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Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 15

The episode starts out with Saul leaving town using the services of a man who specializes in such matters. It would seem that starting over in this way would be near impossible in the modern world?  But apparently Saul was moving to Nebraska.  The creator of Breaking Bad said that there was going to be a spin-off show featuring Saul Goodman. I can’t figure out if the show will be about Saul as a Lawyer or Saul on the run?  Walt is clearly out of his mind talking about getting his money back from the neo-Nazis. He ends up listening to reason and travels in a gasoline truck tank across the country to New Hampshire.

This episode showed Todd making the same mistake that Walt made.  He won’t quit while he’s ahead. He has millions of dollars but wants to remain in the meth business. And it appears he has a crush on Lydia. Lydia is the only smart person on the show. But here too we see Lydia remain partners with Todd and his gang after they took part in the murder of two DEA agents. Once she heard that Todd made 92% pure meth, her greed sucked her back in. This episode also reveled Todd to be a major psycho.  First he threatens to kill a baby, and then shoots Jesse’s old girlfriend to persuade him to keep cooking. And all of this because he appears to love Lydia?

After calling his son, Walt looses all hope and turns himself in, until see sees his old college friends on Charlie Rose talking about him.  They claimed Walt was an insignificant part of their company and this was a major affront to Walt’s ego. The police got to the bar he was at but Walt was gone. Again, it appears Walt’s vanity could not allow him to give up. So now he’s going to travel across the country to, I guess, set his old partners straight, kill the neo-Nazis, get his money, and make up with his family?

The aspect I am most excited for is the German connection. I’ve been waiting for them to come back to the German meme this whole half season and it appears that the creator of Breaking Bad is going to make us wait until the last episode?  I can’t see them not coming back to this meme, and the fact that they waited until the last episode makes me think that they got something in store very, very mind-blowing?

That’s my final (and on going) prediction.  The Breaking Bad Finale will be the first depiction in modern history of the entity known as “Nazi International (1)”.


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One thought on “Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 15

  1. It’s an extraordinary and extraordinarily popular show brimming with subtext. I see it as a kind of twist on Faust, in which a man sells his soul to the Devil to save his family, only to realize that the bargain requires him to become the Devil.

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