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The following post below got removed from Counter Currents Publishing. I don’t know why?

“Race is obviously critical in the WN/Pro-White worldview and organizing principle. We need to talk more about what the concept of “Whiteness” really means. But I still wonder what it is that lies beyond that?  Here are some situations to consider.


Let’s say tomorrow the Anglo-American elites, which belong to an organization like this one (1), come and call a big meeting with the White Nationalist community and offer this. They offer to give White Nationalists a high level authority over 67% of the geographic space of America. They offer to give Whites the power over media, politics, popular culture, with even more power than people suppose Jews to have today. They offer to change the living locations for all non-Whites (from this 67% of the country) except in a few major cities throughout “middle America” where international commerce is conducted.  We’ll say 67 present of the country is under “White Law.”




Everybody has to take a chip in their bodies to be tracked by organizations owned and ran by the Anglo-American elites (2). I’ll call this #1  “White Nationalist + chip situation.”


Here’s another scenario. An America that has FREEdom OF ASSoCIAtiON along with an end to publicly paid anti-Whiteness.  A more localized political life while setting up economic flows between other traditionalist parties across the world.  Teutons, Russian traditionalists, British nationalists but also Hindus, Japanese, South America indigenous Indians, North American Indians, Chinese Nationalists, Israelis and other Jews who will respect our boundaries. I call this #2 “Traditionalist-Freedom of association” situation.


What situation would you prefer #1 or #2?


I’d take #2.


I wouldn’t be able to accept (for example) the force relocation of the America Indians. Or the forced return of “African Americans” (blacks who are descended from black slaves) to Africa.  I have something that I place above ultimate White racial interests. I couldn’t maliciously fuck over innocent people for my political worldview or metaphysical outlook. Something in my being does not allow me to put racial interests at the very top. 


BUT HERE’S A THIRD SCENARIO!!! #3!!!.  Let’s say some Ubermensch-like, White extraterrestrials land one day and say:


“OK you pasted the test. We made you and put you in this situation with non-Whites to see if you’d let yourselves get wiped out. Since you made it this long; you past the test. Now you Whites must kill off every single non-White and every single Jew in the world. Then we’ll build an intergalactic civilization with us teaching you the mysteries of the Universe while you live as colonists for us laying down our law across the universe.”   I call this #3 the “Ubermensch test for US” situation.


Who would take # 3? 


To the readers, at least just post the number you’d prefer, if you don’t feel like discussing it. Or feel free to discuss your choice.





?    “

End of comment

Original comment was at this story/discussion:

[I did make some spelling and grammatical changes since originally posting this but the ideas remain the same]

Happy Thanksgiving !




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2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving Pilgrims

  1. Jack Dawes on said:

    When I first joined the fray in the crusade against White Genocide many years ago, I was a naive idealist, who believed most Whites were born with the capacity to make their own decisions independent of the zeitgeist. I learned the hard way that this was incorrect. In any event, I’ve always been a believer in this little leprechaun rhyme: “United we stand, divided we fall. You mess with us one, you mess with us all.” Even the Roman New Testament character, Yeshu, said that a house divided against itself cannot stand.

    Whoever our Lord ends up being (whether Enlil, Anu, Enki, or [insert someone else], ) I believe vengeance does have an appropriate place in the world, under a certain set of circumstances. We often hear people say that two wrongs don’t make a right, but this was originally used as a justification for eye for an eye, not as a criticism of it like people are using it today.

    Normally, I’d be more than happy to remind the hostile non-Whites residing in our countries, which RIGHTLY belong to us, why our ancestors conquered the world, and show them what happens when a dog bites a Grizzly Bear. While I’ve never been a bleeding heart myself, the non-Whites who are conspiring with the Anti-White Elite are guilty of the crime of biting the hand that feeds them. Ingratitude, which is a sin unto itself, brings its own punishment. Not only was this very disloyal and arrogant, but it was also very stupid on their part to attack someone stronger than them, especially since they were dependent on us. I don’t feel that any mercy is owed toward these individuals, and that if they were dumb enough to try something that would get them killed in the wild, then we are actually doing God’s work (so to speak) by weeding out their bad genes that lack in the common sense department. While it is true that the pink rabbits have used vicious Anti-White propaganda to inflame non-Whites with hatred against us, they still didn’t have any right to attack us, even though they were told they did. On the other hand, I think resolving the crisis itself is more important than anything else at the moment. Especially since we have so many traitors in our ranks. At the risk of sounding like I am putting myself in God’s place though, that would be my moral position on the matter. I’m not above retaliation personally, but the final word is going to belong to our god though, for better or worse.

    Even if he turns out to be our enemy, one of the things I admire about Poseidon, is that it is said that he’d always avenge his children, no matter how hateful or how deformed they were. Now I know he probably sees them more as his property than anything else, but you could almost think of him as a caring parent in this way.

    Out of the choices you have given here, I think I’d have to take # 3 with some reservations. I don’t think it would be right to wipe out all non-Whites, particularly those who have been valuable allies against the pink rabbit NWO, like Japan has been in WW2 and since the post war period. Whoever blesses White Rabbits is blessed, and whoever curses White Rabbits is cursed. I still believe that every good turn deserves another.

    # 3 actually calls to mind an old Twilight Zone episode from the 80’s,

    He seemed like more of a globalist though?

  2. Jack Dawes on said:

    I’d be willing to settle for # 2 if that’s what is best for our people, the welfare of Whites being the chief priority that supercedes everything else.

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