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They’ll Turn Off Your Lights


The excellent website “Vigilant Citizen” (see my blog roll) did an analysis on the Super Bowl halftime special. As that site always does, it pointed out the Illuminati symbolism and ritual that is a part of every major entertainment event in America today. It also speculated on the lighting outage that occurred in the beginning of the 3rd quarter. Just as the half time show featured a lot of dualistic symbolism, Vigilant Citizen speculates that the stadium lights turning half-off were another Illuminati display of dualistic symbolism. This is interesting speculation using the “all powerful illuminati” frame. However, those in the know, realize that the Illuminati may not be “all powerful.” There could be another elite faction on this earth (or elsewhere) who are “higher” and more powerful that the Anglo-American-Judeo-Illuminati.

After the lights went out in the stadium everybody looked up and what did they see?

in sky

Do you see the symbol that everyone is looking at?


But when will this other elite turn off the Illuminati’s lights permanently? This I don’t know, but someone does guarantee us a “thrilling 4th quarter in 2013.” The fourth quarter of the fiscal year is 1 July – 30 September. Will this be when our souls are set free from the Satanic anti-White Illuminati?


Will this be when the “Boys Are Back In Town?”

Magic Wars

potter and voldemort

I recently watched the Harry Potter series. Many people recommended it to me so I broke down and bought it. This essay will not be a full review of the series just some of my thoughts about aspects that stood out to me. The first 3 movies were really intended for younger audiences, so I found myself fast forwarding through certain parts but the last 2 or 3 movies were excellent.

The series is about a boy and his friends who attend a wizard academy and their adventures along the way. The main character Harry Potter was born with inborn magical abilities, as he was born of people with “wizard blood. “ As a baby his biological-parents were killed by an evil dark lord and as a result, was raised by his uncle and aunt. The aunt and uncle treated Harry very poorly and kept him in a closet sized room under the stairs of their house. The aunt and uncle were “muggles,” which was the term used for people without magic blood. They and their muggle son treated Harry as a freak and often psychologically abused him.

The actual world of magic in the series was hidden from the muggle world. The wizards and witches would move in between the magic world and muggle world without much suspicion from the muggles. Harry traveled to the wizard school on a train that was accessed through a magic wall in the muggle train station. Before Harry went to the school he was brought by his guide to a little magic neighborhood/central business district where one could purchase magical supplies. Harry was brought to the bank to withdraw gold that his biological-parents left for him and at this point I broke into uncontrollable laughter. The banks were run by “goblins” which just happened to look like Jews similar to the old Nazi Der Sturmer magazine depictions. The bankers looked like Alan Dershowitz (see pictures below). I was shocked that such a depiction would be allowed. Not only did the goblins look like the most negative depictions of Jews, but they also acted in a manner which is traditionally thought of as “anti-Semitic.” The goblins betrayed Harry later in the series over a sword using dishonest tactics, which clearly showed the viewer that Jews will betray gentiles over material objects (usally gold). The Jewish goblin that betrayed Harry did so by using word trickery. He promised to bring Harry deep in the bank vault to obtain a magical object that needed destroying, but then sprang a trap on Harry saying “I promised to get you in the vault but not to get you out.”

The main plotline in the series was the struggle between two magical factions. There was a dark side and light side. Harry Potter was on the light side and his main opponent was a dark lord known as Lord Voldemort. Voldemort was part serpent and had a large snake for a pet. Voldemort was once a student at the Wizard School and went by the name “Tom Riddle” before going to the dark side of magic. The dark side in Harry Potter was mostly made up of White people. Lord Voldemort himself was clearly a White man. Harry Potter’s main opponent within the wizard academy was a blond kid named Draco Malfoy. Draco’s blond father was a governor in the magical world and had major concerns over magic blood purity. The kids were split up into four teams when entering the school and the team with all the bad White kids was called “Slytherin,” which had a snake for their mascot. Harry’s team (which was multi-racial) was called “Gryffindor.” The symbolic mascot for this team was a lion.

I started seeing major parallels between the two factions in Harry Potter and the two factions that the White Rabbit has discussed (see my blog roll for White Rabbit Radio). The Rabbit’s source for much of his material is the alternative research author Joseph P. Farrell. Farrell has recently come out with a book titled “Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations.”(1) The covert wars part lays out the argument that there is a war being fought covertly between two elite factions in the world. On one side is the Anglo-America-Judeo-Illuminati elites, and on the other side the Germanic-European-Fascist elite. It appeared to me that the Harry Potter series was a depiction of these elites at war against each other.

Farrell argues the possibility that the various earthquakes and hurricanes, 9-11 attacks, possible nuke strikes on Antarctica at the start of the Iraq war in 2003, and other major events (US economic recession, BP oil disaster, Norway spiral, etc) over the last 10 years are part of a covert war between the two factions. The weather and natural disaster related attacks would be carried out using scalar technology. Just like the magic war in Harry Potter, the average “muggle” of the masses does not see the covert war occurring in front of them.

The dark side in Harry Potter is made up of unethical, greedy, “bigoted,” White people who only want power. There is one black kid on team Slytherin at the wizard school who just happens to look like Barrack Obama. The only other time you see non-whites on the dark side is in the end of the series when the dark side is attacking the wizard school. There are a couple visible black people in the crowd scene when Harry Potter appears dead, but no major characters on team Slytherin or the dark-side are non-white. There is a meeting scene where the leaders of the dark side are seated around a table and they are all White. During this meeting scene one of the former professors at the wizard school is trapped magically in elevation over the meeting table and the dark lord explains that this professor “sees the mixing of magic and muggle blood not as an abomination, but something to be desired.” After saying this all the meeting’s attendants cringe at the thought of mixing magic and muggle blood. The uniformed authorities (after the dark side takes over the magic institutions temporarily) all wear uniforms that are distinctly Nazi.

The series was created by people favorable to the Anglo-American-Judeo-Illuminati elite. They don’t depict Jews very flatteringly but present the “dark side” as a bunch of Nazis who concern themselves with blood purity, power, and oppressing the muggles. The “light side” is organized within a secret society called “The Order of the Phoenix.” The dark side’s army is bunch of faceless dark creatures called “Death Eaters” who wear costumes that look like the KKK but in black. The death eaters have greater capability in flight compared to the members of “The Order of the Phoenix,” which may be an acknowledgement of the Illuminati’s disadvantage in space craft capability compared to their rivals?

One aspect of extreme dishonesty in the series is the depiction of Lord Voldemort as a serpent. If any side was the serpent or more serpent-like, it would be the illuminati side. If the Illuminati elite are so illuminated, why aren’t they proud of their serpent god(s)? They’re constantly pushing chimerical images; would it not be they who are the reptilian-man mix? Perhaps we “muggles” are not illuminated enough to handle the fact that Satan or Lucifer (the god(s) of the Illuminati) are serpents? But why depict the other side as such unless you think there is something abnormal about having a serpent-man for a master? Of course, I’m open minded enough to accept the possibility that perhaps every reptilian isn’t evil? If such beings exist I would have to meet some of them before giving an honest opinion. But reptilians need to understand that humans may not want to live under a reptilian regime. Of course, there is no actual evidence proving the existence of reptilians so this is pretty much all speculation. Regardless of their existence or not, the Illuminati elite are more favorable symbolically to serpents as providers of knowledge so they should just roll with it and not deny it.

The series ends with the light side beating the dark side and making the world safe for magic-muggle mixing. Harry Potter is the savior (he dies and comes back to life) and defeats the dark lord. The savior in the Harry Potter movies is White. Some may think that it would be better anti-White propaganda if this epic series featured a black or brown savior? This is incorrect; the point of featuring a White savior is to appeal to White people to “fight against the forces of intolerance.” The Illuminati elite know they have to deceive Whites into fighting for our own genocide, because without Whites, they would be doomed. The Illuminati elite could have every single non-White and Jew in the world on their side, but in an open war against White humans, it would be over very quickly (with the Illuminati and non-whites getting crushed). The Illuminati will use Whites to fight against their enemies and then force blend us out of existence if they succeed in building their New World order.

If there truly is a covert war occurring between two groups of elites in the world today, movies are much more useful in learning about this situation than any mainstream news show today. In fact, what Harry Potter is, is war propaganda for the covert war that favors the Anglo-American-Judeo-Illuminati (although considering the depiction of Jews in Harry POtter, this might be more evidence that the Anglo-America-Illuminati have dropped their Jewish allies from the team?). This war propaganda enters the minds of the “muggles” or “hoopleheads” (see Deadwood review (2)), or the “profane” masses unconsciously.


images (1)<

images (2)

The White Gods part II

I want to be clear that when I describe the “Gods,” I’m talking about beings that are corporeal.  In other words, they have bodies and are not the spirit-Gods that we have been traditionally taught to think of the Gods as.  The “magic” that they appear to display is caused from the use of technology that we lacked or lack an understanding of.

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a “divine creator” that is creator of all in the universe.  But this creator should be thought of more like the “Force” in Star Wars.  It’s the ether, or the All, or infinite consciousness.   The “Gods” I’m explaining are just more advanced beings, who may understand the “workings of the Force” better than us humans, but are only part of the ALL, and not the All itself. The White Rabbit (see my blog roll) describes the Gods as “something bigger in nature.”  It’s important that the reader understand this.

The feats of magic done by Yahweh in the Old Testament were feats of “magic” done with technology.  The God Enki (or Lucifer, or Yahweh, or Satan) who I described above is a master of illusions, who is father of all illusions on this earth. He’s been on a mission for thousands of years to rebuild a civilization for him to rule.  His operating procedure is one of deception.  He is the father of lies.  He is the two faced God (1).  He is represented by the serpent. All throughout history the serpent has been a symbol of knowledge and learning. Enki/Lucifer was this serpent on earth teaching humankind civilization. The serpent is most likely a metaphor for a treacherous being (or crew of beings) but it does not lie outside the realm of possibility that this being (Enki and his crew) is/are a reptilian being of some sort?  The alternative researcher David Icke has committed his work to this subject. People laugh at the idea of a reptilian being, but when one thinks of the size of the universe, is it not possible that some sort of being of this kind evolved or was created in some far off place?   The pantheon that I described may have been an agreement between the advanced White beings and some highly evolved reptilian beings?

The King God Enlil (Zeus) would have a different operating procedure that Enki.  His MO would be less treacherous and rely more on raw power that deception.  He is less likely to share the mysteries of the universe with humans than Enki. The followers of Enki (or Lucifer) point to this as evidence of Enki’s humanitarian nature. To them this must make Enki the “good guy” between the two sides. Enlil’s reason for keeping technology and knowledge from humans is similar to the United States keeping nuclear technology from African and Middle Eastern countries.  Enlil doesn’t believe they can handle it and will end up being more dangerous for everyone if they do get their hands on it.  Enlil is more likely to return to earth and set up a system that allows humans to benefit from the knowledge without actually giving the knowledge up for all humans to play around with.  God had his reason in the Garden of Eden for forbidding Adam and Eve from eating from the tree of knowledge.  This is very difficult for some Luciferites to accept.  To them I say “OK, then give Charles Taylor of Liberia the science to build an Atom bomb.”  “You’re not racist are you?”  Most importantly, Enlil will provide this technology and not expect you to murder people in return.

Now that you have an idea of the differences between the two Gods, I will now explain how this fits in with the struggle against White genocide.  The alternative researcher (and supporter of Enki) William Henry wrote a book called “One Foot in Atlantis.”  The book covers the two Gods I described (Enlil and Enki) and their war, but ties WWII into the story.  He describes Enlil as being of “pure blood” and Enki as “diluting the pure blood of the gods and is out to spiritualize the earth by mixing it with another soulsphere, making it a melting pot society” (2).  According to Henry, the Nazis were fighting for Zeus and the Allies for the side of Lucifer.

If the Gods in the mythologies are described as being Nordic or Aryan in appearance, then we have to assume that European humankind are the closest descendants of the God Enlil on earth?  Enki is of diluted blood (perhaps part reptile) and wishes to “mix” the pure blood of the Gods with other humans and animals. Enki seems to have an interest in creating chimerical beings that were described in mythology.  Could this not be the very reason why the Anglo-American-Judeo elites are pushing the program of White genocide (3)?  These elites, who work for the God Enki, are carrying out a program to dilute the blood of European mankind.  This is why the Nazis are portrayed as the most evil people ever.  Their works were in spiritual opposition to Satan’s plan for the earth.  As I explained in my “Nazi International” post, the Nazis may have created technologies after WWII that has made them “Godlike” in their capabilities.  Satan (Enki) would have no greater foe on earth than the closest descendants of his main foe Enlil. These descendants of Zeus would have the capability (due to their DNA)  of building the technology of the Gods, but may be refusing to share it with Satan?  The White Rabbit has mentioned that by creating this high technology, that the Nazis may have “lit a beacon” to Enlil and his crew (wherever they are) which allowed them to make contact with these White Gods.  It may be possible that in 1943 or 44 if they contacted Enlil that Enlil may told them to “hold off Enki and his New World Order for 70 years or so until we can get there?”  So perhaps very soon (perhaps on 12/21/2012?), Enlil may return to earth and throw Satan (and his generation of demon vipers) into a pit of fire for trying to wipe his progeny from earth?  It may be the case that fighting against White genocide, is fighting against Satan’s mission on earth?

Is this a lot to handle, perhaps, for some?  It’s a big universe out there and to think we humans are the most advanced beings in nature is beyond ignorant.  The day may come when beings from far away come to earth and ask you “what did you do in the fight against White genocide?”  Perhaps to be safe, you should start spreading the Mantra (4) today?   After reading this you can’t say you weren’t warned.

For further reading I suggest reading Joseph P. Farrell’s “The Cosmic War” and all his other works and William Henry’s “One Foot In Atlantis.”  You should also listen to “Follow the White Rabbit” found in my blog roll.





The Nazi International

In my Breaking Bad reports I mentioned the possible depiction of the so called “Nazi International” during the fifth season of the show.  I also mentioned this entity in my reviews of the HBO series Deadwood.  In Deadwood the Nazi were represented by the Pinkerton agency.   The purpose of this post is to give a little background to what I’m referring to when I discuss this entity.

I first heard of the Nazi International while listening to Follow the White Rabbit(see my blog roll).  If you haven’t listened to Follow The White Rabbit I highly suggest you do so.  The show is the on the cutting edge of alternative research, geopolitics, and the struggle against White genocide.  In the show the White Rabbit discussed the possible existence of a continuation of the Nazi entity post 1945.  The White rabbit’s main source for this subject is the alternative research author Joseph P. Farrell.  Farrell wrote a book called “Nazi International” that focuses on the story of this entity as well as other books that cover this topic.  There’s another alternative research writer Henry Stevens who also wrote a book about this entity titled “Dark Star.”  Steven’s book concentrates mainly on the possible technology created by the post war Nazi entity which includes UFOs.  Steven’s book is especially interesting in that he makes a very strong case that most of the technology that we use in the modern world is the result of the Nazis (regardless of if they existed as an organized entity after WWII).Farrell’s books also focus on the technology, but do so in the context of a much broader scale.

The simplest way to describe the so called Nazi International is that it’s a continuation of the Nazi entity after WWII.  In a contingency plan when the Nazi State fell, the Nazis would move their base of power from Germany and become an international entity with the administrative hub being in South America. They would “give up” to the Soviets and Americans and by doing so; infiltrate the US and USSR’s scientific, intelligence, and corporate/bureaucratic apparatuses. But while they appeared to give up and give in to the Anglo-America-Judeo elite’s plan for global government, they were really in a strategic retreat of sorts while they built up the capability to take on their enemies again in the future.

The whole Cold War may have been the result of Nazis playing the two former WWII allies (the US and USSR) against each other?  In fact, the only thing stopping the world from falling under the tyrannical grip of the New World Order may have been the Nazis?  FDR and his staff had originally planned to form a global government with the USSR after WWII in the 1950’s.  This global government (the New World Order) was and is a project of the Anglo-American-Judeo elites(1). Their basic plan was to erase all borders and forced integrate the world’s peoples into a global “new man” that would be easy to manage. This “new man” would be micro-chipped and would serve and worship the Anglo-American-Judeo elites as Gods.  From 1945 until the late 1990’s the Nazi entity did all they could to monkey-wrench the creation of the New World Order.

If one studies the start of the Nazi movement it was a reaction to the rise of communism in the East, and the spread of so called “liberal democracy” in the West.  Both communism and liberal democracy were/are materialist worldviews that see mankind as nothing more than economic cogs in a soulless machine.  The German’s rejected the two materialist worldviews and saw mankind as a something more than economic cogs. WWII was a war between materialist forces and spiritual forces (yes, and banking was a big part of it as well).  Of course, if one studies the Anglo-American-Judeo Elites you realize that these people don’t have a materialist worldview themselves; they just force this worldview on the masses to keep us as empty, soulless, material to form into bricks in their NWO pyramid (with them at the top).  The Anglo-American-Judeo elite’s spiritual system is Masonic, Kabbalistic, Talmudic, and Old Testament based (2).

The Nazis saw in Weimar Germany what the future would be like if the Anglo-American-Judeo elites took control of the world.  Mankind would become rootless, soulless, and only interested in pleasures of the flesh and materialistic gain. The Nazi cause was about stopping this future of degeneracy and base living. Modern America is a perfect example of the fruit from this materialist tree.

This isn’t to say that the Nazis were humanitarians.  They had no problem lining up and shooting hundreds of people at a time.  In fact, within their spiritual understanding of the world they weren’t even killing people; they were only sending them to another place. The Nazis did see humans as more than just cogs in the machine, but also saw themselves as the highest form of non-cogs compared to other humans. My point in this digression is to contrast the two worldviews that did battle in WWII.  My point isn’t to frame one side as “good guys” and the other as “bad guys.”  It’s just to explain what the true root of the conflict was about.  It was over too worldviews for the future of mankind.

While many in the post war power structure trusted that the Nazis did give up after WWII, the smart ones realized that the Nazis would never give up.  This is why the Nazis are the most demonized group in the history of the world.  To this day the most over-the-top documentaries are still produced about the Nazis.  No such documentaries were produced about the Communists during the Cold War (despite killing more people than the Nazis), nor are such documentaries and presentations made about Muslims in the so called “war on terror.”  The question is why?  Why is war propaganda still being made about an enemy that was defeated in 1945?  Perhaps the reason is that the enemy was never really defeated and the war never really ended?

This is why the holocaust narrative was probably created as well?  No one talked about the so called “Holocaust” until the 1960’s.  Eisenhower never mentioned the so called “death camps” in his memoirs. By the late 40’s the Anglo-American-Judeo elite probably realized that a faction of the Nazis never gave up.  This was around the time that UFOs started being seen that were not under the control of the American military industrial complex. So to prepare for another open war with the Nazis, it was decided that the Nazis would have to be made into the greatest “bad guys” ever. Hence the Holocaust narrative had to pushed to the limit. Without the gas chamber stories, the Nazis were really no different from the Allies during the war (3).  Both sides killed civilians in great numbers.  In fact, the Allies probably killed more civilians in their bombing raids than the Nazis did in theirs. The holocaust story is so critical in maintaining the evil narrative of the Nazis that it’s actually illegal to question it in Europe and Canada. Historically when a State makes it illegal to question a proposition, this proposition usually ends up having something wrong with it. Would it not make sense that the greatest threat to the people in power (the Anglo-American-Judeo elites) also happen to be the most demonized people in the world?

The main goals of the Nazi International would have been to keep the New World Order at bay for as long as possible, see to the collapse of the Soviet Union, and reunite Germany.   It also would have prioritized the creation of high technology.  The genesis of this technology was with the “bell” or “die glocke” device. The bell was a gateway technology intended on creating energy by tapping into the “unified field.”  This is the so called “zero-point” energy.  This technological research was started in the Nazi state but was not perfected during the war.  So it was rumored to have been brought to South America where it was perfected later on. It is very possible that the UFO sightings seen globally since the late 40’s are actually Nazis (not little green men)?  Funding this technology would have been of paramount importance.  Once this technology was mastered, the Nazis would have almost total technological superiority over the Anglo-American-Judeo elite. Funding this technology would have required black market activities to raise money.  Just as the Anglo-American-Judeo elites do, the Nazis would have used drug money for covert funding for their projects.  This where I think Breaking Bad is going with the German and South America connections?

The question that you should always ask regarding information is “why is this information being produced?” Why is Hollywood starting to write about the so called “Nazi International?” This writer doesn’t have a good answer?   It might be that since the Anglo-American-Judeo elite know that they can’t have their New World Order with the Nazis around that they may try to stir up the public for a final battle against the Nazis?  They may be trying to implant memes to get the public to think about a secret criminal fascist entity?  Since 9-11, the Anglo-American-Judeo elites have been in a serious panic and hurry to create their New World Order.  The White Rabbit has suggested that the White Gods (Zeus, Thor, etc.) may be returning to earth to throw Satan and his crew into a pit of fire.  It may be that the Anglo-American-Judeo elite (who work for Satan and his crew) know that they have to consolidate the world against the return of Enlil (Zeus) to have a chance against him, but before they can do this they need to defeat the Nazis? Of course, now you’re wondering what I’m talking about regarding the so called “White Gods;” see (4),(5),(6) below.

To learn more about the Nazi International I suggest reading the two books I mentioned above as well as listening to Follow the White Rabbit.  This writer is not certain if this Nazi entity does or ever did exist, but I lean towards belief in its existence.  The evidence out on them is mostly circumstantial and filled with speculation.  But if any group had the ability to do what I just described, it would be the Nazis.  They were a well-funded, motivated, super intelligent, disciplined, and a highly organized group of people who saw mankind as something more than just cogs in a machine (albeit with them as the highest non-cogs).  If this ends up being true, it will be the greatest story of humans overcoming impossible odds ever told. Despite their many, many flaws, the Nazis may end up being responsible for freeing mankind from the most nefarious plot in the history of the world (The New World Order program of the Anglo-American-Judeo elites).  Like I said above, it’s no wonder why they’re the most demonized group in the history of the world.

(1) (2)

(3)  There is no doubt that Jews were rounded up, sent to camps, killed in large numbers, forced into slave labor, and treated in an unacceptable manner during WWII. But as far as 6 million Jews being killed using gas chambers in a State program of extermination…well, this is quite unlikely (most of the dead seen in the famous footage after WWII died as a result of starvation and desiese. The death numbers according to the Red Cross were closer to 300,000-500,000 dead Jews(Still a tragedy though).  The Holocaust story is so unlikely that it’s illegal to even question this narrative in Europe and Canada.  Anytime the State starts making it illegal to question a proposition, chances are there are serious problems with that proposition. 


Breaking Bad Report: Season Five Episode 8

Walt met with the women who works with the German supplier.  She makes Walt a business proposal to start distributing the meth to the Czech Republic.  She offered to use her German distribution business as the front to move the product. She said something that stuck out when she said “do you think Gus ran the distribution himself?”  I think she was hinting that there may be a hidden player involved (the 3rd Power perhaps)?  When she shook Walt’s hand to finalize the deal she appeared to give a fascist salute?

Walt had to get rid of Mike’s old crew.  They were all in prison and ready to flip now that their old boss (Mike) was dead.  To do so he used Todd’s uncle.  Todd’s uncle appeared to be an Aryan Brotherhood prison gang type guy? The guys who carried out the killings were all white and during one part a swastika flashed on the screen which was tattooed on one of the killer’s head.

The episode did not include any mention of the German connection.  I guess the creator is waiting for the second half of the season, which won’t air until summer of 2013. It’s somewhat of a disappointment that we have to wait until summer of 2013 to see how the story ends.  A year from now the whole world may look very different?  The world is on the verge of WWIII, so in a year no one may even care if the show airs or not?  I do hope that life is somewhat “normal” in a year, but we may be on the verge a world-changing event, so may not matter.

Walt “got out” of the meth business after his wife pleaded with him.  He had made enough money and appeared to get out “clean.”  Of course, nothing is ever free in life, especially after living so nefariously.   Jesse looked like he was having a lot of trouble maintaining himself mentally due to the guilt he had over the murders they took part in. The last scene of the episode showed Agent Schrader on the toilet uncovering a book that Walt’s old lab assistant  (Gail) gave to Walt in which he signed for him.  Like an idiot, Walt had this book in the bathroom as toilet reading.  The stupidity of having such evidence around is inconceivable in its stupidity.  But it did make for good television for the ending of a season (or half season).

I am eager to see how the German connection will be brought in to the next half season?  It may turn out that Walt won’t be allowed to get out until “THEY” (the Nazi International) says he can get out (remember Walt saying this to the lawyer).  Walt might find out that while “Heisenberg” was smart and bold, that there are forces on this earth that are smarter and bolder.  So the final half season will feature Walt having to deal with his brother-in-law uncovering his activities , Jesse freaking out, and perhaps the Nazi International/3rd Power making Walt an offer that he can’t refuse?  If WWIII, or the return of Enlil/Zeus to earth doesn’t change the world too drastically, the final half season should be pretty entertaining.

Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 7

Walt made a deal to cook for some new dealers.  I predict that these dealers will have connections to the fascist international.  In previous Breaking Bad Reports I speculated that the fascist or Nazi international (or 3rd Power) may have been behind Walt’s old boss Gus. I expect the half season finale to return to the German connection that we saw in the first episode?

Hank Schrader (Walt’s brother-in-law) got rebuked by his boss for spending too much time on the blue meth case.  I belive Hank’s boss is trying to keep Hank off the case on purpose.  In fact, I belive he was given the promotion just to keep him off the case. The fascist international is rumored to have connections that run deep into government and industry (even deeper than the Jews do).  So there may be forces within the DEA that know about “Heisenberg” and are trying to keep him from getting caught?

Walt has now become murderous in his egotism.  He denied Jesse his money (as promised) and then shot Mike for no reason. In trying to talk Jesse into working with him, he sounded like a villan from an after school special.

The last episode for the half season is Sunday September 2nd.  There are 8 episodes this half season and 8 next half season (summer 2013).  I do not belive it was a coincidence that the creator used 8 and 8.  88 is a number used in the world of White Racialism.  88 = Heil Hitler.  I have wrote in the past that Breaking Bad’s secret meaning relates to the pro-White struggle.  But writing-in the Nazi International is really going for the gusto.  The creator of Breaking Bad used to write for the X-Files.  So in studying UFOs, he probably came across the stories regarding Nazi UFOs?  This would have led him to the stories of the Nazi International?

So far my interpretation of Nazis on Breaking Bad has been pure speculation.  But if there does prove to be even the slightest hint of the Nazi International, this will be very important.  It will be the first time that fiction was created that included this entity since the 70’s film “The Boy’s From Brazil.”  I expected more portrayals of White nationalism, but including the 3rd Power in a basic cable TV series shows us that times are a changing.

Breaking Bad Report: Season Five Episode 6

The episode starts out with the three skinheads (Walt, Jesse Mike)and their assistant “Todd” disposing of the body of the kid they shot last episode.  The guys had a vote on what to do with Todd. They voted and decide that they’d keep him on the team.  While discussing this Jesse calls him “Rickey Nazi.”  In the context of the German connection discussed in previous reviews, I wonder if this is a hint that “Todd” may be more “connected” than just to a criminal uncle in jail?  Could Todd be connected to the “3rd Power (aka Nazi International)?  This sounds like an unlikely speculation but I speculated a German or “fascist international” connection before the season even started and it looks like I may be right?    I am expecting the German connection to jump out in the last episode of the season?  Perhaps Walt will go to work for the “fascist international?”

Walt has a chance to get out of the meth business for 5 million dollars by selling the chemical they stole in the last episode. Another local buyer offered to buy the chemical but the guys were going to have to get out to open the market up for the other local supplier’s product.  Both Jesse and Mike want to get out but it depends on Walt getting out as well.   Walt tells Jesse that he’s “in the empire business.”  Walt explains to Jesse that all he has is the business, since him and his wife are having problems and he never sees his kids anymore.  Walt’s ego is in almost total control of him.  He could get out with 5 million dollars and live a comfortable life with his family.  But now that Walt has tasted power he like it more than his own family.

Mike forced Walt to accept the deal.  He handcuffed Walt to a radiator but Walt figured out a way to burn through the flex cuffs that Mike restrained him with.  This was a stupid mistake by Mike.  He did have to meet with attorney but couldn’t the meeting with his attorney and the DEA wait?  This slight in the writing for the show is excusable considering the job they have done up until that part. Mike comes back to the warehouse to secure the chemical for the deal to find it gone.  Walt and Jesse are there and Mike takes his gun out to shoot Walt but Jesse stops him so Mike can hear Walt’s plan.  The episode ends.

I can’t see how Walt is going to get out of this season alive?  He’s out of control and only has his ego left in the world.  This is a dangerous place for a person to be.  The lesson here is critical for pro-Whites in the future when they start attaining more power.  They will need to be extremely wise in their selection of leaders.  They will need to look for the signs of megalomania in their leadership.  On the individual level  they will need to be wise enough to know themselves and be humble enough to step aside when they sense their egos are getting the best of them.  The problem of course, is that if someone is truly under the control of their ego, they won’t realize it, and any threat to the ego can turn the leader murderous.  The more power the ego driven person attains, the more threatening people will seem to question the leader.  The current anti-White establishment may even promote such people for the purpose of letting them sabotage the movement?


Walt may have to choose between his family and his “empire.”  In the future, some successful pro-White leader may have to decide between the White folk and their own global empire?  We know what the ego will chose.


Esoteric Thoughts: The Power of German Engineering?

Breaking Bad Report: Season Five Episode 4

The episode starts with the chemical supplier being visited by the DEA.  The supplier is connected to the German company I discussed in an earlier Breaking Bad report. The manager of the supplier spoke German.  I will predict again that that this German connection will involve the existence of the so called “3rd Power” or “Nazi International”(1) .  Later in the episode Mike wanted to whack the supplier manager but Jesse and Walt voted this idea down.  The manager is a woman and it was funny when Mike accused Jesse of “sexism” for not supporting whacking the woman manager.

This episode highlighted the problems between Walt and his wife Skyler.   There was an interesting line said by Skyler (while they were arguing) where she admitted that she didn’t have Walt’s “Magic.”  It stuck out at me that she used the word “magic” to describe Walt’s abilities.   Walter White is a wizard of sorts and also an alchemist.  Just as he changes chemicals into meth, his own being has transmuted from Walter White into Heisenberg within the fire of the drug world.  His alter ego (Heisenberg) is becoming more dominant as he now wears the infamous Heisenberg hat around his family (He used to only wear it in the drug world).  He bought two sports-cars on a whim and is becoming extremely reckless.

Skyler is now very frightened that her kids will be hurt due to Walt’s involvement in the drug trade. She’s trying to get their kids away from the house.  This of course is a major affront to Walt’s ego and need for control.  I can’t help but to sympathize with Skyler.  Walt should have gotten out when he was ahead.  Walt’s activities in the drug trade are no longer about caring for his family.  Instead they’re about Walt’s ego.

There’s an important message here for pro-White activists.  After the program of White genocide (see page at top of blog labeled “Program for White genocide”)  is overcame and a system is put in place that secures a future for White people,  Whites need to be careful that they don’t try to push it too far.  There will be voices within the pro-White movement that will keep trying to push Whites into taking more than what we need.

White people need nations, communities, and institutions that facilitate our survival and amelioration.  But we must not try to infringe on other people’s nations, communities, and institutions.  Just like Walter White, Whites need to be careful that they don’t lose the “family” that they set out to protect.  Pro-Whites need to remain vigilant against forces within the greater pro-White movement that will keep pushing for more because it makes them feel powerful.  There may even be agents hidden within the body of the pro-White movement for this very purpose?

I believe a major lesson from Breaking Bad is knowing what the line is between victory and setting yourself up for future failure.


Breaking Bad Report: Season Five Episode 2

As I wrote in the post “White Man Breaking Bad,” I will be writing a weekly review of each episode of Breaking Bad’s 5th season.  This is the first such review.

The episode started with people speaking German and I couldn’t believe what I was watching.  In the previous post titled “White Man Breaking Bad” I jokingly said that Walt’s old boss (Gus) may be connected to the so called “fascist international.”  The episode started with a German businessman killing himself when he saw the DEA was going to question him.  The company he worked for was connected to the company that Walt’s old Boss (Gus) used for his front business.  The German handled himself like a good “Prussian” would handle himself. He killed himself instead of giving up information that could hurt the larger cause. You then see the DEA questioning the German owner of the company.  The owner cooperated.

I predict that this German connection will be important later on.  For those who don’t know, the “fascist international” or “Nazi international” or “3rd Power(1) was a global network of Nazis, fascists, organized crime, intelligence organizations, scientists, and corporations that operated after WWII. This organization is still believed to exist today and may even be engaged in a covert war with the Anglo-American-Judeo elite (and their drug runners, organized criminals, intelligence organizations, terrorists, corporations, etc) for global influence? In fact, the 3rd Power may be the only thing that stopped the world from being forced into global government (this is sometimes referred to as the New World Order)? If Breaking Bad brings this influence into the show, it would be mind-blowing.  We’ll have to wait and see?

The rest of the episode saw Walt, Jesse, Mike, and “Saul” organizing for their new attempt at running a drug distribution entity.  Mike wasn’t on board at first but after his money was confiscated by the DEA, he got on board.  I should also point out that I predicted that these three “skinheads” would team up in the previous article titled “White Man Breaking Bad.”    Walt appears to be getting totally consumed by his ego and his wife is scared of him.

I highly recommend that fans of Breaking Bad check back with Snoutsmack every week.  Who else predicted the “fascist connection?”


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