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How about the Swiss start acting like the Ukrainians?

McCain’s demonstrators in Ukraine

There’s an excellent article posted at White Genocide Project that illustrates perfectly how the program of White genocide works.  It also shows how the elites running the Western world don’t give a fig about so called “Democracy.”  Read the following article (1). My thoughts continue bellow.

The European Union has frozen all research grants for Swiss universities, worth millions of euros, and also removed Switzerland from taking part in student exchange programs. This comes as a retaliation to a recent referendum, where the majority of Swiss citizens voted for more restrictions on immigration.

Swiss universities had expected this to happen, in retaliation to the cap on immigration. Switzerland is estimated to lose up to 80 to 100 million francs in research grants from the vengeful EU leaders, who care little for science, so long as they have power.

An EU spokesman announced this agenda a day after Swiss politicians declined migrants from Croatia.

The Swiss government could not accept the proposal because of the February 9th referendum – which stopped unrestricted movement of migrants and imposed quotas on immigration.

EU leaders also have stopped talks about supplying Switzerland with electricity, in an attempt to “change” people’s minds.

Switzerland is a good example of a White country that does not want open borders because it will destroy the people of their country and replace them with a different people.

Most White countries hate all these open borders and massive non-White – and White – immigration pouring into our countries and reducing our living standards all so the rich can get richer.

However, our issue here is more about the survival of a group of people. All and ONLY White countries are expected to have open borders which allows millions of non-White third world immigrants to flood it.

Meanwhile, at the same time, All and ONLY White countries are expected to adopt these millions of non-Whites into their neighborhoods, schools, and families in an effort to blend White people with non-White people and bring about this “mixed-race future” that anti-Whites so love to talk about.

This all leads to a world without White people because : there will still Black people in Africa, there will still be Oriental people in Asia, there will still be Mestizos in South America. The ONLY countries that are affected by these policies that lead to White genocide, are, of course, WHITE countries.

The Swiss people voted against open borders. This was a legal democratic election in which the people expressed their wishes. But now the globalist elites (2) running the EU are attacking the economy of Switzerland and threatening the Swiss people with a steep price for voting for Swiss interests. This tyrannical action by the globalist elites is similar to the prop 187 situation in 1994. During that act of anti-White tyranny, Californian voters voted (in a democratic election) to prohibit illegal aliens from receiving educational, social welfare, and health benefits. This was later overturned by the courts which called it “unconstitutional” (3).  The globalist elite’s use any method at their disposal to accomplish their goal of global government (NWO) with them sitting at the top of the pyramid (with us “profane” “goyim” fitted into bricks to fit in the rest of the pyramid under them).

Meanwhile in the Ukraine these same globalist elite’s support people (that they would normally call “fascists”) who attack people with clubs and bombs (4).  The protests started in Ukraine after the democratically elected leader of that country decided to postpone signing a trade deal with the EU, which would give the globalist power structure more influence in the country and more ability to encircle Russia (5). The truth of the matter is that the EU deal was only a pretext for the global elites to start trouble in the Ukraine using their NGOs that specialize in inciting demonstrations (6).

So since the people in the Ukraine are free (according to globalist leaders and media) to riot and kill people for disagreeing with the policies of their elected leaders, why don’t the Swiss people do the same?  The injustice in Switzerland is much greater than the injustice in the Ukraine. The Swiss people voted in a democratic election and are being punished for it. The situation in the Ukraine stems from their President deciding that more discussions were needed to see if Russia offered a better deal than the EU. For this, the globalist forces are willing to support street violence and probably even civil war in Ukraine.

So maybe it’s time that the Swiss people start doing what the Ukrainian protestors are doing?  Certainly people like John McCain will support them?  Won’t he?  He’s all for so called “democracy,” isn’t he?  Certainly the American media will give biased coverage in favor of the Swiss demonstrators just like they’re doing for the Ukrainian demonstrators, won’t they?  Of course not! If the Swiss people acted like the Ukrainian rightwing “demonstrators” people like John McCain would be calling for blood against these “naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews.” This comparison between Ukraine and Switzerland illustrates perfectly the globalist strategy. They need to force blend White peoples and countries out of existence by forced diversity and they need to gain hold of Russia (Putin’s Russia has been a constant thorn in the side of the globalist elites). This also illustrates perfectly how you can’t believe a word out of the mouths of the globalist elites or their media organs.

The Anglo-American-Judeo-Illuminati-Globalist elites (7) are truly children of Lucifer (8). They are evil of the vilest kind. They are cultivators of deceit, duplicity,and deception. They are against democracy, choice, and actual diversity. They support human rights offenders one day and then make up human rights offenses against others the next.  They are the source of almost all the suffering in the world today. The only good news relating to them is while they will cause much suffering on the way, they’re about to go down in Biblical proportions. The Almighty God will not tolerate such behavior indefinitely. Let us pray we can be His instruments.

Heavenly Father, allow us to be your instruments in removing the satanic globalist elites from the earth. Allow us to scrape this scum from the earth like feces from the bottom of our shoes. Let us smash their structures so Your light may shine on and evaporate their cesspools. May we rip them out by their roots, from our presence, just  as we rip weeds from a garden. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Sprint we pray. Amen.   

Watch video explaing situation in the Ukraine:







(7) )


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