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Lately I’ve been examining the so called “Dark Enlightenment” (DE) movement. Since some pro-White/WN entitles are getting grouped with the DE, I thought I’d better investigate this phenomenon (especially considering the recent media coverage [1]).  Here are my thoughts at this point. I have 3 major points.

1) First of all the term “Dark Enlightenment” is a contradiction. By definition enlightenment can’t be dark. By using the term “DE” you play into the enemy’s playbook. We are not the side that demands another group of people get force-assimilated out of existence. We’re not the ones looking to demonize the culture of others in order to weaken and destroy them. We’re not the ones advocating global government. We’re not the ones pumping a degenerate toxic culture into the minds of Western youth. We’re not demanding that certain political speech be made illegal. We’re not the ones advocating jail time for disagreeing with certain versions of historical events. We are the true champions of choice and freedom. We’re the advocates of true diversity. We also value community, beauty, and order.

Our enemies are the side of ugliness, forced diversity which leads to homogeneity, and disorder. They’re the ones who have to lie and force people to live according to their world view. They have to spend trillions of dollars pushing the anti-White narrative in the media and education systems. They have to over report White-on-non-white crime and under report non-white-on-White crime. They have to push the sex wage gap myth.

All we have to do is tell the truth. All we have to do is point out that “anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.” All we have to do is attack their “pretty lies.”

2) The word “Cathedral” as a label for the enemy is wrong. The Gothic cathedral is probably the greatest artistic-symbolic achievement of Western civilization. To call the enemies of the West “the Cathedral” is offensive. A better term would be “the regime.” An even better name is the Forces of Satanic Darkness. ”

These first 2 points I can live with if they prove effective. But my 3rd point relates more to ideology than terminology.

3) The DE movement is basically a right wing movement. Its major premises are as follows:

1. People are not equal. They never will be. We reject equality in all its forms.
2. Right is right and left is wrong.
3. Hierarchy is basically a good idea.
4. Traditional sex roles are basically a good idea.
5. Libertarianism is retarded.
6. Democracy is irredeemably flawed and we need to do away with it.(2)

I can agree with this list for the most part. While people are unequal they should be equal under the law. Traditional sex roles are preferable but if the greatest theoretical physicist in the nation is a woman, then she should be encouraged to do physics.  Libertardianism is indeed retarded (enough said).  Outright democracy is flawed, but at the local level democratic procedures are preferable.

My problem comes from the premise that “right is right and left is wrong.”  There are certain policies and philosophies that come out of the left that are clearly superior to the right (workers’ rights, environmental protection, minimum wages, social welfare services for people and families in need, animal rights, etc.). If you mix this premise of “right is right” with the premise “hierarchy is basically a good idea” then you get a society that looks like Norman England where people get their hands chopped off for removing a dead branch from the lord’s forest. I envision a drone leaving a neo-Norman keep to drop munitions on someone who tampered with his embedded tracking microchip.

From reading DE blogs I do notice a strain of  blatant elitism and disdain for the masses. At this point I haven’t detected what forces could be behind the DE movement but will now state that we should remain vigilant to the possibility of the Anglo-American (read “American” as the Eastern Establishment) elites using this movement as a vehicle to retain power.  In other words, the Anglo-American elites may say

“OK, you don’t want multiculturalism, Judaics running loose, white genocide; you say you want your “traditional society,” that’s OK, we’ll give you that, we’ll also give you a hierarchical structure that is very “traditional” mwaaahahaa… remember, head man gets the first fruit….mwaahahaha.”

Then over time the Anglo-American elites will let some Judaics back into the country that will lead a revolution overthrowing some drunken monarch that is set up for the purpose of being overthrown, and then White genocide and the whole foul cycle will start over again.  That’s why I suggest taking that which is “right from the right and that which is right from the left.”

You end forced diversity,neutralize out-of-control Judiacs, end White genocide, end cultural degeneracy, promote traditional values and culture; BUT also include the best aspects of the left (i.e. workers’ rights, environmental protection, minimum wages, certain social welfare services for people and families in real need, animal rights, etc).  You promote local capabilities and let local people determine the needs of local folks. You build a society that promotes economic stability (through the policies from the left) and cultural/spiritual stability (through the policies of the right). You build a society that is very difficult to subvert because it makes almost all parties content.

But where does this disdain for the masses come from?  And haven’t we seen this before?  Does not the current batch of Western “leaders” refer to the masses as “goyim” and/or “profane?” I will admit that when I first became aware of the forces that make this world operate that I too could become disappointed at the masses inability to see this as well. But I now realize that this sight is a gift. This author does not have the gifts necessary to frame a house, read Sanskrit, tap dance, write software, or do heart surgery. The Almighty has seen fit to make my gifts that of sight and of joining-matters-aright (3) (4). A harmonious, well order society is one where everybody plays a role utilizing their gifts allotted to them by the Creator. A society run by a bunch of haughty aristocrats or boyars is not only morally wrong and unjust, but it provides an opening for the most parasitical factions to enter (as seen in the French and Bolshevik revolutions). The DE has some promising ideas and intelligent people pushing these ideas, but woe to any movement that would act as vehicle for the current globalist elites (5) to retain power.






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4 thoughts on “The “Dark Enlightenment”

  1. Jack Dawes on said:

    I actually recall hearing about these people some time back. They were calling themselves the “Counter Enlightenment.” Many of their ideas are very sound. I do understand the inherent danger of it mutating and degenerating into some new form of Pink Rabbit Social-Darwinism though.

    A lot of Neo-Pagans take a romantic view on the Saxons and Vikings. The truth, is that they also had some backwards customs of their own. Most notably their justice policies on things like neighbors getting even with someone by burying their axe in their skulls because they pissed them off. Although the Northern Europeans were more temperate in their thinking in many ways than their southern counterparts, the Greeks and Romans, they did tend to be a little caveman-like on certain things. You can’t just murder someone willy nilly because you don’t like him or because he’s phyisically unfit for raiding temples. On very serious grievances, I think some vigilante justice can be healthy.

    As an aside, I think there is something you need to realize about these people being identified as the “masses.” When I first got involved in this struggle many moons ago, I used to think of myself as being of the masses. And while this is technically accurate on the superficial level, I have come to terms with the fact that there are certain fundamental differences in not only culture and mores, but also in hereditary idiosyncracies as well. When people complain that the sheep may as well be a different species, they are not exaggerating. Physical appearance aside, the White Majority are different in every single way from the rest of us. I’ve given up on the idea of ever being able to coexist happily with them. And it isn’t simply because that they are ignorant of the way that the world works.

    SS:If you’re given up on being able to “coexist happily with them” who can you “coexist happily with?”

    There is a certain nastiness to the disposition in many individuals. These are not nice people. Most are very petty and narrow in the way they view their world. They are bigots in the truest sense of the word. Many also seem to exhibit a similar parasitical behavior that the Jews and the Negroids are bad about. They like to exploit and mooch off of the people who are more productive. They are happiest when rubbing elbows with those who are seen as heroes that society looks up to, in a sycophantic sort of way. They are also exceedingly vain and wrapped up in themselves. The person that they care about most is themselves and their own public image. The most ironic thing about the masses, is that while they are always united together against the heretic, they have no sense of community or common identity. They’re all a bunch of miserable back-biters who have a Nero Caesar Complex. Let’s face it, there isn’t a whole lot to love about these people. I honestly think they are the biggest jerks of all. Surpassing even the Red Hippo himself (Enki or Enlil; take your pick.)

    SS: my goodness, I’m sorry you had such bad experiences with White working class and middle class people. But bigger “jerks” than the Devil himself?

    In regards to the question of why we have this problem with our people, it is a tough one. Although it is true that our society has many nefarious social control mechanisms in things like the TV and the public school system whispering poison into the ears of the children who will grow up one day into the next generation of citizens, I think the real reason we haven’t seen a paradigm shift is something much more controversial. I have come to the conclusion that it is simply because they don’t want the truth. Most people would deny this, but they just don’t want to hear it. It’s just like in Fahrenheit 451. The truth is seen as something that’s cruel and obscene through their eyes. I don’t know why. Perhaps the truth is so horrifying that facing up to it would cause them to go mad and induce suicidal tendencies? Of course, they’re already mad, they’re just stuck in the normalcy bias stage; usually in combination with being set in the old familiar ways that are comfortable to them. Most people are unfortunately not made out of tough stuff. It has become an adage that the definition of insanity is repeating something over and over again, and expecting a different result each time.

    SS: Would you describe yourself as White (of European descent)? Why is ending White genocide important to you?

    The White Rabbit has made some interesting and compelling statements about why he believes our people are unable to think in racial terms. I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says, but it does provide some food for thought. If it holds true, then it spells big trouble for us. It would mean to me, that whatever advantages our people may enjoy from their military and technological supremacy over the other races, it would be badly hindered by, or rendered completely irrelevent by our predisposition toward universalism. With Pink Rabbits at the helm of our civilization, we have a bad handicap.

    SS: It’s unfortunate for any people to have Pink Rabbits at the helm of their civilization. Ah oh, that was rather universalist of me? LOL. Jokes aside, it is very true that we need new leaders at the helm of our civilization. Once we do, I think you’ll see that our tendency towards open-mindedness is not really a handicap. It’s probably a necessity if you want to go far in this Universe?

  2. Jack Dawes on said:

    “If you’re given up on being able to “coexist happily with them” who can you “coexist happily with?” ”

    That I don’t know. Pro-Whites and some of the people in the “Truth Movement” are probably the only elements within our race that I still have any respect for. And even some of them have certain buttons that make them hard to deal with. Christian Identity People are one such group. I’m not saying they are all bad people, but they really need to grow up and stop being hypersensitive about anything having to do with religion. If they would actually read the mythology from other parts of the world, they would find that they all share more or less the same characters and archetypes found in their Bible. Of course, their response is that the Devil already knew what God’s plans were (apparently before God himself did,) and fabricated counterfit heroes and deities to deceive people and lure them away from God. Their rebuttal is that the Bible is the common source for all the mythologies, and that this is the reason they all share a common thread in their flow of events, and in their cast of heroes and villains. This is all hogwash, but that’s what they always say. I’ll just leave it at that.

    “my goodness, I’m sorry you had such bad experiences with White working class and middle class people. But bigger “jerks” than the Devil himself?”

    I guess that’s more a matter of opinion, but that is indeed the way that I see them as a group. I don’t think most of their hostility is necessarily out of conscious efforts to be cruel, I just think that they don’t care if they are. In addition to being apathetic, I see them as being cold, unfeeling, and completely amoral. They just don’t feel responsible for the well-being of their family, friends, and neighbors. They seem to have no sense of moral duty and personal sacrifice. Nor do they have any sense of propriety. It’s like they don’t even know what loyalty is. Maybe it’s because I’m always meeting these young guys who smoke too much weed, and are always loud and obnoxious all the time. I’m talking about those SOBs who always have that smug look on their face and act like Pauly Shore. Well…worse than Pauly Shore actually. You know the kind of people though. Those hard party animals who live only for the moment like grasshoppers, and think the winter of their discontent will never come. Often very conceited, and strut their stuff like they’re some big ladies man. And while these people are out there on their college campuses having fun, poor saps like me are charged with the tasks that they think they’re too good for (like fighting White Genocide.) Just the fact alone that these people don’t care that their own race is being targeted for non-existence just infuriates me. I feel that my disdain for these kind of people is justified, given the kind of grim circumstances.

    “Would you describe yourself as White (of European descent)?”


    “Why is ending White genocide important to you?”

    It used to be out of my instinct to defend my kind from a malicious culture attack against the White Race originally. Anymore, I’d say it is mostly for reasons that are more personal to me. I’d like a place where I can settle down in a White community, where I can start a family and live happily ever after there. I’m finding the multiracial cesspool society we’re all living under to be insufferable. I despise the art and culture of my generation that the pink rabbit-controlled music and entertainment industry left us. I always hated rap music. And I absolutely loathe self-hating Whites. I have so little in common with most other White People, that I find it difficult to have any pleasant exchanges with them. They don’t even have good taste, let alone any mental depth or common sense. I’ve never really been the type who enjoys idle chatter. Not unless it’s something scintillating, deep, or humourous. Usually my sense of humour leans to being on the iconoclastic side. I never liked formalities and rituals that are based on opaque symbolism that doesn’t mean anything to me, seeing them as silly and pointless. I was also never keen on sacred cows or authority figures. I believe nothing should be above legitimate criticism. All serious matters aside, I just like to have fun and be myself when I’m not doing something important. Unfortunately, this has become very difficult in recent years, due to the constraints of the cultural climate. Again, these are the reasons that I personally see the White Majority as something more akin to dog crap stuck to the bottom of my shoe. They’ve made an enemy out of me with their self-righteousness. And when I try to help or enlighten them, they mock me with their boundless arrogance and ingratitude. I want these pigs out of my life where I’ll never have to see them anymore. I want my neighbors to be decent people that I can relate to, and swap stories with. I know it sounds very bitter, but I didn’t start out this way. It’s something that grew in me as time went on. It had a cumulative effect. The more I interacted with these mainstream zombie types the less I liked them.

    “It’s unfortunate for any people to have Pink Rabbits at the helm of their civilization. Ah oh, that was rather universalist of me? LOL. Jokes aside, it is very true that we need new leaders at the helm of our civilization. Once we do, I think you’ll see that our tendency towards open-mindedness is not really a handicap. It’s probably a necessity if you want to go far in this Universe?”

    I wouldn’t call behavior that is self-destructive “open-minded.” It’s only called being open-minded when a person is able to see both sides of the issue. Non-racial Whites only see one side of the story; that is, “Whites are evil, Whites are bad, and Whites have a responsibility to share all of their technology with people who want them dead.” That’s literally the kind of prattling I hear coming out of the mouths of these supposed “mainstream, middle-of-the-roaders.” There’s just no reasoning with these people. Sad how this dangerous poison is what passes as mainstream and “conservative” now.

    In our lands, our word (meaning the word of pro-Whites) must be treated as the absolute law of the land, in an almost Mosaic sense; but at the same time in a way that is very democratic, like in Switzerland. I know this sounds a little contradictory to my quasi-anarchist spirit, but I’m very alarmed at the possibility of a resurgence in Anti-Whitism. Surely people will notice it when our drightens start making questionable decrees. (i.e. that it’s okay for White families to adopt non-White kids within exclusive White zones) At least I certainly hope so. We may find it necessary to appoint special committees to review evidence of cultural subversion and Anti-Whitism in the different districts. Also, every citizen of all ages and genders must also be a member of the state militia, and must be proficient in the use of fully automatic weapons. That’s roughly my base vision for a pro-White government.

    For now, I guess I’ll just have to keep posting the mantra until our luck changes.

    SS: As far as your feelings towards the White population, I can’t really relate. I can’t even say I think of non-Whites as being “dog crap on the bottom of my shoe” (anti-Whites yes). You are correct that “open mindedness” is probably the wrong word. But I’m still not sure that White proclivity towards out-group cooperation is that great that it can’t be overcome (or made non-suicidal) through positive socialization. Posting the mantra means that you’re not relying on luck. We all need to do more. March 15th is a day we all need to go the extra mile to disseminate the mantra.

  3. Jack Dawes on said:

    The thing about all of this that really gets my goat, is that if we fail, then nothing else will mean anything. Failure to preserve our race is definitely not an option. And yet, the masses treat it as if it is a choice to be involved or not, when the choice was never theirs. They have no right to be apathetic in a crisis that affects everyone. We could’ve fought the pink rabbits and their ziocommie minions together, and instead we have opted as a people to perish apart rather than stand together and face our enemy. I think it’s absolutely disgraceful that a great people with our history has been reduced to appealing to the humanity of others, rather than reclaiming what was once ours by force. My White Pride has suffered tremendously from this humiliation. We’ve become as an eagle with its wings clipped.

    While it is true that the masses are not made up of people like Tim Wise who actively promote our destruction with malice aforethought, I still kinda look at them as an extension of that. In reality, the masses have way more direct control over our lives than the Masonic Lodges or the local Synagogue; through institutions like public schools, church, and the like, while fraternal organizations do most of the managing at the high levels behind the scenes.

    Meanwhile, people like myself are never asked if we’d like to live in the Anti-White dystopia bequeathed to us by our pink rabbit overlords. We aren’t allowed to have our own little autonomous mini-nations inside the greater tower of babel being built. This is what really burns me up. It’s like our people never even pause to think about the insanity in what they are being taught. Every time they hop aboard the bandwagon with one of these big ideas that are never proven to work, there is no stopping them. And they always want to go out and force their universal “Truth;” their one true religion on the rest of the world. And EVERY time they have done this, it has ALWAYS resulted in DISASTER! This is why I have no choice but to conclude that universalisms are inherently dangerous in and of themselves.

    I can see why it may seem unreasonable of me to put the masses in with the criminal genocidal Anti-White Elites, but in many ways, they are kinda like the neo-cons who serve as controlled opposition to the blatant Anti-Whitism of the Left; whether the masses realize it or not. This deals with consent of the governed. At the end of the day, the masses are the ones who ultimately ratified the genocidal Anti-White policies of the Illuminati. By not speaking out against them or covertly undermining their lies, they are in a way endorsing the ongoing program of genocide against our race. It is said that all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Sadly, most people will not even take the time to do their own research. They’d rather look at porn, or stupid amateur videos with lewd toilet humour.

    This brings us to another problem our race suffers from, that Horus has talked about before. Our people are just too damn law abiding (pardon my French.) We have become a victim of our own tendency toward authoritarianism. We are too easily pacified by fancy titles and ranks and brownie points within our society. Instead of accepting every draconian decree carte blanche, we need to start saying, “Hey! Not so fast!”

    People need to understand that our leaders are not really speaking to us when they talk about things like “human rights.” They are really speaking on behalf of their fellow pink rabbits. This is all meant to apply exclusively to pink rabbits, as they regard themselves as being the only true humans. It’s that Talmudic double-standard where our enemies are above the law, and we have to obey the law as Moses gives it to us. I’m not sure where I stand on the founding fathers of our country, but at best, they were full of contradictions. Morally, these guys were all over the place. They were almost like the Bible in this way. In one passage, something will be okay or even demanded of Yahweh’s followers, but then some time later, it becomes a sin out of the blue; I’ve speculated that the reason for this is actually because there is more than one “Lord” being enountered there; the Bible misleads the reader into thinking it’s always the same alien speaking. Ben Franklin is a good example of this double talk. He was apparently very bad about changing his positions on things and talking out of both sides of his mouth. Michael Weiner (a known jew) is the same way. While he is entertaining on some days, he always keeps changing his position. One day he’ll be pro-White, and then on another day he’ll be Anti-White. Whatever the truth is, I don’t think a single unbiased source of information can be found on the Thomas Jeffersons and the George Washingtons (good or bad.)

    The other aspect of this, is that our people are simply greedy, and have historically been willing to sell out morally just for some lousy shekels of silver; without any regard at all of how their choices will end up affecting our society. This plays right into our enemy’s hands. This is how they basically bribe the masses to accept White Genocide. You can liken this to the Book of Matthew where Satan solicits Jesus to bow down to him in exchange for personal gain. Similarly, Zoroaster who was a precursor to Jesus Christ, was also solicited by Ahriman (Angra Mainyu) to denounce his own teachings in the Gathas. If the world is ever to change for the better, we must all start thinking of other people than just our petty individual selves. Until we have learned this lesson, we will never evolve into our next stage of development as a people. This is one of the essential foundations of racial tribalism. This is why that whereas in the past, I felt sorry for the White Majority’s inability to see things through, but now have so much rancor toward these people who make up the bulk of our race. This is why I’m giving them the stink eye.

    You can disagree with some of my statements, but that is probably the best way I can articulate it without sounding too rabid. In either case, I do enjoy reading your posts and I thank you for your contributions to our cause. We may be different philisophically, but in the end we are basically working for the same end goal. Albeit maybe being somewhat more jingoistic myself.

    PS – Alex Jones misrepresents the Illuminati as vengeful Nazi remnants. I only wish this were the case, because we’d be in much better shape.

    SS: Don’t keeping judging the masses. Changes come from small groups. You understand the problem (White genocide) and the solution (the Mantra Message) so instead of writing huge essays on how terrible the masses are, or about how you wish the Nazis would be running the world, use that time to spread the message.

  4. Jack Dawes on said:

    Yes, I know. But even BUGSters need time off occasionally. Unfortunately finding escape from these harsh realizations can be challenging from within the confines of this society we live in. No matter where I go, I can’t forget about the problem for one minute, because there will always be a sign of the times to remind me.

    Now I won’t deny having a grudge, but the reason why I’m telling you this, is because I don’t think you realize how dangerous these people really are to us. If these sheep were given paradise, they’d probably have it all ruined in just a few centuries with their blind authoritarianism and their love of useless dogmas. Simply aiming to defeat White Genocide isn’t looking far enough ahead, in my opinion.

    Would you really want to share your White homeland with these same people who would likely betray you again some time down the road in a few generations? In my honest opinion, I don’t believe the masses can ever be truly pro-White any more than the Pink Rabbits can. It isn’t their nature. None of this means anything to them. Even if you get them parroting all of our mantra talking points, they still wouldn’t get it. This means they could still one day pose a threat to our race again long term. I don’t believe any amount of positive programming will be enough to change their bent ultimately. They’re too different from us. To prevent history from repeating itself, you must first understand how we got to where we are right now.

    SS: I don’t share your pessimism or your ill feelings towards the White masses. I believe that once the “race problem” is fixed across the Western world that real progress will occur. The greatest danger in this world does not come from the White masses, instead it comes from the globalist elites (who happen to be mostly White and Jewish). My worry is that once White genocide is ended, that it might go in the other direction. The globalist elites may try to use the energy from pissed off Whites as a base for a new version of their New World Order. Instead of the Jewish lead forced diversity NWO plan, they’ll go with a “White supremacist” (real White supremacist) NWO plan. And as much as this may appeal to certain White Nationalists, in the long run, this won’t be good for us or the non-Whites. The globalist elites need to be dealt with. And it might require something beyond known human abilities to do so. This is where the subject of faith comes in. Whether it comes from God, or gods, or something else, I have faith that this universe has a mechanism for meting out justice and order.

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