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Confessions of a former anti-Southern Bigot

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Since becoming racially aware around 2006 or so, I must admit that I’ve written or said things about non-Whites or Jews on a few occasions that were unfortunate.  When someone first becomes aware of the Jewish question and the program of White genocide, their first reaction is anger. Then, after looking at the effort (known as White Nationalism) to oppose the Jewish power structure and White genocide, the feeling turns to despair. Up until about 2009 or so, I thought the only hope for saving White humans was the possibility of a massive collapse, followed by a period of instability that would force Whites to organize for their interests. But then after getting acquainted with the work of Bob Whitaker and his message (known as the Mantra) I came to realize that stopping White genocide was not only possible but very probable.

While I did write or say some unfortunate things about non-Whites or Jews after becoming aware of the situation (program of White genocide), there’s only one group that I can say I’ve said more offensive or derogatory things about in my lifetime.  This group is White Southerners.  Growing up in the Northeast United States (and as a consumer of Hollywood entertainment) I was socialized into viewing Southern Whites as inherently bad and ignorant people. I truly believed that people from the North were better than people from the South and looked down at White Southerners with much more disdain than I ever did towards non-Whites or Jews. I actually saw them as being inferior to other people. To this day I’ll still catch myself using a Southern inflection while mocking the wave-the-flag, patiortard types who show outright obedience to the American military-industrial-Judeo-NWO complex.

I remember while serving in the Army giving Southern soldiers a hard time about flying the confederate battle flag in their barrack-rooms.  But it was while I served in the Army that I first met some Southerners and saw something in the South that was much different than in the North. In the south, diversity (read non-Whites) was everywhere.  In the North most of the diversity was and is still to this day mostly confined to the inner city neighborhoods. The suburban diversity tends to be people from India or Northeast Asia, but blacks and Latinos mostly live in ghettos.  It struck me as being rather hypocritical to give Southerners grief over their so called “racism,” while we in the North lived in all White suburbs.  In rural areas in the North there are almost no non-Whites, except foreign migrant Latinos who do the agricultural work.  In the South there are as many non-Whites in rural areas as there are Whites. There is no “White flight” in the South because non-Whites are everywhere.

By the end of my service in the Army, I can say my best friends in the Army were Southern Whites. I greatly admired the traditional family structure, attitudes towards national service and patriotism, rural folk wisdom, faith, and respect for elders that I saw in the South. Today, one of my greatest American heroes is Bob Whitaker; who refers to himself as “an overeducated redneck from Pontiac South Carolina.”

I recently watched the movie “God’s and Generals” that features one of my favorite actors (who is from the South), Robert Duvall. In my opinion, the best parts of the film are not the battle scenes, but the parts that depict Southern people within Southern culture. I look at a man like Robert E. Lee with the upmost respect. This is a man of legendary honor. Contrast Lee with a man like Lincoln, who served the interests of bankers and industrialists and who is responsible for more White deaths than any American President in history.

Hateful Northerners claim that liking or appreciating the Old Southern culture is wrong because of slavery.  If this is the case, then this makes appreciating Ancient Greek, or Roman, or Muslim golden age culture just as wrong. Nobody scolds Muslims for looking back fondly on their so called Golden Age. The reason for this is that Southern Culture is associated with being White. And in today’s anti-White world anything that can act as a rallying point for Whites is going to be demonized.

The fact is that the South wanted to break away from the union because they didn’t want to pay taxes to Northern states. This was their Constitutional right. This was no different than why colonists fought the War for Independence against England (except the colonists had no legal right to do this). Some far seeing Illuminati types had to make sure the United States were consolidated for them to use to dominate the rest of the world in the next century.  So Lincoln was used for his utility in killing White people and then killed off when he was no longer needed.

While I’m doubtful that the United States will survive in its current form for even another 25 years, I can say with certainty that the South will survive and will even thrive with the fall of the United States. To this day Southern Whites still feel very strongly about their culture, which contrasts with the North which doesn’t exist as a unified culture. So while this essay is part apology to Southern Whites from this author, it’s also a prediction that the South Will Rise Again.  Some people I know say that the South is hopelessly controlled by Judeo-Conservatives and Evangelical churches that push non-White forced integration. I have faith that leaders will emerge from the South that will set these elements aright and regain freedom for their people. I should also point out, that while the North is much more segregated than the South, this is rapidly changing. Due to the program of White genocide no area is safe from forced diversity. So in this way,  we are all Southerners now.

I wish to formally apologize to the South for my former ignorance and disrespect towards your people and your culture.

God Bless the South.


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One thought on “Confessions of a former anti-Southern Bigot

  1. We’re glad you came to your senses. 😉

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