you look at Catholic images (statues,windows, church art) you notice that they emphasize peaceful looking people holding lambs, or babies. They feature serine saints , the peaceful Mother Mary, and images of Christ as an innocent child. THe image at the front of St. Peter’s Basilica is a dove; a symbol of peace (and the Holy Spirit).

st-peters   doveatpeters

Jesus says

Luke 31 “And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.”

Jesus is presented as a caring, non-judgmental, empathetic being.  This archetype is different than the God archetypes of the classical or Germanic pagan worlds. Christ is a God of Charity.

Kindness, charity, alleviating suffering,  and hope are the key aspects of Christianity.

And these aspects should be made part of the White Path (1).  The character of Christ will become merged with the Son god. One role of the Son god will be the warrior (Thor) but when not fighting he’ll assume the Jesus man of charity role. He only goes to war after all peaceful efforts and compromises fail. Then he prays for the children of the warriors he defeats on the battlefield. (2) There are many people who claim that Christianity and racialism cannot be reconciled. This author believes this claim to be false and will write about it in the near future.

Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace;

Where there is hatred, let me sow love;

Where there is injury, pardon;

Where there is error, the truth;

Where there is doubt, the faith;

Where there is despair, hope;

Where there is darkness, light;

And where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master, Grant that I may not so much seek

To be consoled, as to console;

To be understood, as to understand;

To be loved as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive;

It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;

And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. (3)




The Ubermensch vs. the Transhuman




One of the goals of any future White collective should be the evolution of a more advanced human type. This “new man” in the past has sometimes been  referred to as the “Ubermensch.” I will use this term as well. I wanted to describe my own vision for the Ubermensch and where it fits with the White Path (1) religion that I’ve been describing. I want to contrast this Ubermensch with the transhumanist vision that is pushed by the globalist elites and their ideological fellow travelers.

The starting point for my vision of the Ubermensch is with a physical description.  The new man/woman would be a perfect physical specimen. The model for which can be found in athletes and models found in their respective fields today. The real challenging question is how much technology should be used in the creation of such specimens?  This author prefers that while technology can be used, that much of the development of such bodies should still require that the individual work hard to obtain it. The discipline required to obtain a healthy body is part of the reason for obtaining it. While important, the physical attributes of the Ubermensch are really the least significant aspects.

The real importance lays in the mental and spiritual realms. An Ubermensch is a being that exemplifies the 9 noble virtues (2). This is being that can lead people. That has creative and problem solving abilities. This is a being who is highly motivated, but at the same time serene.  This is a being who loves life and who loves the mission allotted to him/her by the Creator (3), but who will gladly sacrifice their life for the good of the mission. This is a being who cares little for material possessions. This is a being that desires mastery in their specialization within the collective White community. This is a being in-tuned with the Force/God and nature. This is a being constantly looking to improve him/herself, while being confident in who they are. This is a humble being. This is a being without ego. This is being whose intentions stem from a positive place (love, goodwill, kindness).

Achieving the Ubermensch will require an environment that could bring this person about.  The White Path will be the most important institution in bringing this being about.  The White Path will include the White gods in its theology that act as models of the Ubermensch. New mythologies will be written (or uncovered) that tell of these beings in action. The practice of meditation and contemplation will be a major part of producing such beings. The educational institutions will also be important in bringing this being about, but this author expects that the White Path will have its own educational institutions just as the Catholic Church does. Physic powers will be cultivated.

If there’s one point that I must make perfectly clear to future persons carrying out my vision, is that you MUST NOT mix the human mind with machines.  There is no reason for a human mind to have the computational ability of a computer. If you need to compute something, use a computer.  Hooking the mind into a computer will allow for outside forces to control the mind. The future White collective community must always keep the mind machine free.

The future White intergalactic civilization will use robots, computers, and androids, but the decision making will always be done by humans with minds not hooked into computers. The concept of singularity (where artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more intelligent than humans) is extremely dangerous. The future White collective must always have an “off switch” for AI and if no “off switch” is possible; then the technology should not be created.

People make the argument that future “enhanced humans” will be able to think, compute, and communicate faster than “non-enhanced humans.”  This is true, but once the human mind is jacked into a central computer, or into a “cloud” of other minds, all human freedom will be lost. It can even start out with good intentions, but if someone can hack into the central computer, then all reality can be controlled by outside forces that don’t have good intentions.  There’s an inventor named Kurzweil who has been pushing this future. His argument is persuasive in that he’s promising immortality. The problem is that his immortality is a false promise.  If our minds get downloaded into computers, what’s to stop someone from smashing the computers?  Wars will occur between cloud-mind entities, which can and will result in computers being turned off.   With the introduction of scalar weapons, whole solar systems will be able to be blown away.

Of course, not everything Kurzweil says is bad. We should pursue life enhancement technologies. We should regrow arms and legs. We should make the blind see and the deaf hear. We should replace bodily organs.  We can even use virtual reality for various uses. But we must not hook our minds up perpetually to computers. Computers also go down without wars; what happens if the computers go down and people are forced to live without them?  Will people be able to cope with life in the real world?

Much of Kurzweil’s motivations come from a fear of death and sadness from the loss of his father at an early age. The globalist elites look for people like Kurzweil to carry out certain aspects of their agenda.  I recall the Jewish, anti-White activist Tim Wise writing about how White Christians supposedly picked on him while he was growing up. People like Kurzweil and Wise are chosen because the pain from their past works as great centers of motivation. The globalist elites have agents who are highly skilled at finding what motivates people and how they can use resentments and personality flaws to contribute to their mission of world domination. Carrying out the globalist agenda gives people like Kurzweil and Wise an outlet for their pain and also makes them very wealthy.  Finding an outlet for pain is not a bad thing in itself. It only becomes negative when you perceive the rejection of your worldview as tantamount to the original source of the pain.

We on the White Path will carry out our Great White Art Project in the form of an intergalactic civilization. At the center of our art is the building of a new man/woman that can one day be called Ubermensch. We will do so with the aid of technology, but will not create a being that is exclusively technological. Our Path will be slower, but more thorough. We seek to improve the folk physically, mentally, and spiritually.  While we do so we will not interfere with the art projects of others. But if you interfere with ours whether by White genocide or by forced transhumanism, then we’ll have to pull your plug. Or perhaps we’ll hack into your computer-minds and make you part of computer games for children to torment?

Oh, and one more thing. I’ve noticed that the transhumanism idea is starting to leak into White Nationalism. The day may come where the globalist elites offer to wipe out the Jews and non-Whites in return for taking their chip in the head and/or hooking up to their computers. Don’t fall for it!  These same elites are the ones who put the Jews and non-Whites on us in the first place.  They’ll gladly wipe most of the Jews (or non-Whites) out to achieve their New World Order.  I repeat, don’t fall for it!!!  There is plenty of room in the universe for non-Whites and yes, even Jews (just not the ones who push White genocide) to pursue their way of life.




Being on the White Path


The White Path is a religion for White people. It recognizes the supreme Force in the universe known to most as “God” (1).  It praises and honors the lower gods known from European mythology (2). I will now lay out the moral teachings and overall mindset of the White Path.

The most important moral teaching of the White Path is the existence and amelioration of Whiteness. The great Force of the Universe created Whiteness. Whiteness is part material (DNA) and part spirit which meet at a common realm known as mind (consciousness). Whiteness exists across the physical world of matter, the incorporeal world of spirit, and in the mental world of consciousness.

White matter and White spirit counter-rotate while adjoining at the point of mind.

Those on the White Path emulate the great Force of the Universe by creating powerful forms. The various esoteric organizations refer to the Force as the Great Architect of the Universe. Those on the White Path would see the Force more as the Great Artist of the Universe. God or the Force creates and destroys for a purpose beyond our understanding. Those on the White Path will create powerful and beautiful forms in emulation of the Great Artist. While we do so we will try to understand the greater purpose of the Force, but accept that our minds may not be able to comprehend it.

We will remain focused on our great art project.  This art project is the building of a great civilization, the core of which is the building of powerful, beautiful, and knowledgeable beings that can one day be called Ubermenschen. We will build a great intergalactic civilization and our art will stretch across the universe. We will do this because this is what the Force does. We will channel the collective energies of White People into our great Art project called Whiteness.  Why?  We praise the Great Artist of the Universe by emulating the Great Artist of the Universe. The Great Artist builds mountains, stars, and atoms, so we will do as the Force does.

The White Path gives White Folk an outlet to channel their divine gifts.

This brings me to the next major aspect of the White Path. Besides an outlet to express the White spirit, the White Path will offer the means to find inner peace. This inner peace will arise with the knowledge that the individual is contributing their part to the larger whole of Whiteness. They’ll know that when temples of Whiteness stand on planets on the other side of the universe, that they will have been part of the reason why.

Meditation will be practiced by those on the White Path. Meditation increases focus by increasing mindfulness. Mindfulness is living in the present. Dwelling on the past and/or worrying about the future is a waste of energy. Living in the present is how inner peace is found. Meditation is a tool for living in the present. The White Path is about creating powerful forms and being able to enjoy the moment enough to truly appreciate the forms that we’ve created.  We live knowing all we do is for the greater purpose of the Great White Intergalactic Art Project. When people are mindful, calm, and focused is when they can create at their greatest potential. The White Path is the path to greater purpose, inner peace, and finding ones true creative potential.

But, what about destruction you ask? The Force creates planets and atoms but also destroys planets and atoms.  We on the White Path will not interfere with the art projects of others, but for reasons still unknown to us, the Force sees fit to create beings and forces that oppose Whiteness.  These are the anti-Whites. At this point this author explains anti-White existence as one would explain weights in resistance training. The Force presents us with anti-Whites to make us stronger. These anti-White forces of darkness will attempt to eradicate Whiteness and will warrant doing so in the name of “tolerance” and “diversity.” They will be met with our powers of destruction.  This can range from having their systems smashed, as is being done presently on earth. To having their planets turned to dust in some far-away galaxies. They exist to disrupt our art project and we exist to do our art project. This is no different than two planets crashing in space. It’s the nature of the universe.

I will now review the moral teachings of the White Path.

The White Path does not have black-and-white rules like Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. Rules like the 10 commandments have too many exceptions to be useful. Thou shall not kill, but what about in war?  Thou shall not steal, but what about your enemy’s resources?  The only black-and-white rule that this author finds useful is the Golden Rule: “Treat others as you wish to be treated.”  Or, “allow others their way of life as you would wish to live your own. “

The Nine Noble Virtues of Odinism (3) would be good place to start. I will write more about moral teachings in the future, but just wanted to include these in case I get whacked. This way something is in place in case of my absence. Those on the White Path will ask themselves, while considering their actions, if they coincide with the 9 noble virtues.

  1. Courage
  2. Truth
  3. Honor
  4. Fidelity to folk
  5. Discipline (including Patience)
  6. Hospitality
  7. Self-Reliance
  8. Industriousness
  9. Perseverance

Religions also tend to regulate people’s sex lives so I believe some discussion of this topic is necessary. The White Path does not require people wait until marriage to have sex. The White Path recommends that people only have sex when in a committed, caring relationship. Having sex outside a committed relationship isn’t necessarily a “sin” like in Christian teachings, but it can lead to problems that can interfere with the greater mission of the White Path (unwanted pregnancies, diseases, sex addition). It also goes against the noble virtue of “Honor” when a man whoremongers or a woman acts like a slut. The White Path encourages the folk to have large families and to be married in a White church or temple. The White Path will not recognize same sex marriage.

A Yahwistic faith like Islam has 5 pillars that one must live by to be considered a “good Muslim.”  The White Path will have no rigid religious rules. The White Path requires that the folk commit to furthering the Great White Art Project. At this point in history, those on the Path should focus on destroying the current anti-White system with the message found at Bob’s Underground Graduate Seminar (see BUGS in my blogroll and “The Mantra” page above). One should pray at least once daily (facing north) to the Force and the gods. One should meditate at least 15 minutes a day for mindfulness. One should celebrate the holidays of the White Path (4), (5). One should have symbols of the Force ( golden swastika) and the gods (statues, icons, images) in their homes.

This is only the beginning for the teachings and outlook of the White Path, but I think it’s a good start. The White Path will be the future religion of the future White Intergalactic civilization, but its roots are being established now. Right now is like the early Christian times before the Roman Catholic Church. The main thing is that the White Path always remains true to White survival and White amelioration. Constant improvement of the White individual and the White collective is the law. Build powerful forms in the spirit of Whiteness and work on being still and mindful. It’s the total present state without worry that one will see the Force in all its glory and perhaps see a glimpse of the Force’s bigger plan?

Are you on the White Path?






The gods on the White Path

white gods

After discussing God/The Force/The All/The Uber Rotator in relation to the White Path, I will now further discuss the gods on the White Path.

I’ve written about the gods several times in the past so if you’re new to this you may want to visit this link (1) before going on. The White Path worships and praises the Great Force/God as the supreme power of Universe. But just as Catholics or Orthodox people pray to and honors saints, the White Path will have lower gods that is prays to and honors. These gods are:

santa hopkins
The Father god (Zeus/Jupiter or Odin/Wotan): This is king of the gods. He’s our great father. He’s everything you’d want a king, father, and husband to be. He’s strong, decisive, honest, confident, just, wise, and patient. Appearance: Dignified older gentleman about 55 years old with grey hair and beard. Within Jung’s archetypes he would be the father and wise old man.

The Mother goddess (Juno or Frigg): Exemplary of womanly virtue. She’s our great mother. She’s everything a queen, mother, and wife should be. She’s compassionate, clairvoyant (intuitive), graceful, understanding, and virtuous. She takes up the role that the Virgin Mary had. Appearance: Attractive woman of 45-50 years with dark blonde hair. Within Jung’s archetypes she is the mother.

The Son god (Apollo/Mars or Thor): He is the son of the father and mother, and brother to the sister goddess. He’s everything you’d want in a son, brother, and prince. He’s confident, noble, reliable, loyal, and fearless. He’s a leader. This god will assume the role of savior to the people like Jesus. Appearance: Handsome, muscular young man of about 27 years old with reddish beard and reddish blonde hair.Within Jung’s archetypes he is the hero.

MERLIN - SAISON 3 - Episode 7
The Daughter goddess (Freya or Aphrodite): She is the daughter of the Father and Mother and sister to the son god. She’s everything you’d want in a sister, daughter, and princess. She’s pure of body and heart, kind, charitable, and loving. She’s the goddess of charity, love, and fertility. Beautiful woman, about 19 years old with long, light blonde hair. Within Jung’s archetypes she is the maiden.

I did provide a model of how these gods should look, but local churches will have some freedom to make them as they choose.  People in Southern Europe may want their gods to look more Mediterranean; that will be their choice.

I’ve written about how these gods may exist in the past. At the very least they may exist as archetypes (2) for humans to emulate and find within the human experience. They may also exist as advanced extraterrestrial beings (3)(4) that may be responsible for the creation of White humans. The third possibility is that they exist as incorporeal spirit like beings that live in and out of other dimensions. The third possibility is what our European ancestors believed.

Those on the White Path will pray to and honor these beings. They will serve as archetypes for those on the White Path to emulate. Any future White community/State will make part of their mission the attempt to find these beings in the Universe while also trying to make White humans into these beings. This author personally does believe in these gods and does pray to them. As I’ve written in the past (5), if they do exist as advanced beings then they would most likely have the technology that would allow them to hear our prayers to them. They would store these prayers in a search engine and would know your feelings regarding them if they do a search on you. If you respect them and praise them they will repay you with gifts and protection. This author believes that these gods do protect him.

In my post about the Force/All/God/Uber Rotator, I explained that the Force/God does not visit humans and provide special revelations to them. The gods on the other hand can and will do this. The god Yahweh of the Old Testament was most likely an advanced being that did just this. This god Yahweh presented himself as the Creator God/Force, when in reality he was only an advanced being with technology that made him appear supernatural to primitive humans. This author believes the god Yahweh to be Satan or Lucifer. This god is the current ruler of earth. He’s the master of illusions. He would be the force behind the current globalist elites. This god Yahweh is the enemy of the White gods and is attempting wipe out the White god’s posterity in a program of genocide using forced integration with non-Whites (see page above titled “The anti-White System: program for White genocide.”). If world war three breaks out on earth it may be a showdown between the forces of Yahweh/Satan (the god of the Anglo-American-Judeo elite (6) and the forces of Zeus/Odin (the White father god)?

The European mythologies would be a place to start for understanding these White gods but the old myths are only a starting place. Much of the myths written about the gods are not very flattering and reflects the culture that they came out. One must also remember that earth is the current realm of Yahweh/Lucifer and any information about the White gods is most likely distorted. New myths will be written about them (or be uncovered) that make them ideal illustrations of what we as White humans want to become. Other texts will be reinterpreted. The Old Testament is mostly the story of Yahweh/Lucifer, except for the book of Genesis. The god in the beginning of Genius is the White Father god, while the serpent is Yahweh/Lucifer. The Gospels are the story of the Son of god (Thor son of Odin). The book of Revelation is about the return of the Father and his son to dispose of Yahweh/Satan. The other books of the New Testament were writing by agents of the generation of vipers that Jesus/Thor warned us about. The White gods will have a place in future worship services of the White Path. They will be represented as statues, icons, stained glassed windows, holograms, and other works of art in the churches and cathedrals of the White Path. They will also have temples built and dedicated to all or each of them.

It’s important to point out that while these beings may be our creators, that they are not the Creator/God/Force/Uber Rotator. They have abilities that make them appear to be, and they have more knowledge of the Force than humans, but to the Force they are still quite insignificant. The White gods have extremely long life spans but they eventually expire just like humans. As powerful as these beings are they still live by the grace of the Force and the Force may remove them at any time just as the force may remove humans at any time. The gods should be looked at as companions that we face the Universe with. In the Norse mythology, Odin is always searching for knowledge. He’s especially looking for knowledge that can stop or prolong the coming of Ragnarok. This is the time when the gods expire. Death is as natural as the coming of night when the sun sets. We as persons do rise again just as the sun in the morning. But when we do rise again, in 2000, or 2,000,000,000 years, we start over again. We must regain memory of who our cosmic selves are. A longer life provides us more time to learn who one is.

The White gods, due to their expanded lifetimes, are more knowledgeable of their cosmic selves. Since we, as White humans, are made in their image, they can teach us more about our true cosmic selves. We are their children, and just like good parents they will teach us much if we honor them.

The holidays (7) for the gods are as follows:

Christmas: The birth of the Son god. The Birth of a White male as a symbol of hope.

Easter: The Son god (Thor) being apparently killed by the generation of vipers (Illuminati globalist elites) for defending the folk and his rise from death. The hammer of Thor taking the place of the cross.

Christmas Eve: The return of the Father (Zeus/Odin) to reward his folk that stay to true to his laws and the punishment of the folks who broke his laws.

Valentine’s Day: Celebrates the daughter goddess.

Mother’s Day: Celebrates our blessed Mother goddess.

The 2 equinoxes (fall, spring) and the 2 solstices (summer, winter) are holidays celebrating the Force/All/God/Uber Rotator.

Now that you the reader knows of the White gods, I suggest preying to them and honoring them with images in your home. You don’t know when they’ll return or if they have returned already. You don’t know if their listening. This author believes they are listening and have files on all of us. If you have artistic ability I suggest creating great pieces of art in their honor. Our whole time on earth may be a test by them to see if we’re worthy to assist them in their workings in the Universe. It’s to see if we’re worthy to merge our path with theirs. Are you worthy? Are you on the White Path?

Hail to the White gods!!!


God/the All/the Force/the Uber Rotator

spiral swastika

I wanted to further discuss the subject of God in relation to the White Path and will now do so.

God/the All/the Force/the Uber Rotator is the most powerful force in the Universe. God is the first mover and the first observer. God is the author of all events. God is the highest mystery of the universe. God has existed forever and will always exist. This author personally does not like the term “God” because it anthropomorphizes something which is better thought of as a “Force.” The term “God” brings up images of the bearded guy in the clouds, which makes God seem male in gender and having a human-like form. The Force is androgynous, in that it contains both active and passive elements and flows through everything. But I will still use the word “God” throughout due to its familiarity.

The Force is not separate from us; it includes us and is with us at all times. The Force has been called “The All,” by hermetic thinkers. It comprises everything in the universe. There’s a hermetic maxim that goes “While All is in The All, it is equally true that The All is in All.” In other words, everything in the universe comprises God while God is in every part of the universe. You and I are a part of God just as the foot or ear is a part of the body.

This leads to the matter of pantheism vs. panentheism. Pantheism asserts that God is the universe. Panentheism states that God is the universe but also transcends the universe. This question will require future thought as this author studies the subject more. At this time I prefer the panentheism model in that God does permeate every molecule in the universe but at the same time transcends the universe in a way our mortal minds are unable to comprehend.


God is available to all humans (or other beings) and is not restricted to any one religion or denomination. Any religion that claims to be the “true faith” is wrong. Saying that God only recognizes people of one faith is like saying that you recognize only your foot or ear without recognizing the other body parts. God cares about the All within the All because any part of the All is a part of God. All the revelations supposedly told by God to humans are fables made up by humans. God does not visit humans to tell a divine plan. Instead, God equips humans with minds which allow humans to learn God’s ways through observation, contemplation, and mediation. The Ten Commandments, Five Pillars of Islam, taking the Eucharist, accepting Jesus Christ as savoir are not God’s laws. The seven hermetic principles are God’s laws (1), but there are more beyond these. Some are known and others will become known in the future.

What about Love? God is described as the source of Love by most religions as well as the mystery schools. But if the whole universe is God, is not God also the source of hate, suffering, and despair? Some explain these things by saying these things are a lack of God’s presence. Others claim that God inflicts these conditions to test us, or for a larger purpose. Since God is the All, isn’t God responsible for the negative (hate, suffering, despair) along with the positive (Love, Joy, Goodness)? People claim that God’s reasons are for a larger purpose that we are incapable of comprehending. They use examples like the following: a three year old child feels despair when he/she is told he/she must take a nap and doesn’t understand why they must nap when he/she isn’t “sweepy” (sic). As adults we know the nap is going to make him/her better-off later in the day but to the child this is a massive “injustice”. Just as we inflict this perceived hardship on the child, God inflicts hardships on us for our benefit latter on.

The fact is, no one really knows why God inflicts suffering on children aor allows wars that kill millions of people. Is this out of God’s love for us? I hope so. The fact is, nobody knows for sure if the Force loves us, but in the creation of a religion for people to put their faith in to, I believe it’s better to proclaim God as a God of love. For me, the biggest piece of evidence for God loving us is that God loves us because God loves him/her/itself. And since we are a part of God/the All/The Force, God must love us too.

I shall now cover the subject of destiny and fate. God is author of all events but still allows humans to have some choice. People often claim that some hardship has been given to them from God to learn from. However, some of these people keep experiencing hardships. Why? Because they don’t learn and are forced to repeat the same lesson over and over until God decides that they’re not capable of learning the lesson. At this point you become the subject of another’s lesson. For example, let’s say a heroin addict wakes up in the hospital after overdosing. The doctor informs her that while she was knocked out in the drug house where she was using, that she was raped by 6 men. After being raped she was robbed of her money and left for dead with foam coming from her mouth. A Jehovah’s Witness “just happens” to walk up to the door and sees the woman dying and calls the ambulance. This hardship was given to her to change the path she’s on. If she learns from it (and gets off heroin) she will have passed the test and God will reward her for this with a better destiny. If she fails to learn, God will give new tests to her. Perhaps the next time she’s raped, it will be by 18 men and she will be given herpes? At some point God decides that you can’t pass the test and then makes you a “learning tool” in a test for another. Your destiny then changes.

So now the heroin addict is killed by a drunk-driving alcoholic when she walks into on-coming traffic in an opiate stupor. The drunk driver goes to jail for 2 years for manslaughter. The heroin addict becomes a “learning tool” for the alcoholic after God decides that the heroin addict is unable to learn the lesson. If the alcoholic learns from his lesson, God will reward him. But if two years in jail and killing someone on his conscious doesn’t teach him not to drink, God will send more lessons. Of course there are innocent people who experience hardship as well. A small child who gets a terminal illness does so for the sake of someone who knows the child. This may seem cruel, but again it seems so because we are 3 years olds compared to the adult God.

The White Rabbit (2) has discussed his mother’s experience with Parkinson’s disease. This is obviously a hardship for the mother and for him as well. But he explained on his show that had he not moved back with his mother to care for her that his radio would have never came into existence. Had his radio show not come into existence I doubt this blog would be in existence and consequently I would not be showing the world the White Path. So my own destiny of showing White humans the White Path is tied to a woman getting a terminal illness whom I never met. Praise be to God!!! The bottom line in all this is God will give you hardships when necessary to keep you or get you on God’s program. But God still gives you some power to decide your destiny. When the White Rabbit had to deal with his mother’s illness, he could have put her in a nursing home and went on with his life. But by making the decision he made, it led to him starting a radio show that is literally changing the world by fighting the program of White genocide(see program of White genocide page above). Hardships are opportunities. Praise be to God!!!

So now it is necessary to ask what God’s purpose is. Why does God do what God does? This no one can really answer (yet), but by observing God this author has noticed that God creates and God destroys. The universe does not “progress.” The universe is cyclical (ROTATION). Great civilizations rise and then fall again. There was most likely a very high civilization in our solar system that fell after a great war (3). Therefore we on the White Path will do as God does and create forms of power and beauty. The White Path is about creating beauty and learning to enjoy the beauty of the moment accepting that Ragnarok (4) will always come eventually. This is the cyclical nature of things. But after Ragnarok life always starts again and the cycle starts again. We on the White Path will build a civilization filled with powerful and beautiful forms. We will channel the potential of White humans into building a civilization of powerful and beautiful forms because that’s what God does. In building the great White intergalactic civilization we White humans are the artists and the materials. Just as the All creates from itself, the White Civilization (on the White Path) does the same.

Some will read this and ask “but why only White humans, since we are all part of the All/God?” To this I say does not the artist choose the materials and style in which he/she elects to create his/her art while excluding other materials and styles? Does not God take some materials to build mountains and other materials to build oceans? The great White civilization that the White Path will lead us to is an intergalactic art project. We build beauty and live in the moment so we can enjoy our work while always giving thanks to God for providing the White spirit that fills us with that which allows us to do so. And while we work on our art, we will not interfere with the art projects of others. But at the same time, since we do live on the same earth (for now) we are connected and will gladly cooperate with others. But I say whoa to those who try to interfere with our art project. We will create powerful forms but will also destroy with great power as well. This universe is big enough for everyone to pursue their own art.

Since religion has become non-existent or just plain unhealthy in the West, the White Path provides a new form of religious expression for White humans. Future White Churches and Cathedrals will symbolize God with the symbol of a golden spiral swastika which emphasizes the main action of the All; ROTATION. God is the Uber Rotator. Galaxies, solar systems, planets, atoms, the whole universe (5) are all in ROTATION. The golden spiral will emit White gold that represents the White spirit. Future White Path worship services should be mysterious, include a light show, fire, pipe organ, Wagnerian operatic characteristics, mediation, some chanting, and could include some preaching from a skilled orator. The preaching may be broadcasted to every White Path Church from the future White Path “Vatican” or done by local Priests?

Folks on the White Path will worship the Force and attempt to become closer to the Force through prayer, contemplation, and meditation. The worship service will bring people together but the White Path will also have an individual component. Folks will have a prayer room (or at least a shrine area) in their house that includes the golden spiral, the lower gods, and a White candle. Like the White churches, the altar in their prayer room (or their shrine) will be arraigned where the folk will face north when in prayer, meditation, or contemplation.

More needs to be written on the moral teachings of the White Path but at this point I’ll start out by stating that the golden rule will be emphasized. “Treat others as you would want to be treated.”


The White Path After Death

white path through the afterlife

In my original summary of the White Path (1) I left out what is probably the most important reason that humankind invented religion in the first place. This is humankind’s need to deal with the death. Humans are fearful of the unknown. The greatest unknown that humans face is death.

There are three possibilities for an afterlife 1) Nothing happens except a legacy left with the living.2) we move on to another realm in which we are fully conscious of the life on earth we just lived.3) we continue on in another form but forget the life we had in the past realm (earth). I will now review these possibilities.

1) The first possibility is the atheist point of view on death. The vital organs shut down and consciousness ends. The body rots and the only thing that remains (besides the carcass) in our legacy on earth. Our legacy lives on in our works and in the people who we influenced. Our genetic legacy lives on in any children that we may have helped create.

2) The second possibility is the idea of the afterlife found in Christianity or Islam. After our earth life ends, we live on in another realm depending on how we lived on earth. We are judged by the deity based on the life we lived on earth. Our experience in the afterlife reflects our behavior on earth. Life on earth was a test for all eternity.

3) The third possibility is concept of reincarnation. Our spirit lives on in new forms. The energy of life doesn’t die, but changes form. While some people claim to remember past lives, most people have no knowledge of where or what they were before they were born. Since we are part of the All, there is no beginning or end to what we are, since there is no beginning or end to the All/Force/God.

So, the question now is what version of the afterlife is best for the White Path? My answer for this question is ALL OF THEM. To my knowledge, no one really knows what happens when we die. I say “to my knowledge” because I don’t discount the possibility that someone on earth could know the truth of the afterlife but is keeping it secret. I’ll now revisit the 3 possibilities for the afterlife but from the perspective of the White Path.

1) The Atheist/existentialist afterlife: You walk the White Path during earth life because doing so allows you to leave behind a legacy. The White Path assures a great legacy because it is tied to the greater legacy of White humans. You will take part in the ascension towards Godhood and will be remembered based on your contribution. The White Path will make saints out of the most worthy (people like Bob Whitaker) whose stories will be taught to future generations. The sanctuaries of the White Path will include images of these saints.

2) The Christian type afterlife: Life on earth could be a test for the next realm. Stories from Norse mythology tell of Odin choosing the greatest warriors to accompany him in Valhalla. Those who walked the White Path most honorably will be rewarded for their works in Valhalla or Heaven. Those who were overcome by the powers of anti-Whiteness will go to Hades or Hell.

3) Reincarnation afterlife: After life on earth is complete you get recycled into a new form based on how you walked the White Path. The greatest of men/women will become stars or suns shining on future White Planets. Those who chose the anti-White Path of darkness will become lower forms, but with the possibility of redemption. A White who runs an anti-White organization (such as the SPLC) may come back as excrement from a dog. In a future war, an anti-White general slips on the excrement and cracks his skull. The former anti-White is then back on the Path upward.

Future priests of the White Path should be honest with the folk in that we really don’t know what happens when we die. The other faiths that claim to know are lying. The perspective of the White Path regarding death is that death is natural, and that there’s no reason to fear it if you walk the White Path. Since Whiteness exists in the earthly realm, the concept of “as above so below” (2) dictates that Whiteness will exist in the next realm. More thought needs to be put into this subject but this is a good place to start.

This author’s own belief in the afterlife is closest to the third possibility. Since we are part of the Force, we live forever and have forever lived. We have an essence which is what the Hindus call the dharma. This is a duty or purpose of existence. We are alive at this time in history because these are the times when our dharma is needed. There is a program of White genocide being carried out on earth. There is a force of darkness (3) attempting to enslave the earth in a New World Order. I was born when I was to oppose this force of darkness and offer a better path forward after this force is beaten back and its material expressions have been turned to dust. I did this billions of years ago and will be back again and again and again and again billions and trillions of years from now to do it again.


The White Path

golden swastika

There should be a religion of the White folk that binds the population together as Catholicism did in the middle ages. This religion could be known as “Whiteness” or the “White Path.” The faith worships an Ultimate Creator, or Grand Geometrician, or Uber Rotator, or Force, or the All, or God. This God is symbolized by a golden spiral/sun wheel/swastika with White gold rays emitting from it. It should be round in shape (like the spiral-swastika posted below but gold in color) and not square. Churches will feature this spiral/sun wheel at the front-top of their sanctuary. The faith will also recognize the gods, or higher beings. These are the gods of mythology such as Zeus, Odin, Thor, and Freya. These gods will be featured underneath the golden spiral as statues or icons. This will be similar to the Catholic Church that has a cross at the front-top of the church and then saints underneath. The future White church sanctuary will also feature runes, cosmological images, a tree, eagles, crosses, the four elements, and images that emphasize the number 3. Only White candles will be burnt in the sanctuary. The altar will always be built on the north side of the building (so the folk are facing the north).

spiral swastika

The White Path recognizes Whiteness as more than just biology or matter. According to the hermetic understanding of the Universe, spirit and matter are one. Whiteness is more of a “force” than just a set of genes or race. The White Path praises the White spirit and gives thanks to the Force/God/All for blessing the Universe with Whiteness. The highest sacrament in the White Path is to contribute to the destiny of the White force. This destiny is the ascent towards Godhood by exploring and learning about the Universe. Constant improvement of systems and evolution to greater consciousness are the main actions. Hence, practitioners of Whiteness travel on the “White Path” towards Godhood. Folk on the White Path also recognize that the Universe contains a dark side or anti-White sprint that seeks to extinguish the flame of Whiteness. Folk on the White Path understand God’s purpose in creating anti-Whiteness as similar to the resistance that iron weights provide in building muscle.

zeus statue

The path towards Godhood requires moving through the godhood or Ubermenschen stage. These are the highest level of beings that are still connected to matter. The ascent to Godhood entails transforming into pure spirit. The Ubermensch are a short term goal of sorts on the White Path to Godhood. The images of the gods within the White Path are to remind us of what we want to become on the path to Godhood. The gods are models of Ubermenschen. They’re archetypes. But we also consider the possibility that these gods may exist as extraterrestrial beings that early man mistook as supernatural beings. In fact, these beings may be our creators? These gods will feature a father king god (Odin, Zeus, Jupiter), a mother goddess of womanly virtue (Frigg/Hera/Juno), a son god who is champion of the people (Thor, Apollo), and a daughter fertility goddess (Aphrodite,Freya). The son will take over the Christ role in that he was sent to earth by the Father god to save his elect folk.

Folk on the White Path contrast these gods with the gods of the anti-Whites. These gods are Satan and/or Lucifer which we recognize as being the god in the old testament known as Yahweh. We pledge fealty to the White gods (Odin, Thor, etc) while declaring war eternal on the gods of anti-Whiteness (Lucifer,Satan,Yahweh). We also recognize the anti-White gods as being possible extraterrestrial beings that work as the masters of the Anglo-American-Judeo-Illuminati-Globalist elites. Satan may be on earth as a reptilian being that lives under London? Eventually certain outstanding White humans may be “sainted” that made near god-like contributions to the White destiny. These people will arise in the creation of the future White community/State/collective. They may also be included in the sanctuary.

three white candles

The local church will be open at all hours to come and meditate but there will be worship services that look sort of like Orthodox Christian services. The services will be mysterious, include incense, a light show, fire, contemplation, Wagnerian Operatic characteristics, pipe organ, melodic singing, and chanting. Services may include a sermon given by the head priest.


Besides the local White Church/Temple, people will have altars or shrines in their homes that include the spiral/sun wheel/swastika that represents the Creator and a small statue or statues that represents the gods. A White candle(s) should also be included. Meditation will be taught in the Church/Temple and the folk can meditate in front of their altar/shrine at home and contemplate the White spirit and the White gods. They can also mediate to a rune based on what rune-energy they feel they need at the time. Meditation will be encouraged to help ground oneself. People are more happy and creative when relaxed and meditation is extremely beneficial for relaxation.


Like the old European pagan religions, people can pick and choose what parts of the White Path that they prefer to focus on. For some people, preying to the Force/God/All will be enough. For people still attached to Christianity, the son god will be preferred for his similarities to Jesus Christ. For the less religiously inclined, the mediation may appeal to them. However, there will still be all-encompassing rituals during the weekly worship service that everyone will attend. As the faith grows these rituals will be synchronized and converge throughout every White church on earth (and beyond). Using teleconferencing and even hologram technology the head Pontiff will give sermons that all White churches will watch. And if the White gods actually exist as advanced extraterrestrial beings or even spirits, they can also address the folk as they see fit.


The texts of the White Path require more thought. European mythology, European Philosophy, Hindu Texts, Dr. Pierce’s Cosmotheism, Devi, Evola, hermetic texts,the Bible, Plato, other mythologies that describe the White gods, etc, can be used but this author believes a text is needed to bring it all together that is yet to written. May the Force/God/All and the gods convey these words to this author (or someone else) in the near future.

world tree

May you walk the Path of Whiteness brothers and sisters. May God shed White-Light upon us as we ascend towards Godhood. May the gods keep you and your families healthy and safe.

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