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As my regular readers know, I am creating a religion for White people known as the White Path (1). My hope is that this religion will become the future organized religion for the majority of White people and be the civil religion of any future White State and/or intergalactic civilization.  In creating this religion, I’ve borrowed certain concepts from other religions. When it comes to the former predominant faith of the West (Christianity), I believe the most critical aspect to borrow from it is the emphasis on love and charity. This essay will cover these aspects in relation to the White Path.

The White Path faith will include “loving thy neighbor” in its set of ideas. The White Path, as a future organization, will take part in charity and when it becomes a State religion will be integrated into the welfare state apparatus. The practitioners of the White Path will be encouraged to serve others. It was this aspect of serving the poor which caused Christianity to spread throughout the Roman Empire. The early Christians served the poor and preached a faith that favored the meek over the powerful. The Christians not only took care of poor Christians, but pagans as well. In an attempt to revive the Roman pagan system Justinian (the last pagan emperor) saw the need for a charity system run by Roman pagan priests. Justinian recognized the power that charity had in creating converts, but it ended up being too little too late for the pagan Romans.

Once White States are established, the White Path will be the main force in caring for the needy. But it gets more complicated in a multiracial environment. This has to be addressed, because at this point it will take some time before White States will become a reality. In a multiracial environment, the White Path will provide charity for Whites. It will concentrate on needy Whites in places like Appalachia.  It will meet with local community leaders and figure out how the White Path can best help that community. Once Americans regain freedom of association, the White Path will help Whites stuck in diverse locations relocate to White communities.  It will run White nursing homes in the large cities of America for older Whites who can’t or don’t want to relocate. It will provide health services for White children and mothers who live in American inner cities under the same circumstances. Once White States form young people will be required to put a year into a national service program that could include working in the charitable arm of the White Path. Before the White States arise, young people might do one year missions (in the White Path charitable arm) similar to how Mormons do.

The more complicated question is regarding non-whites? This author tends to believe that some charity should be extended to non-Whites as well. They wouldn’t have access to all the same services as Whites, but there should be some resources directed towards non-Whites. The need for this charity will be especially necessary once Whites start separating from non-Whites. Blacks in America will be the most vulnerable during this time, so efforts need to be made to assist them in becoming self-reliant as Whites become free of the anti-White system. The idea is to make the transition to freedom as easy as possible for everyone.

The White Path should also be involved in “environmental charity.”  Large projects should be taken on such as cleaning up the Pacific garbage patch. This will require coordination with the scientific community. Cleaning up the environment will be a large aspect of White Path charity.  I’ve written in the past of how the White Path charitable arm should be integrated with the welfare state apparatus. One of the tasks that needy people could perform is cleaning up trash from beaches, parks, fields, lots, roads, etc.  There would also be White Path animal shelters that refrain from killing homeless animals.

Anti-Whites will object to the idea of offering charity to Whites while excluding non-Whites.  Of course, there are many charities and organization that exclude an out-group, but anti-Whites don’t seem to mind them. At four in the morning the Christian TV network features an infomercial for a charity that assists Jews to move out of Russia and into Israel. So if they can do it, so can we. Also, if the White Path only extended its charity to Whites, this is still charity for a large segment of the population. What is more preferable, having White charities or not having White charities?  Obviously having White Path charities is preferable seeing that it results in charity that wouldn’t have existed without them.

Anti-Whites will also claim that the faith (The White Path) could never be considered a religion of love if it advocates for spaces exclusively for White people. This argument is incorrect. Pro-Whites feel an urge, allotted to us by Creator of the universe, to work towards the survival and amelioration of White humans.  There’s no reason why doing this will make anyone else worse off. In fact, because Whites will have an environment designed for optimal White creativity, this will result in large quantities of scientific advancement. While Whites advance, we will pull everyone else up as a result.  So opposing White freedom is opposing advancement for all humans.  This means that anti-racism (besides being a code word for anti-White) is also, by extension, a code word for anti-humanity.

Anti-Whites will also claim that we only want to form White collectives so we can kill everyone and “take over the world.”  This claim may be a bit of projection from anti-Whites but it should be addressed anyway. We on the White Path want to make White people better physically, mentally, and spiritually. While killing other out-groups can potentially improve us in terms of the resources gained, this will result in extreme damage to Whites mentally and spiritually.  Any gain of resources that killing or enslaving large groups of non-Whites will bring, will be thoroughly erased by the trauma caused from all the killing and suffering. Killing people, even for a “just cause,” can and does result in damage to the mind and spirit of the people doing the killing.

We on the White Path advocate for loving other humans (all other humans) but not at the cost of White genocide. We will attempt to alleviate suffering for all people but will not accept forced integration and assimilation. If our “neighbor” is in need we will help how we can but helping doesn’t mean making our own “house” worse off.  What anti-Whites want is for us to open our houses to all and every stranger to plunder and when we point this out they claim we’re “haters.”  We will live by the golden rule in that we will treat others as we wish to be treated. Just as we wish to have institutions and spaces to follow our destines, we will not deny this right to anyone else. For the people (or other beings) who can’t be persuaded to extend to us the golden rule, we will in turn extend to them the Old Testament rule of an “eye for an eye.”

Of course, there will also be White Nationalists who will express great displeasure at my suggestion that we should love all people (yes even Jews) and provide charity to non-Whites. Many of the most offensive White Nationalists are usually agents for law enforcement, intelligence organizations, NGOs (like the SPLC [2]), or individual anti-Whites who just wish to poison our discourse and create an atmosphere of negativity. I’m not expecting to change the most vile characters in White Nationalism, but I do think it’s important to discuss this point for others to think about.

The nature of the universe is consciousness. From quantum mechanics we know that the observer affects the observation. The observer and the observed are connected.  Consequently, hating someone else is hating yourself. While loving someone else is loving yourself.  So for your own well-being it’s better to approach the world from a place of love. Of course, lots of people talk about “LOVE” these days and these people tend to be some of the biggest haters I’ve ever seen. Many so called “anti-racists” claim to be filled with “LOVE,” but then a minute later justify the genocide of White humans. These people’s true source of intent is hate, but this is accepted hate because the current zeitgeist frames so called “racists” as the worst thing anyone can be in the world.  Anti-Whites are correct in pointing out that there are some White Nationalists/pro-Whites who are motivated by hate.  But what these anti-Whites fail to see is that they’re actually no different from the hateful White Nationalists. They just direct their hate at a different target. It’s no mistake that the most successful pro-White/WN leaders tend not to fall into the “nigger bashing” crowd.  They tend to be people who fully appreciate the potential of White humans and are motivated by the desire to see this potential fully optimized. The people who spend all their time discussing the dysfunctions of blacks or the negative qualities of Jews tend to be the least efficacious when attempting to address the problem of the anti-White system.  It’s almost like White survival is secondary to the relief they get by bashing non-Whites?

The White Path’s highest law is its mission allotted by the Creator of the Universe that commands us to guarantee the survival and amelioration of Whites. This author believes that our mission will be more successful if we approach it from a place of love, which includes love for those out of our in-group.



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