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TheJesuswayMy previous post (1) regarding the White Path (2) religion is the last post on this topic that I plan on writing.  This doesn’t mean that I definitely won’t write about in the future; it just means I have no set plans to do so. I have no illusions that there’s much of a chance for such a religion to come into existence anyway. But for some reason the spirit moved in me to lay down this idea so I did so. Now it’s up to God-the Force-the Uber Rotator (3) to decide whether or not it will become something beyond a brainstorming session for this author.

I wholeheartedly believe that the people of the West are in desperate need of spirituality. However, after further reflection, it very well could be the case that advocating for a new religion for White people (at this point in history) may be counterproductive to the main mission of ending White genocide. The people of the West are overwhelmingly Christian, so it’s a very difficult task to get them to change after 2000 years of Christian influence.  This could also make the churches feel threatened, which may put them against the pro-White movement more than they already are.  Getting Whites to understand the program of White genocide is already challenging enough without trying to introduce a new religion to consider.

Besides practical political reasons, there are spiritual reasons as well. I’ve been studying Christianity more closely over the last 4-6 months (especially its spread through Europe during the Middle Ages) and I’ve come to find a new appreciation for it. The pre Christian gods of Europe were gods that reflected human behavior. They could be brave, greedy, cruel, noble, lustful, duplicitous, jealous, loving, hateful, and limited in their power. The religion of Jesus Christ however is a high idea. Jesus was/is a god of love, charity, forgiveness, and good works. The Christian god of Jesus Christ didn’t reflect human behavior; He was something higher for humans to emulate.

From the perspective of the wellbeing of the people, a religion based on the archetype of Christ is more beneficial for them and the society as a whole compared to the pagan faiths of the classical and Germanic worlds, or a religion with racial survival as its highest sacrament (such as the White Path). God is made up of the sum of the consciousness’s of all conscious observers plus something else that transcends the total set of conscious beings.  The question of whether God loves us can mostly be answered by asking if we love ourselves and the world we observe.  Since we are a part of God, we are a major factor in determining God’s love for us and God’s grace in relation to our lives.

Unfortunately this high idea of love, forgiveness, and charity has been used to help carry out genocide against the White people of earth (4). The idea here is that since Christ commands us to love one another, this means that White people (and only White people) are required to be blended out of existence through forced integration with non-Whites.  This concept has been circulated by all the major Christian denominations. The churches have played and do play a major role in channeling non-Whites into Western countries purely out of their desire to grow their congregations and to gain favor with the anti-White globalist elites. Instead of serving their communities, the churches have had a hand in destroying communities and now have the nerve to complain when church attendance greatly decreases in Western countries. Church attendance is in part sinking for the same reason that people are more distrustful of government than ever; these institutions contribute to the anti-White system. It should be pointed out that there’s nothing inherently anti-White about Christian churches or government. Instead, it’s the people who lead these entities that make them so and the ideas that they adhere to.  What Western Christianity needs are leaders who will defend their people and point out the injustice of White genocide.

To force integrate one group of people into the communities and/or nations of another group of people (as the globalist elites are doing with the help of the churches) is a crime against both groups of people. It’s certainly not very “Christian.” The alienation that people feel in the modern world is in major part due to the loss of community. For Whites this alienation comes from loss of community and from constant anti-White attacks on their peoplehood.  The globalist elites desire the loss of community in order to make the people more open to the creation of global government (aka the NWO).  Jesus said to bring the word to the Nations, not to wipe out the Nations. The surest way to prevent a tyrannical global government is the existence of many autonomous states, nations, city-states, regions, and principalities. This diverse set of polities would stand united in their respect for other people’s way-of-life because doing so would strengthen their own way of life.

Of course I’m more than aware that there are parties with White Nationalism who dislike Christianity. But the truth of the matter is that most Whites in the West don’t share this opinion of Christianity. It’s also worth mentioning that the pre-Christian faiths of Europe weren’t necessarily “pro-White” either. The Vikings were more than happy to sell European women to the Muslims. The Romans probably killed up to million Gaul’s in their Gaul campaigns. On this matter of Christianity and religion I think it’s best to accept things how they are and just focus on smashing the anti-White system through the Mantra message. I will however be writing in the future on how Christianity should be improved.

This doesn’t mean that I’m abandoning the White Path. The White Path may be better suited as being a supplement to religion and spirituality rather than a replacement. There are people I know who attend church on Sunday but who also go to yoga classes on Monday. There are freemasons who are strict Catholics but who take part in spiritual activities in a Masonic lodge. Rather than an entirely new religious institution, a more realistic goal would be the creation of one White Cathedral in North America and one in Europe. Pius White people would be encouraged to visit at least once every 10 years, as Scandinavians were expected to visit the temple of Uppsala every 9 years during the Viking age. The White Cathedral would act as a cultural center and place of mediation, but once a month would offer a “ritual of Whiteness.” It would include all the attributes that I described in past articles on the White Path but just be limited in scale.  Of course, if the churches refuse to reform from the path of anti-Whiteness then there may be no choice but to expand the White Path faith?  It’s partially up to the anti-White globalist elites whether or not they get to deal with Christ-like people or Thor-like people?

My main concern for the present is the destruction of the program of White genocide.  As much as I’d like to see a White “civil religion” of sorts, I must be realistic in my expectations. Prudence dictates not pushing too hard for a brand new faith. My sincere hope is that the White genocide issue can be solved as reasonable people and from a place of thoughtfulness for all (or near all) of the parties involved.  I also hope that certain parties can be helped to see that freedom of association is a basic human right and that no group of people should be forced to endure what is being experienced under the current anti-White system.

The program of White genocide will end. The question is whether it’s Jesus’s way or Thor’s way?






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5 thoughts on “Which Way?

  1. Jack Dawes on said:

    Speaking for myself, I personally really don’t like Christianity. On the other hand, I do try to make peace with other Pro-Whites who happen to be Christians themselves. My problems with Christianity include many of the reasons you have cited previously about the Protestant Churches. Aside from that, their interpretation of the Mythology chronicling the wars between the Gods and the Giants is very, very DRY. If I’m going to have to sit down inside a stuffy building for two-three hours, it needs to be exciting. As I’m writing this, I also acknowledge the fact that the various Mythologies spanning the cultures of the globe are all basically the same story with slight changes. You always have a big pissed off Sky Father character who is portrayed as unsympathetic or aloof to the suffering of humans, a Devil character who is responsible for the Fall of Man, and a Savior figure like Hercules, Thor, or King Arthur who gallantly fights the forces darkness and destruction. For this reason, I tend to look at Mythology in a way that is much more secular; in more of a natural history sort of way. Of course I believe these beings exist, I just don’t view it in a closed system way that many religious types do. If the Gods are living breathing people, that means that they would probably be more or less driven by the same things we are, although perhaps at a much more advanced stage in evolution. People who can live thousands, or even millions of years, will be able to think on a much more massive scale than an ordinary White person from Earth can. There are also clues in the ancient texts that hint at them possessing super powers. The Vedic Texts actually describe enemies being killed (possibly disintegrated) by the auras of spiritual energy radiating from out of the bodies of the Gods. The kind of stuff you’d see on Japanese Animes. Possibly being one of the reasons they were often depicted with halos. Perhaps the epithet “shining ones” referred to a sort of bioluminescent effect from their Chi energy (the Force within them?)

    In any case, I would tend to lean more toward religion basically being kind of a useless concept. Not to say that we don’t need something to pray to on occasion for protection from things that cause us emotional distress, but the Ancient Texts were historical recollections on events that happened in prehistoric times. Over time, spiritual alchemy was infused into the accounts of the Cosmic Civil War, where various leaders of factions became associated with a cosmological value of planets in our solar system and different constellations. Mars and Saturn became more associated with the demons, for example. Jupiter became associated with Zeus/Odin, and so on.

    As for the Pre-Christian Pagan Religions, I would actually agree with you that they weren’t everything they were cracked up to be. For example, if the Hellenic Greek Pantheon was a reflection of Greek Society, then I see an uncomfortable amount of Levantine and Semitic influence in their culture. The Romans actually toned down and civilized the Greek Gods a bit in their adaptation; and yet, none were more cruel than the Romans in Ancient Europe. I take a more negative view on the Roman Empire for their grievous immorality and undue barbarism toward conquered White people. The brutal extermination of the Celts and the Carthaginians has never been duplicated to this very day. Scipio Africanus would make Stalin look like Florence Nightingale, though he didn’t murder as many people. As far as Vikings trading European Women to the Mongols and Muslim Invaders, I also agree that too many people make the mistake of building up our ancestors into angels that can do no wrong. The truth is that our ancestors were far from perfect. If they were as great as people bill them to have been, we wouldn’t be facing a lot of the problems we are today.

    As far as the part about Salvation is concerned, I have always felt threatened at the despotic implications of the Christian notion of Salvation, where they teach that the only way to avoid being tortured forever is to mindlessly accept whatever you are taught about the requirements of accepting JC as the Savior, no matter how absurd. In all liklihood, the Jesus that people are currently familiar with is probably actually the Anti-Christ. I believe he is the image that Revelations tells us that we’d be told to worship by the false prophet and warns us to reject. I know this is controversial with a lot of people, but it just makes more sense to me. Just my two cents, take it or leave it…

  2. Jack Dawes on said:

    I should also make note that another possible interpretation of the image of the Anti-Christ, could refer back to the part in Genesis when Zeus says, “let us make Man in our image.” It could possibly mean the promotion by our Anti-White enemies of a mongrelized mocha coloured blend of humanity. The picture of Jesus that we have now is nothing if not White. I almost forgot to mention this important point.

    SS: one thing is for certain from your comments on this site; you push the idea that Zeus-Enlil is our enemy and that we should perhaps consider Lucifer-Enki as a friend. What I wonder though is how you reconcile this considering our anti-White enemy’s very clear love for Lucifer-Enki?

  3. Jack Dawes on said:

    I apologize, it looks like my thoughts were a bit jumbled in the second comment I posted. I actually intended to make some conjecture on the popular premise that the Anti-Christ is yet to come, and what form he’d likely take. I agree with Horus on the probability that it would take on the appearance of someone of a mixed race (i.e. Maitreya.)

    “one thing is for certain from your comments on this site; you push the idea that Zeus-Enlil is our enemy and that we should perhaps consider Lucifer-Enki as a friend.”

    Well, I can’t deny that entirely. There is a lot of polarization that goes on with the choose the savior game. And perhaps I am no exception. The people that are in the God Camp are very one-sided in their narrative. Really to the point that it seems naive to me. Especially since the character being addressed as “God” in many stories seems very hostile. At best, Mythology makes it appear that we are unimportant to this being. At worst, marked for destruction by him.

    There are still many unanswered questions about the events taking place around the Second Pyramid War. If Satan is rewriting history, then he’d be playing the semantics game and carefully removing any references to the relationship that Enlil/Anu had with the White Indo-Aryan Peoples of that time who would’ve been in proximity to the area around Persia/Mesopotamia. If Whites aren’t even considered to be of the Sons of Man, and are in fact grouped together in the same category as Angels, Gods, and Elves (like Farrel has alluded to) this would change the entire story. What I’d like to know, is who Enlil was talking about when he lamented about the corrupting of the lordly people he was ruling over. Was he strictly speaking of 100% pure Olympians here, or was he including our direct ancestors into this? The texts didn’t specify. And what’s with the recurring theme about the slaves becoming the masters, and the masters their slaves?

    In any case, the account is framed in a way that makes it look like we’re on Enlil’s intergalactic hit list. And when one gets into the account about Abraham’s Covenant, it starts to look disconcertingly like this YWH may have actually been Enlil. There is always the possibility that the translators are misdirecting us to assure that this passsage is misread though.

    Perhaps I do have a deep seated bias? Can anyone really blame me, since we are always told that God is the Top Dog, thereby making him the ultimate arbiter of our fortunes? I have always kinda had a problem with authority figures anyway. As a child I was often angry at the world because I felt trapped (still do.) I felt like a prisoner with no way to escape this gilded cage (this black cube if you will.) I guess I kinda blame God for a lot of the bad things that have happened. I may learn someday that it was misplaced? I suppose it amounts to a sort of atavistic habit carried over from my childhood.

    At the moment, I feel a sort of cognitive dissonance. It can best be likened to what psychology calls the faceless enemy. The only thing we know at this point, is that a higher intelligence is likely pulling the strings behind White Genocide. What we don’t yet know, are the exopolitics behind the scenes; who the different parties are in this affair, and what their motivations are. I know it’s popular to blame the Devil for everything, but the losers don’t usually get to write their own history. If Enlil was the winner, then it would appear that this stuff we keep hearing about Satan is simply victor’s propaganda. On the other hand, it also doesn’t really make sense that thinly veiled pseudo versions of Zeus would magically become the antagonists on TV shows, if Earth was so firmly under his control. There are a lot of things about this that just don’t make any sense, based on the Mythology Canon available to read for the masses. This begs the question of what the contents are of all those tablets we aren’t allowed to read? What is our enemy hiding from us?

    “What I wonder though is how you reconcile this considering our anti-White enemy’s very clear love for Lucifer-Enki?”

    That’s actually a valid point. For whatever reason the Anti-White Elites have dedicated all kinds of monuments and works of art to this particular character. But it seems ironic to me because the Enki/Prometheus we are always reading about seems to be completely opposed to the ruthless nature of our enemies. With this being said, I don’t think anyone will dispute that this would be the same Serpent in the Garden who tempted Eve. I don’t get it though. Perhaps the Original Sin had something more to do with miscegenation? I’ve heard people speculate that Cain was actually the bastard child of Satan/Samael.

    I guess the reason I’ve always been partial to Satan is because my conception of him is much more benign. When I would read the stories, I couldn’t imagine him being evil enough to be behind White Genocide. If he’s the one who decides which accounts get published, he has done an excellent job at humanizing himself and putting on a white hat, while dehumanizing his blood brother Enlil as a cold blooded killer and gluing a black hat on him. That’s public relations 101 I guess. But those are the reasons why I really don’t trust Enlil. I’m honestly not sure if I would trust Enki either anymore.

    I think the one thing we can both agree on is that the questions are not easily or neatly answered. Much like the Public School System.

    SS: The biggest contradiction for me is the fact that the elites worship Lucifer-Enki (the possible landlord of the earth) but the biggest religion in human history frames him as “the Devil?” Why would the “landlord of earth” allow the biggest religion on earth to do this? Perhaps the “rules of the universe” require him to do so? Maybe this story is “required reading” across these parts of the Universe?

  4. Jack Dawes on said:

    I don’t know. The Talmudists always tell us they are “God’s Chosen,” but then people like Saul Alinsky dedicate their book to Satan instead of the more logical/consistent choice of Yahweh. I think I sometimes experience a sort of schizophrenia from trying to tell the two apart. Sometimes I probably fly a little bit off the handle when I see sky god associations with anything our enemy uses; i.e. Zion, Dios, Zeus, Jehova, Jove, Yahweh, Israel – often defined as “to rule alongside God.”

    Some people even believe the Rig Vedic word Deva is related to Diabolos (devil) ; I’m not sure if I really ascribe to that supposition yet. The particular lineage of gods that the Aryans claimed their ancestry from (which included Indra) were called the Danavas. The enemies that were often termed as “Asuras” were the Daityas – these were roughly equivalent to the giants. Problem is, we can’t be sure if the Danavas are necessarily friendly until they show up and end White Genocide.

    “Maybe this story is “required reading” across these parts of the Universe?”

    If that turns out to be the case, I would just hope that knowing the basic story premise and having your heart in the right place is sufficient enough. I’m no good with quoting chapter and verse verbatim like Baptists are.

  5. Jack Dawes on said:

    I would like to add that I never really associated Odin with Enlil, nor Loki with Enki, because of the different personalities attributed to them in their respective regionalized mythologies. Maybe I’m wrong that way, as there are still obvious similarities in some instances, particularly with the way Loki was punished for Balder’s supposed murder. In every mythology we see the Prometheus archtype (including Enki) who is bound to a rock and tormented for displeasing the Heavenly Hosts for one reason or another. Usually for something much more benign sounding. I often look at this character in a more positive light for this reason. Perhaps to a fault.

    It seems contradictory that our enemies who oppose individuality, freedom, and identity would be paying homage to a character who is generally said to embody the direct opposite of their Anti-White Globalist philosophy. That being said, this worries me. As you and others have pointed out, they should have Enlil statues everywhere if Enlil was their lord and master.

    If we assume that the God of Abraham was really Enki, then why would he want Enlil to take all the credit? Is this version of events really a case of projection to frame his enemy for everything wrong in the world? Mythology usually maintains that the Devil would have too big of an ego to do such a thing. And wouldn’t Enlil be in a better position to have done all these evil things than Enki was? If we assume that both are still here with us, Enki would probably dare not disobey such an awesome and terrible being openly.

    That leaves us with the other question, what is Anu’s angle on this? Would he be in favor of, indifferent to, or opposed to White Genocide? Come to think of it, Anu is actually even a better candidate (IMO) for Odin judging by Anu’s role in the stories.

    But what about Enlil? Could he even possibly have been Thor? The episode where Enlil is upset at Enki for giving building instructions to Noah, vaguely reminded me of the instances where Thor bludgeoned Loki for his treachery. Unlike Thor, Enlil is never portrayed as being friendly to mankind; which is usually taken to include White Humans.

    I was actually surprised by some of the obscure references that say certain human individuals were even held in high regard as righteous men by Enlil, which is totally at odds with the more common portrayal of Enlil despising all humanity and viewing them as inferior and contemptible creatures; as the madman in mythology who is always planning some evil scheme to use against mankind. And why did Enlil ignore the warnings of Adad and Ninurta about letting Enki’s people back into the Mesopotamia region after the Second Pyramid War concluded? It seemed rather contrary to the kind of paranoia usually assigned to his personality in the stories. Was Enki planning on using this pact as a seedy means to get revenge by taking the back door on the unsuspecting Enlil, in what would be one of the oldest examples of White Genocide? If that’s what happened, it’s very over the top. Even for someone reputed to be the “Father of Lies.” Enki would have had to have been insane to attempt something like that against someone who could supposedly kill him very easily.

    I apologize if it looks like I’m dragging out this theology debate. This is a subject that I had on my mind today. I thought maybe it could help further explain why I feel the way I do. I feel so confused sometimes, that I don’t even know who I would be able to trust. The goddess named “Nazi” would probably be the first one I would feel safe with. I think it means something that the epithet our enemy liked to call Hitler by, as well as the namesake of the Nasa Space program seems to be inspired from this little known, and mysterious person. Maybe Anu or the Thor/Apollo character if they seemed half-way approachable. Everyone else in the mythology seems kinda shady, if not outright hostile to me.

    SS: Have faith in Whiteness. You have nothing to worry about if you’re a sincere pro-White. In times of confusion, follow your heart and mind. If you’re an anti-White, I highly recommend coming clean and repenting your sins. Betray your superiors and do what you can to damage the anti-White cause. The earlier you repent, the better it will be for you.

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